Learning how to tell if a girl likes you over text is much easier than you might think!

In fact, figuring out how to tell if a girl likes you through text is one of the many skills you'll need to master if you want to figure out how to get a girlfriend.

So you met a girl and now you're texting?

Good news!

We've got you covered.

In this post we'll teach you how to tell if a girl likes you over text and I'll include a few of my own tips on how to text a girl that will keep her interested.


Why is Knowing How To Tell If a Girl Likes You Over Text So Important?

Whenever I'm talking to a girl I'm economical with my time because I don't like wasting it.

That means, if I realize she's not worth my time (for whatever reasons) and I don't see a relationship working out, I end it before any stronger feelings develop.

It saves us both time on something that was never going to work out.

If you're not feeling it, you're not feeling it. And that's okay.

Unfortunately, many people don't know how to or

don't like ending a relationship because, well... Breaking up is hard to do (doesn't matter how long you've been talking or dating).

...Which makes it all the more important for you to analyze her words while you're texting (but not cling to every word she says).

Because being able to understand the meaning behind what she says is imperative to tell if a girl likes (or doesn't like) you.

How To Tell If a Girl Likes You Over Text: 7 Easy Steps

Learning how to tell if a girl likes you through text is a process that takes time and has a few steps involved.

But I get it... It can be hard to know how to text a girl you like.

No worries!

Following these steps will help you figure out if she's actually into you or if (God forbid) she's just being polite.

1. Start a Text Conversation With A Girl

That first text is always the hardest. Should you wait a little longer to send it? (no, you should not.) What do you say?

We have an entire list of text conversation starters that will get you started along with a nice write up on how to start a text conversation with a girl.

But here are our 3 favorite conversation starters to send a girl (that actually work!):

Example #1: "How was your day?"

Simplicity is always best when you don't know what to do. Start by asking about her day and the conversation will grow from there.

Plus, asking how her day was shows her you're interested.

Example #2: "What did you do last weekend?"

You'll learn a bit more about her weekend activities, which will give you future date ideas.

Example #3: "What song do you play most often?"

The type of music a person enjoys tells you a lot about them. Plus you might find your new favorite track!

2. Know What To Text A Girl To Tell If She Likes You Over Text

Using text to tell if a girl likes you doesn't work as well as actually hanging out with her, but you have to do something to keep her interested when you're not together.

So knowing what to text a girl to figure out if she's into you is a skill you need to master.

If she responds positively to any of the below text examples, she probably likes you!

We have some tips for that:

Tip #1: Send A Good Morning Text for Her

A good morning text for her makes one thing very clear: She's one of the first things you think about when you wake up.

And if she's sending them to you, you're in a good spot! If she isn't, why seize the initiative and try one of these?

  • "Morning, dork." (A flirty one that will make her smile and shake her head if you've built that rapport.)
  • "I hope you have a great day :)" (Something simple like this is good for when you can't text her consistently until later in the day.)
  • "Am I the only one who had a dream about us last night?" (This will make it crystal clear you're into her. Her response will tell you what she thinks.)

Tip #2: Send Love Messages for Her

You have to push the envelope a little when you're texting a girl.

Some love messages for her are geared more towards a girl you've already built a relationship with, but here are some milder ones to test the waters earlier on:

  • "I only saw you for 20 minutes, but it sure made my day." (If you haven't hung out with her yet, use the length of time you talked before you asked for her number. And don't just say this out of the blue. Make it relevant to what you're already texting about.)
  • "And I thought you couldn't be any more attractive..." (Saying this after she tells you something personal about herself is guaranteed to make her feel good. Don't use it if you don't mean it.)

Tip #3: Send A Good Night Text For Her

You always want to tell her good night (and apologize in the morning when you fall asleep without doing so.)

Here are some good night texts for her that will make her think of you even while she's dreaming:

  • "Good night! I can't wait to see you in XX hours... And counting." (Use this when you've made plans to hang out.)
  • "Well, it's time for me to start dreaming about you. Good night!" (Flirty and sweet. She'll love it if she likes you.)
  • "I'm getting sleepy. Can you come over and tuck us in?" (You might get more than you bargained for with this one. It could be worth the gamble.)

3. Flirt With Her Over Text

If you're bad at flirting, knowing how to flirt with a girl over text is probably terrifying for you.

Follow that link for our best tips.

And keep a few flirty texts for her up in that noggin of yours. Here are some of our favorite methods:

Method #1: Mess With Her A Little

A big part of flirting is teasing. Teasing her about embarrassing things she's done with you or told you about works well.

Method #2: Be Mildly Suggestive

Using that's what she said jokes, mentioning how you just got out of the shower, and turning the conversation in a sexual direction (when suggestible) can change the 'T' in 'Texting' to an 'S.'

Method #3: Play it Cool

Use less emojis, don't stack your texts, avoid coming off as desperate, and act like you've been there before. Yeah, she's probably the coolest girl you've met in a while, but if you get too excited you'll scare her off.

4. See The Signs a Girl Likes You Over Text

Once you figure out the most common signs a girl likes you, you'll only get more efficient at recognizing when they're present.

So study up! How will you know how to tell if a girl likes you over text if you don't read the signs:

1: She Sends Lengthy Texts

If her texts are long and filled with details, you're doing great! One line responses are usually a sign she's not interested.

2: She Uses the Laugh-Cry Emoji instead of 'lol'

If a girl is sending you lots of emojis, and texting 'hahahahaha' instead of 'haha', she thinks you're funny and enjoys your humor.

3: She Uses the Words, "Next time we hang out"

If she keeps bringing up the next time you're hanging out it means she wants to spend more time with you. Make some plans!

5. See The Signs She Wants You to Chase Her Over Text

So, how to tell if a girl likes you over text? Some girls are subtle with the vibes they send your way while others are in your face about it.

Here are 3 of the more common signs she wants you to chase her:

4: She Teases You

If a girl is giving you crap over text, she's testing how much you can take. Give it right back (but don't be too hurtful!)

5: She Initiates Texting Often

If she's the one starting all of your conversations, she's definitely into you. It also means you should initiate conversations more often, otherwise she might think you're not interested.

6: On the Flip Side, She Rarely Initiates Texting

Yep, it depends on the girl, but some of them like to make you do all of the work. If you're okay with that, by all means, put in 110%. Unfortunately, this could also mean she's not into you.

6. Watch For Red Flags

Every once in a while you'll find a girl who makes you feel... Different.

If you can't quite place what's causing it, you're probably subconsciously picking up on red flags (signs she's probably more trouble than she's worth.)

Here are a few examples of red flags that a girl might like you too much.

By the way, you should actively avoid doing these yourself.

Red Flag #1: She Comes on WAY too Strong

Oversharing personal details, over-texting, making plans months in advance, and sounding like you're the first guy who's shown interest in her in years are all examples of ways a girl might make you want to reconsider your feelings for her.

Red Flag #2: She Rarely Texts you Positive Things About Her Day

Guys and girls deal with their problems differently, how to tell if a girl likes you over text? Girls like to share them while guys like to solve them.

If a girl mainly only tells you how terrible her day was, she might like you... Or she might be putting you in the friend zone.

Whatever the case, it's up to you whether or not you want to deal with that kind of negativity (pro tip: It's not worth it.)

Red Flag #3: She Makes you Feel Bad

This is why flirting is a tricky thing to get right. A girl might try to flirt with you, but she ends up just texting mean things.

Here's the thing:

Nobody intentionally wants to be mean to someone they're interested in. But some people don't realize they're being rude.

So if a girl EVER brings you down, stand up for yourself and tell her how she hurt your feelings (How to tell if a girl likes you over text? If she likes you she'll apologize and make sure it doesn't happen again.)

Because if she can't treat you right, why in the world would you want to date her?

7. Ask Her Out Over Text

The dating game changes as you grow older. And that means...

...asking a girl out over text isn't as easy as saying, "Do you want to be my girlfriend?"

That's the way you used to do it in Elementary and Middle School. Don't do that anymore.

Instead, pick a day you're not busy and casually ask her if she's free on that day. Something like:

"What are you getting into this weekend?"

If your schedules line up, ask her to do something! If not, pretend you're bummed because you had something fun planned:

"Ah man, I was hoping I could take you to see the new zoo babies."

As long as your date ideas sound fun for her (and you've read all the signs correctly), she'll definitely try to find another day to make it happen.

If you need more tips on how to ask a girl out over text, follow that link for all the information you'll need.

What To Do When She Doesn't Text Back Even When The Signs Show She Likes You Over Text

So she didn't text back, huh?

Your efforts aren't entirely futile so don't worry just yet!

If your conversations were two-sided and a seemed to be moving smoothly, she might have gotten busy and forgot to text you back.

What I do if a girl stops texting back is wait 24 hours before texting her again, and then call her out for not texting back in a flirty way.

"You didn't text back. How rude!"

Something simple to let her know you're a little hurt but also a good sport about it. If she's into you, she'll apologize and the conversation will resume.

If she's not into you, she won't text back at all.

If this happens to you, DON'T SEND A HUNDRED TEXTS. Send one text asking something like this:

"Hey, I noticed our conversation has died down. Is this not working out for you?"

Doing this puts her on the spot but also lets her know that you're not going to blow up on her if she tells you she's not interested (which happens WAY too often to girls because a depressing number of guys can't handle being rejected. Don't be that guy.)

Or you can cut your losses and move on. After all, there are plenty of other fish in the sea.

More Tips on How To Get The Girl

Learning how to tell if a girl like you over text is simple enough but you'll have to do a whole lot more than texting if you want to get the girl:

  1. You need to learn how to ask a girl out if you plan on taking her on dates.
  2. They say to be yourself if you want to learn how to get a girl to like you. There's some fine-tuning involved though.
  3. Your very best asset when talking to a girl is in knowing how to flirt with a girl.

In Conclusion

So there you have it. Some helpful tips that hopefully taught you some methods on how to tell if a girl likes you through text.

If you recognize any of the signs listed above, you're in good shape so keep doing what you're doing.

And if you notice any signs that a girl isn't into you, don't panic! Ask her about it, and move on if necessary.

Because you'll get the girl eventually. You just have to keep at it.