It's almost the weekend, so you're probably trying to think of some cute things to do for your girlfriend! Without work or school to distract you, it's the perfect time to implement some new creative date ideas to let her know just how much you cherish her.

Not that you need to wait til the weekend to show her your love! This list is full of things to do, big and small. Some take a minute, some take a whole day! But one thing is sure, there are plenty of ways to treat her well and keep your status as best boyfriend ever.


12 Best Cute Things To Do For Your Girlfriend

I know that girls are complicated! The ways we experience love and affection can be different every day of the week. Lucky for you, this list has tons of different ideas, so try some out and see what she's into!

Here are 12 of the best cute things to do for your girlfriend:

1. Cook dinner for her

Take this daily errand off her plate, and watch her stress melt away.

2. Dressing up proper for her

Girls love a guy in a suit - but even a nice button-down and slacks are impressive. It tells her she's worth the effort!

3. Take her for a long drive

Windows down, holding hands, some romantic music - that's a movie scene right there!

4. Create a collage

Choose a bunch of your favorite moments together to highlight,

5. Assist Her In Doing Her Chores.

Do the dirty work - dishes, vacuuming, take out the trash!

6. Paint Her A Portrait

Even if this isn't in your skillset, she'll love the thought.

7. Drop Her A Love Note

It doesn't need to be fancy - just a quick note that says you care!

8. Send your girlfriend flowers

You can pick out a wildflower bunch or have roses delivered. Just knowing you wanted to brighten her desk is the gift.

9. Brush her hair

Most girls love it when you play with their hair. Next time you watch a movie, have her sit in front of you while you brush and braid it.

10. Hang out with her friends

Next time she's headed out, ask if you can tag along. She'll love that you want to be part of her world.

11. Decorate her room

Choose a randomish anniversary - like the 300th day since you met - and go wild celebrating your milestone!

12. Arrange a surprise birthday party

Choose a theme, or ask her friends for help!

12 Cute but also Romantic Things To Do For Your Girlfriend

Keeping the spark alive in a relationship takes intentionality! It means dealing with stressors, and it means planning romantic things to do for your girlfriend and with your girlfriend!

These small tokens of affection send a clear message - you adore her! And feeling treasured is one of the bedrock emotions of a lasting relationship. Plus, these are so easy to do!

Here are 12 cute but also romantic things to do for your girlfriend:

13. Post-Sweet Things About Your girlfriend On Social Media

When done right, public declarations of love will have everyone impressed.

14. Do the dishes after dinner

This is easy! Just say, "don't get up, I got this!" and watch her stress melt away.

15. Surprise her with a weekend getaway.

Book a night away in a quiet or interesting little town and spend time connecting and enjoying being together.

16. Wash and vacuum her car

Fill it up with gas, too! This lets her know you have her back!

17. Give your partner a foot rub after a long day at work.

Have some lotion (peppermint is great for this!) and a towel ready for your next Netflix sesh.

18. Bring home a bottle of her favorite wine

This gives her something she'll enjoy, and let her know you thought of her - 2 gifts in one!

19. Put kisses on her face

Girls love a good, strong kiss, but they also love gentle, cute kisses on the cheek, forehead, and nose. These playful pecks are sure to make her smile.

20. Listen to her

Make a point to ask her about her day and actively listen. You'll become her most trusted confidant, and an even more important part of her life.

21. Bring her lunch to work

Plan ahead to pick up her favorite take-out and meet her for a short lunch date.

22. Suffer through that romantic movie

In fact, recommend one! She'll know you are doing it out of love, and that'll make it even more special.

23. Relive your first date

This is a great one to bust out for an anniversary. Try and mimic as much as you can, but don't be afraid to get creative!

24. Surprise her with a spa day at home

Pick up some luxury bath products, (like Lush!), some sparkling wine and a fluffy robe and set her up to relax the day away. I'll bet you earn bonus points if you do a face mask alongside her.

12 Cute Sweet Things To Do For Your Girlfriend

These sweet things to do for your girlfriend will remind her that you see all her needs and are ready to meet them. Small acts of love, over and over, show her that you are more than a fling - you're a partner, and a good one at that!

Show her your tender side with these little courtesies and considerate gestures. She'll be super impressed at your thoughtfulness!

Here are 12 cute sweet things to do for your girlfriend: 

25. Bring her breakfast in bed

A little planning, and this is an easy way to give a bright start to her day. Make a quiche, cut up some fresh fruit and you have a quick and delicious brunch-style breakfast ready to go! Don't forget the mimosa!

26. Send your girlfriend a care package

Next time she has a weekend busy with work, set her up with some of her favorite meals, a treat or two, and a relaxing candle or lotion set. She'll feel really taken care of.

27. Surprise her with a shopping trip

For some girls, it's hard to spend on themselves. Put a little money aside here and there to save up and take her for a little guilt-free shopping spree.

28. Create a Spotify playlist for her

The mixtape of today! Every time she plays it, she'll think of how cute you are.

29. Tell Her That She is Sexy

Most girls hate catcalls, unless it's from their boyfriend. She'll love knowing that she's the girl you're dreaming of.

30. Make Her a Drink

On your next date night in, bring over cocktail mixers and spend some time making some special occasion drinks.

31. Paint Her Nails

She'll feel pampered, you'll get an exercise in precision. Bonus!

32. Warm her car

There's nothing better than climbing into a cozy car when it's chilly out. Set her up for a treat by starting the car and having the heater and seat warmers cranked.

33. Let her sleep in

Take over her morning chores so she can get a few extra winks!

34. Make her a homemade card

She'll appreciate this more than a Hallmark version.

35. Compliment her in public

Girls love compliments. Next time you're paying for coffee, look over and tell her she looks really beautiful today. The public affirmation is a huge gift.

36. Get her car oil changed

Let her know you're her right-hand man! Keeping her car tuned up is one less thing for her to stress over, plus keeps her safe on the road!

How to Pick the Best Cute Thing To Do For Your Girlfriend

Ready to start showing your love in some super easy, tangible ways? You're gonna be blown away by how easy it is to start putting your love into action in ways that will really make an impact. But, let's think smarter, not harder!

Some of these things to do will be more effective than others. I've come up with 3 tips to help you choose which cute things to do first!

Here is how to pick the best cute thing to do for your girlfriend:

1. Assess her needs

Are there any obvious needs your girlfriend has been voicing? Maybe she needs help around the house or isn't feeling very romanced. Maybe she is really stressed at work, or feeling unappreciated. Figuring out where she is feeling a lack will be the best place to start putting in some work.

Now, of course, you should vary what you do. Help around the house AND surprise her with a fun date. And there is something to be said for consistency - if she's stressed at work, a cute note every day can really help her feel supported. But starting out, find an area that's gonna make big difference. If she's bragging about your moves to her friends, you're on the right path.

2. Set a reminder

I know, I know - you think you won't forget. But, friend, you probably will! Life get's busy, so don't beat yourself up about it! Just set a reminder so that you can stay consistent until you've developed a rhythm. 

Using a calendar app, just set a weekly recurring reminder to plan some cute surprises that week. But, make sure they stay hidden if you share an app - finding your appointments may take some of the romance away. After you've built a habit, you may realize you don't need a reminder any longer.

3. Stay consistent

The only thing worse than never doing cute things for your girlfriend is to start off strong and then stop doing it. It can feel like a clear indicator that your romance is fading out.

Start small, and make a commitment! Once a week or once a month - choose something manageable, and as you keep at it, add more cute things as you can. You can bet, she'll be impressed by the way you take time and energy to show her you care!

Downloadable and Printable List of Cute Things To Do For Your Girlfriend

Here is downloadable and printable list of cute things to do for your girlfriend (right click the image and select Save Image As...):

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In Conclusion

It may take a little practice, but finding cute things to do for your girlfriend as a habit will pay off - big time! Love begets love! Keep focused on cute and thoughtful things to do that serve her and show her your appreciation. I promise she'll notice, and it'll make a lasting impression. 

So, try out some of these date ideas or little acts of service that will make her day easier! She'll reciprocate, and your relationship will be strong and healthy in no time at all!