Do you want women to be attracted to you (sexually or otherwise)?

I'm guessing the answer is yes... so here are two facts you need to know:

Fact #1: The physical attribute that women find 'sexiest' in a man... is his sense of style (this ranked higher than a handsome face, muscular build, height, and even fitness!) sourceFact #2: By being well dressed, you instantly become more sexually attractive to women. source

Pretty crazy, right?

Now... that might not come as a shock to you (since it’s no secret that women tend to notice style more than men)but why are your clothing choices so powerful?

Because women love a man who’s capable of paying attention to details and she loves a man with pride/confidence in his body/appearance (enough that he dresses well.. it’s just sexy).

…And so below, I'm going to show you 7 items that make you look like a capable, proud, confident man... and 7 items that women love to see on men:

7. Aurum Brother's Minimal Gold, Matte Blue Sodalite Bracelet

Guys, I get it:

You wouldn't guess that a piece of men’s jewelry would be first on a list of things women like to see men wear... but here’s the thing:

We love small, dark-colored bracelets (like this one) and think they look incredible with a watch + suit or button-up shirt.

Here's why:

Your bracelet is almost unnoticeable at first (since it’s downplayed by the other items (watch, suit, etc.))... but as soon as we do notice it, not only do we think it looks incredible, but we're immediately impressed by your confidence (to wear a bracelet), and subtle sense of style (since you chose the right type of bracelet).

…And guys, the exact type of bracelet we love is this matte blue onefrom Aurum Brothers. 

If I could sum this bracelet up in one word... it would be 'refined':

It features soladite gemstones (which are a natural deep royal blue) that have a classic, understated matte finish (so that they're not overly shiny/attention grabbing)... and three gold-plated beads (each with an intricate design) that add a final, polished touch to tie the bracelet together.

6. Allen Edmond's Strand Cap-Toe Oxfords

Women care a ridiculous amount about your shoes (the wrong shoes can even be a turn-off)... and in fact:

52% of women say shoes reflect a date’s personality, and 36% judge a man’s financial position by his choice in shoes. source But… why does something so small have such a big impact on women?

Well, it’s for a reason you probably don’t expect… it’s because she views shoes as the ‘last step’ of your outfit.

...And if you don’t put your best effort into that ‘last step’, it doesn’t matter how great the rest of your outfit is… because she only sees that you stopped caring/trying to look good (54% of women say poor shoe choice means a man has poor attention to detail). source  In short: poor shoe choice just looks lazy to us.

Luckily, it’s incredibly easy to find shoes women love (that don’t look lazy)… get any leather shoes in a neutral color (12 out of women’s favorite 14 shoes for men were leather, according to this study).

Here are some of my favorites:

Allen Edmond’s leather Oxford shoes have an intricate, perforated cap-toe detail that looks both incredibly stylish and undeniably manly. And when you pair that intricate detail with the sturdy, architectural structure of Allen Edmond's shoe, you get an incredibly unique and eye-catching design that she will love.

5. Anson Belt and Buckle's Vegetable Tanned Leather Holeless Belt

You’re probably thinking:

‘How do women even notice my belt?’ But… she does notice, and here’s why:

Just like your shoes, your belt shows exactly how much effort you put into looking good. And since your belt is just as visible as your shirt and pants, she won't understand why you wouldn’t wear a clean, stylish belt that complements your clean, stylish shirt and pants.

…Or worse: a mismatched, highly worn, or out-of-style belt that's a huge turn-off for her (see below). 

So wear a belt that she loves (like this one): neutral, well-made, stylish (not trendy), and not overly worn down.

My favorite is this chocolate, vegetable tanned leather belt from Anson Belt and Buckle. It’s extremely clean and stylish, can be worn casually or formally... and since it's made with vegetable tanned leather, it's designed to age well and continue to look great over time.

And here’s the best part:

Anson Belt and Buckle uses an innovative, holeless belt design (where a traditional belt (the one below) has 5 holes placed about 1 inch apart, the Anson belt has over 30 ratchet-style notches ¼ inch apart (see more here))... that prevents your belt from becoming a worn-out mess like this (which is obviously a huge-turn off):

anson-review-in-post-4In short: not only do we love to see this type of belt... but also, the combination of the vegetable tanned leather strap and innovative buckle system will keep your belt looking great the 1st and 100th time you wear it.

4. Frank and Oak Jasper Oxford

Slim-fit, button-up shirts should be in every man's wardrobe.

They show that you care about your appearance... without coming off as too formal. And this combined with their slim-fitting style (meaning that they're cut more fitted to your body)... is a combination that women love.

In fact:

For any date that you plan in advance (so any date that doesn’t start with a text that says ‘want to meet up?’), a woman probably prefers a sleek, fitted button-up + jeans or flat-front pants as the perfect outfit (that’s dressed up just enough). It’s more laid-back than a suit or coat, but shows dramatically more effort than shorts or a T-shirt.

Makes sense, right? Now:

I absolutely love these cotton shirts from Frank and Oak. They’re simple, extremely comfortable, and breathable (so say my boyfriend), and come in a ton of colors and patterns (although my favorite right now is probably this one in dark gray). It's slim fit (with a slim collar) and has a dark gray color that's slightly textured to add a bit of depth to the shirt.

3. Oakley Conquest Polarized Aviators

Aviator sunglasses are extremely popular for men (probably because of those badass pilots from Top Gun)… but did you know that out of the 91% of women who think sunglasses are sexy on a man, 53% prefer aviators? source

Crazy, right?

And we feel this way because aviators aren’t trendy, and do look like they belong on an air force pilot (which, side note: women think this one of the most attractive jobs for men). source In other words: women agree that Goose, Maverick, and you should be wearing aviators.

Some of my favorite aviators are these ones from Oakley. They have squared-off frames that make them look more modern and current (not like you’re wearing completely old-school frames), and even have polarized lenses to keep your eyes better protected from the sun.

In short: these are the perfect, manly option for sunglasses that both you and she will love.

2. Eddie Bauer Leather Journeyman Bomber Jacket

This one is simple:

Just like the aviator sunglasses above, a leather bomber jacket is incredibly attractive to women… because it looks like what an air force pilot would wear.

Plus, leather bomber jackets look good with almost any outfit, meaning you get the ‘air force’ appeal no matter what you throw your jacket over. And they even look good on both thin and bigger guys (since the bomber shape disguises what’s underneath).

Now... with that:

This minimal style bomber from Eddie Bauer in dark brown (or black) will look good with almost anything. It’s made of thick, heavy, genuine leather, with no extra frills or details… in other words: it’s exactly what you need to keep warm and keep her loving your look.

1. Fossil Q Grant Chronograph

By now you probably know how we feel about classic, minimal wristwatches here at Mantelligence (if not, read this now).

…But here's a short summary why:

  • It improves your style and instantly makes you look put together
  • It gives you the James Bond effect
  • It connects you with history's great men


We’ve never been much for smartwatches (here's why) but we’ve found a happy compromise in this smartwatch:

It has a traditional watch face that doesn’t display anything other than the time... but it’s also a smartwatch, linked via Bluetooth to your phone, that tracks your day's activity (steps, distance, calories burned, etc.) and gently glows (with color-coded notifications) when something is happening on your phone.

In other words... it's the best of both worlds:

You get the classic, stylish watch that women love (with a rich brown leather band, a brushed silver face, and a chronograph)... and you get a non-disruptive smartwatch (that does a handful of really cool things).

In Conclusion


First, the physical attribute that women find 'sexiest' in a man is his sense of style, and second, women find a man who dresses well more sexually attractive. source 1, 2

So if you want to look your best to women (be it a future girlfriend, his current one, or his wife), and get both of these great benefits... start by upgrading your wardrobe with any of these 7 items that women love.