While it is one of the most famous games of all time, many people don't even know the Never Have I Ever rules, let alone having a set of Never Have I Ever questions available to play.

The Never Have I Ever game, thankfully, is as easy to play as it is fun. Mostly, it all comes down to having the right questions to ask and a group of people who are game for a little revealing conversation.

Once you have those in place, the Never Have I Ever rules are simple to follow.

Use the basic rules and questions below to start enjoying the have you ever game, today.


What is Never Have I Ever?

Never Have I Ever is really more accurately a "have you ever" game. The Never Have I Ever rules are very simple and really just involve admitting if you have ever done a certain activity.

The game is all about laughing at embarrassing admissions, and trying to get people to admit to as many embarrassing past events as possible.

Why are Never Have I Ever rules so important?

Though the Never Have I Ever rules are simple, they are crucial to follow in order for all to enjoy the game.

First of all, everyone needs to have the opportunity to be embarrassed and to embarrass others, so everyone needs to have a turn answering and doing the questioning.

Second, there has to be strict honesty. No one should be allowed to hide the truth, and truth-hiders should be called out when discovered.

If people start hiding the truth, the whole game is pointless. To avoid this potential problem, play the game with people you're ready to admit some secrets too, and who feel the same.

Finally, it's very important to keep an eye on how much everyone is drinking in the drinking version. The drinking is fun but always drink safely.

How To Play Never Have I Ever

As mentioned above, the Never Have I Ever rules are straightforward and easy to follow. Just use these rules to make your next party a real hit.

Here's how to play never have I ever:

1. Get everyone to agree to tell the absolute truth.

Do this before you start the questions so no one has a chance to back out late. Make sure everyone understands what they're agreeing to.

2. Ask a Never Have I Ever question

Use any of the questions below to find out just what your friends have and haven't done. Make sure it's something you've never done.

3. Anyone who has done the activity raises their hands

Anyone who has done the activity has to admit it, so all can see they're most embarrassing life choices. After that, make them tell the story of how it happened.

4. The next person asks a Never Have I Ever question

Decide beforehand to go either clockwise or counter-clockwise so there's no debate about who gets to go.

5. Repeat step 2

Bonus rule: Anyone who admits it, has to tell the story.

Never Have I Ever Drinking Game

NOTE: you should of course only be drinking responsibly... and only if you're of legal age.

The rules are the same, only instead of just raising a hand, everyone who did it, drinks for it.

There's also one new rule: If no one drinks, the question asker drinks. This helps make sure people ask the best questions. If they throw out a lame one, they're punished.

35 Never Have I Ever Game Questions

For all the rules above, the real trick to playing Never Have I Ever is to simply have all the best Never Have I Ever questions at your disposal.

Here are 35 never have I ever questions:

1. Never have I ever had more than 100 followers on Twitter.

Find out how someone else got more internet popularity than you.

2. Never have I ever had a near-death experience.

A great "have you ever question" to introduce some incredible stories.

3. Never have I ever gotten lost while driving on a long-distance trip.

Another one sure to lead to a few stories, this time a little more amusing.

4. Never have I ever been in a movie, on TV, or on the radio.

You'll have something to look for next time you watch a certain movie or show.

5. Never have I ever been caught talking to myself.

This leads to the obvious: what were you talking to yourself about exactly?

6. Never have I ever eaten a whole pizza by myself.

Anyone who doesn't raise their hand is a liar.

7. Never have I ever ordered food and didn’t have enough for the bill.

There's a good chance you know someone who did this and made you pay. Make them apologize now.

8. Never have I ever forgotten an anniversary recently.

If someone did, they are Never Have I Ever rules bound to admit it, even if their partner is sitting right there.

9. Never have I ever dumped someone to start dating someone that just became available.

Discover the dating opportunists in your midst.

10. Never have I ever been in a long distance relationship.

The way it started, progressed, and finished is always an interesting story.

11. Never have I ever ruined a date by being insulting, gross, or chauvinistic.

If you're around a group of people you'd consider dating, you can easily find out which to avoid.

12. Never have I ever hidden in the bathroom at work to kill time.

A great one to play with work colleagues.

13. Never have I ever stolen someone’s food from the refrigerator at work.

Another one for the office, and a great way to know who to keep an eye on at lunch time.

14. Never have I ever stolen office supplies from work.

A good question if you've ever noticed one of your acquaintances has a whole lot of pens at their disposal.

15. Never have I ever quit a job because of a horrible boss.

This easily leads to a lot of horrible boss stories.

16. Never have I ever surfed the internet at work.

Everyone does it, but you can use this to find out more about just how everyone else kills time online.

17. Never have I ever gotten a job that I wasn’t qualified for thanks to a family member or friend.

Another way of asking who in your circle has some good connections.

18. Never have I ever gotten a job because of my good looks.

You may have been wondering for a while, and now you can get the answer, thanks to the Never Have I Ever rules.

19. Never have I ever gone to prom without a date.

Whether they were proud or embarrassed to go solo, they'll have a story to tell.

20. Never have I ever walked around all day with my pants zipper open.

The Never Have I Ever rules demand honesty on this, no matter how hard people try to avoid it.

21. Never have I ever asked someone out and they laughingly said "no."

Get a few very embarrassing rejection stories going, and then commiserate together. Perfect for the drinking game.

22. Never have I ever tried to use a credit card and the transaction was declined.

Stressful and embarrassing at the time, it's an easier story to tell once the financial struggles are over.

23. Never have I ever gone to work with a bad hairdo.

If people have photos, this can make for a whole entertaining evening.

24. Never have I ever been hit with bird poop.

It's a day ruiner, but a great story afterward.

25. Never have I ever caught my significant other cheating on me.

A hard one to admit, but it can lead to some very good conversations.

26. Never have I ever walked around with a booger in my nose.

A great chance to call out someone you know is lying on this question.

27. Never have I ever scratched someone’s car and not left a note.

Find out who amongst your friends or colleagues you should definitely not trust your car to.

28. Never have I ever cut in front of someone in line at a supermarket.

Accident or ruthlessly intentional, you know some of your acquaintances cut off old ladies and their shopping baskets.

29. Never have I ever walked out on a food bill without paying.

If you have a "dine and ditcher" in your midst, be sure to avoid going Dutch at your next gathering.

30. Never have I ever ruined someone else’s vacation.

The "how" to this answer is the most fun part.

31. Never have I ever kissed someone my sibling was dating.

A little more risqué than some of the other questions here, but more common than you might think. Just ask and find out.

32. Never have I ever followed my ex on social media using an anonymous profile.

We're all secret Facebook and Twitter stalkers, but who do you know who's taken it that extra step farther?

33. Never have I ever made fun of someone that couldn’t defend themselves.

A bit more of a shameful confession, but a good way to let people get it off their chests.

34. Never have I ever acquired fake followers on my social media accounts.

Ever wonder if a friend or colleague earned their 1000k+ followers? Now's your chance to find out.

35. Never have I ever retrieved something I dropped into a toilet.

Some objects you'd do anything to keep. What was the object worth a toilet dive to your acquaintances?

Downloadable and Printable List of Never Have I Ever Rules

Here is a downloadable and printable list of 5 never have I ever rules (right click the image and select Save Image As...):

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In Conclusion

Getting to know people and getting closer to them all comes down to knowing how to get beyond the niceties of chit-chatty conversation.

The Never Have I Ever rules are designed to do just that, all while adding a lot of fun to any evening. The stories each question brings up is even better than the initial amusement when people admit they have done something.

Having a set of Never Have I Ever questions on hand to break through all the casual conversation lets you get to know everyone's secrets, and have a great time doing it.

When you aren't sure which questions to ask to take your relationships that next step further, just ask everyone to play a game of Never Have I Ever.