We've all heard the promises before:

Use this simple trick and you'll automatically become 10x more productive... eat this miracle fruit and you'll lose 10 lbs. in a week... wear these revolutionary shoes and you'll instantly be able to jump twice as high.

...And we all know:

When something sounds too good to be true... it normally is.

But here's the thing:

There is one relatively simple adjustment you can make, that's been backed by countless studies, that can:

  • Make you appear smarter, more competent and more trustworthy
  • Make you more attractive to women (sexually and as relationship material)
  • Help you get a job and help you make more money at your job

What is this incredible adjustment?

Dressing well.

...And to be clear:

Each and every bullet point above (and every claim I make below) is completely backed by research. To put this another way, not only are the claims in the article not too good to be true... but I'm going to show you the studies to prove each one of them.

With that, below, I'm going to show you 7 proven reasons why you need to start dressing well.

What is this?

7 SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN Benefits of Dressing Well (Surprising Data) - Why You NEED to Dress BETTER
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7 Proven Reasons You Need To Dress Well

My goal with this article is to convince you that you need to dress well...

...and to do this, I show you the incredible results of the numerous studies that have been done comparing men who dress well to those who don't.


You can see the number of studies that back each claim in the numbered heading (#1 - #7)... and can even click the "source" hyperlink to see the actual study.

Here are 7 proven reasons and benefits of being a well-dressed man according to studies:

7. If you're physically attractive, your life will be easier (7 studies)

It's a simple, yet unavoidable truth:

If you're attractive, your life will be easier.

Society has conditioned us to subconsciously perceive attractive people differently (and more favorably).

For example:

Studies show that... attractive people are perceived as more sociable, happier and more successful than unattractive people... source  that attractive people, particularly men, are perceived as more competent than unattractive people... source  and that attractive people are perceived as more trustworthy than unattractive people. sourceNow:

How (exactly) does this translate into their lives becoming easier?

It means that they're more likely to receive help from strangers... source  that they're more likely to get a job after having been interviewed... source  and that their job performances tend to be rated higher. sourceAnd get this:

On average, attractive people even make more over the lifetime of their careers... around $230,000 more. source

Pretty crazy, right?

Now, you might be thinking:

I thought this article was about dressing well... I was born with this body type... this facial structure... these eyes...

...I can't make myself more physically attractive... so why should I keep reading?

Because studies show that by dressing well, you gain a positive effect incredibly similar to what you gain by actually being physically attractive (see reason 6 for these studies).

6. You can improve your physical attractiveness by improving your "clothing attractiveness" (2 studies)

Back in 2009, the Home Economics Research Journal conducted a study to test the influence of "clothing attractiveness".

They asked participants to rate the competence, work comfort, and sociability of six different models (three who wore attractive clothing and three who wore attractive clothing). The researchers found that the models in attractive clothing were perceived more positively than those in unattractive clothing...

...and as a result, they concluded that "clothing attractiveness" can have an incredibly similar positive effect to that of actual physical attractiveness. sourceNow:

To illustrate the effectiveness and importance of "clothing attractiveness", check this out:

Opinion Research Corporation together with Men's Health surveyed more than 1,000 women in an attempt to, "identify, quantify, and rank the traits that make a man "hot" to women."

...And guess what they ranked as the most important physical attribute of a man?

His sense of style.

It ranked higher than a handsome face, muscular build, his height, and even his fitness!

In other words... sense of style, something that you have complete control over, is the most important physical trait that makes you attractive to women. sourceWhat's the bottom line?

The easiest way to become more physically attractive, and gain all the benefits from reason #7 above, is to simply dress well.

5. Elegant clothing makes you more sexually attractive (1 study)

Do you like when women are sexually attracted to you?

Yes? Well check this out:

The Journal of Psychology conducted a study where female participants viewed images of attractive male models in three different socioeconomic-status outfits (low, medium and high). The participants were then asked to rate each of the model's attractiveness.


What the researchers found was that the high socioeconomic status outfit "significantly affected women's ratings of attractiveness."

And it gets better:

They also found that outfit status had a strong effect on a woman's willingness to enter into a wide range of relationship types (from marriage to casual sex). sourceWhat's the bottom line?

By being well dressed, you instantly become more attractive (sexually and as relationship material) to women. 

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4. Being fashionable helps you make a better first impression (1 study)

Three researchers from North East London Polytechnic wanted to answer a basic question:

Does clothing influence first impressions?

To answer their question, they conducted a simple yet effective study:

An experimenter would approach individuals and ask them if they were willing to help them with an advertising survey. The experimenter wore two different outfits (one smartly dressed and one untidily dressed) and tracked the number of individuals who agreed or refused based on each outfit.

What they found was incredible:

  • Older men agreed 23% more to a well-dressed man.
  • Older women agreed 73% more to a well-dressed man.
  • Younger women agreed 98% more to a well-dressed man. source

What's the bottom line?

Dressing well will help you make a considerably better first impression.

This means you're more likely to make a good first impression when you approach women... have a job interview... meet significant other's parents... and everywhere in between.

3. Dressing well increases your chances of being hired and more likely to get promoted (2 studies)

In 1985 study published in The Journal of Social Psychology, four researchers wanted to determine the influence of clothing and physical attractiveness of applicants during the interview process.

They surveyed 227 participants, asking them whether applicants of low, medium or high attractiveness, who were dressed either appropriately or inappropriately, should be hired for a position.

And the results were just what you'd expect:

Both physical attractiveness and being more appropriately dressed positively influenced the hiring decision. source  So... just by being well dressed you can increase your chances of getting a job.

And get this:

In a CareerBuilder survey of almost 3,000 employers, 41% of employers said that they are more likely to give promotions to individuals who wear professional attire. sourceWhat's the bottom line?

Dressing well will not only increase your chances of being hired, but may even help you make more at your job.

2. Proper styling of clothes makes you seem smarter (1 study)

In 1991, the Clothing and Textiles Research Journal conducted a study titled Influence of Dress on Perception of Intelligence and Expectations of Scholastic Achievement.

The study included over 900 students and teachers in Ohio and found that both students and teacher assumed that students wearing dressier, nicer clothes had both:

  1. A higher IQ
  2. Higher grades source

What's the bottom line?

By just dressing well, you'll be perceived as more intelligent to others.

1. Being well dressed positively influences how you think of yourself (2 studies)


Reasons #2 - #7 illustrate the importance of dressing better to improve other's perception of you...

...but to me, the most convincing reason to dress better:

It positively affects the way you think about yourself!

This is due to what is called "enclothed cognition", a term used to describe "the influence that clothes have on the wearer's psychological processes".

The power of enclothed cognition can be seen from these two studies:

Study #1

In a 2012 study published in The Journal of Experimental Science, researchers gave the same white coat to two groups of participants. They told one group that they were wearing a doctor's coat and the other group that they were wearing a painter's coat.

Guess what they found?

The group who thought they were wearing a doctor's coat had "increased sustained attention." source

Study #2

In 2007, The Human Resources Development Quarterly published a similar study, where participants wore suits and then, while wearing the suits, were asked their self-perception. Participants said that while wearing the suit they felt, "most authoritative, trustworthy, and competent."

An author of the study, Abraham Rutchick, stated, "Putting on formal clothes makes us feel powerful, and that changes the basic way we see the world." sourceWhat's the bottom line?

The clothes you wear can even change the way you think about yourself...

...and if you wear nicer clothes, you'll feel more authoritative, powerful, trustworthy and competent.

In Conclusion

These 7 studies illustrate and prove the power of dressing well.

So... to gain these 7 incredible benefits in your life, ditch your baggy jeans and T-shirt and up your style.

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For more studies on why you need to dress well, see here.