Do you guys know that there are hacks to get your crush to like you?

Fear and not knowing what to do can easily get in the way of knowing how to get your crush to like you.

When you like someone, and we all have our crushes, it can be easy to sit back and do nothing.
Unfortunately, the longer you wait, the more likely it is that she will move onto someone else.

Knowing how to get your crush to like you is one of life’s mysteries. From the humble beginnings of knowing how to get a girl to like you to knowing how to get a girlfriend, all you need are some hacks to get your crush to like you. So here are the best hacks to get your crush to like you. Use these and you will be one step closer to the relationship of your dreams!

10 Hacks To Get Your Crush To Like You

With so many guides out to help you get your crush to like you, finding foolproof hacks to get your crush to like you can be difficult. Looking for good tips can make the whole process seem complicated and stressful. And if you are already nervous about asking your crush on a date, the stress and worry really don’t help. But it doesn’t have to be like that. With our hacks to get your crush to like you, the process gets a whole lot easier.

Knowing how to get a girl to like you is relatively easy when you know how to do it. When you combine a little bit of confidence (even fake confidence works!) with these hacks to get your crush to like you, knowing how to get your crush to like you and how to get a girlfriend will seem so much easier.

Here are 10 hacks to get your crush to like you:

10. Make Her Compete With Your Schedule

We’ve said it before: If you want your crush to go from being your crush... to a girl who wants you… you’ve got to show her you’re in demand.

But what a lot of guys tend to forget, is that being in demand isn’t just about being chased by women... it’s also about staying busy and putting a premium on your time.

So if you can’t get your crush to compete with other women for your attention, all you’ve got to do, is make her compete with your incredibly limited, high-value time.

9. Get Your Stride Right

What do you think your crush wants more: The guy who drags his feet and has nowhere to be? Or the guy on the move who has places to go, money to make, and no time to waste?

While some might say that guys who walk at a leisurely pace put women at ease, in a world of slow walkers, guys with a quick, authoritative stride not only stand out more, but are seen as more energetic, powerful, and confident.

8. Let Your Timepiece Tell Your Story

Just like you don’t need to wear flashy, overdone fashion to show you’ve got style and swagger, you don’t need to oversell to a girl that you’ve got, what she wants. Because all you’ve got to do... is drop a strategic hint of what you’re really about, by wearing the right type of watch.

See… women love when men wear this type of watch for two main reasons:

  1. it dramatically improves your style and overall attractiveness, and
  2. it screams confidence, ambition, and class.

7. Get Piney

Here’s something crazy: If you’re wondering what smell your crush might like, your best bet is to smell... like the forest.

Specifically: Like Pine. Research has shown that guys who smell of pine are perceived by women as not only more masculine, but also as more successful, intelligent, sociable, sanitary, and attractive.

As it turns out, there is a lot more to smelling like the great outdoors than just being a rugged mountain guy. Now, how you achieve that coveted piney smell is up to you, but our advice?... Just start yourself off with a good, clean deodorant.

6. Earn Your Pheromones

While, evidently, women like a guy who smells like the trees, one thing they might not admit to... is that part of them just can’t help but also enjoy the scent of a guy with a little bit of sweat on him.

Whether it’s because sweat is associated with masculine traits like athleticism and physicality, or it’s because of those mysterious pheromones in the air… One thing’s for sure: Women just can’t seem to ignore a guy with the distinct scent of hard work & exertion on him.

5. Compliment Her Choices

Yes… women like compliments. But what that does not mean, is that cheap flattery is all that’s needed to get in the good graces of your crush.

That’s because (A): After hearing the same lame compliment a thousand times, women can’t help but get a little suspicious. But also (B): Compliments about things over which they have no control, just don’t mean as much as compliments about judgment, intellect, or the intangibles that actually matter.

So if you know how to compliment a girl, your compliments will land. Instead of just telling her she looks good, mention something she consciously did to make her or herself look good.

4. Hygienic Detailing

Every guy knows the basics: Don’t stink, wash your hair, change your socks... but when it comes to hygiene that will really make a difference with the girl you like the devil is in the details.

So if you want to show that you’re truly a clean guy... and not just a normal dude who can bathe like everybody else, focus on these key areas: White teeth, fresh breath, clean ears, and trimmed fingernails.

3. The Cheerleader or Champion Effect

This well-documented psychological phenomenon states that individuals are more attractive when they’re in a group. The research suggests that our “symmetries and disproportionalities average out”’ in a group of people... but only when you’re in a group.

Not exactly what you expected to hear? Well, just because your attractiveness is increased while you’re in a group, doesn’t mean you can’t leverage that to make yourself stand out.

Our advice? Know when the cheerleader effect is in play, and use your other skills to set yourself apart.

2. Keep Your Head Up

It’s something we all know: If you want to get the girl, you’ve got to have the confidence. Which sounds easy enough… Until a lot of guys realize they’re subconsciously showing insecurity and self-doubt. But don’t worry... because there’s an easy way to immediately project confidence that’s scientifically proven to get attention: ...and all you have to do, to start, is keep your head held high.

1. Prove Your Utility

So you did it, you’ve got your crush’s attention, you smell great, she’s completely enthralled... and now you’re talking.

What’s your next move? At this point, you know she’s at least a little into you, so the goal, and the trick... is to prove your utility. Every guy has a certain utility,or usefulness, that women find attractive. Some guys are athletes, others are funny, and some, generous. So the “trick” is to show your crush exactly how and who you are.

Not sure you’re that useful? Try a few things out and just know that more than anyone, the girl you’re talking to wants you to be the guy you know you are.

In Conclusion

So there you have it! With a few simple hacks to get your crush to like you, you can turn your crush into something more meaningful. By keeping some of these tips in mind, you be confident and know how to get a girlfriend.

When it comes to knowing how to get a girl to like you, confidence is king. From the way you walk to the confidence you have in yourself, confidence is one of the most important parts of knowing how to get your crush to like you. Once you have the confidence part down, the rest is easy.

However, in the end, it all comes down to being yourself and showing her that you can listen and be supportive. So why not go out there and use these hacks to get your crush to like you? You never know what you’re missing until you try.