Cute ways to ask a girl out on a date with you? Looking for ways to stand out from the rest? Because most guys see asking a girl out as a task. And some have no idea how to ask a girl out

If you approach it with minimal effort you’ll look as though you’re not interested enough and at the same time you don’t want to go over the top and seem desperate.

Couple that with feelings of fear of rejection, anxiety and shyness and you can see why guys might be deterred from asking a girl out.

Girls like effort, so putting some thought into the way you ask a girl out is important. Whether you’re asking her out on a first date or if you’ve been seeing each other for a bit and just want to make it official it’s always a good idea to make an effort when you ask her out.

She’ll acknowledge your effort, and the more creative and romantic the effort, the better!


22 Best Cute Ways To Ask A Girl Out

Girls respond well to creativity and effort. Creativity plus effort equals cuteness. Therefore, girls respond well to cuteness.

1. Call her on the phone.

In an era of social media and texting, a phone call goes a long way.

Stand out from the "texters" and give her a call.

2. Say it with music.

Whether you want to send her a specific song or create a playlist, music is a thrilling way of stating your intentions.

She’ll be inclined to say yes. Besides, who says no to good music?

 3. Get her a "talking" teddy bear.

Girls generally like teddy bears. More so talking ones.

Give her a talking bear and you’re on a one way street to winning her heart.

4. Bake her a sweet treat.

This can work well especially if she’s a lover of food.

Freshly baked treats by her admirer screams “effort” into her subconscious and she’ll most likely take you up on that offer.

5. Get her flowers.

As old school as this sounds, girls appreciate flowers. It’s the epitome of romance and it clearly lets her know that you want to pursue her romantically. Flowers are an instant win.

Note: before getting her flowers, ensure she’s not allergic to them.

6. Sing it!

Many guys would neglect this because they don’t think they have the talent to sing.

Having talent in this area would definitely be a bonus but it’s not a requirement. All the lady wants to see is your effort and uniqueness.

Asking her out via singing is a good way to show effort especially if you aren’t gifted in this area.

It shows you’re willing to show extreme effort even as it brings your flaws to the forefront.

7. Make a crossword puzzle.

This can work like a charm if you already play games together.

Tell her you’ve found a challenging puzzle and need her help and let her uncover your offer.

Taking time to prepare a crossword puzzle will be seen as romantic by any woman.

8. Light some candles.

Nothing says "I want to be romantic" more than lit candles.

Light some candles and spell out your intentions. She’ll be ecstatic to witness such creativity by someone interested in asking her out.

9. Ask her on her birthday.

This is a solid option. It’s her special day and she’ll definitely feel special if she receives a proposal from her admirer.

10. Write her a sonnet.

This is vintage romance.

Nothing spells “I want to pursue you romantically” more than a personal well thought out sonnet to a lady.

Write her a sonnet and you’re on the right track.

11. Put it in a fortune cookie.

This spells planning and execution.

When a lady sees that you took the time out to put an invitation within a fortune cookie and have it brought over she’ll be over the moon.

12. Play her a song.

If you’re a musician or musically inclined this should be a no-brainer. Play her favourite song.

If you aren’t, you can learn a specific song just for this moment and she’ll appreciate the effort and is likely to say yes to your offer.

13. Create the perfect atmosphere.

Arrange to have her favorite song played, her favorite food served and get her in the right mood.

Ask her then. She’ll be inclined to say yes because it’ll feel as though the timing is perfect because of the atmosphere.

14. Write her a handwritten letter.

A handwritten letter to a girl asking her to go out with you is virtually irresistible.

It takes guts to pour your intentions out on paper and she’ll appreciate that.

15. Invite her to do something you know she loves.

If she’s into art, invite her to the art gallery she’s always wanted to go.

Little gestures like this go a long way in influencing a girl’s decision on whether she goes out with you or not.

16.  Say it with chocolate.

Girls generally like chocolate.

Send her favorite chocolate as a gift and attach a note asking her out.

Or write out your intentions using chocolate and she’ll love that too.

17. Lead her to you with a trail.

Prepare hints and clues that you know she’ll be able to decipher. When she finally gets to you, ask her out.

18. Snapchat it.

This is like standing in front of all your friends and saying “I want to pursue this girl and I am not ashamed”.
She’ll appreciate your openness and effort and most likely respond in a positive way.

19. Write her a poem.

A sincere and well thought out poem is a great first step to let her know that you’re ready to take things to another level.

20. Leave her a gift.

Send her a well thought out gift and she’ll appreciate it. This shows intention.

You can send her a gift, wait for her to react so you can then ask her out or you can send her a gift with a note asking her out and wait for the response.

Either way, a thoughtful gift skyrockets your chances of getting a positive response.

21. Use good old fashioned cheesy chat up lines.

“I seem to have lost my number. Can I have yours?”

Cheesy pick up lines, such as the one above, can relieve tension and open up the conversation for you to ask out your crush.

It’s okay to be cheesy every now and then. Girls love it.

22. Let her pet do the work!

If you’re close enough to have access to her pet, this is a good option.

Attach a note or gift to her pet and he’ll take it to her.

Females typically love their pets and using something they love makes them more likely to respond to your offer in a positive way.

9 Cute Ways To Ask Girl Out Over Text

In an era where texting and social media interaction is a norm, it would be relatively normal for relationships to form via these mediums.

Many interactions occur over text.

Therefore, it would be normal for guys to want to know how to ask a girl out over text.

23. The Casual Approach.

No plans, no cheesy pick up lines. Nothing of the sort.

Just have a regular conversation and ask her out whenever you’re ready.

24. The Planned Approach.

Plan, prepare and execute. Decide how you’re going to go about asking her.

You determine what the lead up conversation would be, the questions you will ask prior etc.

25. The Exciting Approach.

Initiate the conversation with something you know she’ll be excited about to get her in an upbeat mood. Then make your offer.

26. Ask uncommon questions.

This is a great way to let her know that spending time with you can be interesting and she would be anticipate spending time with you.

27. Use humor.

Females generally like a guy who can make them laugh. If you can make her laugh over text there’s a high possibility that if you ask to spend some time with her she would gladly accept.

28. Use emoticons.

Texting allows you to utilize emoticons to show how you feel on the inside. Use them to your advantage.

29. Send pictures/quotes.

Pictures and quotes work well over texts. Send her a picture of the place you want to take her or send her a picture with a quote asking her out.

30. Tell her you want to surprise her.

This is a great way to stir. up anticipation. She’ll be eager to have her surprise.

31. Set up the date on your birthday.

This is simple but still effective method. People tend to ask what you want for your birthday. Thats can be an opening to state your intention to her.

How To Pick Which Cute Ways To Ask a Girl Out: 3 Easy Steps

With many options on cute ways to ask a girl out you’ll have to pick which would work for you. Here’s how:

1. Communicate with her.

This will allow you to gather enough information and feedback to have a good idea of what she likes and dislikes.

2. Consider the strength of the relationship.

This can be determined by the length of time you’ve known each other or how often you communicate and how that goes. This is key to choosing what way works best.

3. Consider both your personalities.

She might not be fond of extravagant surprises or public affection and you might be shy.

More Steps On How To Ask A Girl Out

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In Conclusion

Don’t let the possibility of asking a girl out be scary or daunting, just use our cute ways to ask a girl out, as your guide.

Remember, it’s all about the effort.

Girls want to see effort. When planning to ask a girl out on a date it’s okay to be creative and put some effort into it.