This post will tell you everything you need to know about being an omega male.

My years of experience as a dating expert made me learn how to be an alpha male, the most dominant of them all. But, there's one kind of man that we ought to start talking about.

Everything you need to know about the omega male is all here. So, let's start right away!


What Is An Omega Male?

The easiest way to describe an omega male is that they're the opposites of alpha males. However, this is not something negative. While alpha males dominate, omega males prefer to do things on their own. They don't make it a point to impress anyone. This is why people see them as illogical and nobodies.

Omega Males in the Socio-Sexual Hierarchy

In the socio sexual hierarchy as well as the social hierarchy, omega males are at the bottom. The hierarchy has the alpha male on top, the beta male below them, followed by the delta male, and then the gamma male. And finally, the omega male. A sigma male is outside of the hierarchy.

However, it's important to say early on that the dominance hierarchy for manhood isn't the end-all, be-all standard for a man's status. But, it's a helpful way to be self-aware and see where you'd like to be.

Omegas being at the bottom of the hierarchy isn't exactly a bad thing. They're at the bottom compared to other "social animals" because they're the polar opposite of alphas. They're not dominating like the alphas, but they're also not followers like the betas. To others, they're eccentric and not to be looked at, but they can be intelligent and skillful.

Omega Male vs Alpha Male

Alpha males are the exact opposites of omegas. They don't have any overlap at all. Alphas and omegas don't meet much or have each other at their radars.

Alpha males can get the attention in the room, while omegas prefer to have their own thing.

Omega Male vs Sigma Male

Sigmas and omegas have a similarity. They both don't follow the rules or go with the crowd. However, sigmas do that because it's fun, and they enjoy breaking the rules. They're not even part of the hierarchy-- they're outside of it. On the other hand, Omegas don't go with the crowd because of the things they like and enjoy. They don't do it just because they want to.

Omega Male vs Beta Male

Beta males are more of the "rule followers" in the hierarchy. They like to follow the crowd and stay within the lines. On the other hand, Omegas don't necessarily break the rules, but they don't follow them either. Because of this, betas and omegas may see themselves in conflict because betas want everyone in line like them.

Omega Male vs Gamma

Gamma males are at the bottom of the hierarchy with the omegas. However, they want and strive to be at the top. They care about being romantic and being liked by women.

Omegas don't even try to be at the top. They're happy where they are, and they don't go off chasing women.

Are You an Omega Male? 5 Traits

What are the traits in a person that can say that he's one of the omegas? Does your personality type count as an omega male? If you've ever wanted to find out, these five traits are all you need to know to identify an omega man.

1. They're frank and upfront.

Omegas aren't known to impress or please others. This means that they are upfront and honest about what they say. They don't sugarcoat things to please women or other men. If they don't like something, they will say it straight. They don't care who gets offended because they're honest.

But of course, they don't purposely want to offend or shock people. It doesn't matter to them if you're close acquaintances or of a higher status. As long as they're honest, they will say it straight.

This trait of theirs is admirable because they say it as it is. There's no beating around the bush.

2. They have out-of-this-world hobbies.

People may think that omegas waste their time on weird and unproductive things, but really, they enjoy unconventional (or frowned upon) hobbies.

Whether it be collecting odd things or geocaching, any hobby that strikes an omega's interest will take a lot of time from him. They don't diet themselves on these things. Omegas don't mind doing useless things as long as they enjoy it.

3. They're a child at heart.

Cartoons and games. These are just some of the things that omegas love. In short, they never want to grow up. Peter Pan comes to mind. Omegas love kids and enjoy hanging out with them. A lot of people admire them because they can make friends easily with that fun side of theirs. They do well with kids, and they have a very happy and carefree personality.

4. They're not famous.

Since omegas are essentially the opposite of alphas, they're not exactly the popular kind of people. But they're not bothered by this. Instead, they live happily, knowing they're not the center of attention.

5. There are no games.

Since omegas are very straightforward, they don't like playing games for the expression of love and women. They don't manipulate, and they aren't anxious. If he likes someone, he shows it right away, wholeheartedly. He will not chase, and he will not compete.

If a woman wants a direct and honest relationship, then the omega is the one for her.


Here is an infographic showing you the 5 traits of omega male:

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Frequently Asked Questions

If there are still many questions looming in your head, it's time to have them answered.

Is it wrong to be an omega male?

It's not wrong to be an omega male. Although omegas don't have the best impression from other people, being an omega isn't necessarily negative. Sometimes, they just don't fit in any social situation. They have their world, and they're happy with it. There's nothing wrong with being comfortable in yourself and going against the grain.

Are women attracted to omega males?

You might be asking, "what are women attracted to?" The answer is not always a specific type of man in the hierarchy. Omegas can attract women if the women prefer a more laidback and out-of-the-box man. Although an alpha pair makes more sense, an alpha female can be attracted to an omega male even if they might be opposites. Attraction differs from one person to another, but as long as you're an omega that cares deeply and doesn't think about other people's opinions, then that's an attractive trait.

What can omegas do to increase their dating success?

When it comes to the dating statistics of omegas, they don't exactly do well. Women think that omegas are immature since they love exploring the world and doing their own thing. That's why women tend to stray away from them.

Omegas can learn to filter out what they say. They don't exactly have to change the way they are, but they can be more mature if needed and say the right things at the right moments. These small acts will help increase their dating success.

Is it unattractive to be an omega male?

Omegas aren't exactly part of the wild wolves like the others in the hierarchy, nor are they the lone wolf-like sigmas. Omegas are species that may or may not be attractive.

One of the reasons girls think you are unattractive is because most women will find omegas immature and irresponsible. This is an unattractive trait to women. However, not all omegas are this way, so there are no generalizing omegas as unattractive. The cool and confidence of an omega can be attractive to a female.

How to Get the Most Out of Life as an Omega Male

People may think that you're not making the most out of your life as an omega male; while that's not true, there's nothing wrong with doing more and experiencing more.

1. Set Your Goals

It's essential to set some goals. People see omegas as people that have nowhere to go. There's nothing wrong with proving people wrong when it comes to that. Set some goals and do something every day to reach them.

2. Work On What You Care About

You don't have to please people, so set goals and activities that you care about. Do what makes you happy. That is how you make the most out of life.

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In Conclusion

We hope you learned a lot about being an omega male from this post. Being this kind of man is not bad, as long as you do it the right way. Be relaxed and confident, and don't let anyone tell you you're not.