So you're playing never have I ever questions funny, a great game for getting to know people and getting everyone more relaxed and willing to be vulnerable.

When you're thinking about funny questions to ask, remember that it only works if you're doing your own work reflecting on your life with humility and awareness and sharing these aspects of yourself when it's your turn to admit something.

It's not just asking the question, it's also listening deeply to the answers. Listen for pauses. For changes in tone of voice, for a smile or a frown or for tension. Look for when people actively try to hide all these things. It's less the formatted questions to ask that create the connection. It's the level of presence and observation that you're showing up with.

Fun questions to ask are at the heart of everyone.


4 Best Never Have I Ever Questions Funny

Some of these are our recommendations. We've also included some that might occur to you to ask without our list. We'll offer you some insights for how to get more meaning out of the answer.

Here are the 4 best never have I ever questions funny:

1. Never have I ever wished I was an animal

The current mainstream understanding of animal intelligence and service to the world is still very limited. Look for people that respond in ways that show awareness of animal wisdom. "I want to be a bird so I can fly." That's good, but also generic.

2. Never have I ever shared food with a pet

The whole "human food" thing is a ridiculous myth. Food is food and subjecting another to lesser quality food because they are a different species is self-centered and arrogant.

3. Never have I ever thought babies are so lucky

You'll see what the person thinks about having everything be done for them and the idea of having no responsibilities. If someone is really into those things, they might not make a very mature partner.

4. Never have I ever spied on my neighbors

Do they concern themselves with others to the point where they are completely unfocused on their own journeys?

10 Never Have I Ever Questions Funny To Ask A Girl

You might be looking specifically for some good questions to ask a girl. You're definitely curious about her. We hope that you're equally curious about interpreting what her answers mean about her and your potential to go further in your connection with her and how to navigate those waters with finesse.

Here are 10 never have I ever questions funny to ask a girl:

5. Never have I ever broken a bone.

You can gain insight into whether they commonly engage in athletics that naturally carry risk or if they're accident-prone or had another traumatic experience that shapes their perceptions.

6. Never have I ever been fired from a job.

Sometimes the backstory is more complicated than someone failing at their responsibilities.

7. Never have I ever been trapped in an elevator.

It's a scary experience depending on how remote the elevator is and whether it's in a place where building security can rescue you quickly. In some places, it's a terrifying experience.

8. Never have I ever taken money that didn’t belong to me.

This can be another personal boundary thing. It can also be a sign that they were in a place of financial desperation and had to make some hard decisions on how to get out of it.

9. Never have I ever told a friend a lie to get out of hanging out with them.

You're inquiring about how authentic they're willing to be with others. A more authentic person who has friendships that don't require masks and white lies doesn't make this a habit. But everyone likely has done this while they were figuring life out.

10. Never have I ever sung karaoke.

It's unfortunate how our culture tries to get us to believe that you have to "have a good voice" to have the right to sing whenever you want. There's so much shame around singing that society can let go of.

11. Never have I ever killed a pet by accident.

Unfortunately, this is more common than anyone likes in rural areas where animals free-range or camp out under cars. It can also bring up memories of being uneducated about an animal's needs.

12. Never have I ever shot a gun

Some people hunt. Some people shoot at the range as a hobby. Some people are police and military. Others exercise the Second Amendment allowances. Find out how and why.

13. Never have I ever looked through someone’s phone without their permission.

You'll gauge their level of trust and their basic level of respect for other's personal boundaries. If they think this is no big deal, beware.

14. Never have I ever been frisked by police or by airport personnel.

The whole frisking thing at airport security can be completely random or it can also bring up issues and triggers around racial targetting.

10 Never Have I Ever Questions Funny To Ask A Guy

Cultivating trusting, boundless male friendships is so important for our well being. These questions to ask a guy will help you get the most out of your time together.

Here are 10 never have I ever questions funny to ask a guy:

15. Never have I ever smelled my own armpit

This is a courtesy. It's good to be aware of how others are experiencing your scent.

16. Never have I ever eaten exotic food

This can indicate that one is or isn't well-traveled. It can also allude to one's digestive issues.

17. Never have I ever read someone else's diary

This is huge indicator of someone's personal boundaries. A person who admits this without regret might go snooping into your business too.

18. Never have I ever sprayed perfume on my mouth

Okay, perfume is not supposed to be eaten. A lot of synthetic fragrances are also toxic to the world around you. That one would be so concerned about their breath that they would do this might be an example of their limited knowledge.

19. Never have I ever eaten raw egg

There are those who believe in this protein-packing practice and then there are those who are concerned about salmonella.

20. Never have I ever taken a test unprepared

If a person hasn't taken a test unprepared they're either super responsible or they don't have enough going on in life to adequately overwhelm them enough to strengthen their character in the long run.

21. Never have I ever eaten something past its expiration date

If you haven't done this before, you're probably being overly concerned. People who rely on some contrived date rather than their sense of smell probably have less trust in themselves and would be less useful surviving on a deserted island.

22. Never have I ever paid my brother or sister to do my chores for me.

Negotiating skills start young.

23. Never have I ever double dipped

If it's your own sauce fine. If you're sharing with someone who you kiss on a regular basis, it's also fine.

24. Never have I ever talked to myself in the mirror

Although we feel ridiculous when we get caught doing this, it can be a great way to practice observing our own thoughts, tendencies, and patterns.

6 Never Have I Ever Questions Funny For Couples

You might need some questions for couples when you're getting to know you're significant other.

Here are 6 never have I ever questions funny for couples:

25. Never have I ever found my soul mate

The term soul mate has been distorted lately. People are dying to use it to describe every perspective partner who comes their way out of their own yearning or desperation. Then again, we're all each other's soul mates to some degree.

26. Never have I ever been turned off by your morning breath

You're letting them know they're not above having it, and you like it. This is a great, sweet one to use.

27. Never have I ever been annoyed by you

You're totally lying or you're still in the very primary stages of dating. This might be comforting to hear but it's not the essence of a bulletproof, enduring relationship.

28. Never have I ever cleaned toilets for a living

Never underestimate the meditative power of menial labor for having mental breakthroughs.

29. Never have I ever fallen in love after first sight

Maybe you're demisexual and require some intellectual connection for sparks to fly.

30. Never have I ever thought you looked disgusting in the morning

This is very sweet to say and has a genuine quality to it. People think they look a lot worse than they actually do. We don't value the carefree, un-self-conscious look enough.

12 Never Have I Ever Questions Funny Yet Weird

Eventually, you'll start looking for something a little more unique than run of the mill inquiries. Check out these weird questions to ask.

Here are 12 never have I ever funny yet weird questions:

31. Never have I ever farted loudly and refused to admit it was me

Whether the refusal to admit it was them could make for a very funny story.

32. Never have I ever copied a friend's outfit

Copying can be rude and encroach on another's individuality. It can also be the greatest compliment.

33. Never have I ever wished I had a different name

All names carry resonance and different levels of meaning and it's an important rite of passage to understand our relationship to our name and decide how and if it matches our personal truth. Sometimes we don't find this out to much later in life.

34. Never have I ever eaten cereal for dinner

There's no such thing as breakfast food. Food is food for all times.

35. Never have I ever been afraid of getting a tattoo

It hurts so good.

36. Never have I ever Picked my nose and wiped it on a piece of furniture

Ew gross, let's hope that it was outside and subject to a rainstorm.

37. Never have I ever dropped something in the toilet then used it as usual as if nothing happened

That some dogs find it perfectly fine to drink toilet water can make us feel better about this...

38. Never have I ever called my boss by my pet name for my romantic partner

Wow. There's a blurred line.

39. Never have I ever sang the wrong lyrics of a song

If you can actually rightfully use this one, you are too self-conscious.

40. Never have I ever changed a light bulb

If this is true about yourself, you should really learn so you're not in the dark.

41. Never have I ever worked in a fast-food restaurant

Consider yourself lucky.

42. Never have I ever run into a sliding glass door

It happens to the best of us. Entrance and exit doors, and push vs. pull doors are also sources for looking ridiculous.

5 Funny Never Have I Ever First Date Questions

It's wonderful for everyone if you arrive to your first date prepared to make the most out of your initial time together and hopefully create alchemy for a second date and so on. Consider our first date questions.

Here are 5 funny never have I ever first date questions:

43. Never have I ever been fond of Justin Bieber

You'll find out what you'll be jamming to when you start spending more time together.

44. Never have I ever stolen food from the office refrigerator

You're stating your integrity and prompting her stance on such things.

45. Never have I ever won a bet

You'll reveal that you may not have good betting instincts.

46. Never have I ever drank alcohol while working.

It depends on whether you operate heavy machinery or something as to how inappropriate this would actually be.

47. Never have I ever been asked by police officers to move along

You're saying that you've always revealed yourself as guilty in every interaction with the cops or maybe you're a person of color.

9 Never Have I Ever Funny Ice Breaker Questions

Use these ice breaker questions to get to know your new friends better.

Here are 9 never have I ever funny ice breaker questions:

48. Never have I ever thought of what my last meal would be if I was ever on death row

You're inquiring about their tastes in food so you can prepare it for them next time it's dinner at your place.

49. Never have I ever watched the "Gangnam Style" music video.

You're saying you hold yourself away from goofy things.

50. Never have I ever watched an episode of "Gilmore Girls".

You're secretly saying you wish someone would make you watch it with them.

51. Never have I ever pretended to know a stranger.

This one's actually funny and you're gauging their extroversion.

52. Never have I ever cried during a Pixar movie

You're saying that you're not very in touch with your emotions. Don't expect people to be impressed by this one.

53. Never have I ever ugly cried for no reason.

No more of this tough guy stuff. That's old and not super impressive.

54. Never have I ever actually laughed out loud when typing "LOL".

You're saying you use social media abbreviations kind of inauthentically. LOL

55. Never have I ever 'cleaned up' by piling everything into a closet.

You're saying you're actually a neat and tidy, organized person by nature.

56. Never have I ever said 'excuse me' when there was no one around.

You're only polite around other people.

6 Never Have I Ever Questions Funny Yet Interesting

Eventually, you might run out of options or start to feel your brain overheat if you are thinking of your own interesting questions. You're in luck, we've done the research for you.

Here are 6 never have I ever questions funny yet interesting:

57. Never have I ever been to a haunted house.

You're indirectly inquiring about whether they were really scared by the level of haunted being offered by the house.

58. Never have I ever named my toys

You sound kind of boring and unimaginative if this is true.

59. Never have I ever known what serendipity is

You're asking them what their beliefs are around synchronicity.

60. Never have I ever sucked my thumb.

You want to know more about the innate ways they self soothe.

61. Never have I ever been paranoid that I have some disease

Way to not let Google MD scare you. You're also revealing inexperience with physical challenges.

62. Never have I ever fallen off a bike

This is hard to believe. It just sounds like a cop-out attempt at sounding skilled when in actuality it's because you've never been on a bike. A biker who's pushing themselves has fallen many times and gotten back on it.

7 Never Have I Ever Questions Funny Yet Random

When we say random questions, we mean questions that are a little bit off the beaten path.

Here are 7 never have I ever questions funny yet random:

63. Never have I ever eaten fruit without washing it first

This brings up pulling fruit directly off wild-growing trees the far corners of the earth where all things are clean. It also means you're generally unconcerned that germs will kill you.

64. Never have I ever walked in on someone in the bathroom.

Apparently you're really good at knocking before entering, which is good.

65. Never have I ever lost my swimwear bottoms.

Perhaps the strings could come undone or they could slide down too far, but honestly, how really could this happen?

66. Never have I ever broken a piece of furniture by sitting on it.

You watch where you sit and don't tip the scales.

67. Never have I ever tried to pass a silent fart, but it came out loud instead.

You're letting your personal awareness around fart etiquette be known.

68. Never have I ever been caught picking my nose.

This sounds arrogant to say because it's not worth everyone's time to let you know when they've caught you.

69. Never have I ever drove over a curb.

Sounds like you're a mindful driver, have never driven, or don't live where curbs exist.

5 Never Have I Ever Funny Truth Questions

These truth questions are sure to reveal something breathtaking about your new companions.

Here are 5 never have I ever funny truth questions:

70. Never have I ever woken up drunk the next day.

Cool, you drink in moderation.

71. Never have I ever eaten rabbit

You'll find out if anyone has a hunting background.

72. Never have I ever been influenced by my peers

You're totally lying with this one. If you use it it doesn't show much self-awareness. We're all influenced to some degree by our peers. Whether we choose to act on that influence is a different story.

73. Never have I ever cursed someone in a non-native language

Isn't it nice to learn to curse in another language and have a slightly waffling perception of the strength of such swear words?

74. Never have I ever kissed my best friend.

Some people do use their best friends for experimentation because of the trust.

Downloadable and Printable List Of Never have I ever Questions Funny

Here is a downloadable and printable list of never have I ever questions funny (right click the image and select Save Image As…) :

How To Pick Good Never Have I Ever Questions Funny

Keep in mind the never have i ever rules when playing this game.

Here is how to pick good never have I ever questions funny:

1. You're revealing something about yourself in the questions you ask

If you say you've never done something, you might be saying that you want to, that you admire it in others, that you think its risque in some way, or you disapprove of it in some way.

2. Ask others only what you'd be comfortable answering yourself

Make sure you don't demand more than you're willing to give.

3. Keep things lighthearted

Even if you are asking questions to find out what a person values, be mindful that you don't seem like you're testing them.

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In Conclusion

When you're trying to create greater intimacy and sharing between yourself and your loved ones, never have I ever questions funny can really fit the bill.

They draw attention to all kinds of totally relatable situations and inquire how each unique individual reacts, responds, and relates to it.

Use never have i ever questions funny to make the most of your precious friendships and relationships.