When you're playing a game with a more formal crowd, you'll need never have I ever questions clean. 

Asking never have I ever questions is the perfect way to create more mental and emotional intimacy and help people establish trust and common ground between each other.

Figuring out a consistent stream of questions to ask is no longer an issue with our curated lists of fun questions.


20 Best Clean Never Have I Ever Questions

You don't need to delve into people's love lives and their experiences with drugs and alcohol to get a clear picture of what they're about.

1. Never have I ever shoplifted.

Most of us mature into realizing that taking what's not yours feels worst than the rush of wondering if you'll get caught, but some of us had to try it to believe it.

2. Never have I ever fainted.

Losing consciousness is a unique and disorienting experience that can be from a surge of blood to the brain associated with shock.

3. Never have I ever hitchhiked.

You're eager to hear the stories of those who have pursued a ride from strangers. What's it like to reject a ride offered by someone who seems sketchy? That's the real question.

4. Never have I ever been arrested.

Some political activists fighting for the rights of people, animals, and the earth know exactly how getting arrested for the right reasons is worth it.

5. Never have I ever gone surfing.

You're inquiring about how forcefully they may have had the tide hit the or you wonder about their balance.

6. Never have I ever been electrocuted.

Were they a kid on a farm that would touch the electric cattle fences for fun? Or do they work at a power plant and have had stuff go wrong?

7. Never have I ever gotten stitches.

The number of stitches gotten was like a status symbol of audacity in elementary school.

8. Never have I ever gone hunting.

Everyone who eats meat should experience the sacrifice that a wild animal chooses to make to offer their bodies for nourishment.

9. Never have I ever gone vegan.

Everyone's body constitution is different and we process different foods in different ways. Beware of the social justice warrior-ing that could come up with this one.

10. Never have I ever bungee jumped.

What if they measure the length and stretch of the cord incorrectly?

11. Never have I ever broken a bone.

This is an opening to remember what your crush signed on your cast.

12. Never have I ever ate food which was out of date

Expired food is merely for legality purposes. If you really want to know whether food is good or bad, smell it yourself.

13. Never Have I ever wished to have Bill Gate’s billions

What does Bill Gates have to do with millions? What about someone else's millions?

14. Never Have I ever laughed about someone’s laughing

Laughter is contagious.

15. Never Have I ever been driving a car with its maximum speed limit

Is the odometer misleading? Will the car explode if the engine maxes out? Where could one legally do this outside a race track?

16. Never Have I ever lost the keys to my house and slept outside the house.

Slept outside? Why? Locksmiths exist and so does the ability to put a brick through one's own window in desperate times.

17. Never have I ever wanted to be reborn as a dog

Dogs do not sleep 8 hours a day the way ignorant people believe. They meditate for that amount of time and that is why they love unconditionally and compassionately.

18. Never have I ever been a bully.

This is all relative and if you use this one you might sound unaware of the potential damage you have caused people.

19. Never have I ever dropped Mentos into Coke or Pepsi.

It's not that interesting to try this but apparently in middle school it's a thing?

20. Never have I ever lied about being related to someone on tv.

It can be nice to have others think we're connected to famous people because it makes us sound connected and cool, but it's kind of lame to lie about.

15 Never Have I Ever Get To Know You Questions Clean

These questions are great ways to play games where we get to know youMaybe the questions have nothing to do with any player's actual life experiences. The value is in observing how people react and respond to the prompts.

21. Never have I ever Really liked a song by Justin Bieber.

You're looking for those who will readily admit that despite Bieber's imperfections as a societal role model, they were moved by something in the soulfulness of his voice.

22. Never have I ever broken the law.

If you don't drive, this is much easier than if you do.

23. Never have I ever bet on something.

Who's willing to put money or resources behind their beliefs and take a chance at losing something?

24. Never have I ever done a handstand with one hand.

Lots of people can handstand sufficiently. It's the rare few athletes who can shift their weight to one side completely.

25. Never have I ever stalked an ex’s boyfriend on social media.

You're hunting around to see who dwells on the past and who will admit to it and that we all do this a little bit in various ways.

26. Never have I ever Lied to a friend to avoid a greater evil.

White lies are actions of protection.

27. Never have I ever Escaped from class.

A willingness to be bored and patient is a sign of resilience.

28. Never have I ever had an open relationship.

Polyamory and willingness to trust that there's more than just "the one" that will bring us to new heights of intimacy is great.

29. Never have I ever cheated on a test.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

30. Never have I never grabbed the wrong person’s hand.

At least it's a way to make a new friend, potentially.

31. Never have I ever stolen a friend’s story and pretend it happened to me.

It's a vulnerable thing to admit that we use others' experiences to our benefit. Or maybe it just sounds more exciting when you make it your own and you're there to entertain, so...

32. Never have I ever fed my dinner to the dog when Mom wasn’t looking.

There's no such thing as human food. If it's a healthy meal, a lot of it, with the exception of things like chocolate and cooked bones, are great for the dog as they're great for you.

33. Never have I ever been terrified of a theme park ride.

If you like the sick feeling in the pit of your stomach as a coaster begins to drop, boy are you lucky.

34. Never have I ever had a crush on two people at once.

There are so many beautiful, attractive, worthy people in the world, shouldn't it be possible to crush on many people at once? Then again we all process crushes very differently.

35. Never have I ever driven two hours to see someone for just 15 minutes.

That person means the world. It's a huge act of sacrifice and love and determination to nurture a relationship despite the odds.

11 Never Have I Ever Clean Questions To Ask A Girl

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36. Never have I ever read War and Peace.

If she has, she could share what she's learned.

37. Never have I ever eaten a Big Mac.

You'll find out about whether she holds herself above fast food in favor of clean eating.

38. Never have I ever wanted to change my gender.

You'll find out where she stands on the spectrum.

39. Never have I ever envied people with extrasensory abilities.

You'll find out whether magick and mediumship are parts of her life. Maybe don't imply that you disrespect these things. That's not attractive, and if you do, you should check your judgments.

40. Never have I ever seen a cactus blooming.

This might allude to time spent in the Southwest.

41. Never have I ever worn PRADA.

You're gauging her level of worship for designer labels and maybe the extent she will go to acquire them.

42. Never have I ever tried to count all stars in the sky

An outdoor-oriented person may relish this feat.

43. Never have I ever deleted my photo from a social network because it has not received many likes

You're finding out how enslaved she is by numbers.

44. Never have I ever made a snow angel

You're inquiring whether she'll lose herself to childhood wonder when its white-out.

45. Never have I ever snuck out of a restaurant without paying the bill.

This is some sort of gold-digger detector and gauge for whether she might try to get out of other responsibilities.

46. Never have I ever gotten trapped in an elevator.

Maybe she'll share her experiences with claustrophobia.

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47. Never have I ever been out of the country.

You'll find out how culturally experienced they are with worlds beyond their own.

48. Never have I ever regifted a gift card.

You'll know who would just give you a gift that comes to them from elsewhere out of convenience. But then again, who doesn't re-gift things, since keeping something around you don't need isn't any better and wasting is the worst.

49. Never have I ever flown in a helicopter.

Maybe they've been heli-skiing or in the army or Air Force.

50. Never have I ever been on stage in front of a crowd.

Stage presence should be trained in schools because it's a part of leadership.

51. Never have I ever lied in a job interview.

What could be learned in a weekend is fair game...

52. Never have I ever stalked a crush.

Let's talk about what "stalking" really means and whether it's the creepy version or the facetious use of the word.

53. Never have I ever sung karaoke.

You'll find out how self-conscious they are about their voice.

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 Never have I ever questions for couples are sure to get your relationship started off on the right foot.

54. Never have I ever double dated.

You're essentially prompting the other's opinion on whether to start doing this together in the future.

55. Never have I ever refused a kiss.

This is a weird one because it makes the person wonder if you didn't refuse because you have boundary problems and feel like you have to reciprocate everything sent toward you.

56. Never have I ever been on a dating website.

You'll find out if they are also strict on their non-digital policy.

57. Never have I ever cleared my phone or computer history.

Sometimes it clears itself.

58. Never have I ever dated someone for more than a year.

This doesn't always speak to commitment issues. Sometimes it speaks to standards that are difficult to find in others. Sometimes it alludes to a person who needs to know the complexity of themselves before they reach outward to others.

59. Never have I ever stood someone up.

If the person is honest about whether they have, it's a good thing to know about their reliability.

60. Never have I ever eaten at restaurant by myself.

Being independent and taking care of mundane practicalities like feeding oneself whatever fancy or not fancy food one likes is the mark of a worthy mate.

61. Never have I ever stuck gum under a chair.

If the person has done this and doesn't regret it because they were immature at the time, dump them immediately. This is disrespectful and gross.

62. Never have I ever kept a partner’s item of clothing so I can sniff it.

Olfactory attraction is real.

63. Never have I ever misspelled “beautiful.”

It's too universal a word to be bogged down by all the weird letters.

64. Never have I ever been broken up with for being immature.

To presume one knows all the reasons one has been broken up with is a little much.

65. Never have I ever been out in the rain and really enjoyed it.

You're asking if the other can get over discomforts associated with weather while you're admitting that you cannot.

13 Clean But Weird Never Have I Ever Questions To Ask

So maybe you've been doing this for a while and you're looking for some truly weird questions to ask.

66. Never have I ever shown up to work a little drunk

The level that this is almost exemptible depends on the job. If you're a bar tender, you might get a pass.

67. Never have I ever taken credit for someone else's work

You're trying to find out whether your other is willing to steal the show for their own ego.

68. Never have I ever played with the line of ants in the kitchen

You're inquiring on the other's tolerance of insects in the home.

69. Never have I ever kicked an anthill

If the others are Buddhist, they might also have the same "do no harm" attitude.

70. Never have I ever said sorry to an insect I killed

You're hoping that the others are morally better than you and regret the taking of unnecessary lives, no matter how small.

71. Never have I ever made a fake Instagram account to creep on someone

You're wondering if the others have too much free time on their hands to obsess over others.

72. Never have I ever tasted soap

Maybe the person was too talkative as a kid and the teachers' threats to shove soap down their throats was real.

73. Never have I ever licked my plate clean

Why not? It's a mindfulness practice of creating no waste. All food particles end up in the same place anyway.

74. Never have I ever run into a sliding glass door

Does glass look like air?

75. Never have I ever friended a stranger on social media

If you havent' done this already, you're clearly living too much in your box.

76. Never have I ever sat with an outcast at lunch

You're asking whether others are looking out for people who are not in their friend group but really could use companionship and compassion.

77. Never have I ever been banned by a social media site

Hopefully those who have were not banned for obnoxious social justice warrior behavior.

78. Never have I ever slept on a cold, hard floor

No long airport layovers or emergency overnights, apparently.

4 Funny But Clean Never Have I Ever Questions To Ask

Funny questions to ask are always welcome and the laughs are great for the belly and the soul.

Never have I ever questions funny are surefire winners at your next gathering.

79. Never have I ever taken a funny picture of my friend while sleeping.

Because you respect their good angles.

80. Never have I ever pulled a push door.

You're wondering about whether they walk around the world mindless and blind.

81. Never have I ever got lost on a vacation.

You're wondering if they just stayed on the cruise ship like you did, gambling, or they are explorers at all costs.

82. Never have I ever lost weight from stress.

You're wondering if they under or over eat in times of imbalance.

4 Never Have I Ever Clean First Date Questions

First date questions are your portal to figuring out whether you've got something going with them.

83. Never have I ever seen a goose dancing

You're wondering if they know the difference between ducks and geese, among other things.

84. Never have I ever licked my fingers after eating delicious food.

You're wondering if they think that's gross.

85. Never have I ever eaten food in a supermarket without purchasing

You're wondering if they sample the bulk candy freely or drink things and pay later.

86. Never have I ever lost a bet

You're wondering if they respect that you don't bet on anything you're not 100% sure of.

7 Never Have I Ever Clean Ice Breaker Questions

These ice breaker questions will put even the most socially anxious person at ease, because they're universal thorns in our sides.

87. Never Have I Ever eaten food from the garbage.

Hello, fifteen-second rule, if there's no actual dirty garbage right below it. It depends on the nature of the trash.

88. Never Have I Ever received a traffic violation.

Maybe you just don't actually drive often enough because you live where there's public transit.

89. Never Have I Ever snooped through a family member’s or friend’s belongings without them knowing.

You want to know whether your companions think this is actually okay.

90. Never Have I Ever walked over five miles.

You're wondering how your guests' level of endurance and athleticism compares to yours and whether they'll judge you for your lack of exercise experience.

91. Never Have I Ever picked up a hitchhiker.

You're wondering about their level of trust.

92. Never Have I Ever got into a physical altercation with a good friend.

You're wondering about whether they're actively or passively aggressive or they know how to deescalate.

93. Never Have I Ever lied to get out of going to work.

You're wondering about their views on professional responsibility.

5 Interesting But Clean Never Have I Ever Questions

These interesting questions are sure to satisfy your curiosity.

94. Never have I ever accidentally worn shoes on the wrong feet without noticing.

This has got to be uncomfortable.

95. Never have I ever saved someone's life.

We get certified in CPR. But have we used it?

96. Never have I ever missed my plane.

It's an expensive mistake sometimes.

97. Never have I ever forgotten the birthday of a family member.

Facebook birthday notifications have really changed culture in this sense.

98. Never have I ever broken someone's heart.

Maybe because you've never been in a relationship.

4 Random But Clean Never Have I Ever Clean Questions

These random questions will fill in all the empty spaces.

99. Never have I ever gone more than one day without showering.

You've clearly never been camping or had hot water shortages. It's not a thing to feel superior about.

100. Never have I ever felt like I was in real danger.

This is a wonderful privilege to be truly grateful for.

101. Never have I ever eavesdropped on a conversation.

If you dare to think you could use this one, you're probably kidding yourself.

102. Never have I ever sent a text message I ended up regretting.

You can just be in the camp of people that don't believe in regretting anything.

2 Never Have I Ever Clean Truth Questions

These truth questions are full of chances for greater intimacy. Use them well.

103. Never have I ever quit my job

If you're young enough and lucky enough to have only needed one job in your life, great for you. Maybe you got fired from your previous one.

104. Never have I ever ran a marathon

Will all the devout athletes here please stand up?

12 never have I ever 18+ but clean questions

When you're an adult and you want to have a fun adult conversation without getting dirty, you don't always have a lot of conversation options. Entire the never have I ever questions 18+ conversation fillers. These questions are adult without being adult. So, ask away for some clean, mature fun.

105. Never have I ever lied to someone.

The lies can be fun or serious, but they're usually adult without being too risqué.

106. Never have I ever had a near-death experience.

Always a crazy story behind this.

107. Never have I ever been in handcuffs, for any reason.

You might want to outline you're focusing on events outside the bedroom here.

108. Never have I ever been slapped across the face.

If it's happened, there's a lot to tell for context.

109. Never have I ever felt like I was in real danger.

If they've ever been hunted by a lion, now's the time for them to share.

110. Never have I ever lost my keys

Look at these perfect adults over here!

111. Never have I ever cried myself to sleep

A great chance to commiserate over the tough, adult times in life.

112. Never have I ever been in a relationship with someone whom I did not love

Part of being an adult is recognizing when we're in the wrong relationship.

113. Never have I ever posted pictures of food on my Instagram account

They either have, or they don't have instagram.

114. Never have I ever had a conversation with someone famous

Everyone likes to share these moments. Give them the chance.

115. Never have I ever dreamed of being famous

We all have. The fun part is finding out why they wanted to be famous.

116. Never have I ever been stung by a bee

It hurts.

How To Pick Good Never Have I Ever Questions Clean

Use our never have I ever rules to help you play this game. With so many good questions out there it's difficult to choose which ones are the best.

1. Give themselves a point

A great way to keep track of points is to start with hand turkeys on paper and for everything a player has done, they draw a feather onto their turkey.

2. Choose the best "questions" that fit the group.

Say the never have i ever statements that represent things that you yourself have honestly not done but you're hoping others will reveal they have done.

3. Get questions that can be answered

Go around the circle, each person gets to say a prompt. The rest of the players respond by admitting that yes they have done it, or saying no they haven't.

Never Have I Ever Questions Clean Video

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In Conclusion

When we play never have I ever questions clean, we are admitting things to our new friends that give them clues to our interpersonal skills, our maturity and where we draw the lines and set boundaries and limits in life.

Choose never have I ever questions clean to get to know your friends and partners better and improve any social situation by moving beyond small talk.