Who doesn't enjoy spending time with friends? This list of questions to ask friends we've prepared here guarantees that you'll never run out of things to talk about when they come over.

I've written blogs about best friend tag questions and loads of other "get to know you" type questions. But for you, I compiled a list of our favorite questions to ask your friends.

These will make your hangouts more fun. Let's begin!


7 Best Questions You Can Ask Friends

This list of best questions to ask friends all have one thing in common: They reveal more personal information about both you and your friend, helping to build a more profound friendship between you.

1. What Emotion Do You Experience The Most?

There are instances when we have a difficult time processing the emotions that we feel. This topic will help you check in with your friends.

2. What Is The Best Advice That You Can Give Your Younger Self Ten Years Ago From Now?

Some of us might have unspoken regrets that haunt us to this day. If you had the chance to go back in time, what things would you change? Or are you happy and content right now?

3. What Motivates You To Get Up Every Morning?

Motivation is a highly personal thing, so knowing what motivates your friend tells you a lot about their passion in life. Some people are motivated by money, family, or even their pets.

4. How Do You Consider Someone A Good Friend?

This inquiry will show you the standards of being a good friend. What things separate friends from good friends or even great friends? Which category do you fall in?

5. Which Bucket List Item You Have Is Impossible To Get To Reality?

We all have goals in life. We all have dreams. But which one of these dreams seems unattainable?

6. If You Become A Pet, What Would You Want To Be?

Pets have the best lives ever. We love them unconditionally. They get to do whatever and get whatever they want just because they're adorable.

7. If You Were Given A 3-day Vacation Escapade, Where Will You Go And Who Are You Tagging Along With Among Your Close Friends?

Everyone deserves a nice vacation, especially among the close friends in your life. But which ones in your friend group will you take on your out-of-town dream trip?

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4 Conversation Openers To Ask Your New Found Friend

Are you struggling to find the right questions you can ask a new friend? If you have no idea about how to start a conversation with a newfound friend, then these questions and some of our favorite conversation openers might help.

8. If You Could Do Anything For The Rest Of Your Life, What Would That Be?

Does your new friend want to become a farmer at a remote place? Or perhaps, stay indoors for the rest of time?

9. What Is Your Favorite Animal?

This classic question can incite surprising answers that you won't expect- for example, river dolphins. You might even gain some new information about your new friend's favorite animal.

10. How Do You Usually Enjoy Your Favorite Season With Your Friend?

Watch as your new friend's eyes spark, thinking about the fun times they had with friends. This question is also a great way to learn the different things your friend enjoys during their favorite season.

11. Who Would You Choose To Spend Your Birthday With, Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend Or Me?

Personally, spending birthdays with those who are important to you is best. If they are the type of person who likes to spend their special day with friends, then you have a chance to plan.

5 Questions That'll Help You Get To Know Them Better

Maintaining friendships as an adult is fun questions to get to know someone, these "who knows me better questions" will allow you to learn more intimate things about your friends.

12. When You Were Little, What Was Your Biggest Fear?

A lot of people have random fears that made them tremble as a kid. For example, these fears can be anything, for example, being afraid of the dark or what's in the dark. Who knows, you and your friend might even discover a common fear.

13. What Do You Hope To Achieve By 50?

Achieving something in life is a long-term goal met by aspirants who have grit and passion. This question will show you how your friends plan for their futures.

14. What Is One Thing You Are Deeply Proud Of In Your Life?

It doesn't matter if this thing is small or monumental, as long as they take pride in it. Your friends deserve the spotlight here.

15. What Is The Craziest Thing That You Have Done That Gave You A Crazy Adrenaline Rush?

Finding the daredevil in your friend group is not that hard. This question would open up plenty of discussions about getting a rush from adrenaline-inducing activities, like freediving, sky-diving, bungee-jumping, or even parkour.

16. Which Is Your Favorite Memory That You Love Going Back To?

Time for a trip down memory lane! Everyone has a memory that they're so fond of that they'll revisit when the present time becomes too challenging to handle.

5 Questions You Haven't Asked Your Best Friends

Some friendships can be somewhat confusing to anyone outside of them but deeply bonded at a fundamental level. Even when you've known each other forever, there are always more best friend questions that you can ask.

17. Who Are Your Top Three Real-life heroes?

Looking up to the people we aspire to be can be a great way to help us stay on track in life. They can motivate us into doing something better.

18. When Was The Last Time You Completely Lost Yourself In Something?

Every once in a while, some things seem to grab ahold of us. These things also change our lives for the better. In this case, we have to be thankful.

19. Would You Save Me During A Zombie Apocalypse?

It's time to enter a world of sci-fi and fantasy. It's also time to discuss important matters regarding the impending doom called the zombie apocalypse.

20. When We First Met, Did You Think That I Was An Introvert Or An Extrovert?

As people say, "First impressions last." But some people are shy at first, but in reality, they are as extroverted as a golden retriever. Does the first impression still stand in this case?

21. What Is The Worst Thing That Happened To You Which Left You And Someone In Awkward Silence?

Awkward silences can drive anyone crazy. Everyone dreads the moment they have to endure an awkward silence, especially among friends and loved ones.

5 Fun Questions To Eliminate Boring Discussions

When with your friends, it's a great idea to have a handful of fun questions to keep the conversation moving smoothly and naturally. Keep your group of friends on their toes with these fun, captivating questions.

22. If You Could Change Your First Name, What Would You Change It To?

Some people just hate the name they go by. They claim that their given name does not do them justice. That's why they tend to go by their nicknames.

23. What Would You Like To Eat For Your Last Meal?

There's a whole website dedicated to famous last meals. How does your friend's idea stack up? Personally, mine would be 30 pounds of sushi.

24. Which Favorite Childhood Memory Would You Want To Relive?

You know your life's great before when nostalgia hits, and you just feel absolute joy. What is this childhood moment that you'd love to just play all over and over in your head?

25. What Conspiracy Theory Do You Think Will Make The World Different If Proven True?

You never know which one of your friends might have a pet conspiracy theory that they believe in their cores. Some of these might sound completely ridiculous, but some would make you think.

26. Do You Believe Soul Mates Connected In A Previous Life?

Talking about soulmates and the weird universal coincidences are the epitome of late-night hangouts with friends. When you begin this topic, you'd still be talking about this come sunrise.

5 Questions That Will Make Your Friends Laugh

Humor is important to seemingly everything, from health to work to relationships. It's equally important in friendships, too! And having a great selection of questions that are funny can make it much easier to inject all-important humor into your conversations.

27. How Old Is The Most Expired Item In Your Fridge?

Everybody has at least one thing in their fridge that they just haven't made an effort to get rid of. Who knows, maybe you and your friend have the same thing?

28. What Food Will You Absolutely Not, Under Any Circumstances, Eat?

Food should be comforting, but there are cases where we despise the food so much that we refuse to even smell them.

29. What's The Weirdest Thing You've Ever Done On A Date?

There are many reasons people p act weird on dates, but hearing your friends' strange stories is much better than listening to a stranger. You can even compare these odd things that you did on your dates.

30. What Animal Most Closely Resembles Your Eating Style?

Does your friend gobble up food like a wolf? Does your friend eat food like a chicken? You can up the fun factor on this one by asking your friend to imitate the animal they choose.

31. What Is The Weirdest Password You Ever Had?

Keeping online accounts secure is a no-brainer. And sometimes, we come up with the most ingenious way to maintain that security- including creating absolutely weird passwords.

5 Questions For An Enjoyable Would You Rather Game

Would You Rather is a classic game designed for everybody. You'll have a great time going through this list of queries for your would you rather session.

32. Would You Rather Get Lunch With Charles Dicken or Jane Austen?

This question is perfect if you have a friend who's a real bookworm. Of course, their answer would depend on the type of books they love to read.

33. Would You Rather Not Shower For A Month, Or Eat The Same Meal Every Day For  A Month?

A tough choice, indeed! Smelly, or bored? But still, the option simmers down on the type of food you'll be eating for an entire month.

34. Would You Rather Eat Dog Food Or Cat Food?

Plot Twist: Some dog foods and cat foods taste the same. Don't ask how I knew that. Make sure to specify that they can't ever choose "neither"!

35. Would You Rather Be Bald Or Covered From Head To Toe In Hair?

Forcing the choice between Wolfman and Captain Picard can make for a humorous response from your friend. It's even more fun when you use an app to make them look bald should they choose this option.

36. Would You Rather Have A Superpower Or Stop Aging?

Stopping natural aging is a superpower in itself. Perhaps, your friend has a different superpower in mind- for example, the ability to travel through time.

6 Questions For Your Truth or Dare Game

Some people might see truth or dare questions as something only teenagers would play. These funny truth or dare questions be a hilarious addition to your night of getting to know each other. Truth or dare questions over text or in-person are great for breaking the ice.

37. Name One Thing You Would Change About Each Person In This Room.

The "truth hurts" may not be entirely accurate, but it definitely can sting a little bit. This question can also lead to life-changing decisions.

38. Who's Hotter? You Or Your BFF?

This one can make for lighthearted debating over why one of the two is more attractive. Get ready to get a laugh out of this one.

39. Peel A Banana With Your Feet.

Want to keep things lighthearted? This dare may not be high on the gross factor, but it sure is funny to watch.

40. Send A Text To Your Ex, And Tell Them You Can Be A Good Friend.

This dare does not apply if you and your ex are already good friends. Or if your ex blocked you on all messaging apps.

41. What Is Your Biggest Regret That You Don't Mind Doing Again?

We all have regrets. But some of these regrets and decisions are worth it, especially if you are doing it for someone important.

42. If You Can Only Eat One Thing For The Rest Of Your Life, What Would It Be?

Is it hamburgers? Pasta? Or something entirely luxurious like gelato with gold leaf and golden chicken wings?

6 Deep Questions To Start A Meaningful Conversation

Building deeper relationships in your life is an ongoing process of finding the right deep questions. Sometimes, thought provoking questions and philosophical questions are the necessary ones to complete a fun night with friends. These deep questions can let you know much more important things about your friends.

43. Do You Think You're Brave?

Thomas Paine once said, "The real man smiles in trouble, gathers strength from distress, and grows brave by reflection." Has your friend taken the time for this reflection?

44. What Is A Dream You've Never Said Out Loud?

Everyone has secret aspirations, dreams, and fantasies that they entertain, from minor to life-large. Asking your friend to share one of their dreams is a big show of faith.

45. What Is One Thing You Regret Having Done Or Not Done In Your Life?

Regrets can weigh heavily on anyone, but having someone to talk about them can ease the burden.

46. When Was The Last Time You Cried?

Most men get a bad rap for how they deal with crying, but talking about when and why it happened can be a big help in understanding your friendship that much better.

47. What Are You Most Afraid Of?

Sharing our deepest fears can be a frightening thing. This question asks your friend to open up some of the deepest parts of themselves.

48. Have You Ever Questioned Your Beliefs And Why?

The great philosopher Plato said that "The unexamined life is not worth living." If this is true, how much time has your friend spent in the examination of their beliefs about life?

5 Questions That Are Random But Not Boring

Are you looking for some random things to talk about or just any questions that you can ask randomly, anytime, anywhere? Then these random funny questions are perfect for you.

49. What Horror Character Scares You The Most?

Whether it is a book or a movie, those characters can haunt your dreams. Gore movies would take the cake on this one.

50. Which Holiday Would You Erase Altogether From Our Calendars?

To be honest, this is a hard question to ask. With so many holidays on the calendar, there is bound to be one they want to get rid of.

51. What's The Most Clever Word You Know?

Let them show off their intellect with this fun question. "Lackadaisical," for example, is a fancy way of saying "lazy."

52. What Do You Collect That No One Knows About?

From rocks to baseball cards, everyone collects something. Let's just hope it is not something too weird or overtly disgusting, like toenail clippings.

53. What Is Your Greatest Relationship Deal Breaker?

For some people, it's the age gap or opposing beliefs. For myself, it's when they think petting the dog of a stranger is weird.

5 Questions Designed For Your Never Have I Ever Game Night

Never have I ever questions are an excellent way to discover more about your peers, and a never have I ever game is one of the most hilarious things to do with friends. The mature version is even more fun with some drinks and snacks on the side.

54. Never Have I Ever Gone To The Bathroom And Then Not Wash My Hands.

Remember, when you ask this question, there is bound to be someone who does this. Just make sure you never shake their hands again.

55. Never Have I Ever Blown My Nose Into Anything Other Than Tissue.

Hey, look, when you need to blow your nose, you need to blow your nose. But just not in the table cloth, okay?

56. Never Have I Ever Broken The Law.

You might have run a red light one time or perhaps, crossed the street illegally. The more detail included in the answer, the better.

57. Never Have I Ever Laughed So Hard, My Beverage Shot Out Of My Nose.

Hopefully, it wasn't hot tea. And not something sticky or fizzy like soda.

58. Never Have I Ever Believed In A Genie.

I'm pretty confident that everyone has, at one point, rubbed a lamp or a bottle to check if there's a genie inside. A fun follow-up question here would be, "What 3 wishes will you ask a genie?"

5 Weird Questions That Might Make Your Friends A Bit Uncomfortable

Other questions are for people you don't really know. In contrast, weird questions are for those that you know so well, like the back of your hand.

59. What Time Do You Usually Go To Sleep?

Well, they do say that a good nighttime routine is essential. Which one of your friends sleeps in the late hours of the night?

60. Do You Have An Old Shirt That You Can't Let Go Of?

Everyone has that one piece of clothing they would never get rid of. There's something comfortable about that shirt or clothing that makes it hard to part ways with it.

61. What Was The Best Phase In Your Life So Far?

Is it now? The past? The future? No one knows except for you.

62. Do You Eat Pizza With Pineapple?

This is where you'll most likely draw the line. And for the record, pizza should NEVER be eaten with pineapples.

63. Did Your Celebrity Crush Appear In Your Dream Ever?

Bonus laughter if this dream is unbelievably weird and random. But please do share the whole story.

4 Quick Ice Breakers You Can Ask Friends

When you are meeting new people, it can be challenging to start a conversation. But with a couple of ice breaker questions up your sleeve, you will be deep in conversation in no time.

64. What Is The Absolute Worst Song In The World?

This is probably one of the best questions you can ask. But beware. It can get heated.

65. What Is Your Culinary Specialty?

Everyone has that one thing that they can cook. For some, it's a Thanksgiving dinner; for others, it's grilled cheese.

66. What Do You Always Procrastinate On?

Being friends means having things in common, but are your procrastination habits the same?

67. Who's Your Partner-In-Crime?

You and you're friends might not be Bonnie & Clyde, but you can be sure that your friends will always have your back.

5 Questions That Are Interesting To Ask

Want to know more about someone, then ask some interesting things to talk about? From the weird to the downright strange, you are sure to find out something new when you ask them these interesting questions.

68. What's Your Purpose In Life?

Something is inspiring when you meet someone who has a purpose. It can get you motivated.

69. Do You Have A Secret Hunch  About How You Will Die?

It's funny how everyone has some idea about how they're going to die, but how true can they be?

70. What's Your Weird Guilty Pleasure?

This guilty pleasure could well be food, picking on your zits, or even scrubbing your entire body with coffee grounds. The sky's the limit.

71. Do You Google Your Problems?

Googling your problems is not the best choice, especially when it comes to relationships or health problems. But sometimes, the answers to the questions are hilarious.

72. If You Could Learn Any Language Fluently, What Would It Be?

Did you know that your friend wanted to learn Korean? Well, now, you do!

5 Questions That'll Make You Feel Closer To One Another

Questions that are deep but personal should only be asked to people that you know really. Like, I mean, really well. You never know what you might learn about them when you ask questions about their personal life.

73. Are You Good At Forgiving People?

Forgiveness is an admirable trait. And some people are good at forgiving each other while others just can't. This personal question is one way to know if your friend is the forgiving type.

74. What Kind Of Parent Do You Think  You Are or You'll Be?

Parenting is a complex task. Regardless, if you finally become a parent, what type of parent do you aspire to become?

75. Why Don't Some Relationships Work Out?

When we hear stories of couples lasting 20, 30, or 50 years, all we can think of is, "Aw, I wish I had that." Making relationships work out is not an easy feat. It requires a lot of decision-making.

76. Is Your First Crush Also Your First Love?

First crushes are cute, even more so if your first crush is the one who made your heart skip a beat for the first time. Ah, pure young love.

77. Do People Deserve Second Chances?

This is a great question. Giving others second chances and forgiveness should be taken seriously. What could be the limitation of giving second chances?

Downloadable and Printable List of Friendship Questions

Here is a downloadable and printable jpg/pdf list of Questions To Ask Friends (right click the image and select Save Image As...):

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about checking in with your friends? Let's answer them.

What are the benefits of asking meaningful questions?

Meaningful questions open the pathways to better friendships. Think of it. You would only open your heart to someone who you cherish or love dearly. You wouldn't share anything meaningful with some acquaintance or stranger.

How to make a game out of questions to ask your friends?

The 21 questions game is quite popular among peers and a favorite hobby of mine. If you don't know how to play 21 questions, it's easy. List your random question until it reaches 21 questions, and take turns asking and answering them.

Is it important to ask permission first before asking personal questions even though we're close friends?

Consent is essential for anything- not asking might be your biggest mistake when making friends. It's very crucial to ask your friends beforehand if they're okay with answering your questions. This way, you set their expectations and prevent any incubating hard feelings should you accidentally touch on a sensitive topic.

I want to be close with my friends further. What types of questions should I ask, and how should I ask them about it?

Deep conversation questions are my favorite thing to ask when I want to be closer with friends. Again, they must agree first to talk and be asked a good question. My go-to when I want to start an interesting conversation with a close friend is "What is your biggest pet peeve?"

How do conversations help deepen friendships?

Conversations are the human way of transferring information from one person to another. The more you talk to someone, the more things you'll know about them. In turn, the more you are familiar with them, the more your relationship deepens.

How to Pick the Best Questions You Can Ask Your Friends

Wondering how to choose the best questions you can ask your peers?

1. Assess your relationship

Is this a deep friendship, or is it just getting started? Interpersonal closeness can be shown by a deeper thoughtful question. "What's your dream job?" can be a great conversation starter.

2. Observe the environment

Questions about their personal affairs should be reserved for smaller groups, while icebreaker questions are great for parties and get-togethers. If you're at a party, you can start the small talk by asking, "What's your favorite song, favorite movie, or favorite place to be?"

3. Go with your gut

If you're entirely not sure how to ask an interesting question, let your instinct guide you. There's no wrong or right question."What's your favorite color or favorite food?" is a usual topic opener.

More Great Questions

Didn't find the specific topic you were looking for? Or maybe just want a few more great questions? We've got you covered:

  1. General conversation topics are a great place to start thinking about how to talk to people.
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In Conclusion

Well, there you have it: some of our favorite, most powerful questions to ask friends. Whether you were looking for best friend tag questions for your best friend quiz to get to know your friends better, you'll never run out of things to talk about and questions to ask, thanks to this list of questions to get to know someone.