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84 Good Never Have I Ever Questions - Hilarious, and hard to answer.

We've all had to come up with never have I ever questions before, right?

As a classic college party game "Never Have I Ever" (or "I've Never" or "10 Fingers", depending on where you're from) ranks up there as one of the best ice-breaking, get-to-know-you games in history.

With a simple series of questions to ask, you can learn things you never would have imagined. From playing with your best friends to starting a game with perfect strangers, use these Never Have I Ever questions to make people laugh, get embarrassed, reveal hidden secrets, and more!


11 Best Never Have I Ever Questions

Even in a game like Never Have I Ever, where one of the goals is to get people to reveal crazy things about themselves, it's important to use a few questions at the start to warm up the players and break the ice, easing the tension in the room while people have a chance to have a few drinks and get relaxed.

Here are the 11 best never have I ever questions:

1. Never have I ever eaten a whole pizza by myself?

Because who hasn't ordered a pizza for delivery and overdone it?

2. Never have I ever gone skinny dipping?

Favorite of kids at summer camp (or college), going for a naked swim can be innocent or naughty, depending on the person.

3. Never have I ever cried while watching Titanic.

This one can usually score a drink for a lot of the ladies in the group.

4. Never have I ever tried out sweet martial arts moves by myself.

Have you ever played Bruce Lee in a mirror? Plenty of guys have!

5. Never have I ever cried at a Pixar movie.

At this point, Pixar is basically directly controlling peoples' emotions.

6. Never have I ever smuggled food or candy into a movie theater.

It may not be against the law, but it's definitely against the rules! See who's a risk-taker with this question.

7. Never have I ever tried to cut my own hair.

Bowl cuts were in style once, after all.

8. Never have I ever been on a fad diet.

Paleo? Atkins? South Beach? Weight Watchers? Zone Diet? Lots of options here.

9. Never have I ever had a fake ID.

It's surprisingly common in college, but maybe not as easy as it sounds.

10. Never have I ever lied to get a job.

Bending the truth in an interview may be crucial to success, after all.

11. Never have I re-gifted something that was gifted to me.

Because what do you do with all those socks and sweaters?

11 Funny Never Have I Ever Questions

Never Have I Ever is a great game for getting everyone to have a laugh together – or a laugh about themselves! Having a great selection of funny questions to ask will keep the game from becoming boring or repetitive.

Here are 11 incredibly funny never have I ever questions:

12. Never have I ever eaten food that fell on the floor?

The "Five Second Rule" may be a myth, but that hasn't stopped a lot of people from eating freshly-dropped food!

13. Never have I ever made dumb faces at myself in the bathroom mirror.

This question is great, because anyone guilty of doing it can be pressured into showing off some of their best funny faces.

14. Never have I ever tried to see how many marshmallows can fit into my mouth.

As a bonus, you could make sure to have a bag of marshmallows in your house to dare someone to try it out!

15. Never have I ever stayed up for more than 24 hours.

Pulling an all-nighter may be terrible for you, but that hasn't stopped everyone from doing it.

16. Never have I ever dropped my phone in the toilet.

Because the rice trick doesn't just dry a phone out... It deodorizes it, too.

17. Never have I ever chugged a beer in less than 10 seconds.

Anyone who drinks because of this one can be dared to prove it, too!

18. Never have I ever dyed my hair and had it turn out terribly.

Not all dye jobs are created equal – and some people just aren't meant to have pink hair.

19. Never have I ever sang a Justin Bieber song in the shower.

Singing in the shower is an indelible part of pop culture, but Bieber pushes the funny factor over the edge.

20. Never have I ever been kicked out of a bar?

Being 86'd from a bar can be the result of some truly terrible (but funny!) decisions.

21. Never have I ever gotten a tattoo I regret.

Of course, anyone who is guilty of this should definitely show their terrible tattoos!

22. Never have I ever sang terrible karaoke while drunk.

This one's almost always good for a laugh, as you can encourage everyone to give their "best" karaoke songs.

1o 18+ Never Have I Ever Question

Ready to really get to know each other? Once the game is a few rounds in and everyone has had a few drinks, making the questions a little racier can really spice things up. Asking questions about sex may be nerve-wracking at first, but the results can be particularly memorable.

Here are 10, 18+ Never Have I Ever Questions:

23. Never have I ever had a one night stand.

Men and women may have different reasons for one night stands, but both genders engage in the act regularly.

24. Never have I ever slept nude.

Sleeping "au natural" can be a liberating experience or an embarrassing one, depending on where you wake up.

25. Never have I ever given or received a lap dance.

This one's especially good for getting the ladies in the group into the game.

26. Never have I ever participated in role play.

And we're not talking Dungeons and Dragons here, either!

27. Never have I ever lied about myself to get laid.

Who's really honest on a first date, after all? Not many, it turns out.

28. Never have I ever played strip poker.

If this question gets a good reaction, it may be in your best interest to have a deck of cards around, too...

29. Never have I ever gone commando.

Even ladies are getting in on the underwear-free life.

30. Never have I ever had sex in a public place.

In case you didn't know, exhibitionism can be a real psychological desire.

31. Never have I ever dated more than one person at the same time.

Who in the group has spent some time "playing the field"?

32. Never have I ever worn clothes to hide a hickey.

Because turtlenecks are really only good for one thing.

10 Never Have I Ever Questions for Couples

Playing Never Have I Ever with your significant other can be tougher than playing with strangers, because you may already know quite a bit about each other. Don't let that stop you, though!

These questions for couples can help you learn even more about each other, and have a good laugh at the lives you've both lived.

Here are 10 never have I ever questions for couples:

33. Never have I ever gone on a “bad” blind date?

It seems like almost every girl has a bad blind date story. What is hers?

34. Never have I ever stayed in my pajamas all day long.

Pajamas, pop-tarts, and Netflix binges go hand-in-hand. Has your significant other had a do-nothing day?

35. Never have I ever talked my way out of getting in trouble?

Getting out of a speeding ticket is the most common one, but some people get even more inventive.

36. Never have I ever had a suprise party thrown for me?

Embarrassing or endearing, everyone seems to take a surprise party differently.

37. Never have I ever hated a present but told someone that I loved it?

Because it's the thought that counts in giving gifts, right?

38. Never have I ever used a dumb pick up line.

If you catch your significant other with this question, they should definitely share whatever the line was!

39. Never have I ever given a stranger a fake phone number.

It's such a popular option that there's actually a rejection hotline.

40. Never have I ever tried to make someone jealous.

It may not be the prettiest admission, but sometimes you want to make absolutely sure that someone is noticing you.

41. Never have I ever snuck into a concert or professional sports event.

Sneaking in is such a popular option that people have almost made an art out of it.

42. Never have I ever been slapped in the face.

And more importantly: Did they deserve it?

10 never have I ever questions to ask a girl

There are plenty of reasons to use never have I ever questions, but the number one has to be as a way to generations questions to ask a girl. Talking to the fairer sex can be a challenge at times. That's why it's great to always have some never have I ever questions in your pocket, ready to pull out to patch over any awkward moments.

Here are 10 never have I ever questions to ask a girl:

43. Never have I ever experimented to see my sexual orientation.

We live in fluid times, and many have stories they like to tell.

44. Never have I ever watched children's cartoons I'm too old for.

We firmly maintain there's no such thing as "too old for" with cartoons.

45. Never have I ever lost sunglasses that I was already wearing.

A great chance for a girl to show her silly, self-deprecating side.

46. Never have I ever lied about my age.

The obvious follow up question is "why?"

47. Never have I ever Been with the former love of my best friend.

If she's feeling truly confessional, this is a great one.

48. Never have I ever bought clothing online.

The question is, how did that turn out?

49. Never have I ever been scared of the dark.

Find out if this was recently or not!

50. Never have I ever been in love with my teacher in college.

Throw a little scandal into the game.

51. Never have I ever Received a serenade.

Get her to recreate the moment for extra effect.

52. Never have I ever been to a haunted house.

A great chance to find out if she's a thrill seeker.

7 never have I ever questions to ask a guy

Some guys find it super easy to keep a conversation going with other guys. But for those who don't care about sports, fast cars, and other stereotypical dude conversation topics—or don't care to talk about them—you need questions to ask a guy that are fun, casual, and cool.

Enter the guy-focused never have I ever question, which gives you some great conversation that leads in some crazy fun dude-bonding directions.

Here are 7 never have I ever questions to ask a guy:

53. Never Have I Ever picked up a hitchhiker.

For those who have, there's usually a story behind it.

54. Never Have I Ever got into a physical altercation with a good friend.

This can be a healing moment if both guys are present.

55. Never Have I Ever lied to get out of going to work.

It's not the fact they lied that's fun, it's the lie they used.

56. Never Have I Ever ditched out on paying the bill at a restaurant.

Good to know if you're out to eat with the guy right now.

57. Never have I ever believed my toys had feelings.

We all have. There's a reason Toy Story is so popular!

58. Never have I ever bragged about something I have not done.

It's a bad dude habit to brad about someone else's accomplishments, give them a chance to come clean.

59. Never have I ever licked a frozen pole.

Find out if he's got A Christmas Story moment in his past.

8 interesting never have I ever questions

One of the strengths of never have I ever questions is that they tend to be interesting questions that you actually want the answer to. Unlike so much of our small talk chitter-chatter, we actually want to know the answers to these questions. And if the questions are interesting, you know the conversation will be, too.

Here are 8 interesting never have I ever questions:

60. Never Have I Ever seen or felt a ghost.

If they'll share the story, it's going to be interesting.

61. Never have I ever had an open relationship.

Find the swingers among your friends.

62. Never Have I Ever fallen in love with someone that didn’t know I existed.

Heartbreaking, but always interesting.

63. Never have I ever stuck gum under a desk.

Someone's been doing it, is it them?

64. NEver have I ever eaten a bug

The story behind the choice will be fun. Always, which kind of bug?

65. Never have I ever walked out of a movie.

A good chance to get recommendations on movies NOT to see.

66. Never have I ever thrown up on a roller coaster.

The story will be worth a good chuckle. Get all the disgusting details!

67. Never have I ever read the terms and conditions of agreements when installing software.

Here's your chance to find the friend who will read those for you!

10 never have I ever questions clean

In certain situations, you really need to keep your never have I ever questions clean. Whether you're just against getting raunchy or the situation calls for a little self-editing, these never have I ever questions give you all the same fun without offending anyone.

Here are 10 never have I ever questions clean:

68. Never have I ever had surgery

There's always a story behind surgery.

69. Never have I ever accidentally dialed someone’s phone number

The story will be embarrassing, but usually quite amusing.

70. Never have I ever made a wish at a fountain

It's a sweet way to find out what people wish for in their lives.

71. Never have I ever stolen money from parents

The more interesting followup is what the money was for.

72. Never have I ever Googled something so I'd know how to spell it

Who knows how to spell anymore?

73. Never have I ever dropped Mentos into Coke or Pepsi

If they haven't it's time to try now!

74. Never have I ever been so sunburnt that I could not wear a t-shirt

We've all been there. And it hurts.

75. Never have I ever tried to pass a silent fart, but it came out loud instead

They'll turn red, then share their secret shame.

76. Never have I ever arrived somewhere late and had everyone staring at me

Depending on the event, this story can be hilarious.

77. Never have I ever refreshed over and over to see if I have any new messages

But whose messages were they looking for?

never have i ever questions to ask a new friend

Never have I ever questions to ask a new friend don't always have to be done when drinking. It can be fun to let out these kinds of questions just to start a meaningful and entertaining conversation with your friend.

Here are 7 never have I ever questions to ask a new friend:

78. Never have I ever used the bathroom in complete darkness.

Imagine having a bathroom's layout memorized that you have no trouble using it in complete darkness.

79. Never have I ever been kicked out of a bar.

The stories that this question bears are probably wild and out of this world.

80. Never have I ever been trapped in an elevator.

The claustrophobic people won't enjoy this one.

81. Never have I ever went viral online.

People who go viral online are somewhat like celebrities. Wonder what that's like.

82. Never have I ever hitchhiked.

It's brave, really. Hitchhiking with someone you don't know.

83. Never have I ever had a bad allergic reaction.

It's considered a near-death experience, right?

84. Never have I ever had a crush on a friend’s parent.

One word: Awkward.

Never Have I Ever Rules

How do you play never have I ever? The rules are simple:

First, make sure everyone has a drink! Or don't, if you're so inclined – but Never Have I Ever is traditionally a drinking game, because it helps everyone to loosen up and answer questions more honestly.

Next, get all of the players together into a circle so everyone can see everyone else's hands.

The first player, whoever is brave enough to start the game, will make a statement beginning with the phrase "Never Have I Ever". Anyone who has done the action in the statement has to take a drink!

For example, if the first player said "Never Have I Ever met the President of the United States", and you had met a U.S. President, you (and everyone else playing who has met a U.S. President) would have to take a drink before the game continues.

Play continues around the circle, with players trying to create more inventive Never Have I Ever statements.

The trick of the game is to ask questions which may make the other players reveal more about themselves than they would normally volunteer, without revealing too much about yourself in the process. Never kissed a stranger without knowing their name? Maybe you haven't – but what about the people you're playing with?

And that's it! Play continues as long as everyone involved can keep coming up with great questions, which is where we come in! Use our collection of great Never Have I Ever questions, and you'll never run out of great questions to ask.

Downloadable List of Never Have I Ever Questions

Here is a downloadable list of never have I ever questions (right-click the image and select Save Image As...):

More Great Questions to Ask

Looking for more questions to ask after the game is over? We've got you covered.

Check out these articles for some great ideas:

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In Conclusion

That's 84 great Never Have I Ever Questions for your next party.

Whether you're looking for great questions to ask anybody, questions to ask a girl you like, or deep conversation topics, we have the resources you need to make the connections you want in your life. Memorize a few of these questions, and you'll be totally prepared to make new relationships at the next party you find yourself at!

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