In this post, I'm teaching you how to make a girl happy.

If you ask me what gives me feelings of power, it's being able to make a girl smile. Even better if I can make her laugh.

If you have no idea how to make a girl laugh, don't fret because I know all the tricks to make a woman happy, from acing your first date to the best Valentine's Day ideas.

This guide on how to make a girl happy is guaranteed to get you a lot of boyfriend points.


Why Is Knowing How To Make A Girl Happy, So Important?

It is important to know how to make a woman happy simply because it creates a happy relationship.

One of the greatest lessons my father has taught me about love is this: true love is a give-and-take situation. If you think winning the girl is enough to live happily ever after, think again.

Like any other relationship, a romantic relationship requires commitment and consistent effort. It doesn't always have to be a grand romantic gesture. Even the little things you do for her are enough to make your girl smile.

A successful relationship is one where you both put in the same amount of effort to make your relationship work, keep each other happy, and find new ways to fall in love.

20 Things To Make Your Girl Happy And Keep Her Interested

Now, I know not all women are the same, but I do know that it doesn't take much to make them happy. Here's the thing, women are sentimental beings, and if you want to make your girlfriend happy, you got to bank on that simple fact.

And as Elvis Presley would say, "I love only one girl," you got to make her feel like she's the only woman in your life. That is the key to making her happy.

If you're running out of ways to show her affection, doing these sweet things will make you her favorite person in the world.

#1: Tell her you love her.

This one is for girls whose love language is words of affirmation. These types of women feel most loved when their beau tells them things like, "I love you," "I appreciate you," or "you mean the world to me."

Do you know what the best part is? There are so many creative ways to say I love you! "I am crazy about you." 'I am head over heels in love with you." "You are the love of my life."

You can even say it in a different language. Women find that sexy.

#2: Leave cute notes to make her smile.

Women are crazy for love letters and sweet words written on sticky notes. Even my girlfriend loves them, so I make sure to leave a love message for her often.

You can even make it more interesting by making a scavenger hunt out of it. Leave cute notes on random places, so she'll always be surprised when she sees one.

#3: Compliment her.

Women love being flattered, especially when compliments are coming from their boyfriends.

I know guys don't like being mushy and all but for the sake of keeping your relationship happy, try coming up with cute things to say to her, even if you're not the wordy type of guy.

Aside from physical compliments, you could also say things like, "You're even more beautiful in the morning," "You're even sexy when you're bossy," "Even when you're grouchy, I love you," or "Your cooking is amazing."

#4: Build relations with the important people in her life.

Building a relationship with the girl you love also means building a relationship with the people she loves.

If you want to show her your love, nothing will do it better than by making time and effort to get to know the important people in her life.

Plus, if you're on their good side, you can always ask for their help whenever you'd need to plan a surprise for her or extra help when trying to make up for a fight.

#5: Respect her.

If you don't know how to respect a girl, don't get a girlfriend.

If you need to ask, here are a few pointers: no means no, don't cheat on her, don't curse at her, don't lay a finger on her, and always honor your promises.

#6: Remember the little things.

Women are masters of remembering stuff, and forgetting about a very important detail, no matter how small, is a big crime in the world of women.

You got to remember the date of your anniversary, her birthday, her favorite flowers, her favorite food, her favorite song to listen to in the morning, and even the name of her first childhood pet.

I know that's a lot, but that's women for you, gentlemen.

#7: Surprise her.

Women seem to love novelty as much as men so I'm sure it would make your girlfriend happy if you plan a surprise for her. Here's a tip, when planning a surprise, think of her favorite thing in the world and figure out a way to make it even better for her.

#8: Communicate your feelings.

A guy not communicating enough is perhaps one of the most common problems in a long term relationship. What if I told you that emotional intimacy is the key to physical intimacy?

#9: Give her space without jealousy.

Spending some time apart from each other is also good for a relationship. It prevents codependency and gives you both space to pursue each other's interests.

#10: Make sure she feels secure in the relationship.

Women need a lot more reassurance than men because they are emotional and territorial beings. If you want to keep your S.O. a happy girl, you have to ensure she's getting all the love she can get in your relationship.

#11: Spoil her.

Women appreciate every little effort you put into your relationship, so it really doesn't have to be all about buying her material gifts. The best way to spoil your girl is to show affection through her love language.

#12: Do stuff without being asked.

Being able to read a woman's mind is a prerequisite for any successful relationship. It's a mystery to me, too, but it is what it is, gentlemen.

#13: Cook her breakfast.

Who doesn't love waking up to freshly brewed coffee and hot off-the-pan eggs and toast? They're even better when cooked by a significant other. Plus, cooking is no easy feat, so making her one is going to send a strong love message.

#14: Go on date nights.

Women love date nights because they get to glam themselves up and wear pretty dresses, so it's always a good idea to treat her to a good time once in a while. There are a lot of creative date night ideas that you could try, but the one you'll both enjoy is always the best.

#15: Always include her in your decisions.

Being in a long term relationship also means thinking for two. Unlike when you're single, you have to think about how your actions will affect your relationship. The most important thing to remember is that if only one of you is going to be happy about a decision, then it's probably not the best option.

#16: Don't pressure her.

Women already go through a lot of pressures in their life, and their romantic relationship really shouldn't be one of them. A high-value man is a respectful man.

#17: Show her physical affection.

Do you know why touch is so important in a romantic relationship? It's because touch triggers the release of oxytocin in our body- a hormone responsible for helping us develops bonds with the people we interact with. If your relationship lacks physical intimacy, you probably don't touch each other enough.

#18: Make her laugh.

Women love funny guys. If you need proof, just look at Pete Davidson. Have you seen the girls he has dated? I mean, that guy is top-tier. Knowing a handful of cute jokes for her always goes a long way.

#19: Earn her trust.

If there's no trust, there's no love. If you don't already have that in your relationship, you're going to have a hard time keeping your girl happy. How do you earn a woman's trust, you ask. Easy. Be reliable. Be there when she needs you, honor your promises, and treat her right.

#20: Ask what she needs.

Women always consider it a nice thing when a guy is thoughtful enough to ask her what she needs. I know it seems like such a simple thing, but it really says a lot about your character.

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Downloadable and Printable List of Things To Do To Make A Girl Happy

Here is a downloadable and printable jpg/pdf list of things to do to make a girl happy (right-clicked the image and select Save Image As...):

Why Women Turn Away and Lose Interest: 3 Things to Avoid

Women are really patient beings, but once they're done with you, they're done with you for good. If you think you've found a keeper, knowing these non-negotiables will keep you from being dumped.

#1: Inconsistency.

Inconsistency breeds doubt, and doubt always breeds a weak relationship. If your mood and actions are always unpredictable, your girlfriend will have difficulty opening up to you and feeling a connection toward you.

#2: Cheating.

Cheating is always a bad idea and leaves you on the losing end, so it's not really something you should even dare try.

#3: Not respecting her.

Respect begets respect, and successful relationships are built on mutual trust and respect. You got to be the guy who sets the bar so high that no other guy can amount to it.

5 Benefits of Having A Healthy Relationship With Your Partner

Only a crazy man would wish for a toxic partner. Life is already hard enough, and the last thing you'd want is to start an unhealthy attachment with a woman. Like Jay-Z would say, "I've got 99 problems, but a witch ain't one."

#1: Healthy relationships encourage personal growth.

I've been in a lot of immature relationships to understand that life isn't like the movies- our love lives included. Contrary to popular belief, you're not supposed to be exactly like your partner. A healthy romantic relationship is where you love each other enough to understand that true love is also about helping each other be the best version of yourselves.

#2: Positive relationships add meaning to our life.

A positive and healthy relationship will always turn your life for the better, and a bad one will drain every zest you have for life. This is why it's important to choose your people wisely. If she's not adding value to your life, she's not the one, bro.

#3: Healthy relationships can decrease stress and lead to a longer life.

A healthy relationship is proven to provide biological benefits such as a lower blood pressure level and a stronger immune system. Basically, having the right girl by your side is also good for you physically and mentally.

#4: Social support in life.

Of course, having the right girl by your side also adds an extra foundation to your support system, keeping you motivated and brave for any challenge fate will throw at you.

#5: A greater sense of purpose.

A keeper with a beautiful smile is enough to keep you inspired for life. Healthy love and lots of warm cuddles can certainly help you move mountains.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still trying to figure out how to sweep a girl off her feet? Here are more tips to keep you on top of your wooing game.

How do I make a girl trust me?

You make a girl trust you through consistency, time, and a lot of patience. As I said, you got to make a woman feel like she can rely on you. There will be a lot of wooing involved, and you're certainly expected to keep all your promises but keeping your girl happy is always worth it.

How can I make my relationship more fun?

Trying new things together has always been the best way to keep a romantic relationship fun and full of life. In fact, a study has found that novelty triggers the same areas of the brain as the early stages of romance. This is why doing something new every now and then with your significant other effectively reignites feelings of passion.

What makes a girl happy in a relationship?

Didn't I cover that? If you want to keep a girl happy, be sure to follow through with your words. You don't want to be just a romancer. You have to be THE guy who keeps his word.

What should I do if I have a jealous girlfriend?

The best way to deal with a jealous girlfriend is through reassurance. Affirm her with words and show her she can trust you through your actions. If that doesn't work and turns toxic, it's more of a personal issue than a "you issue."

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In Conclusion

Now that you know how to make a girl happy and how to make a girl laugh, you're only one step closer to becoming the ultimate dream boy.

The next time an oblivious guy asks you how to make a girl happy, remember to share this article with him. Help a brother out.