You've spent a fantastic year with a fantastic lady, but now unexpected trouble is on the horizon: you've got to shop for some one year anniversary gifts.

Don't let anyone tell you anniversary gifts don't matter. They communicate just how much you care and how much you know about your partner.

Finding the right 1 year anniversary gifts for her tells her that you're committed to this relationship. Yet, that can be tricky. First anniversary gifts are notoriously tricky. Some first anniversary gifts are great for one, very committed couple while those same 1st anniversary gifts would go over like a lead balloon with a more casual couple.

In other words, 1 year anniversary gifts aren't 1 size fits all, and picking the wrong size can have serious consequences.

Not to worry, though. We've got all the best first year anniversary gifts for her out there. Whatever the state of your relationship, you'll find incredible first year anniversary gifts that show just how much you care... and how much you want to make it to anniversary number two.


15 Best One Year Anniversary Gifts

One year in, do you feel that your partner is the best girl in the world? Then, show her that by getting her the best one year anniversary gift out there. All of these first-year anniversary gifts are designed to show in physical form just how special you feel she is.

1. Our 1st Anniversary Picture Frame

A picture says a thousand words, and this frame adds another thousand on top.

2. Handmade Paper Rose

Give her a rose that never wilts.

3. Double Heart Table Top Ornament

A beautiful ornament she'll be happy to place on the mantel this year and forever afterward.

4. Couples Romantic Picture Frame

The best way to win the "who loves whom more" argument.

5. Let's Have Coffee Together Forever

For the caffeinated couple that loves sharing their morning brew.

6. Our Adventure Book Scrapbook

Spend the anniversary reliving your year together.

7. Funny Couple T-Shirt

One of the best 1 year anniversary gifts for vegetarians.

8. Moscow Mule Copper Mugs

Make Any Drink Taste Much Better.

9. 5 Piece Fondue Set

A great gift, and a great anniversary date.

10. Our Bucket List: A Creative and Inspirational Journal for Ideas and Adventures for Couples

Dream of all the adventures you want to have together.

11. Couple Art Iron Sculpture

Good quality handcrafted cast iron sculpture.

12. Pandora Jewelry Heart Anniversary Charm

You can't go wrong with jewelry on the anniversary.

13. Candle by the Hour

Get her a candle that is so much more than just a candle.

14. I Love You 3000 key chain

For those with nerdy Marvel fangirl girlfriends.

15. Collage Picture Frame

Lovely picture frame is an ideal gift for anniversary or wedding photos.

15 One Year Anniversary Gifts For Girlfriend

Some couples aren't ready to use titles at one year, but for those who need 1st year anniversary gifts for a girlfriend, these gifts really communicate that step up in the relationship. These anniversary gifts for girlfriends tell her just how happy you are that you've grown so close in the last year.

16. Romantic Candle Box

Keep that romantic sparkle kindled with this.

17. Shawty U Fine Teddy Bear

Sweet, silly, and suggestive all in one.

18. One Year In Shirt

Lightweight, Classic fit, Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem.

19. You Mean Everything to Me Couples Pillowcases

She'll remember how you feel every time she lays down.

20. Couple Bracelets Key and Lock Braided Bracelet

A cute new twist on the old lock and key theme.

21. Orig Date Night Jar

Set yourself up for tons of fun date nights over the coming year.

22. Sterling Silver Gemstone Heart Pendant Necklace

For those who want to buy expensive jewelry but lack the pocket money.

23. 3D Shadowbox

3D Wedding or Anniversary Gift For Couples.

24. First anniversary poem

Poetry is perhaps the most classic of one year anniversary gifts.

25. Wood Art Celtic Box

A beautiful box for your lovely Irish lass.

26. Chocolate Lovers' Guide and Tasting Journal

Barring allergies, there's no way she'll dislike this gift.

27. Wooden Jewelry Box

Can't afford jewelry? Give her the box for all the stuff you'll buy her in the future.

28. Kate Spade New York Love Notes Bangle Hinged Bracelet

She can wear this out on every date with you.

29. Luv Betsey Womens Harlli Mini Barrel Crossbody

A cute purse that has your feelings stitched right across the front.

30. Kate Spade New York Server Dessert Set

A great gift for girlfriends who love to bake.

15 One Year Anniversary Gift Ideas For Wife

That first year of marriage can be the most critical. If you get off to the right start, you'll be ready to stay together for life. If not...Well, even if in that case, these gift ideas for a wife can make a lot of difference. Getting the one-year anniversary gifts right can go a long way to either celebrating a good start or making up for some early mistakes.

31. The Happiness Project One-Sentence Journal: A Five-Year Record

Keep track of how your relationship evolves every day, one sentence at a time.

32. Happy Anniversary Keychain for Couple

A fun way to show how your love really drives you both crazy.

33. City Map Print On Wood

Personalized Wood Star Map Art.

34. Infinity Bangle Bracelet

Beautiful, subtle jewelry that reminds her of your marriage as much as her wedding ring.

35. Couple Climbing Mountain Porcelain Figurine

This is a simply perfect anniversary or wedding gift and a wonderful way to tell the love of your life you’re happy to be together.

36. Wedding Song voice print

An amazing way to display the song that represents your life together.

37. travel mirror engraved with the lettering

She'll smile every time she puts on makeup for your nights out.

38. Premier Series Wine Club

Celebrate the next year together by exploring your tastebuds with a wine of the month club.

39. Framed 1st Anniversary Burlap Print

It is a keepsake that your gift recipient can hang on the wall to remember how special they are .

40. Authentic South Sea Tahitian Black Pearl Pendant Necklace

Beautiful and classy jewelry for a beautiful, classy wife.

41. Apple iPhone XR

If she broke her phone, this is the best possible gift to give her.

42. Wi-Fi Indoor Smart Home Camera with Night Vision

For the anniversary, give her a far greater sense of safety and protection at home.

43. All in One Foot Spa Bath Massager with Heat

When the spa is outside the household budget but she still deserves to be pampered.

44. Garmin vívoactive 3

Great for the workout fanatic who's decided to finally train for that marathon.

45. Exercise Bike

Show her you're really committed to getting into shape together.

12 Cheap One Year Anniversary Gifts

Sometimes, your budget doesn't really allow you to show how much you really love your partner. In that moment, you don't have to show up empty handed, you can find one year anniversary gifts that are within your budget. These cheap gifts communicate your love without breaking your bank.

46. Vacuum Insulated Tumbler w/Cold Lid and Straw

A cute, environmentally friendly, and above all affordable, way for her to bring her drinks with her.

47. Wine Tumbler + Cupcake Wine Socks Gift Set

They are guaranteed to LOVE this cute gift set.

48. 3 Piece Fun Silicone Spatula Gift Set

Instead of paying for an expensive anniversary dinner, get these and make dinner together.

49. Ceramic Ring Jewelry Holder

An affordable addition to her vanity when jewelry is out of your price range.

50. Hand Repair Gift Set

The ultimate gift for women.

51. Lavender Spa Gift Baskets for Women

Give her the spa treatment without the spa price.

52. LA JOLIE MUSE Scented Candles Gift Set

A great, affordable way to create the right anniversary mood.

53. Juicy Couture Black Label Women's Velour Robertson Jacket

When she needs a jacket but most of them are too expensive...

54. Matching Watch & Tri-Fold Leather Wallet Gift Set

A beautiful matching set, so she can hold on to the meager household funds in style.

55. Betsey Johnson Women's Socks

Who says socks aren't a great gift?

56. Schick Intuition Limited Edition Hello Kitty Advanced Moisture Razor

For the girl who could always use a little more Hello Kitty in her life.

57. Bath Bomb Gift Set

One of the most relaxing one year anniversary gifts at any price.

12 Unique One Year Anniversary Gifts

To you, she's a perfect, unique person, who's perfectly, uniquely perfect for you. But how do you show that with your first anniversary gifts? The answer is by providing unique gifts for your unique lady. These one year anniversary gifts will really show her that you think she's the only one for you in the world.

58. Infinity I Love You Decor LED Night

Let your love help her go to sleep every night.

59. Wooden Map of the World

Use this map to pick out all the places you'll visit together someday.

60. Portrait for couple in cartoon style

Give her a picture that no one else in the world has: one of both of you!

61. Mini olive magnet gift

Cute little kawaii miniature olive which is also a magnet in a little gift box.

62. Custom Personalized Engraved Compass

Perfect for the outdoorsy girl who knows every direction leads back to you.

63. Personalized Calendar keychain

A unique reminder of how important your special day is.

64. Rare Pyrography Art

Your custom photo engraved on Real Leather.

65. Custom Wood Gun Case

If you're both into hunting, this is a unique way to celebrate your shared passion.

66. Family Portrait

Give her a completely different kind of family portrait.

67. on this day in history

Let her know that your relationship deserves to be immortalized in history.

68. Wall Clock Bedroom Light

It's a beautiful, artistic way to remind her that the only time that matters it the time spent together.

69. Personalized photo frame

This is so much more than a standard photo on the wall.

14 Thoughtful One Year Anniversary Gifts

Sharing your love through one year anniversary gifts for her can be tricky. You want to communicate not just affection but how deeply you feel for her. That requires more than just a basic dozen roses, it takes thoughtful gifts that show her you put a lot of thought into these gifts and your relationship. Choose from these thoughtful first year anniversary gifts for her to show her just how much she matters.

70. The Original Gourmet Cheese Club

Love to share some tasty snacks together? Join a cheese of the month club together.

71. Facial Cleansing Brush Ultimate Skin Spa

Show her that you care that she's comfortable and you know she likes to look good.

72. Make Up Mirrors with Set Gifts

Desk Cosmetic Portable Trifold Make Up Mirrors with Set Gifts.

73. Ultra Whitening Electric Toothbrush

Remember that cavity she had this year? Show her you care about her health with this.

74. Vanity Set with Flip Top Mirror

If your partner has been struggling to apply makeup in a cramped bathroom all year, get her this.

75. Burt's Bees Boldly Beautiful Gift Set

This is so much more than just a standard makeup set.

76. Pepper Spray & Stun Gun Combo Safety Set

This is a great way to communicate that you worry about her but know she can handle herself.

77. Shooting Range Earmuffs and Glasses

If she loves to shoot, she'll love these one year anniversary gifts.

78. Rose Gold Glammer Safety Hammer

The most adorable safety instrument on the market.

79. All In One Tool Light For Emergency

This light is loaded with essential tools and features for emergency situations.

80. Emergency Roadside Assistance Kit

For those handyladies out there.

81. Revlon 4 Piece Lip Kit Gift Set

When you want to get her makeup but you don't quite know her color.

82, Nail Clippers Set Manicure Pedicure Kit

For those girls who love to do their nails.

83. Gel Nail Polish Kit with UV Light Starter Kit

This Kit come with delicate gift box and provide a complete range of specifications manicure tools.

How to Pick the Best Anniversary Gift

All of the above one year anniversary gifts are sure-fire least, they are if you buy them for the right girl. To make sure you choose the best gifts for your girl, follow these four steps.

1. Go with Gifts for the Occasion

Some gifts are great for wives, some are great for sort-of relationships, and some are great for girlfriends. Pick the gifts that fit your relationship.

2. Choose Gifts She'll Actually Want

Cute can be great with first anniversary gifts, but only if it's something she'll actually want and use. If you buy her a teddy bear and it goes straight in a drawer, it's pointless. Get her jewelry she'll wear and games she'll actually play.

3. Pick Gifts that Speak to Her Uniqueness

Don't buy her roses because everyone buys roses. Buy her something that shows you know her and love the person she is. If she's a big comic nerd, buy her comic book gifts, even if that's not the traditional anniversary present.

4. Make It about Love

Whatever one year anniversary gifts you choose, choose them with love. If you love her, and you present those gifts as an act of love, she'll love the gifts. That's what really matters.

More Awesome Anniversary Gifts

Just because those one year anniversary gifts are super important doesn't mean later anniversary gifts don't matter. That's why we've got all the articles you need for every anniversary:

  1. Celebrate a successful year two with 2nd anniversary gifts that let her know how special you feel she is.
  2. Get these 3rd anniversary gifts to tell her you feel as strongly today as on the first date.
  3. For those who have put a ring on it, ring in each year with these wedding anniversary gifts.

In Conclusion

Getting the one year anniversary gifts right is a big deal, but with this list, you should be in the clear. These first year anniversary gifts for her offer you everything she could possibly want.

If she's big on makeup, there are great 1st anniversary gifts with lipstick, lip balm, eye liner, and more. If she likes the shooting range, we've got 1 year anniversary gifts for gun lovers. Whatever her interests, these first anniversary gifts get it for her.

The only thing left for you to do is decide which anniversary gifts are right for your girl. When choosing one year anniversary gifts for her, make sure you get them for her. Don't just choose 1 year anniversary gifts that seem like any girl should like them, get a gift that your specific, unique, wonderful woman will love.

Once you've picked out the best anniversary gift for her, you're all set. Happy anniversary!