I know the value of a repertoire of fun things to do at home. As a new parent who spent way too much money lavishing my son with birthday and Christmas gifts,

They don't have to be grandiose, or complicated, they just have to be fun things to do.

Let's dive into some fun things to do that won't break the bank and ensure that mortgage gets paid.


16 Best Fun Things To Do At Home

Okay, so you've blown through your yearly budget category for "fun" and it isn't even February yet. I feel your pain. I really do. I'm living your reality as you read. But that's okay because you can have cheap, even free, fun around the house with very little effort. Here's our rundown of the best fun things to do at home. Even when you're broke.

Here is the 16 best fun things to do at home:

1. Have an ice cream social

Whomever said sundaes and banana splits are just for kids was lying to you.

2. Watch music videos

Remember when MTV was the only place to watch music videos? Me neither. With Vimeo and YouTube you can easily sink an evening watching some deep cuts.

3. Strengthen your brain.

Reading. Ted Talks. Wikipedia. Podcasts. It doesn't matter how you do it, just keep that gray matter limber.

4. Set up an online dating profile

Probably want to skip this one if you're already in a relationship, but it's always fun to be someone new. Seriously, how is it any different than acting?

5. Quiet that monkey mind.

Fun fact, in the beginning, it's a lot harder than you think. But stick with it. It seems to be doing wonders for the Dalai Lama.

6. Listen to some podcasts.

Excellent way to strengthen that brain... wait... didn't I just say that?

7. Meet your neighbors.

Guess what? They're probably just as eager to meet you as you are them.

8. Do a household maintenance walk-through.

I never knew how much a house is constantly falling apart until I bought one.

9. Start a Garden

You can do this indoor or out. And depending on what state you're residing in, your herb garden can take on a whole new meaning. But basil is cool too.

10. declutter the house

If you want to have more fun doing things around the house, then you need to declutter that B. Find what sparks your joy.

11. Have a video game marathon.

You might need to wait till your significant other is out of town for this one...

12. Make homemade pizzas.

I wish I knew how easy it was to make pizza dough in college. Flour, salt, sugar, yeast, water, olive oil. Boom.

13. Read in a hammock

This works well in warmer climates, but it's an excellent opportunity to build that brain while having a solid relax.

14. Cook something new.

Learning to cook is one of the most valuable dating skills you can possibly learn and it's so much cheaper than going out. So take the time to work on a few recipes that you can keep in your back pocket. Start with pizza. Work your way up.

15. Write something.

Seriously, this is so much fun!

16. Go onto Wikipedia and play 6 degrees of separation.

It rarely takes more than 4.

8 Fun Things For Couples To Do At Home

When you've blown your budget, there's a good chance you took your partner down with you. So rather than letting money get in the way of a good thing, which it often does, use this time to grow as a couple. This is our list of fun things for couple to do at home.

Here are 8 fun things for couples to do at home:

17. Download a coloring app and compare artworks

Like ice cream socials, coloring should never be relegated to the children's section. After all, that's why paint by numbers exists.

18. Pillow fight

Another seemingly juvenile activity that can quickly lead to the bedroom.

19. learn card tricks

Everyone says they hate magic, but secretly everyone loves magic. Just ask Sting.

20. Stargazing

Get out of the city and away from the light pollution, and just stare up. Bonus tip: there are plenty of apps that utilize your phone's camera to tell you what you're looking at.

21. Boardgame night

Board game night is a classic. Invite those neighbors you just met over to play.

22. Plan your next vacation spot

It's fun to lust after a time when discretionary income permits a real vacation. So you'd better be ready when the lottery strikes.

23. Exchange playlists and listen

Take a page out of John Cusack's book and make each other playlists. Remember, it's about the other person. Can you sum them up in 13 tracks?

24. Read the same article and discuss afterward

Another in the vein of building up the brain.

14 Fun Things To Do At Home When Bored

Ideally, with enough meditation, we all can learn to sit in and feel comfortable in our boredom. But until such a magical time arises, let's look at things to do for fun at home when bored.

Here are 14 fun things to do at home when bored:

25. Sleep

 . So, all that brain development you've been doing? Well, it's going to need some sleep for the mental cement to set up.

26. Catch up on your favorite series

With the number of streaming services there are now, there's no reason you can't binge a series a day.

27. Beat your own high-score in a video game

Go old school. When points matter. It's not enough to rescue the princess, you've got to do it with the highest possible score.

28. Rummage through your wardrobe and get rid of unused things

Similarly to decluttering the house, is decluttering the wardrobe. And let's be honest, you've probably put on (or hopefully lost!) a few pounds.

29. Indoor mini golf

Be careful with this one or you'll be adding more items to your home repair list.

30. Solve puzzles

Why do kids have all the fun? You should do an enormous puzzle and frame it. Instant art.

31. Look up your horoscope

Hey Google... What's my horoscope?

32. Make your own massage oil

Guys, I know you know nothing about essential oils, but I guarantee you someone within your significant other's orbit does. Try a 6 degrees to find the oil type of game.

33. Browse an online bookstore

You know the average self made millionaire reads at least a couple books a month. Your reading list should be a mile long.

34. Browse old photos and reminisce

Just make sure the music you're listening too at the same time is uplifting.

35. Write a love letter to you SO just because

Small gestures can go a long way. Bank those brownie points.

36. Listen to an audiobook

There's almost always a free audible offer.

37. Write reviews for products you have recently tried

Flex that writing muscle. It comes in handy in more circumstances than you might think.

38. Make cocktails

And when all else fails when you're bored... get drunk.

11 Fun Things To Do At Home With Family

Do you ever notice that when guys "settle down" they tend to become homebodies? I've certainly noticed that and as a recently minted homebody myself, I'm not going to apologize for it. Now, that said, you can't just do what you'd normally do at home when you have a family. No, you've got to incorporate the whole gang and find fun things to do at home with family. Here's a list to get you started.

Here are 11 fun things to do at home with family:

39. Watch home videos

Cameras are ubiquitous these days and kids do damned adorable things. And the cute to embarrassment ratio just increases as they get older. It's fantastic.

40. Play name that tune

Without using Shazzam!

41. Do laundry

But make it fun... make the kids do it...

42. Play Monopoly

One of the most rewarding and frustrating games of all time. You know so early on who is going to win and there's just about nothing you can do to change it.

43. repaint a room in your house

Getting the family together to paint a room not only makes it feel fresh, but can add some much needed manual labor to those uppity youngsters.

44. Make stove smores

S'mores are delicious. It doesn't matter how you make them. Wait, yeah it does, double chocolate.

45. Dress up and have a photo session

Like practicing for Halloween.

46. Youtube Karaoke

You can find anything on YouTube. Dibs on any and all Kenny Loggins.

47. Make a living room fort

This pairs so well with a pillow fight as well. Just not in the exact same context as above.

48. Have a makshift slip n' slide in the backyard

Duct tape, trash bags, dish soap, and high quality health insurance is all you need.

49. Watch documentaries and learn together

I mean, Sir David Attenborough's alone are must see TV.

12 Fun Things To Do At Home Alone

Much like being bored, finding yourself alone can turn you into an anxious mess. Just sitting alone... bored... your mind festering... In short, it's no bueno. Instead, when you find yourself on your own it is better to keep busy and find fun things to do at home alone.

Use the time to your advantage.

Here are 12 fun things to do at home alone:

50. Make a life list

The unexamined life is not worth living... Thanks Socrates. It's a good reminder to take stock every once in a while and when you're alone is an excellent opportunity.

51. Make a grocery list

When you're learning to cook you're going to need YouTube and what else? Oh yeah... groceries.

52. Listen to podcast

Train that brain!

53. Make a bucket list

Somehow when you're alone, the reality of the seconds ticking by is more palpable. Now's a great time to make a bucket list.

54. Write a letter to your future self

Think of it like a personal time capsule.

55. Take a long bubble bath

This may not be something you'd be willing to admit, but if you say you don't like a nice bubble bath, I'm going to have to call you a liar.

56. Organize your desktop

Physical or digital, we all tend to end up with too much crap on our desks. Try to make it look like President Trump's.

57. Watch the sunset

Or the sunrise. Either way, it's not just for jet lag.

58. Clean your windows

You haven't done this task in ages... admit it. Think of how good you'll feel when it's checked off your home maintenance list.

59. Put that missing button back

Sewing isn't that hard... and while you're at it, darn a sock or two. Remember, we're saving money here.

60. Read up on current events

Events are changing a mile a minute. Take some alone time to catch up.

61. Check your tax returns

You know what's fun about taxes? Doing them early.

How to Pick The Best Fun Things To Do At Home

We gathered 4 easy steps to help you pick the things you can do to spend your time at home.

Here is how to pick the best fun things to do at home:

1. Who Are You With?

Basically, are you by yourself or is this going to be a social endeavor. Are you working on you, or are you spending time with family, friends, or neighbors? Each has their ups and downs, so just be aware of who you're surrounding yourself with (if anyone at all) when picking an activity.

2. Consider Your Budget

A lot of these ideas are designed to have little to no cost. So, try to remember that you already have a lot of "stuff" in your life you can utilize to have a good time around the house. And sometimes getting rid of stuff is actually income generating, so there's that.

3. Consider How Much Time You Have

Are you killing an evening, an afternoon, a weekend? Some projects and activities take up more time than others, so obviously if you only have a couple hours, you're not going to be making the family paint an entire room. Home improvement always... always takes longer than you expect.

4. Remember, Ultimately, It's About You

Lastly, what is "fun" is subjective. This is about what you find fun. If you find coloring entertaining and rewarding, do it. If you find finishing your taxes early, do that. Don't sacrifice your fun for that of others just because you think you have to.

Downloadable and Printable List of Fun Things To Do At Home

Here is a downloadable and printable list of fun things to do at home (right-click the image and select Save Image As..):

More Fun Ways to Spend Your Precious Time

Guys, time is the only commodity we're not getting any more of. Ever. So every moment counts. Carpe diem and all that. Here are some other ways to spend what precious little time we have in the grand scheme of things.

  1. Isolationism is never a good thing, so try to find things to do with friends
  2. Ah Sundayitis... that dread of Monday morning... Fight it off with things to do on a sunday
  3. Sometimes you need a good solid long term activity to stave off boredom... that's why we've got you covered with this list of hobbies

In Conclusion

Home is where the heart is. Yeah, but home is also where the fun is. We spend so much time thinking we need to be out, on the go, doing exciting things, that we're missing the fun things to do at home that are right under our noses. Hopefully this will get you thinking about staying in for a change.

What are the things to do at home that I missed? Let me know in the comments!