Gentlemen, today we’re showing you exactly what girls find attractive and the 5 biggest turn ons for women.

You’re probably here because you’ve got your eye on a girl and you’re wondering: What do girls find irresistibly attractive? What can you do, today? Should you buy new clothes? Should you hit the gym? Should you just stop trying?

Hoooold on there!

You haven’t even gotten started yet. Women may seem cryptic, but with a couple of strategic moves and slight adjustments to your lifestyle, you can get any woman vying for your attention.

So sit back, relax.

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What is this?

The 5 Biggest TURN ONS For Women - THIS is EXACTLY What Girls Find Attractive

The 5 Biggest Turn Ons for Women

5. You Escape The Trends

Pull out your pens and pencils boys and girls, cause we got a new concept for ya.

Everything, from style to politics, from entertainment to music, follows a cyclical trend. Including you. To some degree, everybody is influenced by stuff of the past. While also being shaped by what’s happening right now, with what we want to happen in the future.

Now, keep it together. Everything is fine.

This is normal and without any external influences, you miss out some fun things like social skills, things in common with other people, or a personality.

Heeere’s what we’re getting at.

Escaping the trend is ultimately about doing your own thing, and the reason why it’s such a biggest turn ons for women, is because so many guys get caught up in a certain wave, lose track of themselves, and get boxed in to a certain personality.

For women, it can end up feeling like they’re talking to the same type of guy over... and over and over.

All we’re sayin’? If you keep your eye on what matters, women tend to keep an eye on you.

4. Being Process-Focused

It probably doesn’t come as big news that girls like guys who set goals. The ambition, the drive, the singular focus...

It’s intoxicating. For you and whoever’s watching. We know we are!

Except the only thing is, and there’s just one small detail, is that the fun part, visualizing your goal, actually only lasts for a minute... that’s it!

And what’s left, is everything you now have to do to reach that goal. It’s the stuff in between you and the finish line that really matters. It’s the motivation without the discipline to follow through that causes guys to just say “eh”... and settle.

Aaaaand bringing it all back. Girls see a lot of plans. They even see a lot of passion behind ideas. But what they don’t see, are guys who are oriented on the process and comfortable with the work of making things happen.

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3. Have Some Skin In The Game

Having some skin in the game means you’ve got something to gain, and something to lose in what you do. It means you’re playing for real. It means you don’t go after the glory without also taking responsibility.

And the reason why it’s what girls find attractive, is because they don’t encounter it all that often. A lot of guys out there, aren’t willing to start something new if it means they stand to lose something. For some reason, they expect gains without the possibility of loss. Almost like they don’t play by the same rules as everyone else.

Well, women catch on to that quick.

If you think about it, “no skin in the game” comes with a lot stuff women don’t want: It’s greed, cowardice and entitlement all rolled up into one big fatty.

Want to turn a woman on? Put your neck out there for what you believe in. She’ll notice.

2. Layered Flirtation

Most of you guys know that flirting can be a lot easier in theory, than in practice. That’s because successful flirtation is mostly situational.

The more you dig in to flirting and the psychology behind it, the more you see how many variables there are to keep track of. However, there is one method of flirtation that is a constant. And the reason why it works so well, is because she does the flirting for you.

Real quick, some girls, sometimes, do want you to come on strong. That’s called superficial flirtation. If she’s making it clear that’s what she wants, have some fun with it. Keep it surface level and follow her lead.

As long as she’s game, go for it. But what we’re talking about here is layered flirtation, and it’s actually pretty simple: Instead of just firing off easy compliments that any random could say, allude to what you’re thinking through your conversation. Instead of complimenting her overtly, flatter her with questions or assumptions that lead her to see how you see her.

An example might be a question on a smart decision she made at work, or trying to understand something she’s good at.

Make sense? It’s all about subtext.

It’ll take some time to practice, but we promise that once you get used to this kind of flirtation, you’ll see just how effective it is.

1. Sacrifice Your Shield

Vulnerability is kind of a sensitive subject to some guys. By definition, vulnerability is associated with defenselessness. But if that’s true, then it’s also got to associated with being on the offense. After all, you gotta sacrifice your shield to gain a little maneuverability.

Here’s what we mean: Ever notice that some guys are just really stiff? They have trouble loosening up. Trouble smiling, trouble laughing, stuff like that.

Now, they’ve got their reasons. But if you’ve ever watched as a guy like that slowly let his guard down, you probably saw a complete shift in how people, especially girls, interacted with him. It’s because instead of defending, he’s engaging. It’s all girls want.

Ok, not all.

It’s a big part of what girls find attractive and a biggest turn ons for women. It won’t solve every problem, but it’s a good start.

So get out there and give it a shot.

In Conclusion

Those were 5 of the biggest turn ons for women.

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