Gentlemen, today we’re showing you 7 powerful ways how to make your crush like you and win her over once and for all.

Knowing how to make your crush like you can be a bit of an enigma, wrapped in a mystery, inside of a puzzle. Some guys may take years to crack the code... But there is always a way!

By knowing what girls like, and how you, yourself. can possess those qualities, you’ll be on target to make a lasting impression on just about any girl you meet.

Sound good? Alright, let’s get into it.

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How To Make Your Crush Like You - 7 INSTANT Ways To Impress The GIRL You Like

7 Ways How to Make Your Crush Like You

7. Seek and Destroy

One of the most attractive things you can do, and our first step in learning how to make your crush like you, is admitting that you aren’t perfect. But wait... isn’t attracting girls about being best? Why would you admit you’re not perfect?

That sounds like a slippery slope. No thanks! But hang on.

Because recognizing that you have room to grow and identifying those ways to improve yourself... Is exactly how you go from zero to hero. This is a strategy that’s tried and true: Find your weaknesses, acknowledge your shortcomings, and eliminate them.

Not only will this actually get you closer to perfection, but to your crush, it’ll be undeniable proof that you are a man of real confidence.

6. Nerd Out

Maybe it’s craft beer, or jazz drums or the plotlines of the Marvel Universe... Everybody’s got that thing that they really nerd out over.

Well what if I told you that women love when you’re an expert in the things you’re passionate about.

See... One of the habits women love is passion, and even if the girl you’re talking to isn’t into the same things you like, she’ll still appreciate your focus, enthusiasm and vulnerability you show by opening up about your interests.

So, unless you have an… unappetizing passion, being an expert in your thing helps you find women with similar interests, and increases your chances of finding someone you really click with.

5. Be a Classic Man

The classic man is an all-arounder who seems either to have done it all before, or knows how to get everything done now. This is the kind of guy who can be an athlete when it counts, and a scholar when it suits him. His mom loves him and Ryan? That guy freakin’ hates him.

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4. Don’t Fake It

When you’re first getting to know a girl you have a crush on... The desire to use tricks to get girls to chase you can sometimes lead guys to act like someone they’re not... And that’s bad news.

Now, as a relationship progresses, it’s natural for personalities to open up and for people to become a little more, let’s say, honest.

Getting comfortable with each other is good, but if the person you become is so far off from the person you represented yourself as in the beginning, then boy, you got problems.

So what should you do? Easy. Don’t sacrifice your integrity to impress a girl. It won’t pay off. Instead, just be the real dude you know you are, and you won’t have to worry about being someone you’re not.

3. Do The Work

It shouldn’t surprise that if you want to learn how to make a girl fall in love with you... You’re going to have to put in some work.

Relationships are give and take, and showing her you understand that by putting in some work... helps her imagine herself in a relationship with you.

So what does doing the work look like? It’s actually pretty simple... Just by doing common sense things like making time to spend her, trying new things with her, and putting in the effort to get to know her and the things she cares about, you’ll impress her by pretty much just being a decent person, and help her imagine how great being with you will be.

2. Flirt

Flirting, it’s supposed to be fun... But so often it’s just stressful!

What counts as flirting? How can you make sure she knows you’re flirting? When does flirting sometimes feel creepy?

Don’t freak out! We’re gonna make it real simple so that you can make flirting fun again. Flirting is just treating your crush differently than you’d treat a friend. It could be the way you pass the sugar when you get coffee, or a joke you whisper to her in a crowd.

As long as you’re treating her like she’s special, and as long as you keep it playful and light, you’re flirting!

1. Make Her Laugh

We know, basic, right? But the facts don’t lie,laughter is your secret weapon when it comes to getting your crush to like you.

So what’s the trick to making funnies? It’s easier than you’d think. Just don’t be afraid, to swing and miss. That’s it!

No one knocks em out of the park every time. But it’s the commitment that matters most.

In Conclusion

Those are the ways how to make your crush like you and impress girls by bringing out your best self.

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