Who among your group of friends is most likely to ask most likely to questions? See, it's easy! You're already doing it.

Asking these questions of "who is most likely to do what" is a great way to get your friends (or perfect strangers) involved with considering more about themselves and each other.

Try starting with a handful of questions to ask to test the waters, and see if your friends catch on and start asking "most likely to" questions of their own!


9 Best Most Likely To Questions

These questions are pure gold for figuring out more about anyone that you might find yourself around. Try asking them in social settings like bars, parties, cafes, or pick-up sports games.

1. Who is most likely to give all their money to charity?

This question asks which of your friends might be the most generous and selfless.

2. Who's most likely to rule the world?

Does someone you know have a megalomaniacal streak? How would they conquer the world?

3. Most likely to blow all their money on an impulse buy?

Impulse spending can be a legitimate addiction. Who do you know who's psychology predisposes them to this sort of behavior?

4. Most likely to order a pizza within next 24 hours?

With $38 billion dollars in annual pizza sales in the U.S. alone, it's a safe bet that someone you know will be buying a pie soon.

5. Most likely to have a million followers on social media?

This question compares who is the biggest social butterfly.

6. Who’s most likely to cancel plans at the last second?

It seems like every group has someone who, for whatever reason, always ends up being a flake.

7. Who’s most likely to throw a fit during a game of Monopoly?

Monopoly and Risk both rank right up there with the best ways in the world to lose friends, after all.

8. Who’s most likely to bring home a stray puppy?

Perhaps someone you know has both a heart of gold and a complete inability to say no to an adorable animal in a tough spot?

9. Who is most likely ready to sleep any where?

Or, maybe -- who can't sleep anywhere but in the finest of beds?

8 Most Likely To Conversation Starters

Searching for a unique and sure-fire way to break the ice with someone? These "most likely to" conversation starters are a great way to mix things up on your approach. Try using them especially in a group setting, where you can easily make the conversation inclusive of everybody while still directing your attention towards the person you want to get to know better.

10. Who is most likely to be the first one to die in a zombie apocalypse?

This question can get a whole group talking about their make-believe plans for a zombie apocalypse.

11. Most likely to lock himself/herself out of the house?

Need to figure out who's most forgetful? Use this question!

12. Most likely to shave their head for some reason?

Commonly referred to as "pulling a Britney", the shaved-head look is a bold move.

13. Most likely to pull a Kanye on an award stage?

Look, Imma let you finish this article, but one of your friends has the biggest ego OF ALL TIME!

14. Most likely to learn a foreign language?

What do you call someone who speaks two languages? Bilingual. What do you call someone who speaks three languages? Trilingual. What do you call someone who speaks one language? American! (Cue laugh track)

15. Who is most likely to be a poet?

Because roses are red, though violets are really purple... Which makes them awfully difficult to rhyme with.

16. Who’s most likely to complain about their ex?

Is someone in the group you're talking to still not over their old flame? You can find out with this question.

17. Who is most likely to be the next USA president?

Because, well, it seems like just about anyone can these days.

5 Who Is Most Likely To Questions To Get to Know Someone Better

Most Likely To questions are a great way to get to know someone's most important preferences. Try using these get to know you questions right after you've successfully started a conversation with someone, or maybe when you've already been talking for a few days and want to create a deeper relationship.

18. Who is most likely to listen to classical music?

Can classical music make us smarter? Maybe. So who might be the brainiest person you know?

19. Who is most likely to be a stand-up comedian?

This question gets in touch with who you know that may be fit for the stage, with a larger-than-life presence.

20. Who is most likely to be a world traveler?

Some people are actually born to travel, it seems. This question can lead to deeper conversations about why we choose to travel.

21. Most likely to start their own business?

This question basically asks: Who do you know who has genuine entrepreneurial spirit?

22. Who is most likely to be your best friend forever?

There's no doubt: Lasting friendships are tough to find. So who's most likely to stick it out in the long run?

4 Most Likely To Questions To Ask Friends

Most likely to questions are perfect to ask in a group of friends. This gets everybody talking about each others' unique talents and abilities, and can be a powerful, whole-group dynamic. Try these question to ask friends and really get to know each other better!

23. Who is most likely to live in a big city?

The desire to live in an urban environment goes deep -- and people who love living in cities usually love socializing, too.

24. Who is most likely to have the most piercings?

Bonus points if one of your friends can reveal that they really DO have the most...

25. Most likely to become a professional gambler?

It's true: Some people are born with greater risk tolerance than others.

26. Who’s most likely to get a tattoo while drunk?

Because as the famous tattoo shop slogan goes: "No Regerts".

3 Most Likely To Questions For Couples

If you're dating, Most likely to questions for couples can be a fun way of testing the waters as to both of your individual preferences. Which of you is more daring? Adventurous? Curious? Find out with these questions:

27. Who is most likely to watch romantic movies?

Which of the two of you is more inclined towards emotionally-charged viewing?

28. Who is most likely to forget important birthdays/events?

Because let's face it: Some people just aren't good at remembering dates -- and relationships may be influenced by differences in memory.

29. Most likely to survive a zombie apocalypse?

It's not just the strongest that would survive, but the craftiest and most durable.

4 Most Likely To Ice Breaker Questions

These ice breaker questions are perfect for introducing yourself to a whole group of people. Try to approach with confidence, and ask which member of the group is most likely to do any of these funny, interesting, adventurous, or just plain weird things. The answers you get might surprise you!

30. Who is most likely to do a bungee jump?

If one person in the group is the most adventurous, they'll definitely be the first to do this!

31. Who is most likely to win the lottery?

Is someone luckier than everybody else? It may not be very scientific, but it seems like everyone has one lucky friend.

32. Who is most likely to invent something useful?

Designers and creative types, please step up!

33. Who is most likely to write a best seller?

Have you ever met someone who just looks like a novelist? Maybe they don't even know they're a writer (yet!), but you just have a feeling about it.

3 Funny Most Likely To Questions to Ask

No matter the social situation, having funny questions to ask is a powerful way to help everybody enjoy their time more -- and can even be a way to get ahead at work! So try out these funny Most Likely To questions in any social setting:

34. Who is most likely to be batman in real life?

Because where is that one friend of yours who never goes out to the bars at night?

35. Most likely to do weird things in public?

Some people are just a little bit zanier than everybody else -- which is something to celebrate and enjoy!

36. Most likely to have the most embarrassing tattoo?

Bonus points: Did they get a cover-up, or just leave it as is?

3 Deep Most Likely To Questions to ask

Looking to take one of your relationships to a new level? Taking the time with these deep questions to ask can get you moving in the right direction.

37. Who is most likely to worry about small things?

An old saying goes: "Don't sweat the petty stuff, and don't pet the sweaty stuff."

38. Most likely to reinvent himself/herself?

Choosing to change one's life takes courage, strength, and determination: All very deep qualities.

39. Who is most likely to spend all of his/ her time thinking?

The world belongs to those who act, not just think. So who do you know that may be afraid of acting?

Downloadable and Printable List of Most Likely To Questions

Here is a downloadable and printable list of 'who's most likely to' questions (right click the image and select Save Image As...):

How to Use Most Likely To Questions

Gauge your audience

How well do you know the people you will be asking questions of? If you've just met, try starting with icebreakers; if you've known each other for a while, maybe something deeper.

Ask gently

People won't always want to answer hard questions, so don't be too intent on getting an answer right away.

Have fun

Choose the questions which actually interest you!

More Great Questions To Ask

Looking for even more great questions to ask? We've got you covered:

  1. Never have I ever questions are perfect for parties and get-togethers.
  2. Would you rather questions can be a fun way to make people really have to think!
  3. Maybe just something a little more light-hearted? Try these fun questions to ask.

In Conclusion

So, that's a collection of our absolute best most likely to questions. Are you the person most likely to use them in a conversation today? Try taking three of these questions to ask a friend or stranger, and get out there to try it out!