On the dating scene, guys are expected to know how to read the girl and the signs she wants you to chase her. That is why, guys typically make the first move. When they do, they're typically faced with two scenarios:

Come on too strong and she’ll think you’re a creep and make a run for it.

On the other hand, if you seem too tame, she’ll say you lack effort.

Don’t be the latter.

As much as you shouldn’t try to be seen as coming on too strong it’s important to be able to see the signs she wants you to chase her. Because when she does, she usually expects and wants you to chase after her.

8 Signs A Girl Likes You And Wants You to Chase Her

There comes a time in a man's life when he wants to pursue a lady but he isn't quite sure if she wants him to do so.

At times it seems as though she has feelings for you, and other times the total opposite. It's important to be able to spot the signs a girl likes you and signs she wants you to chase her.

1. She tells her friends about you.

Women tell their friends almost everything; their future plans, something crazy that happened over the weekend or if they have a love interest.

If she likes you she won’t keep it to herself for long.

If and when opportunity presents itself, she wouldn’t hesitate to let her friends know that she met you and how she feels.

So, if you have the privilege of getting to know from her other friends that she met you, you’re in the clear to proceed with the chase.

2. She responds promptly to texts.

Whether morning, noon or night; it doesn’t matter what time you send a message. If you text her and she replies immediately, this means she’s been anticipating your messages, and was looking forward to hearing from you.

When a girl promptly replies to your texts with more than just the classic “ok” or “lol” in reply, she’s most definitely eager to have a conversation with you.

This is how to tell if a girl likes you over text and signals that you should pursue her.

Once her replies are rich and carry along the conversation you have the green light to pursue.

3. She misses you.

So, you’re having a regular conversation or maybe you just met up with her and she asks “Do you miss me?”.

Truth is, she’s asking because she actually does miss you.

This is a sign you need to pay close attention to. She may ask it often so you might think it’s just one of those regular questions. It’s not.

She may say it in a joking or playful way. Taking the seriousness out of it will make her seem less forward or needy but the truth is she is very serious about it.

One good way to reciprocate your seriousness is to answer straight to the point and ask her on a date right away. She’ll most likely take you up on that offer and you’ll be one step closer to taking things further.

4. She finds a way to be close by.

So, you realize the two of you keep bumping into each other often and you think it is a mere coincidence? I don’t think so. Women tend to use proximity to let men know they are interested in them.

They generally have a way of working things out, more so when it comes to their availability with a guy.

They like to provide the man they may have feelings for with as many opportunities and platforms as possible for him to fully display his intentions and affection.

So, if you always bump into each other at your favorite coffee spot you should get the message loud and clear:

She’s into you and want to interact with you.

She is always where you can notice her because she wants to make it possible for you to read the signs she wants you to chase her.

5. She initiates contact.

Let’s say, as a result of being unsure as to whether or not she’s interested in taking it any further, you stopped reaching out to her. If the result is the two of you never speaking again, it probably wasn’t going to go anywhere as you might have thought.

But if you abandoned the chase, if she’s interested, she just might be the one to reach out to you.

Once this happens, it's clear she’s definitely into you, and doesn’t want this adventure with you to come to a halt.

If you’re not sure how she feels, stop texting her for a day and see if she takes the initiative. If she does, then this is a sign that the chase is back on.

6. She isn't comfortable with you being too close to other females.

Women are territorial by nature, more so if she’s interested in you.

If a woman is interested, even though she may be acting as though she isn’t, she will still be somewhat possessive.

You aren’t going to see her smiling if you told her you just finished conversing with another lady in the room. She’ll probably hit you with a bunch of questions so be ready to answer them.

She’ll be concerned about you possibly slipping out of her hands and would greet it with subtle challenge. You need to be paying attention to observe her protests. If you realize this behaviour is recurring, she definitely wants you to chase her but is playing a bit hard to get.

It’s clear she's definitely harboring feelings for you but she just wants you to take more action towards pursuing her.

There’s nothing else that makes her feel as uncomfortable than you being with other women and that’s why she protests. She’s already yours. Just give her what she wants - the chase of her life!

7. She subtly keeps you updated on her itinerary.

It is quite common for us to make our loved ones, or those that matter, aware of how our week (or day) is likely to be and what arrangements might keep us away from them during that time.

A woman that is expecting something from you will do the same. She will not leave you in the dark regarding her movements.

Therefore, if you notice she makes you aware of her plans, it’s a sign that you should go ahead and chase her.

Who shares their plans or schedule with someone they don’t want in their life? No one. If she does this she’s definitely giving you an opportunity to take action and pursue her.

8. She’s sensitive about your feelings.

A girl who likes you and wants you to pursue her, though she may appear uninterested at times, will be careful not to anger or upset you.

For this reason you may hear her apologizing repeatedly for an error and giving lengthy explanations for some of her actions. If you notice that she tries to explain herself about things that aren’t necessarily offensive to you that’s a good sign.

She cares about your feelings and doesn’t want to hurt you. She’s expecting further action from you and would not let her perceived mischief affect that.

How To See the Signs She Wants You To Chase Her: 3 Steps

For you to be able to know the signs she wants you to chase her, you need to be able to see the signs.

1. Communicate with her.

This is the first step when gaining feedback. If you talk to her whether it be via call, text or in person she'll respond (note: no response is a response in itself).

2. Meet in person (if possible).

Many of the signs you'll need to see are based on body language so you'll need to observe these when you meet face to face.

3. Know how to lead conversation.

By asking the right questions, saying certain statements and giving certain type of opinions can lead conversations in the direction you would like.

This is beneficial for seeing her reaction to certain topics and bringing out her personality.

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In Conclusion

In an ideal situation, women would straightforwardly respond to advances from guys.

But it’s not a perfect world. Women want to ensure that you’re willing to put in the effort she requires so there will be a chasing stage.

It is up to you to look for the signs above to tell whether she’s not interested or wants you to chase her.