Do pick up lines work? Before using a line we need to answer that most fundamental question.

There are plenty of pick up lines out there. Some are funny, some are obvious clunkers.

But, do pick up lines work? The answer is: yes ...but only if you really know how to use them.

To give you some guidance on how to flirt with a girl, we've put together all the info you need on how to properly use pick up lines to make sure they get the kind of interest you want from the girl you're using them on.


What Is a Pick Up Line?

A pick up line is a conversation starter that is usually meant to be funny, complimentary, and flirtatious, but do pick up lines work? The line is meant to show your interest in someone and open up room to start talking, getting to know each other, and get close.

Why Pick Up Lines Don't Usually Work

Aren't you tired? You've been running through my dreams all night.

We've all heard that one. If you were on the receiving end of that pick up line today, what would you think of the person saying it? You'd think they were cheesy, unoriginal, and not nearly as funny as they think they are.

This gets at the heart of why pick up lines don't usually work. Guys often use generic lines and they try to get the line to do all the work for them. They think any old pick up line should be enough to get a girl swooning.

It's not going to work that way.

When Can Pick Up Lines Work?

Pick up lines work when they are used in the right moment and when they emphasize what's already true.

If you are naturally pretty funny but maybe a little awkward at introductions, a pick up line can be a great kind of funny conversation starter. If you've been making eyes at someone at a party and they're making eyes back, a pick up line can break the ice and move things forward.

Both those examples show that the pick up line builds on what is there. It doesn't do all the work for you, it just opens up the space for you to connect.

How to Use a Pick Up Line

Getting a pick up line to work isn't actually that hard. You just need to avoid the mistakes described above. Just use these steps to guide your way to a successful pick up line experience.

1. Pick the Right Kinds of Lines

We've already seen how stale, unfunny lines are doomed to fail. The only way a pick up line will work is if you pick out lines that seem fresh and actually communicate what you're trying to communicate.

If you want to show her that you're cute and sweet, pick a line that proves that. If you think you're the guy that can make her laugh, get a really funny line. If you really just want to show her you think you've got great chemistry, get a real smoldering line.

2. Pick the Right Kinds of Moments

Trying out the best pick up line in the world when she's about to take a test or head into a meeting, and you are going to get the worst leer of your life instead of her number. Delivering a sweet line when she's trying to have a serious conversation with a friend, and you'll look like the biggest jerk.

Pick up lines depend on timing. Pick your moment as carefully as you pick your line.

3. Keep the Conversation Going

A line is just that: one single line. All a line can do is create an opening.

So be prepared for what happens next. Whether she likes the line or not, you've got her attention, so know what you want to do next.

Are you going to talk about how good she looks? Or ask her to dance? Or talk about the book she's reading? Don't let the energy drop once you've made a beginning. Use the moment to show her why she should keep paying attention to you.

What to do to increase the chance of pick up lines to work?

One thing that really helps with pick up lines: the right level of confidence. There's a nice, attractive middle ground between shy and cocky, and that's right where you want to be when you deliver your line.

More Pick Up Lines Options

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In Conclusion

So, do pick up lines work? At this point, we can definitely say, yes, they do, but only if you're using them properly.

If you want to know how to flirt with a girl while using pick up lines, just follow the advice above. Employed correctly, a pick up line is a great romantic tool. Just be sure you're using it right!