Knowing what to text a girl can really help you boost your game.

These days, if you want to know how to get a girlfriend, the first step is usually knowing how to text a girl. After all, chatting on text is an easy way to get to know someone new before you actually hang out with them face-to-face.

Read on to learn how to become a master texter so you can get that first date. Once you know what to text a girl you like, anything is possible.

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Why Is It Important To Know What To Text A Girl

Let's face it, guys – texting has become a common form of communication, and girls analyze every text, from your punctuation and grammar right down to your emojis. If your texts are weak, she's going to lose interest, fast.

The right text can go an incredibly long way. The wrong text can do the same. If your texting game is weak, you're going to see her answers get shorter and shorter until they fade away entirely. Don't let that happen to you. That's why it's crucial that you know what to text a girl, as well as how and when to text a girl.

6 Easy Steps on What To Text a Girl

So you're staring at your phone, and your mind is blank. You're trying to think of what to text the girl you like, but you have nothing. That's bound to happen, especially if it's someone new.

Follow these steps on what to text a girl so you come across like the cool catch that you know you are.

1. Make It Relevant To Her

A good text feels like it just has to be sent. You don't want to just send a random "hey what's up" out of the blue. While the "I was just thinking about you" text may work sometimes, you're better off sending a text that has a purpose.

For example, you could say you were watching a movie and one of the actors reminded you of her. Make it seemed like texting her just happened naturally, even if the reality is that you've been trying to think of the perfect text for the past week.

2. Be Interesting

Attractive girls get a lot of attention. If your texts are boring, there's a good chance she's going to lose interest. That doesn't mean every text needs to be a mind-melter, but make sure you infuse each one with your unique personality, without going too overboard.

Be friendly, always. There's never a good time to be a jerk. Even if she hasn't responded to your text for a staggering half hour (yes those delays can feel like an eternity), don't be negative – ever. Positivity is the key to solid texting.

3. Start Slow

If you're thinking about what to text her, you're probably tempted to flirt. After all, flirting with a girl is much easier when she's not right in front of you. Sure, a flirty text can be successful, but it can also backfire if you're not careful.

Start with some fun, casual chit-chat. If you come on too hard too fast, you may scare her off. Girls get hit on by guys all the time, and they can tell when it's best to move along. Stand out from the creepers by being a gentleman, and then turn up the heat as she starts to reciprocate. Once you're receiving kissy emojis and winky faces, you know you're doing something right. That brings us to the next step...

4. Be Tasteful with Emojis

Emojis are a valuable tool in your kit, but don't rely too heavily on them. Use emojis when you really need to get a feeling across. For example, a laughing emoji can clue her in when you're joking around and it's hard to tell through words alone, but you don't want to respond with one every time she says something even slightly humorous.

Emojis can also lose their meaning if you use them too much. For example, if you wink at her constantly, she's going to assume you're just a chronic winker. If you only wink after saying something exceptionally flirty, she knows you mean it. Think of the boy who cried wolf so many times that it lost its meaning. Save emojis for when they're really going to land.

5. Know When To Stop

When things are going really well, and you've finally discovered exactly what to text the girl, you may be tempted to keep going...and going. Don't wear out your welcome.

Sometimes, after a winning performance, the best followup is to take a bow and leave the room – the George Costanza exit. You want to leave her wanting more, not looking at you as a stage-10 clinger. If she takes a while for her to text you back, don't be that guy that starts getting offended or acting demanding. Be cool, casual, and collected at all times.

6. Move To IRL

Texting is great and everything, but when it comes to building new relationships, it's a means to an end. If your texting session is going well, make plans with her.

Even if she's not ready to meet up yet, now she knows you're interested. Of course, there's a difference between inviting her out for coffee and inviting her to your place at 2am, so be smart with your plans.

4 Foolproof Options to Start A Text Conversation With A Girl

So you're itching to send her a message but don't know where to start?

Here are 4 foolproof options so start the ball rolling

1. Initiate small talk

Knowing how to start a text conversation with a girl is the first step. The text conversation starters you use set the tone – for better or worse. That opening line can make or break you.

Here are a few different text conversation starters to get you on the right track:

Have you ever seen this movie (or heard this band)?

This question shows her that you thought of her. If she has seen, bond over it. If not, introduce her.

What has made you smile today?

This question is a better way of asking how her day is going. It's pure positivity, so it kicks off the conversation on the right foot.

What should I get for lunch today?

While this may seem like a surface-level question, food connects people. Plus it's a great lead-in to find out her favorite cuisine so you can invite her out for dinner. It also sets a friendly, casual tone while also letting her know you were thinking about her.

2. Ask Questions To Ask a Girl Over Text

Questions spark her interest. They involve her in the conversation right off the bat. If you have a few solid questions to ask a girl over text, you can turn one reply into an ongoing conversation.

Use these questions to kick things off right:

What song have you had stuck in your head lately?

This is a fun question that leads to fun conversations. It's not too personal, and it'll get her talking.

What's the best joke you know?

Never underestimate the power of humor to help her warm up to you. Plus, you get a laugh out of it.

What's the worst text you've ever received?

Now you're getting meta. Not only can you both connect over those cringy texts, but it helps her to view as a guy who probably doesn't send terrible texts, as you're willing to discuss them openly.

3. Send A Good morning Text For Her

Sending a good morning text for her can be a lovely gesture, but only if you do it right. Make sure you know that she's awake – nobody likes an alarm clock when they're enjoying a nice snooze.

Here are a few solid good morning texts to help her start her day:

Are you ready to conquer the day? You've got this.

This is a sweet question that shows that you believe in her. It also gives her some motivation and boosts her mood.

I hope today is as sunny as your smile.

Sure, it's cheesy, and there's nothing wrong with that. She might roll her eyes, but secretly she'll think you're a sweety.

Hope you have a wonderful day, beautiful.

Girls love complements. This one is a little bit forward, so save it for after you've already texted a few times.

4. Send A Good Night Text For Her

A good night text for her makes you the last thing in her head before she retires for the night. If you're lucky, you might even make an appearance in her dreams. Just make sure you don't text too late – you don't want to disturb her slumber.

Use these good night texts for her to send her into dreamland smiling:

I hope your dreams are as sweet as you.

It's the classic "sweet dreams" but with a flirty twist.

Sleep tight and dream big.

Mildly inspirational and super sweet, this one sends her off knowing that you wish the best for her.

Pleasant travels to la-la land.

It's a more fun and memorable than just saying "goodnight."

2 Easy Steps on What To Text A Girl You Like

If you have a crush on her, you're going to want to let her know it without going too overboard. You can be flirty without being overbearing, and that's the balance you should try to find.

Here are 2 easy steps on what text the girl you like:

1. Compliment Her

Knowing how to compliment a girl is so important. She's probably already heard "you're hot" a million times, so get creative. The right compliments for girls you're interested in are memorable and sweet.

Complimenting her looks can work, but you may want to also think about her unique skills that make her special beyond her attractiveness.

Here are some compliments to get you started, but feel free to make them more personal and relevant to her.

Your eyes are so beautiful.

It's a classic for a reason. Complimenting her eyes is super romantic, and next time you see each other you can gaze into them to set the mood.

You're so talented at ____.

Girls want to be valued beyond their beauty, so think of her hobbies and passions and compliment those.

You inspire me.

This compliment shows her how much she means to you. Make sure you have examples of how she inspired you.

2. Say Sweet Things To Her

Sweet nothings can turn into sweet somethings fast. These sweet things to say to a girl are slightly different than compliments, but they still make her heart flutter.

Don't lay it on too thick. Sweet nothings are best used in small doses so she doesn't feel like you're trying to seduce her too hard. Make them genuine and meaningful.

Here are a few sweet things to say:

I'm so glad I met you.

Direct and to the point. Let her know how much you treasure her.

You're so perfect.

This one is great because you can pepper it into a conversation pretty easily – just wait until she does something funny or awesome and then throw it in. Follow it up with a smiley emoji.

I've never met anyone like you before...and that's a very good thing.

This one lets her know just how special she is. After all, everyone wants to feel like they broke the mold.

2 Simple Steps on What to Text A Girl To Ask Her Out

So now you've had some decent conversations and you're ready to ask her out. It's a big step, but you've got this.

Here are 2 simple steps to ask a girl out over text

1.Flirt With Her Over Text

First, you want to make sure she's interested in you romantically. If you know how to flirt with a girl over text, you should start getting some flirty texts back. Once that happens, you have the green light to ask her out. These flirty texts for her hint at the possibility of you dating, without saying it directly.

Here are some ideas to help you flirt with her over text:

Are you this amazing IRL?

You're complimenting her while also alluding to hanging out.

What does a girl like you do for fun, anyways?

You're hinting at spending time with her while also showing interest in her life.

So, you're kinda the full package, huh?

This one lets her know that you definitely are into her without being too pushy about it.

2. Know How to Tell if a Girl Likes You Over Text

It's hard to move forward with the relationship if you don't know know how to tell if a girl likes you over text. Of course, the signs a girl likes you aren't as easy to read through text, but there are definitely some clues to look for.

Here are some surefire signs that she's digging your vibe:

She texts you for no real reason.

If she's texting you to ask a specific question and then leaving it there, she may not be interested. However, if she randomly just texts you out of nowhere and keeps the conversation going, she probably likes you. It's the difference between "hey, when is the homework due?" and "hey what's up?"

She uses flirty emojis.

Some emojis just scream "I have a crush on you." If she's smiling and laughing a lot, that's a good sign. Winks are even better. If you get a kissy face, congratulations, my friend, for you have reached the holy grail.

She uses lots of exclamation points.

While some girls may not use exclamation points (or punctuation in general), the occasional exclamation point can show that she's excited to be talking to you. Exclamation points don't automatically equally love, but alongside the other signs, it definitely doesn't hurt.

What To Text A Girl When She Doesn't Text Back

So she didn't text back. Take a deep breath. Calm down. Rushing her, or worse, responding with anger is the biggest mistake you can make.

Sometimes girls are busy. Sometimes they just don't feel like texting. That doesn't mean she hates you. In fact, she might be testing you to make sure you're not a psycho. You'd be surprised by how often seemingly-guys blow up on girls because they feel rejected. It's not a good look.

If a day or two goes by, you can send a friendly followup just to make sure she saw the text, but that's it. If she stops texting altogether, she has her reasons, so let it be. You're not going to be able to convince her to change her mind – at that point, the ball is in her court. Always be cool, calm, and above all, friendly.

More Steps On How To Get The Girl

By now, you should be a certified texting guru, but sometimes it takes more than just solid texting skills to get the girl.

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In Conclusion

Texting is an art. It takes time and practice to really get it down to a science, but once you do, you're on track to understanding how to get a girlfriend.

At the same time, you don't want to use the same formula all the time. Every girl is different, and how to text a girl and what to text a girl depends very much on who you're texting. Sure, she may be a goddess in your eyes, but the reality is that girls are just human people, just like your guy friends. Try not to be too intimidated.

The most important thing to remember is that she's texting you for a reason. You wouldn't have her number if she didn't at least like you as a friend, if not more. 

Girls have an incredible sixth sense for detecting when a guy like them, so you don't need to be a Casanova to get your point across. Just be your genuine, charming self, and let things fall into place naturally. You may be surprised by how easy texting a girl can be once you just let it flow and have some fun with it.