Do you have what it takes to be a true sigma male? Forget the gamma male or the omega male. In fact, forget the alpha male as well!

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So, gentlemen, let's jump into the world of the sigma man...


7 Clear Signs You’re A SIGMA Male - Are You The Rarest Of Them All? (Animated)

The Sigma Male Definition

sigma male is essentially an alpha male without a pack. He paves a path for himself, doesn't conform or follow the rules, and certainly isn't concerned about meeting societal expectations.

Sigma males don't need validation, and they break the stereotypes. Women are naturally drawn to a sigma male personality because this lone wolf simply doesn't fit the mold. Unlike alphas that stand at the top, the sigma man cares nothing for the hierarchy. He's naturally calm and collected, sexy, successful, and assertive.

He is who he is, and he's proud of it.

Sigma Males in the Socio-Sexual Hierarchy

The socio-sexual hierarchy is a system that divides and categorizes men into ranks and male archetypes. It describes how men interact and behave in social situations, grouping them into a dominance hierarchy and a social hierarchy.

Sigma Male vs. Alpha Male

Don't mistake the signs you're an alpha male with the archetype of a sigma male. While they are very similar, there is a difference in their personality traits - alpha men are outgoing and dominate social gatherings, whereas the sigma men are more laidback. It's a sigma male trait to shun mainstream society and an alpha male trait to stand out!

Sigma Male vs. Omega Male

Omega and sigma males are self-assured, highly intelligent, and avoid wolf packs, preferring personal space. Their main difference is the omega male's strong desire to pursue interests, which diverts his focus and energy from other important things in life. The omega male is indifferent to adopting social traditions like marriage, family, and working a regular job, whereas the sigma male thrives in life.

Sigma Male vs. Beta Male

The beta male is a submissive personality type. The guy doesn't stand out in a social circle, tries not to step on anyone's toes, and is an all-around friendly guy. The beta guy's biggest strength, unlike the sigma guy, is his loyalty.

Sigma Male vs. Gamma Male

Unlike sigma males, a gamma male tends to be empathic towards others. He is one of the most levelheaded male personality types, capable of building a strong relationship with people, and has a respectful social interaction style.

Sigma Male vs. Delta Male

delta male is a lonely person. He's resentful, and he'll use manipulation or deception to get what he wants. He makes it easy for people not to trust or want to be around him. While a sigma may not care what others think, he doesn't go out of his way to be hateful towards others.

Are You a Sigma Male? 7 Traits

From loners to social butterflies, everyone has their unique personality traits. The Alpha male is desirable and popular because of his ability to stand out, but it's the mysterious lone wolf that has our attention.

Trait #1: Non-Conforming

Sigma males are strong individuals. They march to the beat of their own drum. While others care about status, these men don't. Their decisions are purely based on their deep-seated values.

Trait #2: Self-Sufficient

Sigma males are strong natural survivors and are great at taking care of themselves. They earn their own money and pay their bills on time. If they want or need something, they'll go out and get it, not relying on anyone to provide for them.

Trait #3: Loner

You won't find this man constantly posting on Facebook or other social media. He's not a Twitter user checking up on other people. Sigma males love their life of solitude and would rather be invisible. But that doesn't mean he's not full of charisma and charm. He just turns it on only when he wants to.

Trait #4: Silent Leader

Unlike alphas, sigma males aren't leading the pack from the front lines with an entourage at their heels. They have their own silent approach to leadership. They're confident leaders without large or delicate egos.

Trait #5: Adaptable

Sigma males adapt naturally. They are content to play whatever role suits them at any given time, as long as there is some personal value. They're more flexible than alphas which makes them more likely to succeed in any situation. Sigma males can be followers, leaders, and everything in between.

Trait #6: Stubborn

With their determination, sigma males have their own set of values and ambitions. And they're not willing to compromise for anyone. The downside is that they can be stubborn in relationships, but at least a woman will always know where he stands.

Trait #7: Self-Aware

Sigma males focus on themselves and are aware of their strengths, behaviors, thoughts, and emotions. They self-assess and actively try to improve where they can.

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How to Get the Most Out of Life as a Sigma Male

A sigma male's primary needs are independence, knowledge, and authenticity. To get the most out of being one is to nurture healthy masculinity. Appreciate that you pave your own path and continue to speak and live your truth. Life is generally drama-free, but don't look for casual flings because of your commitment issues and need for space. Instead, look to build strong bonds. You're a great guy, but don't waste time proving it.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you're a sigma male, you're a high-quality man living an above-average life. But that doesn't mean there aren't questions. Check out our answered frequently asked questions on the topic of sigmas:

How do you become a sigma?

Be an alpha without a boisterous personality. Be calm and confident, and don't apologize for who you are. Learn to embody the 7 traits of a sigma male to become one.

What are the benefits of being a sigma male?

They live a life of freedom. The sigma male lifestyle is not bound by rules or obligations. They tend to be happy and satisfied with their lifestyle because they know what they want and they always go for it.

Is sigma better than alpha?

They're a more evolved version of an alpha, but one isn't better than the other. They're pretty similar and have comparable advantages. It's a matter of whether you prefer to live being on top of the hierarchy or outside of it. Do you like to lead the pack or not have one at all?

Are women attracted to sigma males?

He's a man that has a sense of control and stands out from the rest. He's an alpha but with the challenge of being independent and reserved. So, what are women attracted to? Sigma males! He's a cool lone wolf, and that's sexy and attractive to women.

What can a sigma male do to increase their dating success?

Dating statistics show that for your relationship to be successful, find a woman with similar attributes, wants, and needs. Date someone equally independent, strong, and confident. Avoid a woman that is likely to be needy because she won't be compatible with your need for a lot of space.

Is it unattractive to be a sigma male?

Because he has his own standards, the sigma male tends to be a solo player. He likes being alone and can be considered a snob. If you're constantly shutting people out and isolating, these can be reasons girls think you are unattractive because it makes you unapproachable. While wanting personal space is not a bad thing, remember you have that inner charm you can present.

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In Conclusion

Being a sigma male has nothing to do with how other people see you but how you see yourself. Carry your sigma male personality with dignity because sigma male traits are ones to be proud of.

Go forth, sigma man, and be the silent leader the gamma male and omega male need.