Knowing how to make a girl laugh is the key to getting her to like youLaughter is one of the best tools to convince someone you're interesting and worth talking to. It's about genuineness, positive vibes, and making memories.

I know because I'm an expert on topics such as how to get a girlfriend, conversation starters, and how to deepen relationships. You only have to read any of the many articles I've written to see I know what I'm talking about.

How to make a girl laugh isn't as difficult as it might seem. All you need to do is follow a few steps. And thankfully, we've got all those steps below.


How to Make A Girl Laugh

Knowing how to make a girl laugh is important to building a strong relationship. Your jokes, natural wit, teasing, and over-the-top comedy can spark positive vibes. 

Communication studies show that nonverbal cues like laughter can be a great indicator of a strong connection. So, if you are looking for a powerful catalyst for cultivating a good bond, follow these steps. Knowing how to make a girl laugh can be a valuable asset.

Step #1: Teasing

Why It Works: If you run out of funny things to say to a girl, teasing her might make your woman laugh. It's a playful way to break the ice. It suggests you're confident, lighthearted, and in sync with her when done well. It's magic—laughter leads to deeper relationships.

How to Do It: Teasing someone is all about maintaining that cheerful vibe. Make a joke or nice statement to tickle her funny bone or call her by a pet name.



Be Playful: Teasing a girl in a playful way can bring you together. Make sure it's fun and she's comfortable.

Compliment and Tease: Why not praise while you tease her? This pair is powerful. Tease her about her movie taste, then admire her smile. It can create sexual tension but also just create a cheeky and fun atmosphere between friends.


Mock a woman's insecurities: Everyone has flaws. Never tease someone's weaknesses or deficiencies. Instead, talk about topics you can laugh about.

Over-tease: Too much teasing may make her think you're not interested in her. It can also come off as you being mean or judgemental. Balance serious talk with lighthearted humor. Know when your teasing gets too much.

Step #2: Share Funny Experiences or Stories

Why It Works: Imagine becoming the go-to funny guy or girl, the maestro of funny situations. A funny story always ends with shared laughter, strengthening bonds. It demonstrates your personality glows brighter than a supernova when you can have fun in any situation. Who can resist a funny person?

How to Do It: Sharing an embarrassing moment when you're telling a funny story can increase the enjoyment of the time you spend together. Remember you're weaving moments that will bring smiles and even a dose of that "funny person" charm.



Keep it relatable: Pick stories that a woman can connect to. The more relatable, the bigger the laughter.

Show your Little Johnny side: If you're struggling with a story, show your Little Johnny side, which is bringing out your inner child. It's about showing your cheekiness but in a naïve, innocent way.


Push It: Over-exaggerating a story may ruin its funny side. Stick to the truth. Instead, be animated in your delivery when you're hanging with a girl.

Avoid inside references: A funny story with an inside joke can make someone feel left out. Avoid things they might not have any reference to.

Step #3: Keep a Positive Mood and Attitude

Why It Works: Being the source of someone's happiness is like bottle-feeding sunshine. It's great to make someone's day because having a good laugh together instantly makes you feel closer. Sharing fun moments creates sexual attraction, too. Happy vibes make you desirable.

How to Do It: Maintain your "good sense" radar. It could be a humorous play on her words. Embrace the good vibes, sprinkle in positivity, and watch the magic happen. The way I do this is by avoiding negative comments and opinions. I focus on uplifting statements and remarks and always share a smile.



Embrace the light side: Positively start the conversation with the girl. Highlight your achievements and gratitude. Stay on light, fun, and engaging topics.

Listen and engage: Listen to her views, feelings, and stories. Show you care with a kind facial expression. Use body language to show you're engaged. Being present and interested is a positive step to strengthening your relationship with a girl. 


Force the humor: Great comedy shouldn't be forceful. Be like Mr Bean and let your sense of humor come naturally. 

Dwell on Negativity: Avoid dwelling on unpleasant thoughts, ideas, and topics. Don't even joke about negative things, especially early on. It can create awkwardness.

Step #4: Use Self-Deprecating Humor

Why It Works: Self-deprecating humor and funny compliments reveal your carefree personality. You open yourself up to a woman when you can kid about yourself. It shows you're an honest and funny guy, and you don't take things too seriously. That is a significant advantage in relationships, especially with a woman who likes a laid-back person.

How to Do It: Think about what you're poking fun at. I picked on my cooking skills. I said, "Wow, I tried cooking dinner last night, and let's just say the fire alarm gave me a standing ovation." My convo partner laughed. It was sweet and relatable, perfect for breaking the ice and warming her heart. Ensure whatever you kid about is all in good fun and not crossing into the crude jokes territory. 



Choose the right moment: Timing matters. Choose a moment of lightheartedness to deliver the amusing tidbit. Use self-deprecating humor carefully, as you might come off as someone highlighting all your faults.

Avoid Dark Humor: Keep self-deprecating jokes light. Avoid anything unpleasant or vulgar.


Target insecurities: Never laugh about personal anxieties, looks, or sensitive topics. The aim is to make a woman laugh, not make her uncomfortable. Humor is not about bullying.

Don't overdo it: Self-deprecating humor is great, but don't overdo it. You don't want to appear insecure by self-joking too much. Do it enough to look like a funny guy, not a negative one.

Step #5: Use Funny Gestures or Facial Expressions

Why It Works: Unexpected, funny gestures and facial expressions create shared laughter and display your humorous side without words; it's like a funny surprise to a girl's heart. It also shows you're listening to her stories if you react to what she shares.

How to Do It: Let go of inhibitions and be imaginative in your facial expression when sharing stories and jokes. Being expressive adds to your funny side. 



Mirror Practice: The funny thing is you can perfect your funny expressions by practicing them. Try raised eyebrows, smirks, and funny facial twists in the mirror. Practice funny reactions you can use in real conversations, too.

Fit the Mood: Embrace genuine humor that flows effortlessly. Create positive vibes through playful body language. Cultivate an atmosphere brimming with lightheartedness.


Sensitive circumstances: Refrain from using comical gestures in sensitive situations. Pay heed to the context and your setting. Select opportune moments for your light-hearted facial expressions.

No Mocking or Teasing: Funny gestures offer delight, not mockery. Think about whether it's going to make your girlfriend laugh.

Step #6: Send Funny Text Messages

Why It Works: Take advantage of technology. Imagine her phone buzzing, opening your text, and laughing at your funny message. It's a guaranteed mood-lifter. Personally, I make it a habit to kickstart mornings by sharing humorous jokes or memes with my friends via text. They value the gesture and find that it sets a positive tone for the day ahead.

How to Do It: Use a shared experience or something you can connect to. Personal touches add appeal. You can also check for recent posts for ideas on fun conversation starters.



Embrace playful vibes: Unleash the amusing side within you. Employ your wit and imagination to craft messages that tickle the funny bone.

Keep it short and sweet: Funny messages are often one-liners. Keep them fast and simple for maximum effect. Especially the punchlines.


Over-texting: Don't overwhelm someone with a barrage of messages. While they might be funny, over-texting someone can appear needy and attention-seeking.

Dry texting: Texting should be engaging and funny. Limiting your replies to "haha!" and other one-word responses will make her think you're lazy, not amusing, and uninterested. You lower your chances of being in a future relationship with them.

Step #7: Start Every Conversation Off With Humor

Why It Works: Using funny conversation starters encourages participation. Laughter releases mood-boosting endorphins. This can result in you becoming her source of positivity, and she'll seek you out more often.

How to Do It: You can ask funny questions to get her chatting. Let your good jokes shine. Greet her with a pun. One of my favorite go-to messages is, "Hey there, I hope this message finds you punbelievably well." It always gets a reply.



Start strong: Kickstart every conversation with a masterful burst of high-energy jokes, setting the stage for a delightfully amusing exchange. This approach seamlessly amplifies the entertainment factor of your discussions.

Adapt and flow: Pay attention to her responses. Keep being hilarious if she likes it. Alternatively, gently change the subject with another funny question.


Use corny pick-up lines: Classic pick-up lines may be unappreciated. Choose something unique and fitted to her. I've written many pick-up line articles like physics pick up lines and chemistry pick up lines

Don't Overwhelm: You want smiles, not a comic monologue. Give her time to reply to your funny joke.

Step #8: Be Genuine and Authentic

Why It Works: Authenticity is refreshing in a world of pretense. The funniest joke is usually the ones birthed from being genuine. It develops trust and connection faster than roller coasters.

How to Do It: Find opportunities to share genuinely funny experiences. Share jokes that reveal a little about your personality. Be expressive to show her that you're genuine.



React for real: Laugh when she shows her funny side! But don't fake laugh. It can be offensive to pretend you find something funny when you don't. Instead, express your reactions in a playful way and show you're still interested in your conversations.

Make inside jokes: An Inside joke creates relationships and shows you're connected on a deeper level. I usually use a funny movie quote we've watched together. It's great at reminding her of the time we spent together. 


Over-the-Top Sarcasm: While sarcasm can be entertaining, it's not appreciated by everyone. It can sometimes create undesirable tension. Opt for simplicity to ensure a smoother interaction.

Brag: You're genuinely great, so don't boast. Self-centered monologues are annoying. They're not funny. It's a conversation, not a one-person stand-up show.

Step #9: Play With Pickup Lines and Puns

Why It Works: Funny pick up lines work like magic. It eases tension and makes you unforgettable. Girls love a natural, surprising pick-up line, especially when they're unexpected, sincere, and catered to her.

How to Do It: Instead of "Hey, how's it going?" say something playful. Bam! She laughs, and the conversation takes a life of its own. The key is to think outside the cheesy box. Skip cliches and try something new. 



Pun-tastic Wordplay: Puns emerge as your trusty sidekicks in the realm of comedy. Seek out chances to sprinkle conversational puns into your interactions. For instance, if the topic veers toward hiking, you could say, "Looks like I'm scaling the heights of your 'girls heart' list!"

Seize the Moment: Tune in closely. It demonstrates your attentive nature, paving the way for captivating interactions. Show your interest by seizing the moments when they're presented to you.


Crude Jokes: We want laughs, not unpleasant cringes. Avoid anything offensive. Crude jokes are a big no-no!

Cheesy Overload: Pick-up lines from the 1990s are too cheesy and outdated. Let's forget about those. Choose lines that show how thoughtful and creative you are. 

What To Do If All Else Fails?

Even with the best intentions and a pocketful of witty tricks, there might be moments when the laughter doesn't flow as smoothly as you hoped. Don't worry; there's always a way to turn the tide. Here's your failsafe plan:

Step #1: Step Back and Breathe

If your attempts at making her laugh aren't getting the response you wanted, take a step back. Give each other a breather. Sometimes, easing off the jokes can create a new dynamic and refresh the interaction.

Step #2: Listen Intently

When in doubt, go back to basics. Show genuine interest in what she's saying. Ask open-ended questions and actively listen to her responses. Sometimes, the best way to connect is through understanding and empathy.

Step #3: Playful Curiosity

Switch to a lively and curious manner. Ask her about her favorite funny movies, TV shows, or comedians. This can lead to discussions that naturally evolve into light-hearted banter.

Step #4: Change of Pace

If your previous approach isn't sparking any laughs, try changing the pace. I usually share an intriguing fact, an amusing anecdote, or a captivating story. That usually lifts the mood and generates new points of connection.

Step #5: Shift to Friendly Vibes

Switch gears and aim for friendly vibes when all else fails. I had a friend who wouldn't react to anything funny I said. So, instead, I engaged her in a light and enjoyable chat without the pressure of being the resident comedian. I was authentic and honest, and she really appreciated it. She might not have laughed, but we had a good time.

Why Is Making A Girl Laugh So Important?

Everyone likes to laugh. It's a pleasant feeling. It also encourages people to let their guard down, loosen up, and become more trusting. It's the magic that breaks down walls, calms tensions, and helps people trust each other. After all, who can say no to laughing together?

Think of all your close friends. Don't they make you laugh? Well, that same principle applies when you are talking to a girl. If she is laughing, she's getting more comfortable with you, and she will want to keep talking to you because you make her feel good.

Getting her laughing can make up for some other deficits in your game. Is she way too good-looking for you and out of your league? Is she more successful and you feel not quite at her level?

No problem, just find out how to make a girl laugh, and she can still be yours.

How To Make a Girl Laugh Video

How To Make A Girl Laugh – 9 Proven ways to make her giggle (Animated)

Frequently Asked Questions

Mastering the art of how to make a girl laugh is within reach. But you might still have some burning questions. This FAQ section is here to provide quick answers and valuable insights.

What should I do if I am not naturally funny?

If you're not naturally funny, don't sweat it. Being funny is more about attitude than anything else. Try sharing amusing stories or observations from your everyday life. Show a related post about a good joke that made you chuckle or a situation that was a bit quirky. How to be funny is about being yourself. Don't overthink it.

Are there certain types of humor I should avoid?

You want to avoid any jokes that could be offensive, hurtful, or explicit. Humor is about building a positive connection. Even if it's the funniest joke, avoid it if it makes someone uncomfortable. Skip the offensive or inappropriate stuff.

Should I use sarcasm to make a girl laugh?

Sarcasm can be a bit of a tricky one. While it can be funny in the proper context, it's essential to be careful. Some people might dig your witty sarcasm, but others might not catch the vibe. They might find it confusing or even off-putting. Humor is subjective, after all.

Can self-confidence and a positive attitude contribute to making a girl laugh?

Self-confidence and a positive attitude are secret ingredients to making anyone laugh. When you're confident in yourself and radiate positivity, it's like a magnet for good vibes. In the world of sexual selection, these qualities can up your game.

What if a girl looks at me and laughs?

Take it as a good sign! It's like a green light that they enjoy the moment and interaction. Communication studies show that nonverbal cues like laughing can be a great indicator of a strong connection. That's why humor is a great way to connect and build relationships.

How do you get the best laugh?

Getting the best laugh is all about finding that sweet spot. One trick that can work is using "dark humor." Dark humor involves joking about topics that might be a tad morbid or unexpected. But here's the key: you've got to read the room and know your audience. The best laugh comes from being authentic and tuned in to the moment.

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