Things to do on a Sunday can be difficult to think of, especially its the end of the weekend, it Or worse yet, Saturday night ended pretty last and now the thought of doing anything seems like a chore.

To make sure that you don't waste your last precious day of freedom before you go back to work, you need to come up with some things to do. With a couple of ideas of things to do on a Sunday, you will be off your couch and doing something fun and exciting in no time.

Don't know where to start? Don't worry. We have you covered.


18 Best Fun Things To Do On A Sunday

Are you looking for the ultimate list of fun things to do on a Sunday? Well strap yourself in and let's go!

1. Write some snail mail to a friend

Remember when you used to get a letter in the mail? Why not make your friend feel that sense of wonder by writing them a letter?

2. Prep lots of healthy snacks so you'll never go hangry.

Making sure that you eat healthily can be difficult when you're busy during the week. So why not take some time on a Sunday to get some food prep done.

3. Download a new book from the public library database onto your e-reader.

Did you know that you can borrow a book for your e-reader from the library? Try it out today!

4. Prepare Monday morning breakfast.

When you're rushing out in the morning, it's easy to forget breakfast. Make sure you don't forget by making it the night before.

5. Put on some teeth-whitening strips.

Whitening your teeth doesn't have to be a chore. Throw on a few strips and a movie and you're one step closer to a dazzling smile.

6. Write your Monday-morning to-do list

Making a list will set you on the right foot for the week ahead.

7. Get your taxes together.

Uhhhhhh. Taxes? On a Sunday? I guess it has to be done some time.

8. Make a weekly goals list of all the big things you want to accomplish.

Remember to think big! Wanna be president? Okay, maybe think a little smaller!

9. Tidy up your closet

Sunday is a great time to throw out all the things you don't want anymore.

10. Search for a friend's birthday gift

A quick online search and you could be one step closer to getting your friend the perfect gift.

11. Arrange a pretty bouquet.

Sunday is a day to get creative. So why not do it with flowers?

12. Try bullet journaling

There's organizing and then there's bullet journaling. Give it a go!

13. Take a soul stroll.

A soul stroll will help you clear your head and get yourself ready for the week ahead.

14. Wash your bedding.

Why not bounce into a new week with fresh sheets?

15. Toss everything that's expired or questionable in your fridge.

A general rule of thumb:

If it's green and not a cucumber, cabbage or apple, throw it out.

16. Go shopping for the whole week.

If you hate shopping, Sunday is a great day to get everything you need in one shopping trip.

17. Pause and meditate.

Everyone needs to take a moment and just breathe.

18. Catch up with family.

Whether it's a quick phone call or heading over to your parent's house for dinner, Sunday is a great time to reconnect with family.

15 Things To Do On A Sunday At Home

When you don't really want to leave your house on a Sunday, you need to have some fun things to do at home. From cleaning to dancing in your living room, there are lots of options.

19. Check the weather forecast for the week, and plan out your outfits for the next five days.

While the weather forecast isn't always right, you can still base your fashion choices on it.

20. Get some exercise.

Zumba. Running. Rock climbing. The world of exercise is yours on a Sunday.

21. Find great pump-up playlists that go with every activity.

Or even better yet, why not make your own!

22. Clean your shower.

Nobody likes cleaning their shower. But think how much better it will look when it's cleaned.

23. Empty all your garbage cans and get the trash ready for pick-up day.

It's not a job everyone loves, but when it's done, you can relax.

24. Have a Zumba workout in your living room.

They say "dance like no one's watching" and you can do just that in front of your TV.

25. Clean hard-to-reach surfaces.

Grab that footstool and your duster and go where no man has gone before!

26. Trim your plants.

Keep your plants looking bea-u-ti-ful by trimming them on a Sunday.

27. Read a chapter in a book.

Some people love reading a book on a Sunday. But sometimes a chapter is just enough.

28. Teach your pup a new trick

You can teach them anything from lie down to closing a door.

29. Bake cookies.

There is nothing better than the sweet smell of cookies wafting through a house.

30. Explore Wikipedia.

Beware: While this is a great thing to do, sometimes you can get lost down a Wikipedia black hole.

31. Solve crossword puzzles.

Worth those brain cells with a few crossword puzzles.

32. Beat your own record at Sudoku.

Grab a timer, a pencil and GO!

33. Have a go at origami.

You can really make anything with origami. And it's super fun!

8 things to do on a Sunday with friends

There is nothing better than spending some of your time with friends. But instead of spending your weekend in front of the TV, it's great if you have some fun things to do with friends.

34. Hang out in a coffee shop.

When you have nothing better to do, why not visit your local coffee shop and test out their latest coffee?

35. Go for an easy hike.

Whether you stroll or crawl, an easy hike is one of the best things to do on Sunday.

36. Have a movie marathon.

Step 1: Pick your favorite franchise

Step 2: Load them up

Step 3: Sit back and relax

37. Hold a yard sale.

After you clear out your closet, why not make some extra cash by selling your wares?

38. Go to an arcade.

Grab a bunch of quarters and beat that high score!

39. Have a beach day.

The rushing waves, the sand under your feet and the sun beating down. Is there anything better?

40. Hit the mall.

Whether you want to buy something or are just going for a stroll, a trip to the mall is always a winner.

41. Go to the farmers market.

Why not go to your local farmer's market and get exactly what you need for your weekly food prep?

12 Things To Do On A Sunday For Couples

Going for a romantic dinner is great but sometimes you just need to change it up a little. That's why it's great to have some ideas for things to do for couples up your sleeve.

42. Watch the sunset

Take a moment to enjoy one of Earth's most beautiful shows.

43. Plant a tree

Give back to the world and reduce your carbon footprint by planting a tree.

44. Scan old photographs

Make sure that your memories last forever by digitizing your old photos.

45. Make your own pizza

Even the most unusual combinations can be tasty when you make them yourself.

46. Coxy up in the couch and listen to podcasts

Stick your earphones in and transport yourself to a brand new world.

47. Volunteer on a soup kitchen

Finding things to do on Sunday doesn't always have to involve self-help or cooking. You can also use this time to help people who need it the most.

48. Rearrange house furniture

It's amazing how rearranging your furniture can make your home look brand new.

49. Put together jigsaw puzzle

There is a weird sense of pride and accomplishment that comes with finishing a jigsaw puzzle.

50. Stargaze in your front porch

Put on your favorite sweater and sit back. You might even see an alien!

51. Raid garage sales

Garage sales are a great place to find diamonds in the rough. You might just be lucky and find yourself a gem.

52. Play frisbee

Perfect for two people. Unless you're both competitive...

53. Tour a local microbrewery that includes free tastings.

Beer. Check.

Different types of beer. Check.

A great way to spend a Sunday. Double Check.

14 Things To Do On A Sunday With Family

The weekend is all about family time. But Sunday dinners can get really boring. Why not change things up with a few ideas of things to do with family.

54. Do a science experiment.

Kids love science because sometimes, just sometimes it's like magic!

55. Watch a parade.

Whether it's a Thanksgiving parade or a local parade, this is one of the best things to do on Sunday.

56. Have a pretend tea party with the kids (or a real one with the grownups.)

You might be an adult but don't lie and pretend you don't love using your imagination!

57. Have a pillow fight.

Did someone say PILLOW FIGHT?????

58. Play “I spy”.

If you have some kids in tow, the fun can last for hours!

59. Randomly do something nice for someone else.

Make yourself feel good and give something back to humanity by doing something nice for someone else.

60. Plant an herb garden

Herbs are really easy to grow. So why not give it a go?

61. Make a family tree.

Ever wonder where your great-great-great-great-grandfather came from? Now you can find out!

62. Visit a farm.

Cows, and chickens, and sheep, oh my!

63. Make smores.

Melted chocolate and marshmallows? Where do I sign up?

64. Go to a museum.

Learn something new by visiting a museum.

65. Take a dip in the pool.

Is there really anything better than taking a dip in a pool on a hot summer day?

66. Go fishing.

Take some time and learn how to fish. It's relaxing and peaceful, and you sometimes get a meal out of it.

67. See a magic show.

Recapture a sense of wonder by going to see a magic show.

13 Things To Do On A Sunday Night

With the sun setting and another work week on the horizon, you need some things to do on a Sunday night.

68. Go to a carnival.

With some candy floss in your hand, a carnival is a great way to finish a weekend.

69. Watch a documentary.

Broaden your educational horizons by learning something new about the world.

70. Enjoy a bonfire.

If you enjoy the outdoors and making s'mores, this might be one of the best things to do on a Sunday.

71. Watch fireworks.

There is something magical about watching fireworks.

72. Watch a play in a local theater.

Stretch those theatre chops buy visiting your local theater. You never know, it might be good.

73. Visit your parents and have dinner together.

Sunday is a great time to spend with family. So why not head over to your parent's house for some free dinner?

74. Order takeout.

Chinese. Indian. Thai. The possibilities are endless.

75. Play monopoly.

Beware: this could end in tears.

76. Run the dishwasher.

Make sure you have clean plates for the week ahead by cleaning the dishes.

77. Reflect on the past week's activities.

During the week, you're too busy to think of all the things you have done. Sit back and marvel at everything you have accomplished.

78. Declutter your car.

Do you ever turn a corner in your car and a can of soda rolls under your foot? If yes, then it might be time to declutter your car.

79. Have a long, warm bath.

Relax and unwind with a lovely long warm bath.

80. Do some stretching.

Keep that flexibility in check with some stretching. Just make sure you don't take it too far!

Downloadable and Printable List of Things to Do on a Sunday

Here is a downloadable and printable list of things to do on a Sunday (right click the image and select Save Image As...):list of THINGS TO DO ON A SUNDAY1

How To Pick The Best Fun Things To Do On A Sunday

When you have a long list of things to do on a Sunday, it's difficult to pick one that you want to do. But how do you choose? Just follow these simple steps and you'll be having fun in no time.

1. Know Your Comfort Zone

Before you choose what you want to do you need to know where your comfort zone is. Once you know what you're comfortable with, go and pick some things to do. If you are feeling a little bit adventurous, why not push your comfort zone out a little bit and try something new?

2. Know What You Like

Whether you like painting or running, make sure that you match your Sunday activities with your hobbies and interests. There is no point picking things to do on a Sunday that doesn't make you happy.

3. Have Fun

The most important thing to remember when you're picking things to do is to figure whether you will have fun doing it or not. Whether it's cleaning the shower with some music on or going to the park, before you pick, make sure that you are going to like it.

More Fun ways to spend your precious time

Once you have tried a few things to do off our list, you might just need some ideas for other days of the week. Don't worry, we have compiled other lists so you never get bored.

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In Conclusion

By the time you get to Sunday, it can seem easy just to sit on the couch until bedtime. But what use is that? Seize the day. Clean that kitchen or visit your library. Or even better, try something you have never done before.

When you're picking from our list of things to do, make sure that you know your comfort zone. While it's a good idea to get out of your comfort zone, on a Sunday, you need something relaxing so don't push it too far. Try and pick something that matches with your hobbies or interests and remember: have fun!

So now that you're armed with a list of the best things to do on a Sunday, why not try them out?