Searching for cute ways to ask a girl to be your girlfriend? Luckily, you've come to the right place.

Knowing how to get a girlfriend is all about the right romantic gesture and a romantic way to ask her out!

As a dating expert recognized and featured on many sites like HerNorm and Apartment Therapy, I have a lot of suggestions for romantic things to do that you can use for proposal ideas!

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Ultimate List of Cute Ways To Ask A Girl To Be Your Girlfriend

You may find yourself hyperventilating when you finally take that leap and ask a girl to be your girlfriend but just take a deep breath in and out. Rather than panicking, discover how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend by finding the ideal spot, the right words, and timing. Nervousness might make you fumble, so preparation is key!

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4 Cutest Ways To Ask Her To Be Your Girlfriend

If you want a perfect way to make her yours, find cute ways to say I love you. When your dream girl knows for sure how you feel about her, she's more likely to say "yes" when you ask her to be your girlfriend.

1. Express your desire through a poem.

Whether it's something you've written yourself or verses you've found that express how you feel, there is something utterly romantic about expressing your feelings through poetry. When you pop the question, using a literary piece is a creative way to get the woman of your dreams.

2. Use the classic "Will you be my girlfriend?" line and give her favorite flower.

A cute way to ask her out is to keep it simple but mix in a heartfelt gesture. You can take her to the place you first met or play her favorite love song in the background. You don't need to make it complicated. Doing it the old classic way makes it feel natural. Just stare into her eyes while holding her favorite flower, then ask her the question. She's bound to say "yes" when you're being this cute!

3. Play her a song about wanting her to be yours.

Music is a universal language and movingly expresses true love. Figure out her favorite artist, or use her favorite song to help you articulate what you cannot say yourself. Once you have that song, use it to your advantage. Think of sweet things to say, like how the lyrics speak about what you feel for her.

4. Involve her special people.

If you're looking for a cute and different way to make it memorable, let the people close to her join the fun. A good way is to let your romantic purpose be known to her family and friends, and you can plan out an intimate event. It's a clever way to really win not just your girl's heart, but her friends' and familys' affections as well.

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4 Cute Ideas On How To Ask Her To Be Your Girlfriend While You're on a Date

To really set a scene, a fun way to ask her to be yours is to do it when you're enjoying each other's company. And not just any old time you're together, but when you've put some thought into some romantic date ideas and chosen the perfect one.

5. Flash the question on the big screen after a movie date night.

We've seen this move before but let's admit it; it's pretty great! Picture this: after a flirty night, you take the person that holds your heart to the movies, and as she's sitting beside you when the credits start to roll, she sees your big question on the screen. It's going to be hard to say "no" to that one!

6. Create a Dating Resume and give it to her as if you are applying to be her boyfriend.

This one is so much fun! This will score you big points for creativity. And the best part about it? She will accept your application. It's a funny way to kickstart your relationship, but no doubt makes a good foundation for an enjoyable love life.

7. Write a letter and read it out to her.

Writing a letter shows that you made extra effort to put into words what you feel about her. It's an effective way of getting exactly what you want to say to her out. You don't have to scramble for words on the spot. Plus, your letter might just become her favorite thing, something she'll treasure as a keepsake.

8. Give her a heart (jewelry, or drawn on a folded piece of paper) and say, "Now that I've given you my heart, will you be my girlfriend?"

Corny? I think not. Presenting a girl with a love token while asking her to be your girlfriend is the sweetest thing. It may seem silly, but just imagine her smile when you hand her a symbol of your heart. Little things can go a long way. This is cute super, and you can do it on just about any date!

4 Cute Plans On Asking Her To Be Your Girlfriend Without Spending Much

Little to no money? No problem! What you need are free date ideas and a healthy dose of creative juice for inspiration. Ask her to be your girlfriend without needing to spend too much.

9. Paint a picture of you and her.

Get artsy! Unleash your inner Leonardo Di Vinci and paint the both of you. Frame the painting and give it to her as a present while asking her to be your girlfriend. The painting itself might turn out to be awful, but even you can admit some of the greatest art pieces aren't exactly pretty. Your girl will appreciate the effort, time, and uniqueness of this idea.

10. Customized T-shirt proposal.

The possibilities of creative date ideas are endless, and they can be inexpensive. This idea is cheap and will even commemorate your proposal. Head over to your local print shop and get a customized t-shirt for your question. Print your question and "flash" her with it. Or give her something she can wear. Cute things like this make a girl feed giddy inside.

11. Pop the questions with balloons.

Impress her with this maneuver and say it with a few balloons. Or have her pop a few to find your surprise. Throw some confetti in there too, because that's always fun.

12. Ask her out using food.

Girls love food, and with this idea, the possibilities are endless. You could ask her out over a simple dinner, sure. Or you can really go for an exceptional move and bake her a cake with her with the question written in icing. No doubt she'll like the originality, and when she gives you her positive answer, you'll have cake to celebrate it with.

4 Cute Yet Fun Proposal Ideas While You Are Outdoors

Everybody enjoys nature. Who doesn't love a day out with the lush greens and fresh air? Or even just roam the known and unexplored parts of your town or city? If your crush is someone who likes a good adventure, there are several opportunities outdoors. Make the best of what Mother Earth and the metropolis have to offer when you confess your feelings for her.

13. Go for a hike and ask her out somewhere with a view.

Use beautiful scenery as your backdrop when you take a step forward in your relationship. How to make a girl fall in love with you is easy when you do memorable things together. This is the moment your relationship changes, so make it worthwhile.

14. Ask her out at her favorite amusement park.

Combine adrenaline and romance for a perfect proposal! It'll be a day filled with endless laughter and excitement, so top it off by asking her your good question. Tell her what she means to you and that you want to move things to the next level.

15. Ask her out on a boat.

There is something utterly cute and romantic about being on a boat with your sweetheart. The water sets an intimate tone, and if you plan it right and do it under the setting sun, it's bound to make your woman speechless.

16. Set up a romantic date in your garden.

Nothing beats an old-fashioned date surrounded by the greenery and flora of your garden. Set the mood right with either sunshine and a picnic basket or dinner under the moonlight. After eating, ask her if it would be okay to make her your girlfriend. Oh.. and don't forget to give her a bouquet of her favorite flowers, too!

4 Witty and Cutesy Ways To Ask Her To Be Yours When You're Shy

Do girls like shy guys? Yes, yes, they do. Stevie Wonder's done right with his hit song "Too Shy To Say I Love You". It is the perfect anthem for guys who find it difficult to express their emotions to the girl they like. However, being shy is now something you don't have to lose sleep over because how to attract women without talking is easier than you think.

17. Turn your proposal into a scavenger hunt game.

Are you a fan of scavenger hunt games? This one screams adventure and excitement! Separate your proposal words on different pieces of paper and hide them all over the room. Give her clues, and once she retrieves all of them, ask her to rearrange them and read the question to you.

18. Have a life-size teddy bear with your voice recording playing inside, asking her to be yours.

If you're the shy type, you can buy a life-size, huggable teddy bear. Make sure to choose the one that allows you to record a short message telling her about your feelings.

19. Play scrabble with her and spell the words "BE MINE".

Spending the day indoors with her and a board game can be good for the brain and your future relationship. This idea is cute and a great way to spell out your feelings using the scrabble tiles. Allow your body language to do the talking and keep eye contact, face her when she speaks, and remember to always smile.

20. Write it on a Starbucks cup.

Most girls like a venti from Starbucks. With that in mind, ask her if she'd like some coffee. If she says yes, get her favorite drink. Not only does an iced and brewed goodness give you extra points, but you also get to tell her how you feel with your written message on the cup as well.

3 Things To Keep In Mind To Make This Day More Special

Cute ways to ask a girl to be your girlfriend is only one part of the equation when you're proposing. You also need to know how to impress a girl to make this day more special. It's essential for getting the reply you want.

1. Have a backup plan.

Things can sometimes be out of your control, so make sure to have a backup plan. If you've planned for an outdoor date, better have an indoor backup ready if the weather plays against you. Keep the mood light and romantic if things do go wrong, and prepare flirty questions to ask. You can even throw some funny questions and interesting questions to make sure the conversation never dies.

2. Plan ahead.

Nothing is more annoying than being stuck in traffic for the majority of your date, so make sure to keep in mind the time of day and the things you can do if you ever get in that situation. If you're planning to go out, check Google Maps to see whether the possibility of you spending more time on the road due to traffic is going to hamper your date. You can also make an itinerary to keep things organized from your end and make your day out go smooth and worry-free.

3. Make sure it's unique and memorable.

If you want her to keep you in mind after the date, make it unique and memorable. But make sure the idea is suitable for her. If you've asked deep questions and know her on a more profound level, you'll know the things she likes and doesn't like. If you haven't already discovered these things, perhaps it's time for a text conversation or one in-person to know what she'll truly appreciate.

Top 10 Songs To Play That Will Help Set The Mood

When you're on a date, it's important that you set the right mood to create a much-needed romantic atmosphere. Selecting the right kind of music might help boost your confidence and influence her decision to agree to be yours.

All My Life - KCi and Jojo

Yes, it's an old song, but it's definitely one of the best love songs to date. The chorus speaks of profound adoration, and you can use it to confess your feelings. "All my life, I prayed for someone like you. And I hope that you feel the same way too."

Can't Help Falling In Love - Elvis Presley

Another oldie but goodie from the King himself. There are a lot of girls covering this song, so it's something they're definitely familiar with. The lyrics speak of feelings and how they can't help fall in love. A past relationship may have you or her not seeking romance, but these emotions can happen any time, any place. And sometimes you can't help it.

Can't Help Falling In Love With You - Elvis Presley (Cover by Travis Atreo)

Smile - Uncle Kracker

This song describes how a girl makes a guy feel. And makes him smile and dizzy in the head. Just as your crush does, so let her know.

Girls Like You - Maroon 5

Maroon 5 is famous for its songs, and this one is an example of a guy expressing how he wants a girl like her. It's a memorable way to tell someone you like them through music.

Girls Like You - Maroon 5 ft. Cardi B( Fan Edited Animated Video)

I'm Yours - Jason Mraz

If you know how to play the guitar or ukelele, you can sing this song to make her yours. You are telling her you are hers. It's a beautiful way to show your affection and yearning.

I'm Yours - Jason Mraz (Superlaks ft. Fransisca Cover)

I'm Falling For You - Colbie Caillat

Let Colbie Caillat's voice and lyrics confess your feelings for her through this sweet track. After a night of deepening your connection with your special someone, asking cute questions, and flirting, this tender song will work towards getting that amazing "yes" from her.

FALLING FOR YOU - Colbie Caillat Acoustic Cover

Beautiful Soul - Jesse McCartney

What better way to speak your feelings for her? Let the line "I want you and your beautiful soul" be the message you deliver.

Beautiful Soul - Jesse McCartney (Boyce Avenue acoustic cover) on Spotify & Apple

No Ordinary Love - Jennifer Love Hewitt

The lyrics of this song are bound to melt her heart. Playing a song to someone that talks about what they mean to you or how they make you feel is one truly sweet gesture.

No Ordinary Love ( Jennifer Love Hewitt Cover ) - Rachelle Rocha

If You Were My Girl - A1

The line, "If you would be my girlfriend, then I would be in heaven," if timed right, can be your proposal.

If You Were My Girl - A1 The Greatest Hits Live in Manila 2019

You Belong With Me - Taylor Swift

I know this is from a girl's perspective, but who doesn't love Taylor Swift? Send or play this song for her, and the title alone would speak volumes about how you feel.

(Taylor Swift) You Belong With Me - Fingerstyle Guitar Cover | Josephine Alexandra

Downloadable and Printable List of Cute Ways To Ask A Girl To Be Your Girlfriend

Here is a downloadable and printable jpg/pdf list of cute ways to ask a girl to be your girlfriend (right-click the image and select Save Image As…):

Frequently Asked Questions

Asking someone to be yours is a random question that changes the dynamics of your relationship. And doing it right can be a lot of pressure. The thought of doing it is bound to raise some questions, so check out the most frequently asked.

How long should you wait to ask a girl to be your girlfriend?

There are no rules for this. When it comes to moving your friendship into a romantic relationship, you have to gauge what your romantic interest feels about you. Consider the girl's reaction, her body language around you, and the things she says. If you think it is the right time to ask her, then go for it. If not, wait a little longer. You'll know when it feels right.

Is it fine to ask for a kiss on the first official day of our relationship?

If the mood encourages you to kiss her on your first official day as a couple, then, by all means, show her how passionate you are by initiating your first kiss. Asking her for one could be sweet if you don't want to just lean in and try. Consider reading a few kissing tips to make the moment feel right.

If I really love the girl, can I ask her to be my girlfriend even we are just on a second date?

Again, there are no rules on how long you should wait to ask a girl to be official with you. If you believe the time feels right for you to do so, then ask her. It's that simple. Of course, consider how she possibly feels about you as well. If you're not certain she'll say yes or that she's on the same level as you with her feelings, then perhaps waiting a little longer is beneficial to make sure she'll say yes.

Do guys still need to propose to girls to be their girlfriends?

There is a difference between casually dating and actually putting a label on each other. Times have changed, but to ensure you're both on the same page of being exclusive, even if you don't want to go all out and fancy by making a cute proposal, you still need to have that conversation. Tell her how you feel and ask her how she feels about you. Does your girl want to be your girlfriend, or does she want to keep things casual?

What are cute pick-up lines to use during my proposal?

You can use some cute pick up lines during your proposal to turn the romance and cuteness level up a notch. Just like using lyrics to say how you feel, you can use pick-up lines to ask her to be your girlfriend.

Perhaps you're not quite there yet with your lovely lady. Or you might still be looking for girlfriend prospects. If you think you may have found one, but don't exactly know how to approach the girl, check out these articles to help you:

  1. She seems perfect. Now, know how to approach a girl to make a good lasting impression. You want this moment to be memorable, so don't let the fear of rejection put you off your game before you even have a chance to be properly acquainted with your future girlfriend.
  2. What do girls like? If you're pondering the question, good! Because a really great way to build rapport with the girl of your dreams is knowing what to talk about and what they like. It's a powerful way to connect.
  3. Knowing how to start a conversation with a girl is essential for getting to know each other and testing out that chemistry. Know the right times to ask what kind of questions, when. For example, you wouldn't be asking dirty questions from day one; that's something you leave when you know each other a lot better. Instead, you'll be asking the getting to know you questions first.
  4. How to talk to girls is a lot easier than you might think. They're not that complex, and a girl can get as nervous as you do.


There are a lot of ideas for cute ways to ask a girl to be a girlfriend. The main thing is to make your proposal ideas unique to your special girl. A romantic way to go about it is to think of romantic things to do together.

Don't overthink your romantic gesture. Remember, how to get a girlfriend isn't as complicated as you think.