You probably have a long list of productive things to do but are too busy binge-watching your favorite shows or sitting around picking your nose. Let's face it, we don't always have all the time we want, to get important things done.

Whatever reason it may be, you should always set aside time for those important things to do. You'll feel a whole lot more productive once you do.

Not sure how to start? Let this list of productive ideas guide you in the right direction. You'll be surprised at how many things you didn't know needed to get done.



11 Best Productive Things To Do

If you want to feel like you just juggled 6 bowling pins while hula-hooping on a tightrope then you need to follow this list of the best productive things to do. The best way to get things done is with the best things to do.

1. Learn how to grow your money

There's nothing better than using your time to make more money.

2. Create a to-do list

This should come easy since you're reading one right now.

3. File your taxes

Filing your own taxes isn't as complicated as you may think. Plus, you won't have to pay anyone.

4. Make a new friend

You can never have too many friends!

5. Get outside and get errands done

That refrigerator isn't going to fill up it's self.

6. Drink a glass of water

Be honest with yourself, when's the last time you had a glass of just water?

7. Stretch

Stretching feels amazing when you've been lounging on the couch all day.

8. Call your parents

You know you've got tons of missed calls from them that you haven't even acknowledged.

9. Write down a "need to stop doing this" list

This is a pretty great way to make yourself aware of all those bad habits.

10. Keep one plant alive

It's just one plant. Can it really be so hard?

11. Clean out your cabinets

You never know, you might find some long lost sweets in them.

10 Productive Things To Do When Bored

There are unproductive things to when bored and there are productive things to do when bored -- stick with the latter and you'll be able to turn your boredom into productivity!

12. Make an emergency kit

If you don't already have one, you definitely might need one.

13. Organize your workspace

It's pretty hard to get much done with a disorganized workspace.

14. Call to a long distant friend

There's always plenty of info to catch up on when you call someone you hardly ever see.

15. Donate old books to libraries or schools that accept them

You'll have more room for new books!

16. Learn to speed read

And show off your new skill to make yourself look smart... Or smarter.

17. Polish your cheap jewelry

So they can look expensive.

18. Review your bank statements

This is something you should do regularly.

19. Bake a treat

There's probably tons of recipes you've been wanting to try.

20. Check to see which pens still work

And recycle the ones that don't.

21. Toss out all your expired products

There's really no reason to keep them.

8 Productive Things To Do Online

You probably spend a good amount of your time online, so why not turn that time into productive things to do online?

22. Go round the world with Google Street View

Not the same as actually traveling the world, but pretty close.

23. Cancel paid subscriptions that aren't useful

How much money are you really wasting on forgotten or rarely used subscriptions?

24. Start or research a business

You spend all that time online, might as well make money while you're at it.

25. Read the Internet Trends Report

You should at least keep up with what's trending with all the information you have access to.

26. Update your apps and delete the ones you never use

Yes, please give your device some space to breathe.

27. Start a YouTube channel

And channel your inner star!

28. Start your personal blog

If you have something to share, then share it on your very own blog.

29. Find opportunities to work from home

Spend your time online making money instead of wasting time and money.

8 Productive And also Creative Things To Do When Bored

Get creative things done with these productive and also creative things to do when bored. There's really no better way to cure your boredom then with creative projects you've been wanting to get done.

30. Decorate your deck or porch

Now's the time to make use of those interior design skills.

31. Tie-dye t-shirts

Make one for a friend, as well.

32. Find the perfect frame for a photo you love

And find the perfect spot to hang it.

33. Try a coloring app

Use a stylus -- your coloring will be precise and you'll have much more fun.

34. Make some wall art

Add some color to those boring, neutral-tone walls.

35. Create a scrapbook

...Of all those memories you don't want to forget.

36. Write a song

...Or a poem.

37. Upcycle or spray paint something

Be creative and help keep earth clean.

9 Productive Things To Do With Your Girlfriend

Add a little more zest to the time you spend with your girlfriend -- Netflix and chill gets a little played out over time.

Try some more productive things to do with your girlfriend that will totally surprise her.

38. Plan a date night for your partner somewhere new

Take your time and give this new date a lot of thought.

39. Recreate Your First Date

If you get it right, it'll be more memorable than your actual first date.

40. Make dinner with only ingredients from the refrigerator

Now, that's impressive.

41. Make your own chocolate

Add some caramel and no one will notice if you screwed it up.

42. Learn how to cook something new

And cook while also teaching the recipe to your girlfriend.

43. Do something your girlfriend enjoys

Obviously. It can't always be about what you want to do.

44. Learn new yoga poses

Couples yoga is amazing and will give you a chance to flex those muscles.

45. Try stargazing

Lie on your rooftop, or the even the roof of your car, to set the scene.

46. Go for a long walk

On the beach, of course.

10 Productive Things To Do When Bored With Friends

There's probably been lots of times where you've hung out with friends without making any plans, only to be left going back and fourth with "what do you wanna do? -- I don't know. What do you wanna do?"

If you've fallen prey to this scenario, then you NEED this list of productive things to do when bored with friends.

47. Make a schedule of all important birthdays

You're with your friends, so let them help you think of all the birthdays of the important people in your lives.

48. Delete old contacts from your phone

You probably have multiple contacts for those people who keep changing their number.

49. Start exercising at home

Exercising is always better with friends.

50. Watch your favorite childhood movie

You know, the one you watched over and over again with that one friend.

51. Learn a language

And speak it with your friends around people you're won't understand you.

52. Learn a new song for karaoke

Even though you know you'll forget the lyrics once you get up on stage.

53. Dance like no one is watching!

Record it and watch it later with your friends to get a good laugh.

54. Look for birthday or Christmas gifts

Let your friends help you decide on what gifts to get others.

55. Do a sudoku puzzle

Make sure it's a hard sudoku puzzle since you'll have your friends to help you.

56. Try writing with the opposite hand

You and your friends will be rolling on the floor from laughter after trying to read all the horrible handwriting.

9 Productive Things To Do At Home

Being stuck at home can put you in a depressing and unmotivated mood. The best things to do at home to heal your bad mood are productive things.

One productive task will lead to the next, and you'll be feeling motivated and energized before you know it!

57. Fix something around your home

Like that toilet in your second bathroom that's been clogged for ages...

58. Clean trash cans with soap and water

Something we often neglect to do when changing the trash bag.

59. Host a movie night

And add a theme to make it all the more fun.

60. Make a zen garden

A calming project you'll really enjoy putting time into.

61. Organize your spice cabinet

So you'll be able to actually see and identify all your spices.

62. Rearrange your furniture

This can make it feel like you're in a new place.

63. Clean your windows

Yes, the outside too.

64. Clean out and restock your fridge

It's best to do this when your fridge is nearly empty.

65. Dust hard-to-reach areas

Those ceiling fans collect dust before you've even realized it.

8 Productive Things To Do With Friends

Having a list of productive things to do with friends can make you the man (or woman) with the plan amongst your friends.

66. Attend a free concert in your town

Your friends will appreciate an outing where they won't have to spend so much.

67. Attend an open house event even if you’re not buying

Window shopping for houses! You never know, you might even find your dream home.

68. Paint your bedroom walls

With friends around, this will feel more like an activity instead of a hard task.

69. Set up a donation drive

Help a local non-profit organization. One that you're passionate about.

70. Learn Public Speaking

Practice in front of your friends even if they can't take you seriously.

71. Take up strength training

You can do this right at home, and if you're a beginner, start with your own bodyweight.

72. Go for a hike

Find the best hiking spots and amaze your friends.

73. Join an outdoor fitness class

If you aren't really into fitness, try an outdoor fitness class -- it might just change your opinion.

10 Productive Yet Also Adventurous Things To Do

Adventurous things to do don't always have to be provoking or dangerous, they can actually be productive if you set out on the right adventures.

74. Explore the great outdoors

Get out there and go sight seeing!

75. Take a self-defense class

You never know when this skill will come in handy.

76. Consider a career change

Not satisfied with your job? Don't be afraid of a big change.

77. Dine out at a Fancy Restaurant

Pamper yourself once in a while, you deserve it.

78. Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride

Even if you're afraid of heights, this is one exhilarating adventure you shouldn't miss out on.

79. Try out as many new cuisines as you can

Think about all the tasty food you're missing out on.

80. Go on a last minute road trip

Road trips can help you forget about all that stress on your mind.

81. Become a face reader

And you'll be that much closer to mind reading.

82. Learn a new skill

Like learning to moonwalk or twirling a baton.

83. Create a capsule wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe can help you dress for success everyday.

8 Productive Things To Do Over The Summer

Alas, summer time has come and all you want to do is lounge on the beach and eat ice cream. Why not, instead, come up with productive things to do over the summer? You'll still be able to have a good time while getting things done.

84. Eat a healthy snack

Summer time comes with a lot of unhealthy snacks, but just think about all the delicious, healthy foods that grow around this season.

85. Go Skinny Dipping

Hopefully when no one's around...

86. Take a Horse Carriage Ride

We all like to experience that Cinderella magic.

87. Find Temporary Work

People are always taking time off in the summer, so there's plenty of opportunities for temp jobs.

88. Try some no-bake cake recipes

This is perfect for those hot summer days when you don't want to wait on a burning oven.

89. Try some smoothie recipes

Smoothies are the unofficial drinks of summer.

90. Visit a pool for a fun swimming session

This is the best way to work out in the summer -- staying cool while working a sweat.

91. Make homemade ice cream

It beats waiting in those long lines at the ice cream shop.

12 Productive Things To Do On A Sunday

Sunday, better known as the 'lazy day', is one day where no one wants to do anything. However, you'll be surprised to know that there's still plenty of productive things to do on a Sunday without making too much of an effort.

92. Read the entire newspaper

Reading the news is more beneficial to you than watching the news.

93. Read a book

There's no better way to spend a relaxing Sunday evening.

94. Facetime with friends and family

Everyone has time to chat on Sunday, so give them video call.

95. Catch up on your sleep

Had an exhausting week? Use your Sunday to sleep in until you can't stand to be in bed any longer.

96. Meditate

Start your week in a spiritual, calming manner.

97. Make your grocery list in advance

Using your Sunday to save time during the weekdays is brilliant.

98. Take a no tech day

Use Sunday as a day off from everything -- including technology.

99. Vacuum

There's something oddly satisfying about vacuuming that makes it the perfect Sunday chore.

100. Learn keyboard shortcuts

Whether you're speeding up your desktop productivity or boosting your efficiency in a creative program like those from Adobe, keyboard shortcuts will always come in handy later.

101. Learn to Play an Instrument

Guitars are famous for being easy to learn, but difficult to master. Pick up just a few chords, and you'll be able to entertain friends and family with ease.

102. Back up your phone and computer

Doubling up on personal and professional documents will save you from your next potential emergency.

103. Change your hair color!

Choosing a "normal" color may be a small adventure -- but what about the possibilities of even wilder colors like blue, green, or purple?

Downloadable and Printable List of Productive Things To Do

Here is a downloadable and printable list of productive things to do (right click and select Save Image As...):

How to Pick The Best Productive Things To Do

The best productive tasks will leave you with a sense of achievement and pride, which will allow you to get more done. So, how exactly do you know which tasks are best for you so that you're able to feel this way?

1. Begin With Choosing Fun Tasks

If you want to start being productive, going the easy route is your best bet. When you choose productive tasks that you enjoy doing, you'll be easily motivated to get more done.

2. Pick Tasks that involve others

Getting things done with friends can make a chore seem like a fun activity, and with more people helping, you'll be able to get more done quicker.

3. Choose beneficial tasks

All productive tasks will be beneficial to you because you'll feel better getting things done. However, there are those things like helping others, or making money that stand out from the rest.

4. Consider Your Location

Productivity can happen any time and any place -- and you can always start wherever you're at. At home, outdoors, or anywhere else, the most productive choice for when you're bored is often the one that's closest at hand.

5. Choose Based on Your Energy Levels

Try to start productivity projects based on how energetic you're feeling in the moment. If you're bored and have plenty of restless energy, exercise is a great choice. But if you're bored and tired, think about reading a book or watching a documentary instead.

6. Think About What You Already Have

Getting into the habit of starting productive routines always begins with what you already have. With nothing more than paper and pencil or a word processor, you can get started on new organizational habits right now.

More Awesome Things To Do

This list of productive things to do has probably encouraged you to get more things done. If so, then here are some more awesome things to do for different occasions.

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In Conclusion

Hopefully, this list of productive things to do can help you amp up your productivity and keep you from wasting time doing unproductive things like reading memes or watching cat videos all day.

So, the next time you have some time on your hands, spend it wisely and get to being productive.