You're in the right place if you want to know how to be funny.

I've blogged a lot about the things to say to a girl or how to make a girl laugh, so I know that these funny conversation starters will make you look naturally funny and attractive. In addition, my insights have also been published on IHeartRadio and Elite Daily, so believe me when I tell you I can help you here.

Do you want to know how to be witty? Let's do it!


How To Be Funny

Knowing how to be funny is simply having a good sense of when to say something funny. Things are a lot funnier when you hear them at unexpectedly perfect times. That's why most hilarious jokes come out of spontaneous real-life situations that involve actual people.

If you want to have a good sense of humor, this useful guide will give you all the best comedy writing secrets you need.

#1: Widen Your Knowledge

You don't need to have the funniest joke out there to be funny. You just need to have a wide range of information, so you have a lot of ammunition to make anything funny. Everything can be humourous if you know enough about something to make a joke out of it. I suggest watching a comedy show where comedians show their stuff.

Fill your mind with their techniques and unique styles. You'll soon find yourself using them and making people scream with laughter.

#2: Make Funny Gestures

There are a lot of funny things to say to a girl that you can try out, but sometimes words are not enough. Sometimes, you need to make funny gestures to go with a funny story or a good joke. The best comedians know how to balance words and actions, so get a feel for those when you watch comedy shows.

If you want to be funny as a professional comedian, animate your funny stories and jokes with gestures that are just right for them. You can even do demonstrations to make them even funnier.

#3: Hook Your Audience With Real-life Stories

As I said, the thing about being funny is telling real-life stories that you don't expect to be amusing, but they end up to be actually hilarious. That's why you need to know how to hook your audience and tell them regular stories in a funny way. You'll have a lot of fun with this because it's simple and easy to learn.

Pro-tip 1. Awkward situations that anyone can relate to are the best!

Have you ever given a beggar some loose coins, only to find out that he wasn't actually a beggar? Or have you ever hugged someone from behind, only to see you had mistaken them for someone else? Stories like these are the best ones to tell if you want to make people laugh.

Bank on those and find a way to tell them in the funniest manner possible. Make sure you don't laugh as you're telling it so that it doesn't lose its charm.

Pro-tip 2. Give it a twist ending!

If you've ever attended a comedy class, you'll know that plot twists are the best punchlines you can say. In fact, any tv show or movie with a twist ending is memorable to anyone who watches them. It works the same way with telling funny stories. Find a way to give these twist endings the build-up they deserve.

Then, make sure that all the elements of your story come together before you do the big reveal. The bigger the surprise, the better!

Pro-tip 3. Watch comedy shows on TV to see how the experts do it!

Have you ever seen Saturday Night Live? Or maybe an episode of Jimmy Kimmel? Shows like these can teach you how to land a successful joke and how to make people laugh with the simplest of stories. Take it one step further and see comedy shows in person too!

Watch how stand-up comedians like Jerry Seinfeld and Kevin Hart tell simple stories that end up to be the most hilarious things you ever hear.

#4: Master Your One-liners

If you want to know how to poke someone's funny bone, you need to have a mastery of your best jokes. On our site here, we have the best one-liner jokes that you need to make people laugh. Good social interaction is always best started with humor, so it's good to use great one-liner jokes to show you are easy to get along with.

These jokes are quick, smart, and witty, which make them perfect for breaking the ice or introducing your humor to new people.

#5: Avoid These Types of Jokes

If you want to have a good laugh, you should know what kinds of jokes to avoid. The thing about being naturally funny is knowing the right jokes to tell. It will only be a really funny joke if you say it at the right time, without seriously offending anyone.

So, make sure you check out this list of joke types to avoid.

Type 1. "Hate-me humor" / Self - Deprecation

Self-deprecating humor is one of the worst conversation breakers you can possibly use. You will come off as a needy attention-seeker, which won't help you at all. When you keep putting yourself down, there may be shared laughter initially, but the guilt and the awkwardness will eventually take over.

Tuck away your "woe is me" tendencies and keep them to yourself. If you want your funny side to come through, you should definitely consider avoiding hate-me humor.

Type 2. "Put-down humor"

Another type you should completely avoid is put-down humor. It will not sit right with people if you need to offend someone just to get a few laughs. This kind of humor triggers negative emotions such as insecurity, discomfort, and stress. This might even alienate you from people because they won't want to talk to a person who needs to mock and shame others to be funny.

#6: Purposely Tell Something That Is Wrong


"I know that dogs like to lick their fur all the time. And, don't get me wrong, I love that they can clean themselves. It just sucks sometimes because when I ask them to fetch, they bring back gross hairballs!"

You can say this when you're telling a funny story about your pets. People will know that you're kidding, and doing it so seamlessly will show your quick wit.

#7: Equip Yourself With A Wide Variety of Jokes

Being funny means you also need to have various techniques and jokes to keep yourself interesting. On our site here, we've got all the bad puns that are so terrible, they actually end up being funny. If you think you can't pull those off, you can check out these knock-knock jokes on our site here.

The truth is, there are no stupid jokes when you are trying to be funny. It will all depend on your knowledge and delivery if people will laugh at you or not.

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#8: Watch Interesting Yet Funny Trivia Shows More Often.

When you watch funny trivia shows like Family Feud or Jeopardy, you get to learn a lot of funny trivia questions that you can use if you want to open up a fun conversation. Plus, you get to see how people can turn questions into things that you can laugh at. They often have weird categories, so you'd have some good material the next time you need some funny questions to ask.

#9: Be imaginative and creative.

You'll see how people play with the simplest things to make them laughable in any funny movie or show. Being imaginative is important if you want to be really funny. It's important for you to try different questions and lines that people don't usually expect.

You'd have a lot of fun trying uniquely funny would you rather questions or crazy what if questions. People will appreciate your creativity and imagination by your ability to make fun of these outrageous yet totally funny questions.

Why Being Funny Is Good - The Power of Humor

Being funny is a great asset to have because it provides many benefits that can open up many opportunities to build relationships with people. Not only that, but it also gives you the chance to improve your knowledge and wit. Do you want to know the other benefits of being funny? This list will definitely convince you to add some humor to your life.

1. It is one of the best things you can do for your health.

One of the most important things to keep you healthy is good mental health. Being funny and having a witty sense of humor will help you avoid depression. If you can make light of a bad situation, it will turn you away from getting into a pit of depression. It also improves your overall quality of life, health-wise.

Having a good sense of humor helps you have more control over anxiety, better self-esteem, and greater self-competency.

2. It helps you improve your social skills.

Interacting with other people can seem a bit scary for people who enjoy being alone—if you want to improve your ability to socialize, learning how to crack jokes and make fun of a situation will help you do that. People relate a lot better to others who share funny stories about their lives because they probably have been through the same.

Being funny also helps you know how to approach people. If you're naturally humourous, talking to people will be really easy because they respond well to witty openers you may have.

3. It's an asset that turns people on.

As a guy, it's extremely important for you to have a good sense of humor. Women these days need more than just good looks. Women are looking for a man they can talk to and hang out with, so they can see if there is a future waiting for them. If you ask married couples what it took for them to last, they would most likely say that they can make each other laugh, and that's why they enjoy each other's company.

So, bringing a good sense of humor to the table is a great way to attract the woman you want to be with. Impress her with your knowledge and wit, and I'm sure she'll fall head over heels for you.

Learn From Famous People With An Incredible Sense of Humor

Funny famous people are great to watch on interviews and talk shows because you get to see how quick-witted they are and how different they can be from the characters they play or from what they're known for. Plus, it's great to see that they have more talents besides acting or singing. It makes us love them even more.

#1: Ryan Reynolds

ryan reynolds effortlessly hilarious interview clips

This isn't a big surprise to me. Ryan Reynolds stars in a lot of comedy movies, so it's clear that he would be naturally funny in real life. It's also no surprise that he got his wife, the beautiful Blake Lively, to stay with him this long because of his hilarious sense of humor.

They also have a lot of funny exchanges on social media about their lives as a married couple and as parents. He's also a classic example of a person who can tell simple stories in a funny way that gets everyone laughing their butts off.

#2: Jo Koy

Jo Koy - Boba

Jo Koy is known for his stand-up comedy shows about his life as a Filipino immigrant. He tells stories about growing up in a Filipino home in America. He talks about his mother a lot, which is something most people can relate to. He makes fun of her parenting practices in light and non-offensive way. That's how people should approach comedy.

It's important to balance pushing further into the joke and then pulling back before it gets hurtful. Jo Koy is clearly an expert in doing this.

#3: Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick being a natural comedian for 3 minutes straight

Anna Kendrick is one of the most genuinely funny people ever to grace the Hollywood stage. She can make fun of herself over the crazy things she unintentionally does. Her story about meeting the president has got to be one of the funniest things ever. Plus, her confidence is something that everyone appreciates.

While she often tells stories about her being the butt of the joke, she does so with extreme confidence that anyone would find hilariously funny.

#4: Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart - Lying Will Ruin Your Life/My Friend Harry

This actor has starred in many comedy movies with other notable actors like Dwayne Johnson, Robin Williams, and Will Ferrell. When you get to work with people like them, it elevates your game as an actor. But even before he was an actor, he was first a stand-up comedian. The thing about Kevin Hart is that he is so animated in his comedy that it gets everyone laughing off their seats.

Plus, he uses his experiences to make people laugh. He even wrote a funny book called "I Can't Make This Up." It speaks about his life and family and how he overcame challenges that brought him to where he is today.

#5: Jimmy O Yang

Best Jokes | Jimmy O. Yang: Good Deal | Prime Video

This actor started doing comedy at the young age of 21. He performed at the HaHa Comedy Club in Los Angeles. He pursued a series of seemingly meaningless paths, only to find himself particularly drawn to comedy again. He made his TV debut on 2 Broke Girls in 2012 and has since gotten many gigs for acting and stand-up.

What's unique about Jimmy's comedy is that he used his heritage to stand out among other comedians. He talks about how people always stereotype him. While that is an unkind practice, he used that to make light of a bad situation. He can then laugh at his experiences and encourage others to laugh with him.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need more information about being funny and how to make people laugh? Here are a few frequently asked questions to help you out.

Should you be funny at work?

Yes and no. There are times that humor is needed to break the tension. But, keep in mind that the workplace needs your focus and attention. If it's relevant to the topic and doesn't offend anyone, cracking a joke here and there won't be too bad.

What stops people from being funny?

People stop being funny when they get too offensive. A little poke on someone's emotions and insecurities is okay if you don't go too far. It gets old really quickly if you have to insult someone to get a few laughs. People won't want to listen to you if all you talk about is other people's flaws.

Do funny people have high intelligence?

They do. Making jokes and telling funny stories have a lot to do with your knowledge. If you've got a lot of material, it means that you're able to connect and relate different situations and events to the topic at hand.

Being funny also means you're quick to respond, and you think of related jokes and lines really fast to keep the momentum going. A joke will only be funny if told at the right time. Any intelligent person will be able to tell the right joke at the right time.

Why do people love the company of a funny person?

It's easy to talk to funny people because people feel they are approachable and light. When it's your first time meeting someone, you often want to know if they're worth talking to or not. Anyone who can tell a good, funny story is someone people like to talk to.

People also like it when the person tells stories about normal things they can relate to. These stories are things they also experience, and when they're told in a funny way, it makes people comfortable and open to listening to you.

What is funny and what is not?

Funny things are ones that make light of a normal or boring situation. It is unexpected and relevant but told in a uniquely funny style. What's not funny is making fun of other people's mistakes, flaws, and insecurities. It's fine to talk about it, but it's not right to offend people because you want to make others laugh.

Is it hard to develop your sense of humor?

Surprisingly, no. If you want a lot of comedy TV shows, movies, and performances, it will be easy for you to pick up their styles, notions, and ideas. You'll see how people respond to different kinds of comedy, and you can figure out which style you can try to imitate.

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In Conclusion

Now, you have all the info you need on how to be funny.

The important thing here is although you may not be naturally funny, there is a way for you to become the funny guy. I know that every guy wants to know how to make a girl laugh, so I'm glad that you found all the right things to say from this post. You also know now how to make a witty conversation out of a few funny conversation starters.

I hope now that you find the confidence to crack a few jokes here and there to show her your funny side. Good luck!