Never have I ever questions 18+ is a game that's practically a right of passage in a young man's life. We all know that breaking the ice at a party and getting the fun really going can be a bit of a slough. A good game of Never Have I Ever is a great way to solve that problem.

But the issue is having enough questions to ask.

They've got to be fun questions to keep the party moving and sometimes just a little bit risque to really have an impact. Coming up with that many questions is tough.

So let's dive into this massive list.


14 Best Never Have I Ever Questions 18+

Let's come out of the gate firing with the 18+ questions. Now you don't need to start the game with these. Pepper them in throughout the game, because if you push these ones too early, without sufficient time having passed, players might not be as forthcoming as you might like.

That said, these are the fun ones, so listen up.

1. Never have I ever danced on a bar

Channel your inner Coyote Ugly?

2. Never have I ever shoplifted

A little light petty crime never hurt anyone.

3. Never have I ever been kicked out of a pub/club/bar

Being 86'd is always a good story.

4. Never have I ever used the gents in a club because the line for the ladies was too long

Hey, however you self identify.

5. Never have I ever been arrested

Winding up in the drunk tank counts...

6. Never have I ever partied for more than twenty-four hours solid

"Till the break of dawn"

7. Never have I ever met up with someone from a dating app

Also relevant, are you still using a flip phone?

8. Never have I ever gone on more than one date in one day

It's called multitasking people.

9. Never have I ever eaten something alive

I see you eyeing my goldfish...

10. Never have I ever stolen money from my parents.

Um... it's called early inheritance.

11. Never have I ever belched after a drink.

Everyone should obviously belch after the drink they're currently going to be taking.

12. Never have I ever skydived.

On purpose?

13. Never have I ever clubbed all night.

Did you outlast the glowstick?.

14. Never have I ever been scammed online.

Still waiting on that Nigerian wire transfer huh?

9 Get To Know You Never Have I Ever Questions 18+

Never have I ever is a great game to get to know someone. It forces brutal honesty out in the open, usually augmented by some social lubrication.

15. Never have I ever been betrayed by my friend.

Flip it around too... have you ever betrayed a friend?

16. Never have I ever pooed when I went to pee.

It's good to know you're the model of efficiency.

17. Never have I ever witnessed a court proceeding.

It really does matter from where you witnessed this proceeding... next to the public defender?

18. Never have I ever heard my partner snore.

If they drink on this one, you know you've got a shot in bed.

19. Never have I ever traveled with my partner.

This one goes to levels of commitment and stability. Traveling can be stressful.

20. Never have I ever trusted anyone more than my partner.

Since trust is the foundation of any relationship this is a great get to know you question.

21. Never have I ever kissed on the first date.

This one's about establishing trust and comfortability.

22. Never have I ever dated someone just to make someone else jealous.

Ummm... Dick move. Steer clear.

23. Never have I ever brought someone home to meet the parents.

I mean, how embarrassing are you?

12 Never Have I Ever Questions 18+ To Ask A Girl

Playing Never Have I Ever, in addition to being a fun way to liven up a party, is an excellent fishing expedition for finding dating leads. Kind of like an IRL version of swiping left. Remember, always be closing, so use these questions to ask a girl to fill that pipeline.

24. Never have I ever grabbed the wrong person’s hand.

Is she that unobservant? Are you that generic? How'd she react?

25. Never have I ever Stop remembering my first love.

Ah... you got to let them go. Huge red flag.

26. Never have I ever Been unfaithful.

This is when the alarm bells should be clanging at full volume.

27. Never have I ever lied to my parents about being hung over.

This one will probably come up again the day after playing never have I ever... You've been warned.

28. Never have I ever Kissed my best friend.

Well it sure is nice to be affectionate.

29. Never have I ever Fallen asleep on the bus and I’ve passed my station.

Fallen asleep and passed out is a pretty fine line. Make sure you're on the right side of it.

This question says a lot about how a girl will react in a high pressure situation. So pay attention.

30. Never have I ever Been robbed.

This question says a lot about how a girl will react in a high pressure situation. So pay attention.

31. Never have I ever Finished an entire jawbreaker.

You really want to know if her mouth has the capacity to finish the job. That's need to know information.

32. Never have I ever played hard to get.

It's okay to want to be chased. Nothing wrong with that.

33. Never have I ever gently whispered in someone’s ear.

If not, you're missing out on one of life's great pleasures.

34. Never have I ever slipped someone my phone number.

That's the dating equivalent of taking it to the hoop.

35. Never have I ever had a crush on a teacher.

I have never, and I mean never, had this question not end with a drink. There's a story there. Dig deeper.

15 Never Have I Ever Questions 18+ To Ask A Guy

Now, when playing Never have I Ever, you're going to be in a mixed crowd. Ideally. If not, you're doing it wrong and you need to heed some more of our advice.

Take a look at these questions to ask a guy that will help define their boundaries, tease out some crazy stories, and perhaps, even torpedo them as competition in the game.

36. Never have I ever had breakfast in bed.

Did you make it? Or receive it?

37. Never have I ever given a lift to a stranger while driving alone on a highway.

Fun fact, if you live in Alaska, this is mandatory.

38. Never have I ever had a date with someone I met on an app.

This question just tells you how hardheaded a guy is. That's good information to know. Who isn't using dating apps?

39. Never have I ever tried a cheesy pick-up line on someone.

My guess is it was part of a bar bet that went sideways. Or ended in marriage.

40. Never have I ever winked or whistled at someone.

A much bolder move these days than perhaps it used to be.

41. Never have I ever sent someone a cool selfie.

Is there a cool selfie? Stop sending people selfies.

42. Never have I ever had a crush on a friend’s sibling.

Do you have friends with siblings? Then there have been crushes on friends' siblings.

43. Never have I ever Dined and dashed.

This is as much a right of passage as playing Never Have I Ever.

44. Never have I ever Drunk cried to a stranger.

Oh... we've been there. There's no shame in a drunk cry. They don't know you.

45. Never have I ever Taken a pill when you had NO clue what it was.

Remember how bad that ended up for Heroin Bob?

46. Never have I ever Gotten drunk before 11 AM.

Another right of passage. Now, 8am... maybe we need to have a talk.

47. Never have I ever had a near-death experience.

Life is a near death experience. We're all on borrowed time. Enjoy the game.

48. Never have I ever punched someone.

Well, you're a better man than I.

49. Never have I ever believed in a conspiracy theory.

It was an inside job. You know it was. Admit it.

50. Never have I ever starved myself for the sake of losing weight.

And he looked into the river, saw his reflection, and fell in. Vanity isn't attractive.

9 Never Have I Ever Questions 18+ for couples

Playing Never Have I Ever with couples is a heck of a lot of fun. You're going to get some tidbits of information coming out that, for several good reasons, should not be coming out. So ask these questions for couples and wait for the fireworks shoot off.

Bonus tip: this round should be served with tequila.

51. Never have I ever wished for my friend to break up

Friends make bad choices sometimes. Also, misery just loves company. So, look for motives.

52. Never have I ever taken a pregnancy test

Yeah... never seems impossible, but how many?

53. Never have I ever eaten at a restaurant by myself.

Was it before 5? No shame before 5.

54. Never have I ever flirted with someone else while we’ve been together.

It's called practice people. You have to keep your skills sharp.

55. Never have I ever missed my ex

This one's like putting your had down the garbage disposal... tread lightly.

56. Never have I ever looked through a roommate’s bedroom or bathroom.

Where's the rent money? That's what I'd like to know.

57. Never have I ever drank alcohol out of a shoe

I mean... how would you even do that? If you've done that, I salute you. Tell us the story. Email us. Seriously.

58. Never have I ever found someone of the same gender attractive.

Well, come now. We can be objective.

59. Never have I ever addressed my partner with the name of an ex-partner.

You don't look like a Lisa. Are you sure you're not Karen?

60. Never have I ever been in love with my best friend

Platonic counts right?

13 Weird Never Have I Ever Questions 18+

Now that you've got the game kicked into high gear, it's time to get weird with it.

61. Never have I ever slept completely naked.

Follow up question, what's your thread count?

62. Never have I ever stolen something from work.

I mean, isn't free copier paper half the reason for going to work?

63. Never have I ever tried to contact someone under a false identity

If you have, there's a good chance you're not waiting on that Nigerian wire transfer...

64. Never have I ever written a fan letter to a celebrity.

Sometimes Blake Shelton just needs to know what I'm thinking about. Sometimes? All the time.

65. Never have I ever smelled bad when on my dates

Needing a shower and showing up to a date worked for Maverick. It can work for you too.

66. Never have I ever mistaken a man for a woman or vice versa.

I mean, I can't grow a beard, but that happens.

67. Never have I ever walked around with my zipper down.

This is just a gross inattention to detail, but, yeah, we've all done that one. Drink.

68. Never have I ever bought a children’s toy for myself, as an adult.

They're collectible action figures.

69. Never have I ever recorded video of myself singing or dancing.

As Sam Clemens himself said, "Dance like no one is watching."

70. Never have I ever put gum under a table.

Then you've never been to high school.

71. Never have I ever wore perfume or cologne because I didn’t have deodorant.

This is measuring the "MacGuyver Quotient."

72. Never have I ever licked a coin.

Chocolate doesn't count!

73. Never have I ever worn the same jeans for a week without washing them.

Walking through the sprinklers totally counts.

10 Funny Never Have I Ever Questions 18+

No game of never have I ever is complete without some laughs.

74. Never have I ever smelled clothing to see if they were too dirty to wear again.

Answer: They were not.

75. Never have I ever let dirty dishes sit in the sink for over a week.

You've really got to soak that marinara off the pot.

76. Never have I ever dipped french fries into a milkshake.

Then I don't even want to know you..

77. Never have I ever watched a movie because I knew it had nudity.

Again... then you never went to high school.

78. Never have I ever had a full-body massage.

And I mean, full body.

79. Never have I ever moved to a new city to start fresh

We've all burned a few bridges in our time.

80. Never have I ever changed a flat tire

Because AAA.

81. Never have I ever been yelled at by a homeless person

Last time I try to give someone a free sandwich... Am I right?

82. Never have I ever participated in a march/protest

This one is about locating one's passion. And then putting that passion into slow, monotonous, shuffling action.

83. Never have I ever gone on a juice cleanse

Because they're fake. Although, after all this tequila...

5 First Date Never Have I Ever Questions 18+

Breaking the ice on a first date is hard to do. Playing never have I ever can make it a bit easier.

84. Never have I ever crashed a wedding

Want to take someone's special day and make it about you? Crash a wedding.

85. Never have I ever hated a present but said I loved it

Then you're not Catholic.

86. Never have I ever thought something that happened in my dream happened in real life

Then you're drinking too much... or not enough...

87. Never have I ever called the cops on someone

Noise complaints count. Them damned kids...

88. Never have I ever accidentally started a fire

Remember when they ask... it's always "accidental."

5 Ice Breaker Never Have I Ever Questions 18+

Everyone has been to one of these events... those corporate retreats that require ice breaker questions because you're throwing a bunch of people who would otherwise never interact with each other the same social situation.

89. Never have I ever returned something to a store after wearing it

Pro Tip: keep the tags tucked in.

90. Never have I ever ghosted on someone

Then you've never been a freelancer.

91. Never have I ever gotten a tattoo that I regret

To err is human... To tattoo is divine.

92. Never have I ever slept overnight at the office.

Till the break of dawn... (see earlier)

93. Never have I ever punched a wall

Yes... yes you have.

9 Interesting Never Have I Ever Questions 18+

Ah, here we are at the interesting questions section of the never have I ever game. This is where things get.. well... interesting.

94. Never have I ever said I am never drinking again.

If you've never said this, take a drink and call me in the morning.

95. Never have I ever challenged an animal to a fight.

You know that raccoon had it coming. Just look at it.

96. Never have I ever tried bathing in a fountain.

They're more than just for wishing.

97. Never have I ever stolen alcohol from the kitchen.

Do you mean vanilla extract? Yeah... that's what you mean.

98. Never have I ever pretended to cough in the restroom to cover my sounds

One does not merely cough on the throne.

99. Never have I ever had an argument with myself… and lost.

Well, isn't that how I ended up swearing off alcohol?

100. Never have I ever believed nothing good happens after 2 AM.

Closing time... Just finish your whiskey... or... wait, how does that lyric end?

101. Never have I ever asked my parents where babies come from.

Storks right? Isn't that how the Dumbo reboot went?

102. Never have I ever sacrificed my sleep for three days.

Sacrificed is a strong word, but regardless.

8 Random Never Have I Ever Questions 18+

And, ah, here we are at the random questions phase. When all pretense has been thrown aside and throwing one back has become what we're after. Ladies and gentlemen... shall we?

103. Never have I ever been into a brawl.

Yes you have. You may not remember it...

104. Never have I ever been to a fashion show.

Why not? You might learn something. It's basically a college lecture for your pants.

105. Never have I ever lied about my age

How'd you get into that fashion show then?

106. Never have I ever spammed someone’s message box.

Then you are a better man than I Gunga Din

107. Never have I ever spent a night in a museum.

Then you are a better man than I Mr. Stiller.

108. Never have I ever experienced scuba diving.

Then you haven't lived the Life Aquatic.

109. Never have I ever proposed to anyone.

Then you know the true meaning of FREEDOM!

110. Never have I ever taken a lift from a stranger.

I think we mean "Lyft."

13 Truth Never Have I Ever Questions 18+

Key to a successful never have I ever session is the truth questions. These are ones that probe beyond the mere laugh and get at the heart of who you are as both a player and person. Let's dive in.

111. Never have I ever bitched about my boss with my colleagues.

This is a career ender... or catalyst... how say you?

112. Never have I ever blacked out drunk.

If you've gotten to this point in the list without being blackout drunk we have, unfortunately, failed you.

113. Never have I ever got my partner's name wrong

I mean, context, right?

114. Never have I ever had to run to save my life.

Kicking that sympathetic nervous system into high gear is an excellent life skill.

115. Never have I ever flirted my way out of a speeding ticket.

Successfully? Tell the truth. I'm looking for a new attorney.

116. Never have I ever drank before turning the legal age.

Speaking of new attorneys...

117. Never have I ever wished I was a rock star.

Mark Whalberg did... and look how that turned out.

118. Never have I ever dressed as the opposite sex.

Dave Foley did... and look how that turned out...

119. Never have I ever tried to hack someone’s account.

If they gave you the password at any point, it's not technically a hack... but good for you.

120. Never have I ever flirted with my boss for a promotion.

Who's the boss now? Mona... always Mona. That's the key.

121. Never have I ever forgotten a very important event in my partner’s life.

Anniversary? Birthday? Med school graduation? You're not perfect. You're a human being.

122. Never have I ever had an awkward situation in public

See above.

How To Pick Good Never Have I Ever Questions 18+

There are never have I ever rules that must be followed in order to keep the party moving and keep the fun trajectory going.

1. Know Your Audience

Have you ever heard that expression comedians or salesman use called "read the room?" Well, that rule certainly applies to a successful game of Never Have I Ever. Go too big, too risque, too revealing too early and you're going to have a bad time. Know your audience. Read the room.

2. Be Inclusive

There aren't teams in a quality game of Never Have I Ever. So if you feel like you're starting to lose participants, steer the questions to more softball and of the non-embarrassing variety. You can cut deeper later when everyone is reengaged, but remember, you're a host, your job is to first and foremost be hospitable.

3. Closing Time

If you find some players have reached their limit, emotionally or otherwise, it's a good idea to shut the whole thing down. Better to save the party and live to press the boundaries another day.

Downloadable and Printable List of Never Have I Ever Questions 18+

Here is a downloadable List of Never Have I Ever Questions 18+ (right click the image and select Save Image As...):

More Great Questions To Ask

Look, a solid game of never have I ever is the best fuse to light when you're looking for a good evening. That doesn't mean it's the only game in the book. If you're tired of these questions, then take a look at what else we have on offer for a hell of a good night.

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  3. Would you rather A or B? Would you rather questions is about as simple as it gets.

In Conclusion

We've got you started on your long journey to a successful never have I ever game. I'm sure we'll revisit this subject, as, really, there is no end to the quality questions we can serve up.

Some final parting thoughts. When engaging in a round of Never Have I Ever, make sure you read the room. You want to keep the fun questions paramount and ensure everyone is having a good time. As soon as you cross that fun Rubicon, you're completely screwed.

So, when you're thinking of the questions to ask for a never have I ever session, keep them light, fun, and, as always, slightly risque. Happy hunting.