Romance is one of the most important aspects of any relationship. A romantic gesture can be as simple as giving someone a bouquet of flowers before a date. Romantic things to do can also be as personal as making your partner a handmade gift.

But let’s say that coming up with good date ideas and romantic things to do with your partner might not be your strong suit. Romance is not something everyone can master easily. Finding interesting things to do together can be a difficult task!


5 Best romantic things to do

If you’re looking for the very best romantic things to do with your partner, then look no further. Below are some of the most romantic things you could have ever thought of. Picking one of these will be sure to show how much you care about your partner in a classy and romantic way.

Here are 5 best romantic things to do:

1. Buy Her A Gift From Our List Of romantic Gift Ideas

Everyone loves getting romantic gifts from their significant other. There are so many possibilities as to what to get them, it can get overwhelming trying to find a good gift. If you’re having trouble with finding a present, then check out some of the gifts on our list of romantic gift ideas!

2. Make out in the backseat of your car

A romantic go-to for teenagers since the 40s. The great thing is, you don’t even have to be teens to enjoy this activity. All you need is a car, and preferably some good music playing on the radio.

3. Kiss her in a public place

Nothing says romance like showing public affection. Kissing in public may be annoying to onlookers, but it proves that you would give her love wherever you are, as long as you’re together. You just might have to ignore the people yelling “get a room!” as they walk by.

4. Go to a drive-in movie

I don’t know what it is about drive-in theaters, but they have a more romantic quality than regular movie theaters. Either way, if you’re in a drive-in movie, you’ll be alone in your car and can enjoy each other’s company without bothering the other people in their own cars.

5. Recreate your first date

Not only does this let her know that you care about remembering your first date, but it’s also a great opportunity to go down memory lane. Revisiting the first date can be ultra-romantic as it brings up the emotions you both felt at the time.

5 Romantic and also creative things to do

Are you getting tired of the generic romantic ideas that most couples do? Want to show how much you care for your partner by thinking outside the box? Checking out this list of creative things to do is sure to give you some new ideas on how to romance your significant other.

Here are 5 romantic and also creative things to do:

6. Make her jewelry

Buying your girlfriend nice jewelry is one thing. But making her nice jewelry screams romance. This one might take a bit of crafting knowledge depending on the type of jewelry you want to make, but even simple things can show how much you love them.

7. Take a pottery class

This particular activity became a massive hit with couples when the film “Ghost” came out in 1990, thanks to its famous pottery scene. Couples are still finding out the joys of making pottery with their partners, so why not give it a try?

8. Go to karaoke

Karaoke is already fun with friends, so imagine how great it would be to do it with your partner! This has the potential of creating a truly unforgettable and fun night. Hopefully, it’ll give you some ideas that your partner will love!

9. Write a poem

Poetry is said to be the key to any woman’s heart. The same thing could be said about chocolate, but that’s beside the point. Poetry gives you the chance to express your romantic feelings in their truest and most unique form. Romance and poetry go together perfectly, so your partner will definitely feel special for getting such a personal and creative gift.

10. Make a scrapbook with photos and mementos

This is a great way of immortalizing your time together. It will show that you are committed and that you want to remember your most special moments together. It’s needless to say that this oozes romance. The next time you’re looking for a good anniversary gift to get her, think about maybe making her something instead.

3 Romantic things to do online

Sometimes you and your significant other can’t be in the same place at the same time. It’s also possible that you are in a long-distance relationship and are unable to spend physical time together. There are a variety of different things to do online with your partner that are just as romantic.

Here are 3 romantic things to do online:

11. Get a beer of the month club subscription

Why not share a distant drink by using a beer of the month club service? With this subscription, you can get a variety of different beers delivered to your home each month. You can both subscribe to one and share a drink over the internet. Just pretend you’re at a bar!

12. Curate playlists for each other

Sharing music is a lot of people’s love language. Letting them in on what you listen to is almost like opening up a secret door in yourself that only very few people get to see. If you and your partner curate playlists for each other, it can possibly deepen your bond.

13. Send a love email every day

It’s not a handwritten love letter, I’d argue this is the next best thing. Regardless of the format, sending love letters is probably one of the most romantic things you could ever do. Putting down your feelings into words can show how much you really care about someone.

3 Romantic yet also productive things to do

Do you feel like doing something productive, but feel bad about not having your full attention be on your partner? You don’t have to worry about that, as we’ve got some productive things to do that can be romantic.

Here are 3 romantic yet also productive things to do:

14. Learn awesome trivia questions

Don’t you wish there was a way to spend time with your partner and learn about new things? Well, why not explore some awesome trivia questions with them and learn new things together! If you’d like to infuse some more romance into trivia, then look up some valentines day trivia.

15. Solve a puzzle

Solving a puzzle is already a very relaxing pastime, so why not relax together with your partner? Taking a moment to do a quiet activity together can be very romantic, as you’ll both just be taking each other's presence in as you concentrate. If being quiet isn’t your still, then just strike up a conversation!

16. Burn a CD with love songs

Now, this is old school. Giving someone a CD full of love songs is a great way to express yourself. There’s something nostalgic about receiving a romantic mix CD that nothing else can replicate.

3 Romantic adventurous things to do

Is your partner an adventure seeker? Are you looking to expand your horizons and do some more exciting things with your partner that may be outside your comfort zone? Then check out these adventurous things to do with your significant other.

Here are 3 romantic adventurous things to do:

17. Go to a murder mystery dinner

Get your sleuthing skills ready! Solving a murder can be really fun. Doing so with your partner can be even more fun. This is a good way to see if you’re dating an intelligent person and if you’re intelligent yourself.

18. Go for a hot air balloon ride

A hot air balloon ride can be amazingly romantic. It can be very intimate when you share such a great view with your partner from that high up. It’s as if you are the only two people in the world, observing everything from so far up.

19. Go skiing

Skiing is a popular pastime for those near ski mountains. Why not spend a day skiing down a mountain and enjoying the great view with your partner? Afterward, you can get comfy and snuggle up with some hot cocoa and wind down.

3 Romantic things to do on a first date

Going on a date can be nerve-wracking, but going on a first date can be even more stressful. It’s very common to worry about what impression you’ll make and what to even do on a first date. Sometimes you just have no idea where to take them! Have no fear. This list is full of great ideas of what to do on a first date. Check them out and see if they give you any ideas!

Here are 3 romantic things to do on a first date:

20. Go to a psychic together

This one is a bit out there, but it can be really fun to explore such a topic. Who knows, maybe the psychic sees a great future for the both of you.

21. Check out a local film festival

A film festival is a great event to attend on a first date. Usually, a bunch of films, long and short, are scheduled, so you can watch a few that seem interesting. This also gives you an opportunity to see how you both think since you’ll be talking about what you liked or didn't like about the films.

22. Slow dance to romantic music

Slow dancing is one of the most romantic activities to ever exist. Nothing says romance like embracing your partner and just swaying to some love songs. Just try not to step on her toes.

3 Romantic things to do at home

Don’t feel like leaving the house, but don’t know what to do with your partner? It can be easy to think that you don’t have romantic things to do at home, but that’s absolutely not true. Check out some of these at home date ideas and see what you can do in the comfort of your own home!

Here are 3 romantic things to do at home:

23. Make her a cup of coffee

Nothing says romance quite like a delicious cup of coffee. Maybe it’s worth investing in a good fancy coffee maker to make your partner some specialty coffees?

24. Stay in and cuddle

Who doesn’t love cuddling? Being in each other’s presence like that can be very comforting, and it’s just nice to hold someone you care about. The simple things can be just as romantic.

25. Prepare strawberries with fondue chocolate

There is something about chocolate and strawberries that just drips romance. All you need now are some candles and some love songs and you got yourself a memorable evening.

3 Romantic things to do for your girlfriend

It’s always nice to do things for people, so why not think of things to do for your girlfriend? Doing something for her is a great way to show that you truly care. Check out this list of romantic things to do for your girlfriend and make her feel truly special!

Here are 3 romantic things to do for your girlfriend:

26. Book her a spa day

This is definitely an idea that any woman would appreciate. Sometimes she just needs to unwind on her own, so why not give her her own spa day to enjoy?

27. Go to an open house

It’s sometimes nice to go look at homes and imagine a future together in that particular house. Even if you can’t afford it, there’s always room for a little bit of dreaming. It’s also romantic to think about your future together.

28. Make each other breakfast in bed

Sometimes you just don’t feel like getting up and making breakfast for yourself. Maybe treat your girlfriend and make a great breakfast to enjoy in her bed. Anyone would appreciate such a kind and simple gesture.

Downloadable List of Romantic Things To Do

Here is a downloadable list of romantic things to do (right-click the image and select Save Image As...):

How to pick the best romantic things to do

Not all romantic ideas are created equal. If you really want to show how much you care for someone, then you have to choose the very best romantic gestures. However, this is no simple task. There are way too many romantic date ideas to choose from! Well, you can rest assured that following this simple to follow guide will have you choosing the very best romantic ideas for dates and activities.

Here's how to pick the best romantic things to do:

1. Not Everything You Do Have To Cost Money

Not every date has to cost you an arm and a leg. And you don’t have to just buy your significant other’s love through gifts. Sometimes the most personal moments come free, so be sure to create opportunities that let you spend time with each other without spending money.

2. Get Creative

It’s always a pleasure to go on a date that is unconventional and exciting. Try thinking outside the box and see how creative your date ideas can get. Showing your love for someone in a creative way that is unique to you can be really romantic. After all, if all you do is go to the same restaurant and give them the same gifts over and over again might get stale. Keep it exciting and get creative!

3. Make It Personal

A box of chocolates or a night out to a fancy restaurant are both fine romantic gestures, but are they personal? Sometimes these basic romantic gestures can seem more like an obligation, and not something with true meaning. If you really want to woo someone with romance, get them a gift that is really thoughtful and that shows that you are thinking about them. You can take them on a date somewhere that means something to your relationship. Sometimes, this extra effort of really thinking and making your romantic gestures mean something more will strengthen your relationships.

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In Conclusion

Romance is a wonderful thing. It brings people together and makes relationships more passionate.

Finding romantic things to do with your significant other can be a hard thing to figure out. Most of the time, people get really nervous about finding really good date ideas to make a good impression on their partner.

But don’t worry! With your newfound knowledge on possible date ideas, you’ll have your partner swooning for you in no time!

Spending time with each other is a great way to strengthen your bond, especially if your romantic date ideas are inventive and personal.

Hopefully, this list of ideas and things to do with your significant other will give you inspiration for your next date or anniversary!