How to make a girl laugh is often the key to getting her to like you. Laughter is one of the best tools available to convince someone you're interesting and worth talking to.

If you want to know how to get a girlfriend, first, figure out how to make a girl laugh.

But, how do you make a girl laugh? If it were always obvious, everyone would do it, and it wouldn't make you stand out.

So, the good news is that once you can pull it off, you will be a step above everyone else who's interested in her.

The other good news is that figuring out how to make a girl laugh isn't as difficult as it might seem at first. All you need to do is follow a few steps. And thankfully, we've got all of those steps below.

How To Make A Girl Laugh – 9 Proven ways to make her giggle (Animated)


Why Is Making A Girl Laugh So Important?

Everyone likes to laugh. It's a pleasant feeling. It also encourages people to let their guard down, loosen up, and become more trusting.

Think of all your close friends. Don't they make you laugh? Well, that same principle applies when you are talking to a girl. If she is laughing, she's getting more comfortable with you, and she's going to want to keep talking to you because you make her feel good.

Getting her laughing can make up for some other deficits in your game. Is she way too good-looking for you? Are you way too poor for her?

No problem, just find out how to make a girl laugh and that girl can still be yours.

How to Make A Girl Laugh: 9 Steps

All the tricks to learning how to make a girl laugh are here in this section. Just follow these 8 steps, and you will have her chuckling, chortling, giggling, and more in minutes.

1. Make Her Smile First

Humour, in my experience, is the best way to someone's heart. But knowing how to make a girl smile can seem really difficult. We’re going to get into a few of the ingredients that comprise the skill of humor, and tell you how to get better at using those ingredients to become a funnier person... Thus, making you even more confident and alpha than you already know you are.

7. Get in the Mindset

First off, life is tough…

For everyone. It’s a constant slog through the mud with little bits of dry land every now and then where you can clean off the muck and relax for a bit. And funny people don’t ignore the bad, uncomfortable, or annoying things in life.

They take a long, hard look at them and find a way to make them more bearable to think about. They look for the light in dark places.

Now, does that mean every funny person you know is miserable?


And if you saw what we did there, you probably already have an idea of our next tip to mastering the skill of humor and making a girl smile, which is...

6. Misdirection

One of the key ingredients of humor - and one of tricks to get girls to chase you while using humor - is misdirection.

It starts with a relatable idea that’s explained so your audience thinks you’re taking it in one direction, but then you surprise them by going in a completely different direction than they expected you to.

Comedian Jimmy Carr does it in less than 3 seconds with this joke: It’s just a simple one-liner that uses misdirection - and it’s hilarious because the end result is completely unexpected.

So when you’re practicing how to flirt with a girl in the real world, try using some mild misdirection when she asks you a question. If she asks you what you do for a living, just make up some unbelievable nonsense like you’re the guy at the Zoo who gives the Capuchin Monkeys piggyback rides.

She won’t believe you, so it’ll be your job to convince her of the “truth.” And once you finally come clean, you’ll have successfully flirted with a girl who is now curious about what’s going on in that brain of yours and wants to get to know you a little better.

5. Timing and Tone

Let’s go back to the Jimmy Carr joke one more time.

First, I’ll read it as if I’m a student in your high school English class: “It’s a great feeling when you get a woman you’ve been chasing for miles.”

When I read that joke completely monotone, you’ll notice it was still a funny thing to say, but something was missing...

So if you want to learn how to get a girl to instantly like you by using humor, you have to experiment with your delivery, which is all in your timing and your tone.

Let’s listen to Jimmy Carr say it one more time: His tone while telling the joke is happy, and in that 3 seconds, he tells a happy story… Right before the pause.

And even though that pause is less than a second, it’s just enough time for you to complete the sentence in your head with a reasonable thought: A length of time.

But then Carr surprises you with an unusual and somewhat troubling thought - a length of distance, which has its own, unsettling implications you almost certainly weren’t thinking... The misdirection is what makes it funny. But the way he tells the joke is just as important in how it’s received.

4. Don’t Forget to Smile

At the end of a joke, it’s always a good idea to flash a smile so the person you’re talking to knows you’re joking... Plus, flashing a grin is one of the biggest alpha tricks to turn on any girl… As long as you’re happy with your smile.

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3. Learn From the Masters

Remember: Humor is a skill that you have to practice. And one way to learn any skill is by watching people who are better than you do it.

There are countless clips of stand-up comedians all over the internet, and watching or listening to them is a perfect place to start.

Their jokes may seem off-the-cuff and not rehearsed at all, but you couldn’t be more wrong... These guys (and girls) have spent countless hours standing in front of a mirror and up on stages, trying out new material, adjusting their timing and tone, and completely giving up on bad jokes that rarely get a laugh.

And not only will listening to comedians teach you some things about what makes a good joke a good joke, you’ll have something funny to listen to while you’re putting in your Ollie Whitening Strips.

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2. Tell Other People’s Jokes (At First)

Now before we talk about this, we’re not saying you should steal jokes and not give credit. That’s what Carlos Mencia did, and if you don’t know who Carlos Mencia is, well... Now you know why you don’t know him.

So let’s say you’re talking about your favorite foods with a girl you like... If you’ve been listening to stand-up comedians like we told you to, you’ll know that Jim Gaffigan pretty much only tells jokes about food.

And if you remember some of his jokes, you now have a conversation starter that relates to what you and your lady friend are talking about. All you have to say is something like, “Oh, Jim Gaffigan has a great bit on fast food.” And then you tell the joke.

Telling other people’s jokes is a ridiculously simple way to practice your timing and tone. And since the joke is already proven to be funny, even if you tell it poorly, it’ll still make her laugh... And days later, when her friends ask her how her date with you went, she probably won’t remember what you guys laughed about... She’ll just remember she had a good time laughing with you. And that is one sure way how to make a girl smile!

1. It’s All About the Mindset

Yeah, we brought it back to the mindset thing… But do you know why? Well... We can give you a book of 1001 silly jokes to tell on a date, but will they make you funnier?

Nope. They’ll make you a parrot, repeating the same outdated jokes your grandpa told. And like confidence, or any of the other mindsets we’ve talked about that attract women, humor is a mindset that requires you to change how you look at the world - and more importantly - yourself.

Picture this scenario: You’re on a date at the movies and when the ticket-taker tells you to enjoy your movie, you say, “You too.”

If you’re an alpha male, what would you do in this situation? You wouldn’t blush and apologize for making a silly mistake... You’d laugh at yourself because you know it’s something anyone could accidentally do.

And your date would laugh too. And she’ll feel much more comfortable with you, knowing you’re confident enough to laugh at yourself.

Plus, your teeth look great! BOOM! Ollie!

How to Make a Girl You Like Smile (INSTANTLY Turn Her ON with the Skill of Humor)

2. Relax and Be Ready to Laugh Yourself

Getting someone to laugh is about what you say, but it is also about how you present yourself. If you want her to laugh, approach her in a relaxed fashion.

Then, you want to communicate to her through your body language that she should feel relaxed too and be ready to be amused.

Do that by preparing yourself to laugh as well. Smile, make eye contact, and loosen up.

3. Be Confident

This is almost a repeat of step 1, but it is worth the repetition. Nothing ruins humor like flubbing your lines and getting too nervous.

Be confident that you can get her to laugh, and that confidence will help sell your humor.

If you struggle with confidence, try to use that as part of the joke. Another trick is to start out with a simple question that gets a chuckle (see Step 7).

That can boost your confidence early so you can caring on better.

4. Use What You See

There are two real methods to make her laugh. One is covered in Steps 3-6 and one is covered in Step 7.

To begin getting her to laugh by the first method, use what is called observation comedy.

Use what is around you: the guy in the silly tie across the room, the awful, ridiculous essay question on the test you just took, the awful drinks the bartender is mixing.

A little observation about these things while using Steps 1 and 2 can get her chuckling in agreement and give you an in to a long conversation full of laughs.

5. Learn How to Be Self-Deprecating

Self-deprecation is being able to laugh at yourself. If you want to know how to make a girl laugh, try to gently mock yourself to show her you have a sense of humor about your faults.

Good examples of this are using the above observations to mock yourself a little.

Talk about your own poor clothing choices, the terrible answer you gave to that ridiculous essay question, or your poor drinking ability.

This style of humor avoids any potential offense (see Step 6) and gives her the opportunity to compliment you.

6. Use Some Gentle Teasing

From self-deprecation to some gentle teasing of her: you can move on to some sweet but slightly chiding comments about her.

This can easily be used to secretly compliment her. Using the above examples:

Tell her that she's too stylish to be able to pull off ugly clothes, it takes a special talent that she just doesn't have.

Or, tell her that her essay answers are too good and she's making the class look bad.

Finally, in the last case, you can tell her she's either got great tastes in cocktails or she's bribing the bartender if her drink isn't awful.

The one thing you want to avoid: Don't be too hard on her. Instead, use this as a way to show you are interested in her by how much you notice her.

7. Avoid Meanness and Anything that Can Offend

This is key to this method. You want to answer how to make a girl laugh, not how to make a girl walk away.

Some girls like raunchy and more controversial comedy, but unless you know her well already, don't assume she's one of those girls, or that she'll take it well from you.

The teasing in Steps 3, 4, and 5 is meant to be done with some sweetness, to laugh at minor flaws or to purposefully exaggerate problems. Don't slip into mean-spiritedness.

That's a major turn-off and is more likely to get her angry than laughing.

8. Make A Girl Laugh By Asking Funny Questions To Ask A Girl

If you aren't confident you can unlock the key to how to make a girl to laugh by using Steps 3-6, there is another way to make a girl laugh. You can find some funny questions to ask.

With a set of funny questions to ask a girl, you get her laughing and get her talking about herself and her opinions.

The real benefit of this method is that you already have questions to ask when you approach her. You don't have to come up with anything new to get her laughing.

Mantelligence has hundreds of funny questions to ask a girl, so you can pick out the best ones and make them your own.

There's also a lot of flexibility in this method. You can use unexpected and absurd questions like, "Who's sexier? Pirates or ninjas?"

Or, you can try to get her to tell her funny stories with questions like, "What's the most ridiculous excuse you've ever used to get out of work?"

A final option is to get her to give an honest opinion on a silly subject, such as, "If I had something in my teeth, would you tell me?"

Make sure to have a number of questions ready to use throughout the conversation.

9. Combine Both Methods

If you really want to get her laughing, the best way is to mix and match the two methods described above.

For instance, start with a good funny question, then switch up to some amusing observations, and then switch back to another question to get her to talk about herself.

Playing this switch up game keeps the conversation lively, unexpected, and funny.

How To Make A Girl Laugh Over Text

A lot of flirting and laughing is done over text nowadays, and you need to be prepared for this as well.

However, figuring out how to make a girl laugh when you aren't in front of her is a little different than what is described above.

Really, though, the system is actually simpler. It's much easier to communicate confidence through messages than face-to-face, for instance.

Text also opens up new avenues to get her laughing easily. Send her .gifs, videos, and memes that are sure to at least get a smile.

Then, you can use Step 7 to throw out a few amusing questions in text form. That will keep her typing and laughing all evening.

More Tips on How To Get The Girl

When it comes to getting the girl, there's more to it than just solving how to make a girl laugh.

Not to worry, though. Mantelligence has the whole process mapped out with all the steps you need to get the girl of your dreams.

  1. Find out how to talk to girls so you can move on to getting them to laugh afterward.
  2. Expand on what you've learned here so you know how to flirt with a girl from beginning to end.
  3. Alternatively, get to the real heart of the issue by finding out how to get a girl to like you.

In Conclusion

Although there's a lot to the process of how to get a girlfriend, there aren't any steps more crucial than finding out how to make a girl laugh.

Laughter is the best route to encouraging the development of a relationship and deeper interest. You can use laughter to sell yourself as someone she wants to get to know.

Basically, once you have her laughing, there's the opening to make her much more.