"Does she love me?", you ask yourself this question, when thinking about building a strong relationship with your significant other or simply how to get a girlfriend, love tends to be one of the main ingredients if it is going to last.

However, Love can be a complicated thing for many.

One of the main reasons behind it being complicated is it can be extremely difficult to understand the signs of how the other feels when in love.

In addition to worrying about how to tell a girl you love her, it’s human nature to wonder if she even feels the same way about you.

When it comes to love, women can be remarkably secretive, and it takes them time to admit how they feel. But if you thoroughly examine their behavior, they do leave some signs that reveal how they feel.

So, instead of wondering “Does she love me?”, learn how to read the signs that might indicate if she does.

Also, it is interesting to note that ladies tend to expect their men to identify such signs of love and approach them with a proposal.

I recommend reading through all of these 14 signs to find your absolute favorites and answer your question, "Does she love me?"... but if you’re looking for something specific, you can click the links below to jump to that section:

14 Biggest Signs To Tell If She Loves You

Many men are scared of talking to women about their feelings or are afraid to open up about love because they are not confident of the response they will receive.

It is time to get rid of that fear and clear any doubt you might have, does she love me or not, by looking for these signs.

1. She Worries About You.

When a woman loves you she’s concerned about your safety and well being. She will be worried when you get hurt or when you have problems. She would also want to be there for you when you need her the most.

2. She Shows Signs of Jealousy.

Pay attention to her attitude.

If it is noticeable that her attitude is affected when you are around other women, she just might be jealous. If there is one clue which indicates that she is afraid of losing you and that you are important to her, this is it.

Beware of too much jealousy. That is not good, but a dose of jealousy is a sign that a girl loves you.

3. She Shows Interest in Your Personal Life.

You can tell if a girl loves you if she prioritizes the things that matter to you. She will remember important events such as your birthday.

She will make it her duty to remember the important events in your life and know your hobbies and interests.

4. She Always Makes Time for You.

In a world where so much is battling for our attention, if she always seem to have time for you it is clear how she feels. Don’t take for granted that she’s always free to talk or to spend time with you.

Everyone has plans and things to do so if she always has time for you it is because she makes the time. Don’t take that lightly.

5. She Hates Being Away From You for Long Periods

If you haven’t communicated with her for an extended period and she seems frustrated or irritated that says a lot.

It says that she really missed you and it’s hard to move on with everyday life without you being a part of it.

This is a strong sign that she loves you.

6. She Takes Caring to New Levels

A girl that loves you won’t have boundaries about how much she cares about you. She will be extremely concerned about all aspects of your life and well being.

Much like a mother’s love, she will be happy when you’re happy and sad when you are.

7. She’s Your Cheerleader

It’s clear she loves you if she is there supporting your plans and ideas on how you’re going to achieve your goals and encourage you when you come up short.

When a woman loves you she'll be in your corner believing in you to succeed at whatever you try.

8. She Always Speaks Highly of You.

If she honors you with her words it shows that she cares about your feelings. She will speak politely to you and also publicly protect your reputation because she cares and loves who you are.

She will not slander or say mean things about you even when she is angry.

9. She Goes out of Her Way to Make You Smile

If she calls for an impromptu date, shows up to your work with lunch or coffee or randomly calls or texts to see how your day is going, she’s putting in extra effort to let you know that she loves you and is thinking about you.

She might surprise you with tickets to your favorite show, prepares your favorite meal or simply take care of something you wanted to get done.

She’s displaying her love for you.

10. She Remembers Small Details About You

A woman that is deeply interested in you will remember the little details about you that you sometimes might not even remember.

This shows that you hold a very important place in her life and she loves you.

She might remember everything from your favorite clothes brand, color, music and food.

11. She Tries to Impress You

When a girl keeps trying to impress you, take note.

By doing this she wants you to be pleased with having her around and to ensure you see what you will be missing out on if you don’t go after her on another level.

It shows that she loves you and tries to impress you by being the best version of herself whenever she’s in your presence.

12. You’re Her Best Friend.

Among her friend and family, she decides to choose you as the person she comes to when she needs to talk.

She shares everything with you and she is comfortable enough to be her true self. This says a lot about the feelings she has for you. She loves you and wants you to play an important role in her life.

13. She Celebrates Your Victories (no matter how small)

Did you get an A in class? Triple your bench-press score at the gym? She will be as excited as you are about your victories. She might even make a fuss over them and tell you how awesome you are.

14. She Says the Magic Words

If you’re looking for the ultimate sign that a woman loves you, look no further than this.

When she says the three magic words “I love you”.

It doesn’t get any clearer than this. She is wearing her heart on her sleeve and does so boldly knowing that you have the power to reject or embrace her.

When a woman does this she has been in love with you for awhile and can’t bear to keep her emotions concealed any longer.

Many women tend to just give hints so if you’re fortunate enough to have a woman come out and tell you that she loves you, cherish her because she’s rare.

How to Tell If She Loves You: 3 Steps

With all the possible signs that a girl might show that may indicate her love for you...

1. Constant Communication.

By doing this you will have a good idea how she feels based on her feedback.

2. Be Observant.

Pay attention to everything; her body language, tone and choice of words to be able to tell if she loves you.

3. Take a Step Back and Evaluate the Relationship.

This is where you try to look at things from her point of view. Try to see how she fits you into her life, introduces you to her family and friends etc. This step helps you to see if she is preparing and planning to have you in her life for the long term.

More Steps On How To Get The Girl

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In Conclusion

So, even while you’re caught up on how to tell a girl you love her, it’s okay to wonder does she love me.

In a world where love is viewed as complicated because it might be difficult to know if your significant other feels the same way you can put your mind at ease and stop asking yourself "Does she love me?" by looking for signs that indicates her love for you.

It takes time, patience and a bit of observation so if you’re curious about how to get a girlfriend or how to make your relationship last, this is definitely a great start.