Guys, when you're responsible for creating community, you'll need some funny ice breakers. Everyone wants to be their best selves for each other, but we all rely on masks initially.

Ice breaker games are not just for shy people. They're for everyone to indirectly gauge each other's tolerances with some natural, authentic chances to relate and show each other what we're made of.

So if you plan on a lifetime of creating productive social and work situations, you'll want lots of funny ice breakers up your sleeves.


6 Best Funny Ice Breakers

You'll need the best funny ice breakers the next time any group of people gets together. Whether it's to start a class or event off on the right foot, or you're having group interviews at work, the best funny ice breakers will set the stage for more authentic, relaxed interactions that flow and evolve naturally.

1. Chubby Bunny

You'll need marshmallows. Each player stuffs their mouth with an increasing number of marshmallows while saying "Chubby Bunny" or any other increasingly complicated phrase or name.

2. Bring Back My Bonny

Look up the song, "My Bonny Lies Over the Ocean" on YouTube. Know the song. Have all the players sing this song sitting in chairs in a circle. Every time a lyric starting with the letter "b" comes up (e.g. Bonny, Bring, Back, etc.) players go from sitting to standing up, or from standing to sitting down.

3. Flag of Me

Give everyone a sheet of paper and have markers, crayons, or colored pencils widely available. Instruct everyone to design a flag that represents themselves. Encourage them to include designs symbolic of their interests, belief systems, origin, community, or goals. Go around the room having each person explain their flag.

4. Do Not Laugh!

Have everyone stand in a line. Foster further connection by having everyone link arms or place their hands on the backs or shoulders of the person next to them. Have the person at the beginning of the line say "Ha ha ha!" (or any laugh provocative phrase of your choice). Everyone in the line has to repeat the phrase without laughing or smiling.

5. Grandma’s (Grandpa’s) Footsteps

Choose one person to be "Grandma/Grandpa." If they notice someone about to tap them on the shoulder, they point to that player and the player starts over at the end of the room. The object of the game is to sneak up on Grandma/Grandpa without being noticed. Nobody can move while being watched.

6. Buffoon

Have all the players sit in a circle. The first "buffoon," meaning ridiculous person or clown, sits or stands in the middle of the circle and pretty much does whatever he or she can (sad, funny, annoyed, stupid faces and gestures, etc.) to make players in the outer circle laugh. The first person who laughs becomes the next buffoon.

6 Funny Ice Breaker Question Games

All great ice breaker games involve thought provoking ice breaker questions that are produced off the top of your head, or prepared and recorded ahead of time on.

7. Never Have I Ever Questions

You'll need an endless list of never have i ever questions to play this funny icebreaker game. Have everyone draw themselves a "hand turkey." Have them add maybe 10 more feathers depending on how long you want the game to go. The players who have done (x) have to color in one feather on their hand turkey.

8. Most Likely To Questions

Here's a list of wild, extensive Most Likely To QuestionsGo around asking "Who is most likely to (x)." The group votes. The person who gets voted most likely to be or do (x) seven times "loses," although honestly there's no real winner or loser to this game.

9. newlywed game questions

When you're having a wedding, it's great entertainment for your guests to better get to know their bride and groom through a series of silly questions called the newlywed game questions.

10. 21 Questions Game

You simply ask questions from 21 questions game to invite everyone to share as much as they can about themselves. Add spice by asking "why?" or "how?" at the end of each.

11. truth or dare questions

If they say "truth," they must reveal a secret or something intimate about themselves based on the question you ask. If they say "dare," you've got to prompt them to do something that feels risky and/or revealing. We have truth or dare questions ready for you!

12. would you rather questions funny

Everyone goes around asking each other to choose between two choices. This reveals everything about who we are as a person and what our logic is. Check out these would you rather questions funny so you're never unsure what to ask. Would you rather questions provide the best way to get to know people.

5 Funny And Also Fun Icebreaker Games

There's lots of time to be serious after a few rounds of fun icebreaker gamesEven in serious situations, the establishment of mutual sense of humor is a big part of establishing trust within a group or between two people.

When two individuals know that they have something deep down in common, they're willing to take risks for each other and make sacrifices for each other.

13. The One-Word

Divide everyone up into small groups of 4 or 5. Ask the group to come up with a single word that describes them all collectively. This should spark a conversation about each person's unique interpretation of a word.

14. Team-Win

Split everyone up into small groups and have each group come up with a list of things that they have in common, otherwise known as "wins." The group that comes up with the most "wins" wins the game.

15. Charades

Have some slips of paper with different animals or movies or modes of transportation written on them. Have a player from each team draw a slip of paper out of a hat. The player has to "act out" what's on their slip of paper with gestures and no speaking. If the other team guesses the word or phrase within 60 seconds, they get a point.

16. Jenga

Purchase the block-stacking game, "Jenga." and affix a question to each wooden block with glue or tape or write them with a marker. Each person who draws a block from the bottom of the tower has to answer the question posed on their block before attempting to balance the block at the top of the tower.

17. Speed “Dating”

Have everyone partner up. Direct each pair to have a 2-minute conversation before the timer runs out and everyone has to switch partners. Continue until everyone has had a short conversation with every other player in the room.

4 Funny Ice Breakers for teens

When you've got a young crowd of people, you'll want some ice breaker games for teens to establish rapport and trust between individuals.

18. The Name-Action Game

Everyone sits in a circle. Each person says their name and invents a gesture or dance move to go with their name. The second person next to them has to say their name and imitate the gesture associated with the name. The third person has to say the name and do the gesture of the two players before them before adding their own.

19. Human Knot

Have everyone stand in a circle and reach their hands out toward the center and grab hold of the hand of two different players across the way. Now everyone has to unwind themselves back into a circle with everyone holding hands. Nobody is allowed to release the hands of the two people they originally made contact with.

20. Warp Speed

Everyone has to pass a ball around a circle while saying the name of the person they're giving the ball to. The group guesses a time they believe they can complete the process in and tries to beat that time.

21. Feather Floating

Buy some feathers from the local craft store. The group or individual that keeps their feather up in the air the longest by blowing on it wins the game.

5 Quick Funny Ice Breakers

The most effective ice breakers are often funny ones. These allow people to relax and let their personality shine through, whether they are part of a large or small group.

22. Hum That Tune

This fun icebreaker game is much harder than you might think which means it can often get competitive.

A fun and silly game which will help members of the group to get to know each other.

23. Circle of Truth

An awesome icebreaker for parties or social gatherings which allows each person in the group to answer funny questions truthfully.

24. Massage Line

The Massage Line icebreaker is awesome for trust-building and team building.

25. Group Juggle

This quick funny icebreaker can be played in both small and large teams. All that's needed is a few balls or bean bags for the group to throw.

5 Funny Ice Breakers For Adults

When you've got a decidedly mature group of people to acclimate, you'll want a strong supply of ice breaker games for adults. Adults are more confident in some ways than teens, but there are instances where they feel obligated to take the higher road as a person of a certain age.

26. Chain link

The first player starts talking about themselves. Every time someone from the group hears something that they have in common with the first player (e.g. they also love dogs), they get up and link arms with the player who is speaking. The first player continues talking about themselves until all other players have linked to form a chain.

27. Supermarket

Players begin with the statement, "I went to the supermarket to buy a ____." In descending order, each player has to come up with an item that begins with the next letter of the alphabet.

28. Two Truths and a Lie

Each player says two things that are true about them and one that is false. The group has to guess which one is false.

29. Scavenger Hunt

Prepare lists with funny characteristics like "has eaten a whole pizza in one sitting," or "has been skydiving." Hand out copies of the list. Players will go around filling in the names of other players who fit the categories. The person who has the most names matched with a category at the end of a set time wins.

30. Belly Balloon Break

Divide everyone into partners. The pair that can blow up the most balloons, tie them and pop them between their respective bellies by hugging each other in a set amount of time wins.

5 Funny Ice Breakers For Small Groups

Sometimes the group you have to work with is just 3-4 people. So, we've compiled a strong and specific list of icebreakers for small groups specifically to take advantage of the group's potential for intimacy.

32. Pterodactyl

Everyone has to say "pterodactyl" and some other fun, hard to pronounce words without showing their teeth!

32. What's Next?

Player one starts off with a single word of their choice like "blue." The second player adds a random word to it like "berry." The third player adds to that, with something like "pie." Only allow a few seconds in between responses.

33. Clumps

Have two players sit back to back on the floor with their arms linked. Now they have to stand up together. Make it more fun by adding the number of players and repeating.

34. Ice Cube Hunt

On a hot day outside, hide ice cubes within a set area. Have players carry the ice cubes the find in a plastic spoon. Each team has a bowl for their ice cube collection. The team that collects the most ice cubes in a set amount of time wins.

35. Puzzle Piece Hunt

Get two jigsaw puzzles with less than 100 pieces. Hide the pieces in various places in a set area. Divide players into two teams. The team to find all of their puzzle pieces and put the puzzle together first wins.

4 Funny Ice Breakers For Large Groups

Contrarily, the ice breaker situation with larger groups is going to be decidedly different. You might be working with limited space compared to the number of people, so things will have to be compacted. You might want to stick with games that don't require preparing a set of materials for each participant. Ice breakers for large groups are unique in their execution.

36. Silent But Not Deadly

Players are secretly given a number and they have to arrange themselves in number order WITHOUT SPEAKING.

37. Frown King/Frown Queen

The person who can look the other in the eye for the longest without smiling or laughing is crowned the Frown King/Queen.

38. The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway

This is for summer heatwaves. Wet and wad up 5 t-shirts and put them in the freezer. Divide your players into five teams. The team that can unfold and unfreeze one of the frozen t-shirts and get it onto one of their players first wins.

39. My Super Selfie

Give everyone a piece of paper and some markers or crayons. Have everyone draw themselves with the super power of their choice. When everyone is done, have everyone explain what's happening in their picture.

Downloadable List of Funny Ice Breakers

Here is a downloadable list of funny ice breakers (right-click the image and select Save Image As):...

How To Pick The Best Funny Ice Breaker Game

Consider the following when you're deciding what sort of games will work best for the kind of group you're leading.

1. Clean or dirty

Although you'll be surprised how many folks these days are ready to explore what professional boundaries really mean in a safe place where everyone's integrity is intact, you'll want to start off clean and appropriate so nobody's uncomfortable.

2. Prep ahead of time or improve off the bat

Sometimes, it shows organization, initiative, and proactive management when you've taken the time to plan and prepare materials for funny ice breaker games. Other times, a more random, fly by the seat of your pants approach adds to the spontaneity of the occasion.

3. Get physical

Some groups are ready to roll around on the floor if it's part of the game. Other times, people will be resistant because they're dressed up. If that's not an issue, a steady adrenaline rush and a light sweat are right up your alley.

More Awesome Ice breakers

We have a few more awesome ice breakers for you to check out!

  1. Some situations, like at work or in the classroom, require steering away from dirty provocative questions that are best asked to one's intimate partners and best friends. So here are some would you rather questions clean.
  2. If you've never played the game before, or are looking for a variation that doesn't involve shots, you might enjoy never have i ever rules.
  3. When you're playing truth or dare, funny dares will be a necessity.

In Conclusion

Funny ice breakers make the world go round. They are a crucial aspect of any social situation, no matter how formal or informal.

Events these days, from professional situations to extended family gatherings are increasingly casual in nature and it's now perfectly acceptable to say corny jokes or use icebreakers to laugh out loud no matter where you are in the hierarchy.

Never leave home without funny ice breakers.