Gentlemen, today we’re showing you 7 reasons girls think you are unattractive.

Think being attractive is something strictly hardwired in your DNA that you have no control over? Well, the truth is that there are plenty of guys walking around with girls who seem out of their league, because they did all the attractive things guys do, which ended up boosting their attraction level well beyond the cards they were dealt. Plus, they learned to avoid the 7 reasons girls think guys are unattractive we’ll be talking about in this video.

And because we don’t want you to overdo it and commit the one ultimate sin, at the end of this video, we’re also going to show you the #1 thing guys do when trying to be more attractive that always backfires. So let’s get after it.

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11 Reasons Girls Think YOU are UNATTRACTIVE - Nice Guys Stop THIS Turn Off and Girls Will CHASE You

18 Reasons Girls Think You Are Unattractive

18. Big Head

You can project as much alpha male body language tricks as you’d like... But just because you’re confident doesn’t mean you’re worth a woman’s time.

Why? Because with great confidence comes great responsibility… To not be a jerk about it.

No woman likes a man that thinks he’s better than everyone else (even if he is), and it’s embarrassing for her to be associated with someone with such a big head.

Don’t get us wrong… You should be proud of yourself and your accomplishments. But pride is best served up with a side of humility.

17. Loud Stacks

You’ve heard it before: “For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.” And when it comes to dating, this quote is actually spot on. That’s because bragging about money is one of those things guys do that girls hate.

Sure, some girls might like it… But it’s probably the only thing they like about you. Girls worth dating, on the other hand, are more interested in the value you can add to their lives... Rather than the value you can add to their retirement plan.

So avoid talking about how much money you make with a girl. She doesn’t care.

16. Swamp Ass

Of all the unattractive things guys do that they have no idea about, sweaty butt might be the most embarrassing to learn you have.

Sweaty butt or, swamp ass, as it’s known, is due to having a dense collection of sweat glands located around your butt.

There’s no easy way to put it, sweaty butt is a legitimate problem for a lot of guys. Through no fault of their own, not only do some guys literally sweat through their pants, they can also leave a sweat print wherever they sit. Probably not what you had in mind when you said you want to leave your mark on the world.

If you’re one of the many guys afflicted by swamp ass, there are a few things you can do:

First, stay hydrated. Counter intuitive, but swamp ass is most common during exertion, and exertion happens more quickly when you’re dehydrated.

Second, keep the area under control by using toilet paper to keep the area dry cause sometimes, you just got to mop it up.

And third, stop it before it starts by wearing the right kind of underwear.

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15. Whatever You Want

You ever wonder why nice guys finish last?

We’ll be blunt: It’s because they’re insecure. And being insecure is one of the most unattractive things guys don’t know they do... But it’s all they know how to do.

Thankfully, there are ways to fix it. Start by making decisions instead of doing “whatever you want, babe.” Because as you know, confident guys who know what they want, almost always get the girl.

So find value in yourself, speak your mind, and improve yourself every single day. In doing so, you’ll avoid all the mistakes nice guys make, and slowly but surely, start appealing to women. We promise.

14. Whining-Inclined

This is Ryan. On Monday he tweets “Why are babies so noisy this early in the morning???”

On Tuesday, his Facebook status reads: “Ugghh this weather sucks.”

He’s at a restaurant on Thursday and complains about almost everything- the waiter’s attitude. The decor. The food.

With a show of hands, how many of you would like to be good friends with Ryan? Nobody? That’s not a surprise, because women don’t want to be good friends with Ryan either. And if you’re anything like Ryan... It’s time to look at the brighter side of life, and keep in mind that the grass is greener where you water it. Because negativity is repulsive (especially to women).

So avoid it at all costs. Negate negativity by defining your core values and discovering what’s important to you.

13. Stage Fiving

Every single guy in the world has gotten really excited about a girl, and then immediately ruined it by turning into a Stage 5 Clinger.

We get it though… It’s exciting when a girl likes you... but if you want it to work you have to keep your mind occupied, and expectations in check, otherwise you’ll spook her off.

So play it cool and be Casper the Friendly Ghost instead of Jasper the Clingy Ghost. As long as you can do that, you’ll haunt her thoughts instead of the other way around.

12. Being out of balance

Life is a balancing act of a million things coming at you at once, and if you’re full of self-loathing, or full of self-pride, how do you expect to make room for someone else in your life?

Balance is key in every aspect of your life, and not having that balance... Will make it harder for you to create meaningful relationships.

So avoid going too far in either direction by either beating yourself up all the time, or being too self-absorbed to let someone else in.

11. The Wandering Eye

One thing that girls definitely find unattractive is a guy with a wandering eye. Guys think that nobody notices when they’re sneaking a glance around to scope out the scene, but a guy who cant stop checking out all the other girls does not go unnoticed, especially by the girl who expects to be the center of his attention.

A guy with a wandering eye will make a girl question his ability to be a trustworthy partner and it’s one of the most unattractive things guys don't know they do that will quickly turn off any girl.

10. Tire Out Your Zygomatic Majors

Your zygomatic majors are muscles on either side of your face. And they’re responsible for pulling the corners of your lips upwards into a smile … or not.

Guys with weak zygomatic majors will have a tired smile or will simply smile less. And a guy who doesn’t smile is simply one of the biggest turn offs for women. So take care of those cheek muscles as you would any other muscle in your body, or risk coming off as a low-energy debbie-downer.

9. Lowly Leather

Imagine this scenario: You’re at a fancy party, your outfit is on point and you’ve been getting compliments from everyone there. In fact, you’re chatting up one of the most attractive girls you’ve ever hit it off with.

Life is good and things are going well... Until the girl looks down and notices the one thing you had hoped nobody would notice: Your belt looks like you found it in an alley on your way to the party.

You notice her noticing how the holes are worn and the leather is cracked, so you try to divert her attention to whatever it is you guys were talking about before she got distracted... But it’s too late... She’s already lost interest and she excuses herself to grab another drink even though hers is still filled to the brim.

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The bottom line is fellas, that one of the reasons girls think you’re unattractive - even when your outfit looks fantastic - is because your old, ratty belt throws everything off and makes you look like a bum.

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8. Lack of Layers

While looks are one of the most important aspects of attraction, it doesn’t mean attractive people only want to be admired for how good they look. That’s because like an onion, a parfait, or even an Ogre, people have layers to their personality beyond how they look on the outside.

And guess what? The girl you’re chasing doesn’t want to only hear compliments about her appearance, what she really wants is for you to like her for who she is as a person.

And for some reason, nice guys tend to fixate far too much on how a girl looks, and end up ignoring the deeper layers to a girl’s personality. So don’t be the nice guy... instead, actually get to know girls. Because that’s how you find a girl worth chasing.

7. The Mannequin Mistake

A guy with a good fashion sense can get the girls’ attention. It’s one of the things women find very attractive.
But the more important detail that guys can miss is the importance of having your own sense of style.

A guy with his own sense of style shows that he knows who he is and that he’s confident about it. However, a guy with a borrowed sense of style, AKA a guy who looks like he stole the clothes straight off a mannequin, can give off a phony vibe that any girl will find unattractive.

6. Humor is Hard

We’re just going to throw it out there… If you don’t have a sense of humor, girls definitely won’t find you attractive. A man who can’t tell a joke is basically a brick wall.

Think about it… Girls love to laugh and they want to spend time with someone who makes them laugh, which means no matter how good or bad your sense of humor is, it doesn’t hurt to hone it in and memorize some jokes that make everyone laugh.

Because here’s a little secret about the people whose jobs it is to make people laugh, y’know comedians: Their stand-up specials you’ve seen on Netflix have been rehearsed over and over and over again to the point they can do their set in their sleep.

Plus, any host you see at the Oscars or on late night television have a team of writers who work together to write their jokes for them.

So if you struggle with humor, start with the basics of memorizing some jokes (even if they’re not yours) and mastering your timing. Eventually, making people laugh will become a part of who you are, and you’ll have everyone rolling with your quick wit and hilarious anecdotes.

5. You’re Flexin’ Too Much

We’ve seen it in the comments, fellas, and it’s simply not true: Not every single woman you meet wants you just for your money.

In fact, most girls (AKA the ones who will actually like you for who you are), aren’t looking for a BMW-driving, bottle poppin’, money flashin’ fancy man.

And if that’s what you’re striving to be like, we’ve got news for you: You probably can’t pull it off and every girl in your vicinity knows you’re a fraud and thinks you’re annoying.

Because the thing is… It takes an extremely confident man who actually makes good money to be that type of person, and you have a ways to go before you reach that type of confidence. Of course... You’re already on the path to getting there because you’re watching this video and trying to improve yourself.

So once you’re finally sitting in that private booth with $200 bottles of vodka, stay humble and remember where you came from.

4. Maskless Odor

Just because your high school girlfriend loved to sleep with your basketball jersey, doesn’t mean that every girl you meet will share that same emotional attachment. That’s because developing an emotional attachment to your natural body odor takes a lot of time. And before that emotional attachment is fully developed, a girl exposed to your healthy stench is just gonna think you stink.

3. You’re Selfish with Your Energy

People are working longer hours than ever before, and being tired is unavoidable sometimes, but one guaranteed way to turn off a girl is to show up tired all the time. Doing so tells her one of two things… either you have below average energy, or you’re spending all your energy on yourself and leaving nothing left for her. Both are just plain unattractive.

2. You Put Her To Sleep

For this item, we want you to ask yourself a question: When you talk about yourself with a girl, what do you talk about? Do you talk about your job and go into mind-numbing detail about your daily duties? Or do you quickly get through the job nonsense and talk about something more interesting?

Like that one time you thought you were about to meet Chris Pratt, but when you got closer, it turned out to be an old Asian lady?

If you’re not careful with what you choose to talk about when you’re talking about yourself, you’ll end up putting your lady friend to sleep with a boring story nobody wants to hear.

Furthermore, how you tell the story is just as important as what you talk about, and if you’re a monotone robot with no inflection or gusto in your words, it’s time to go home and get to sleep because your date can’t wait to do the same without you.

In fact, we asked Robin, our girl resident dating expert about her worst dating nightmare. It might be a little surprising but she said that her worst dating nightmare is being stuck on a date with someone who is totally boring - even if that guy was super hot.

See, a super hot but boring guy is like having a hot guy poster on your wall. It's nice to look at, but that's about it. If you really want to know one of the worst habits that instantly makes you uglier, it's being suffocatingly boring.

And unfortunately, more and more guys are becoming painfully boring. It's getting harder and harder to find a fun, lively guy these days.

But the best way to avoid being mind-numbingly boring is to get out there and live a little. Guys, there's so much pressure on you these days to be super career-driven and financially successful that you allow yourselves to get buried in your career endeavors, and you forget to take time to live your life.

And guys, we totally get it. Even we here at Mantelligence have to stop and remind ourselves to unplug and go live a little.

It's actually our 5th Mantelligence guideline to "turn off your computer, and go make some memories." It's the memories you create when you're not busy at work that will help shape you as a man and provide a wealth of interesting and entertaining stories to keep your dating partners coming back for more.

So let's get out there and do something fun.

1. Abandon Your Grooming Regimen

With all the facial hair and the long-hair-just-don’t-care guys walking around, it’s easy to get lulled into the belief that tending to your personal appearance just doesn’t matter anymore.

But the truth is...while a lack of grooming can be a style statement for some guys, completely abandoning your grooming regimen is one of the fastest ways to turn off any girl. So if you’re going for that look, you still have to trim, pluck, and wax all the right places... otherwise you’ll just look homeless.

5 Habits That Instantly Make You Ugly And Unattractive

Have you ever been with a girl, and things seem to be going okay? You think you're doing everything right when all of a sudden something changes in her demeanor. Then, you get the sense you did something terribly wrong? Maybe she rushes out with a lame excuse and leaves. Or, maybe it's more subtle, something in her body language that you can't quite put your finger on?

Either way, you're left alone and ghosted, wondering what the heck just happened?

Well, chances are you made one of these critical mistakes and displayed one of the most common habits that instantly make you uglier.

1. How You Talk About Others

Guys, you want to know how to not be ugly and get your crush to like you?

Here's one of the main reasons girls think you are unattractive that you were probably never aware of. When you first start dating a girl, she notices a whole universe of details well beyond just what you look like and how you smell. Of course, looking and smelling nice is important. But, you're giving off far more clues than you realize about what type of guy you really are just by the way you communicate.

Your communication style - the things you choose to talk about, the things you say, the words you use - are all a reflection of how you view and interact with your world. A quick Google Scholar search shows over a million academic research articles concerning the link between communication and personality, way too much information to present here.

But here is the single, most important point: being chronically pessimistic is one of the ugliest things guys can do to turn off any girl quickly.

It's a sure sign of a lack of confidence when the girl you're dating is most likely looking for someone positive, like a rock she can lean on. So, before heading out on that date, make sure to polish not just your shoes but your attitude and communication style, too.

2. Only Speak the Truth

Fellas, wanna know how to be more confident? The first and most important steps are to stop doubting yourself and to stop practicing self-defeating behavior.

And the worst, most self-defeating behavior that no woman will find attractive is lying. And besides, the apparent trust issue that lying poses, lying literally implies that you have something to hide. And super confident guys who are comfortable with themselves don't feel the need to hide who they really are.

And I'm not just talking about lying like an evil villain. I'm talking about all the little white lies guys sometimes share when they're trying to impress someone. Little white lies about how often you go to the gym, when you know you haven't been in months, or that you used to be the Manager at Gamestop, when you know you were just the Assistant Manager or that time you saw a giant bear just ten feet from your tent when the bear was actually a cute little cub, and it was 100 yards away.

Yes, these are harmless, tiny, white lies, but committing yourself to speak the truth forces you into a self-confident mindset, and the more you practice it, the more confident you become.

Every time you speak the truth, it's like you're making small, incremental deposits into your self-worth, and those deposits will add up over the lifetime of a relationship and pay HUGE dividends. And to be clear, no one is saying be a goodie-two-shoes nice guy. In fact, don't be the nice guy.

3. Pay Attention to the Details

Gents, we need to discuss some evident and common knowledge because too many guys are continually coming up short in this all-too-important area. Grooming regularly is essential. You've heard it a hundred times before. But you want to know how to make any girl fall in love?

Well, I'll tell you how.

The devil is in the details, as the saying goes. Yes, you need to shower, shave or trim, wear deodorant, and brush your teeth. Duh. Everybody knows that.

But what you can't forget to address is the little details that are guaranteed to disgust any woman if left neglected. We're talking about the nitty-gritty like your toenails, nose hair, ear hair, upper back hair, shoulder hair, and yep … you guessed it … your manscaping routine.

Because let's be frank, you have a perfectly valiant but formidable goal of taking your clothes off one day, hopefully, in the presence of a woman. And when that moment comes, and the shoes and socks and shirts and all the undergarments start haplessly flying about in a fit of romance, the absolute last thing a woman wants to see is a gnarly shovel of a toenail or a fuzzy moss patch where a shoulder should be.

Makes sense?

So make sure to set yourself up for 100% success by regularly grooming 100% of your body. Practicing thorough grooming habits are one of the habits women love. Hey guys, real quick, if you could stop trimming your nose hair for just a second.

4. Trim the Hedges

Back to the topic of grooming, we have to pay some special attention to and briefly tiptoe through some sensitive subject matter. Yes, fellahs, I'm talking about your manscaping habits.

Don't have a manscaping routine to speak of? Well, that's probably a problem you need to address immediately. Even if you're the long-hair-just-don't-care Jason Momoa type, the let-the-drapes-match-the-curtains attitude is one of the fastest ways to turn off any woman.

Back to our strongly recommended 100% grooming strategy, this is one area that should not be neglected.

While there may be those women out there with enormous hearts, who are willing and able to love even the mangiest of beasts, most women are much going to prefer a groomed and well-behaved purebred over a shaggy and unruly hound … if you catch my drift.

Do you know what I mean? Ya pickin' up what I'm puttin' down?

So if you don't already include this unmentionable weed patch in your grooming maintenance routine, you should. Because, in this case, out of sight should not mean out of mind.

5. Always Have a Minty Fresh Plan

Ever heard someone say that something left a bad taste in their mouth? Well, it's a figure of speech, of course. But I'm a little more literal with this one. Ever wonder what are the most unattractive things guys do? I think you know where I'm heading with this one.

Yep, it's to leave a bad taste in her mouth literally. Think about. You put in all the hard work. You dress nice, you smell nice, you dazzled her with your tantalizing conversation and made her giggle with your clever quips.

And then, at the end of the night, you lean in for a bit of smoocheroo and … Ah! You repulse her and send a shock to her gag reflexes with your dragon breath.

And that's the last impression you leave her with at the end of the night. All that hard work you did up until that point quickly fades away. The last impression is the lasting impression, as the saying goes. So what's the solution?

It's really simple. Make sure you end the night on a high note and always be prepared.

It's the 21st century, and there are literally hundreds of on-the-go mouthcare solutions - mints, gums, pocket-sized mouthwash. It doesn't matter what you choose, just as long as you have a plan.

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The Number 1 Thing Guys Do When Trying to Be Attractive that Always Backfires

As promised, here’s the #1 thing guys do when trying to be more attractive that will always backfire.

Now, there are a lot of things you can do to up your level of attraction. And smelling nice is one of the easiest ones, but it’s also easy to announce your arrival well before anyone knows you’re around and leave a memory of yourself long after you’re gone, and we don’t mean it in a pleasant way.

So while you should definitely manage body odor as part of your daily routine, overdoing it is one of the main reasons girls think you are unattractive.

In Conclusion

Those are the 7 reasons girls think you are unattractive and the one major mistake guys tend to make when trying to be more attractive.