There are a lot of empty promises made nowadays (these shoes will make you run faster… this energy bar will make you 1000x more energetic… this one trick will make you infinitely more productive). Right?

…But I’m not ‘advertising’ a miracle product that will change your entire life in an instant. I’m simply letting you know that dressing better can powerfully influence people’s perception of you, and that can open up more opportunities for you to succeed.

Now… I get it:

As a confident, classic man, you don’t dress to please other people. But here’s the thing:

By dressing your best (as yourself, but as your best self), you can highly influence the way that people think of you… including people that you really want to like you, like:

  • Women (your current wife/girlfriend or new women will be more sexually attracted to you)
  • Bosses (you’ll be more likeable, and more likely to get promoted)
  • Peers (you’ll be able to make better connections, since you’ll be perceived as smarter, more competent, and more trustworthy)

…Now, if that sounds too good to be true (like those promises above), remember this:

All of these 7 benefits are strongly backed by numerous studies (16 studies, to be exact), which you can read all about in our original post here.

With that, below, I’m going to show you the 7 proven reasons why you need to start dressing well.

reasons to dress well infographic

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In Conclusion

I get it:

Dressing well costs a little bit more money, and takes a bit more time... but when you look at its powerful benefits, why wouldn't you? Do yourself a favor and up your style game today.