When you're looking for how to get a girlfriend, it's useful to first know how to know if your crush likes you so you don't chase the wrong girl.

To save yourself the trouble and the heartache of going after a girl that isn't interested, you've got to know how to tell if a girl likes you.

Everyone knows that, but a lot of guys think it's simply impossible to figure out the answer. To them, women are just too mysterious and there's no way to discern from their behavior and words what they mean.

How to tell if your crush likes you? According to those guys, there's just no answer.

But we know better. If you follow the steps below, you'll know for certain just how your crush feels. You won't spend another moment agonizing over how to know if your crush likes you. You'll know, and then you can know how to act.

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How To Know If Your Crush Likes You: 6 Steps

When you're considering how to know if your crush likes you, you have to tread carefully. You don't want to expose yourself to embarrassment, but you want to be certain one way or the other.

To find out if the girl you're eyeing is eyeing you back, follow these 6 steps, and you'll be on much surer footing.

1. See the Signs a Girl Likes You from Afar

This is the safest bet, and also sometimes the only bet (if you aren't already friendly with the girl), to find out if a girl is crushing on you without too much risk.

If a girl really likes you, she's probably making her interest from a distance pretty clear. Try to see if you catch her glancing at you or smiling at you. If she's making it clear she's looking and she likes what she sees, she's interested.

2. See The Signs a Girl Likes You Up Close

Let's say you've gotten a bit closer, and now you're speaking to the girl you're crushing on. How to tell if your crush likes you?

The signs a girl likes you when your more up close are sometimes a little harder to read.

You may still get the stares and smiles, but they're more likely to show up now in direct eye contact while you're talking. She might also start laughing more than she really should at your jokes.

She may also try to take up any topic you bring up and ask you to say more, trying to communicate the fact she finds you interesting.

3. See the Signs a Friend Likes You

You don't always want to know how to know if your crush likes you when your crush is the stranger across the room. Sometimes your crush is already your friend.

Figuring out if your friend likes you as more than a friend is notoriously tricky, but it really just comes down to seeing how she act differently with you than with other friends.

Does she try to spend more time alone with you? Is she always available to hang out with you? Does she seem disappointed when you talk about other girls?

If she's showing those signs, she's probably as lovesick as you are.

4. See The Signs a Shy Girl Likes You

Showing your interest in someone takes a lot of boldness, which makes it harder to read the signs a shy girl likes you than it does with other girls.

These signs here are often harder to see unless you're looking. She may start wearing more makeup anytime she knows you'll be around. Or, she may do the opposite of bolder girls and avoid eye contact specifically with you.

She may also get more nervous around you or get suddenly bolder and never want to stop chatting once you're texting and not right in front of her.

Look out for little ways she's showing interest without advertising it, and you'll have a decent answer to how to know if your crush likes you when she's so shy.

5. See The Signs Your Crush Wants You to Chase Her

There's a fine line between friendly, being a tease, and playing hard to get, and so you really want to pay attention to the signs she wants you to chase her.

Even though you want a way to figure out how to know if your crush likes you, this type of girl may demand you be a bit bolder. She's likely to play you hot and cold, being very interested and flirty one minute and the next acting like she barely knows you.

She may show she's eager to hang out and chat, but then suddenly she'll disappear for a while. Then, she'll tell you she misses you or start texting you like mad.

In this case, she's probably asking you to chase her, but be careful, not all girls who want to be chased want to be caught.

6. If You Don't See It, Be More Direct

Like the girls who want to be chased in Step 5, sometimes you just have to get a little more direct to find out just how a girl feels.

If you can't answer for certain and you're still wondering if your crush likes you in your specific situation, get a little more direct.

You don't have to ask directly, but try to be a little more flirtatious, try to get more time alone with her, and try to get a little closer with little touches and more eye contact.

Putting her on the spot with more direct interest on your part will flush out her feelings very quickly.

How To Tell If Your Crush Likes You Over Text

A lot of relationships are made these days by text, and once you're chatting with a girl, you may start to wonder how to tell if a girl likes you over text to know if this girl is showing interest or just being friendly.

Use these steps to get the answer, so you know how to approach your texting and future relationship prospects.

1. Start a Text Conversation With A Girl

There's really know better way to answer how to know if your crush likes you through text than by starting a great text conversation and seeing where it goes.

Wondering how to start a text conversation with a girl? That's as easy as using a few text conversation starters to lead her in the direction you want the conversation to go.

Ask her about her ideal boyfriend to see if it matches up to you. Or, ask her to plan her perfect day and then ask if she wants you to make it happen. You can also talk about her favorite movies or activities and tentatively feel out whether she would want you to take her out or not.

2. Know What To Text Your Crush To Tell If She Likes You Over Text

Is the text conversation starter not quite working for you? You just need to settle on what to text a girl. And sometimes, that can mean when to text a girl, as you'll see in Tips 1 and 2.

Using these text techniques you can easily figure out if your crush likes you.

Tip 1: Send A Good Morning Text for Her

If you want to get a good understanding of how she feels for you, start sending a good morning text for her every morning.

If she doesn't like you, she won't respond or she'll ask you to stop. But if she does, you'll be the first thing she thinks of when she gets up.

Ask her something simple like how she slept or what she has planned for the day. Or, report on how much you're looking forward to seeing her later.

Tip 2: Send A Good Night Text For Her

Much like Tip 1, you can also send a good night text for her to see how receptive she is to your interest.

Ask her about the best part of her day, or take a minute to talk about the future she dreams of. You can also send her funny jokes or memes to help her sleep better.

Whatever you send, if she responds well to your messages, she probably likes not just the messages but you too.

Tip 3: Send a Random Text

If you don't want to go the consistent route, try to surprise her to giving away how she feels. You can send a random text with a random question that gets her laughing and answering honestly.

Ask her if she'd rather be a kid her whole life or never have a childhood, or ask her what really makes her feel loved. Or, just wait for a great random moment and ask her to explain what love means to her.

She may surprise you and herself by telling more than she meant.

3. Flirt With Her Over Text

If you don't like the options in Step 2, you can always be a little more direct and start sending flirty texts for her.

While some guys get nervous about how to flirt with a girl over text, it really is all about just sending some coy words that let on a little that you're interested.

Text her that she must be lonely because she's not been talking to you or ask her how she can stand to get through the day without you.

A few words sent half-jokingly can often leave the door open enough for her to make her feelings clear. Then you don't have to struggle to understand if your crush likes you. She'll just lay it out by flirting back.

Signs Your Crush Doesn't Like You

In an ideal world, once you find out how to know if your crush likes you, you'd discover that they always do. Unfortunately, that's not the world we're living in, and so you have to also know the signs a girl doesn't like you.

These signs can be anything from blunt and obvious to very subtle. You may find that she makes a point of not responding to your comments in a group. She may also not text back or answer her phone when you call.

More subtly, she may not smile or just not brighten up when you're around, and she just be polite without really being interested in what you're saying.

More Tips on How To Get The Girl

Once you know that your crush likes you, there's still some work to be done. Get from crushing to a girlfriend with these articles:

  1. Learn how to ask a girl out to ask the question right the first time.
  2. If she's not interested today, find out how to get a girl to like you to earn her interest tomorrow.
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When you think about it, the answer to how to know if your crush likes you can be as simple as asking, but most of us don't want to brave the risk of embarrassment to find out that way.

In Conclusion

A far less potentially painful method is using the steps above so that you can figure out how to tell if a girl likes you quickly and then move on to how to get a girlfriend once you know the answer.

Thankfully, when you've mastered how to tell if your crush likes you, you can get a straight answer without any risk. If you're lucky, and the answer is she's crushing back, you've got a great shot at a happy future together.