What are the telltale signs a girl wants you to kiss her? In this article, I'll give you some indications she's thinking of locking lips with yours.

I've written plenty of articles about dating tips. I wrote a guide on how to kiss a girl for the first time. You can use this if you're nervous about kissing your crush for the first time.. You can also refer to my post about the 5 powerful things you need to do before the kiss and how you can make it memorable for the two of you.

Ready to learn more about these tell-tale signs she wants to be kissed? We've got 40 signs to look out for. Let's jump right in.


Best Signs a Girl Wants You to Kiss Her

1. She Doesn’t Want to Leave Right Away

When You'll Usually See It: I know you must think that a girl being busy on her phone is one that doesn't want a kiss. But that's not true! If she’s not distracted by it in the slightest, that’s a good sign a girl wants you to kiss her.

Why It's a Sign to Look For: When you’re hanging out with a girl, she’ll have many chances to make a quick exit from the date. If things aren’t going well, she’ll take almost every one of them. But if she ignores her phone when it goes off, it's a clear sign she likes you. She likes where things look like they’re headed with you.

2. She Talks About Kissing

When You'll Usually See It: After seeing a movie with her, pay close attention to her. There might be some physical intimacy moments in the film she wants to talk about. That's an obvious sign she's ready for a sweet goodnight kiss.

Why It's a Sign to Look For: Talking about the two of you kissing is the best sign that she’s ready for you to make a move.

3. She Doesn't Move Away When You Come Near

When You'll Usually See It: Here are some examples of this:

  • When you try moving closer, you'll know if she's comfortable for more contact.
  • Receiving light contact on the arm or shoulder is a clear signal she's into you.

Why It's a Sign to Look For: If you initiate contact and she doesn't move away, it's a great sign that you can get closer to her. When she lets down her defenses, there's a good chance she wants you to kiss her.

4. She Prepares Her Lips

When You'll Usually See It: Girls who are planning on the possibility of a kiss do what they can to always be ready. So, if a girl puts on more lip gloss or pops a breath mint, it could mean she's ready for some action.

Why It's a Sign to Look For: One of the subtle signs she's ready for a kiss is when she prepares her the lips and mouth for it. If you're planning to kiss her, do it after she asks for gum or a mint.

5. She's Stealing Glances at You

When You'll Usually See It: It’s no secret that eye contact is a key indicator of any girl’s interest. But the look is something a little different. It's communicating something deeper. If it happens within 18” of each other, she’s reeling you in.

Why It's a Sign to Look For: Not everyone knows the right time to kiss a girl. I know I had difficulty with this when I was dating. I didn't pay attention to social cues and I always did it too soon or too late. That's when I discovered the look. When I found the girl I really wanted to kiss, a distinct look of desire on her face told me to go for it.

6. She Isn't In a Hurry to Leave

When You'll Usually See It: After you’ve said goodnight, pay attention to what she does. Does she immediately jet outta there without a second thought? Or does she linger around for a minute? If she stays, it's an indication that she's waiting for something. She could be waiting for you to fill the awkward silence with a kiss.

Why It's a Sign to Look For: You’ll find that as your date is ending, you'll know whether you have a chance at a second date. Sometimes all you have to go off is how she acts after wrapping things up. When you say your goodbyes, a classic shy girl's sign that she’s into you is if she looks back. She's hoping you’ll turn around for a last-minute kiss.

7. She Flirts With You

When You'll Usually See It: Flirting is serious business. It’s the gateway to other forms of connection with the girl you like. If she likes it when you're flirting or dropping solid pick up lines, consider it a good thing. It's even better if she initiates the flirting.

Why It's a Sign to Look For: Guys, it's simple. If you don't flirt, you're not going to kiss. So, it's important you have a few good things to say to engage in conversation with her. When you reach a point where everything feels natural, that's the perfect moment to kiss her.

8. The Lip Bite

When You'll Usually See It: While a girl is caught up with your lips, she’ll be working hard to get you to pay attention to hers. She'll do this without even thinking about it. If you see her biting, touching or calling attention to her lips, it's a sign she wants you to kiss her.

Why It's a Sign to Look For: When a girl is stimulated by something she wants, she’ll start to show it. It also triggers a man's sexual attraction when a woman bites her lips. Whether or not it's intentional, it's clear she wants it to happen.

9. She Looks at Your Lips

When You'll Usually See It: Before a girl moves in closer, she’ll start by looking at your lips first. It’ll seem like she’s pretty distracted by your face. It’s a tell-tale sign of interest! It's also a prime signal that she’s daydreaming about getting closer to you.

Why It's a Sign to Look For: It’s no secret that most people look at the things they want. People can’t look away from things that would make them happy. And that goes for girls looking at guys they want to kiss.

10. She Doesn't Budge When You Lean Close

When You'll Usually See It: Here is a more detailed example of this:

  • Imagine you’re out having fun with the girl you like and the night is going great.
  • Then, she starts inching closer to you. It could mean many things. I once misinterpreted it when a girl moved closer to me. I went in for a kiss, but it turns out she was just avoiding a creepy guy next to her at the movies.
  • The sign you want to see is if she's moving her face close to yours. That's how you know she wants a kiss.

Why It's a Sign to Look For: What other reason would you have for moving your face close to another person? If you're neither a dentist or dermatologist, the only reason you'd be inches away from her is if you're going to kiss.

11. Smiling and laughing at your jokes, even when they're not particularly funny.

When You'll Usually See It: Not everyone is a born jokester. That's why we have a few jokes on hand to help you. Now, you may tell a bad joke here and there. If you observe her laughing even when the joke's not funny, that's a sign she likes you a lot.

Why It's a Sign to Look For: When you're falling for someone, you think the sun shines out their butt. Even if they say something common, it will sound new and interesting to you. That's why you should take it as a good sign if she always laughs at your jokes.

15. Initiating physical contact, such as hugging, touching your arm, or leaning against you.

When You'll Usually See It: If there's no particular reason to touch you yet she still does, it's a clear sign she's into you. Some examples of this include:

  • A casual brush on your arm
  • Holding on to your shoulder

These things could mean she likes being close to you. A kiss wouldn't be a far-off event from this.

Why It's a Sign to Look For: When she initiates contact, it's a sign she wants to be with you. She wants to be closer and tell you she's good to take things further.

16. Facing you with open body language.

When You'll Usually See It: Pay attention when you two are talking. A clear sign of attraction is when a person faces you when you're talking. They like your company so they lean towards you and don't try to step away.

Why It's a Sign to Look For: You want to steer clear of women who don't like being around you. If a woman doesn't like you, she will waste no time with you. If you find a woman who listens and engages with you, she's the one you should kiss.

17. Mirroring your actions or gestures.

When You'll Usually See It: You'll notice it when you do an activity together that lets you observe them. For example, when you're eating, you'll see she mimics your preferred sauces. Or, she might order the same things you like. Whether it's intentional or innate, it's a sign she feels something deeper for you.

Why It's a Sign to Look For: It signifies that you both feel comfortable with each other's company. When you feel safe around each other, it's a good place to be in if you want to take things to the physical level.

18. Adjusting her posture to appear more attractive.

When You'll Usually See It: You'll see this when you're walking toward her for a date, but she doesn't see you yet. She's practicing how she stands or sits. She wants to look her best so you'd like her the same way.

Why It's a Sign to Look For: If she appears hesitant or shy, she'll think you won't want to kiss her. She knows she needs to appear confident so there won't be any hesitation on your part.

19. New style of clothing or makeup.

When You'll Usually See It: After a few dates, you might spot something off about her. She could be wearing a different cut-off top or a new style of makeup. It's because she wants to look beautiful for you. She wants to try looking more attractive so you'd get the idea to kiss her.

Why It's a Sign to Look For: She wants you to notice her fast. That's why she changed something up. Then, when you see her effort, you'd want to take things to the next level.

20. Dilated pupils or a noticeable sparkle in her eyes.

When You'll Usually See It: As you talk and maintain eye contact, you'll see her pupils dilate often. You will also see it when she's smiling. There would be a noticeable crinkle in her eyes when she smiles at you.

Why It's a Sign to Look For: She's communicating with her eyes, man! Take the hint and make the first move. She wants it. You want it. What are you waiting for?

21. Whispering or speaking softly, creating an intimate atmosphere.

When You'll Usually See It: When you're in a noisy or crowded place, talking is a chore. You shout over each other and often repeat the stuff you say. So instead of shouting, you'll both have to lean towards each other and speak softly.

Why It's a Sign to Look For: A woman knows what she wants. And if she's leaning into you, it means she likes you. Otherwise, she'll be looking for ways to stay away from you.

22. Engaging in deep or personal conversations.

When You'll Usually See It: She'll want to talk to you about stuff that you can connect with. Whatever the topic is, she'll want to continue having the conversation for as long as possible. Aside from this being a way to get to know you more, she can get close to you when she shares something personal.

Why It's a Sign to Look For: It makes sense, really. You wouldn't want to share something intimate or personal with someone you don't like. And even then, you're already taking a risk letting that person know this tidbit about your life. Now that she's sharing this with you, it's a clear sign that she likes you and wants to be close to you.

23. Responding positively to light, playful touches.

When You'll Usually See It: When women like someone, they tend to get touchy-feely with that person. If you said something funny, she might flirt back by laughing and touching your shoulder.

Why It's a Sign to Look For: This is one of the oldest forms of flirting and is a sure sign that she likes you. She's looking for a way to get you to notice her and this is why she is making sure you know she likes you.

24. Initiating or prolonging physical contact during hugs.

When You'll Usually See It: Whether you're saying hello or goodbye, a girl might want to give you a hug. This is something that women tend to do when they like someone.

Why It's a Sign to Look For: Women want men to get a clue without being so blunt about it. They like to give subtle clues about how they feel toward a person without being vocal about it. So whenever they have a chance, they'll let that person know they have a shot with her.

25. Finding excuses to be alone with you.

When You'll Usually See It: A girl who likes you wants you to always be by her side. And this is why she will look for ways to involve you in her plans. In most of those plans, she'll figure out a way to spend alone time with you to see if you feel the same way toward her.

Why It's a Sign to Look For: When she includes you in her plans, it's a clear sign that she likes you. This is a great way you can be sure that she will respond positively if you make a move and kiss her.

26. Showing a genuine interest in your personal life, hobbies, and passions.

When You'll Usually See It: Does she always seem to listen to what you say? Is she interested in your hobbies, passions, and even your personal life? If she can repeat the things you told her in the past, it could be a sign that she likes you.

Why It's a Sign to Look For: It's nice to have someone who knows what we are interested in. And if she's showing a genuine interest in your life, this could be a clear sign that she deeply cares for you.

27. Complimenting your appearance or other qualities.

When You'll Usually See It: A girl likes you if she always compliments your appearance. If she says that you have a great fashion sense, it could be because she finds your style attractive. But if she compliments your appearance, it could be her subtle way of saying, "You're attractive."

Why It's a Sign to Look For: It takes a lot of courage for women to be upfront with a guy they like. So if she gives you a compliment, it's a clear indication that she is attracted to you.

28. Getting closer when in a crowded or noisy environment to ensure more privacy.

When You'll Usually See It: If you're in a crowded place, does she lean in close to you to interact? You might have noticed it, especially if you're in a busy cafe or at a restaurant. If she leans in close while talking to you, she could be doing it because she wants to listen to every word you say.

Why It's a Sign to Look For: When a girl isn't attracted to you, she will find ways to put a wall between the two of you. And if it's a noisy or crowded environment, she will actually use this to stay away from you. So if a girl is leaning close to you during such time, it's a clear sign that she is hoping you two can get some privacy.

29. Playfully teasing or lightly flirting with you.

When You'll Usually See It: You may have said something to a group of people who didn't react the way you wanted them to. Meanwhile, she laughs and flips her hair when you look at her. It may seem subtle, but this is her way of lightly flirting with you.

Why It's a Sign to Look For: A girl who likes you will try her hardest not to make it too obvious. If she's reacting to your jokes or teasing you, it's because she's having a hard time hiding how she feels.

30. Seeking opportunities to spend more time with you.

When You'll Usually See It: If you invite friends and she joins, she might want to spend more time with you. On the other hand, she could be inviting you to all of her plans because she likes having you by her side.

Why It's a Sign to Look For: Trying to look for a way to be alone with you is a sure sign that she likes you. It's her one shot at seeing whether you feel the same way toward her. So if you like her back, you can take this as a chance to show it.

31. Being receptive to your advances or attempts at physical contact.

When You'll Usually See It: Some examples include:

  • When you feel the need to brush her hair and she doesn't react negatively to your touch.
  • An even better reaction is that she will return the gesture and lightly touch your shoulder, arm or hand.

Why It's a Sign to Look For: Touching is a form of flirting when it is consensual and intentional. If she doesn't shy away from your attempts at making physical contact, it could be because she likes you too.

32. Blushing or becoming visibly flustered in your presence.

When You'll Usually See It: After giving her a compliment, try to see if her cheeks start turning pink or red. A good example is when you compliment her appearance or intelligence.

Why It's a Sign to Look For: Blushing is something that women cannot hide or control. This is because attraction will make her body temperature rise. And as a result, her cheeks will turn red.

33. Displaying signs of nervousness or anticipation when you're around.

When You'll Usually See It: One example is when she suddenly appears nervous when you arrive. She might also feel the need to check her appearance in a mirror since she wants to make sure she looks her best.

Why It's a Sign to Look For: These things suggest that she is nervous around you. When you have romantic feelings, you'll have heightened emotions when she is around. She wants to make a good impression on you, which is why she is invested in what you think of her.

34. Mentioning kissing, cuddling, or other intimate acts in conversations.

When You'll Usually See It: After spending a lot of time with a woman, you may have developed a bond with her. You may be surprised that she casually mentions kissing, cuddling, or intimacy. This might surprise you, but it's actually a hint that she is flirting with you.

Why It's a Sign to Look For: Mentioning these things is a subtle way that she is expressing her interest in you. She is also testing the waters and checking how you will respond to a conversation like this.

35. Creating a romantic or intimate atmosphere during shared activities or outings.

When You'll Usually See It: A good example is when you do something together, and she wears make-up or dresses nice.

Why It's a Sign to Look For: Putting in an effort to look nice or to create a romantic ambiance is a sure sign that she likes you. She is making you know that she wants a deeper connection with you.

Topics That Could Lead A Conversation To A Kiss

There it is: the ten biggest signs a girl wants to kiss you. You might be wondering, however: how do you set up that situation in the first place? There are plenty of ways to get yourself some lip-on-lip action, but I'll cover the ones that get you the most success. If you want to steer a conversation towards a kiss, here are the best topics that accomplish that!

Hobbies and Interests

This topic may seem basic, but it's an essential method of getting closer to her. Ask her about her hobbies, what interests she has, and what she's passionate about. If both of you share something you enjoy, then congrats! You are one step closer to getting that smooch.

And, even if you don't share similar hobbies or interests initially, you can explore what she likes. In time, get to that point where you both enjoy similar things!

Favorite Movies

Everyone loves a good movie. You and her are no different! If you ever feel like getting to know her better, ask her about her favorite movies and media. If she loves a good romantic drama, then whoa! She might be looking for a kiss just like the ones she sees in those movies. If she likes other things, that's okay too - a kiss can happen in any kind of movie. Just ask her what she likes, and you might discover you're both fans of the same things!


People connect through an intricate web of relationships. Chances are, you two might have already met through a shared close contact. If have a mutual friend (and she's not romantically interested in said friend), then tell her you know them too. Sharing a circle of friends will not only help you get to know her better. It can also create you a wonderful group of friends that you'll enjoy being with.


Everyone has them. This topic can usually wait until you've gotten to know her better. When you feel closer to her than a being a mere acquaintance, try sharing a secret of yours. If she likes you enough, she'll respond in kind. Sharing secrets to each other can help you two get more intimate with each other. If you're one of the few people in the know, then great! Your chance of getting a kiss skyrockets from this point onward.

Future plans

Talking about your future plans, whether it's career goals or personal ambitions. This can create a sense of shared vision and a foundation for building a deeper connection.

Personal passions

Talking about your passions, hobbies, and interests helps you understand each other more. It can help foster a connection that can lead to a more intimate conversation.

Vulnerability and personal stories

Sharing your personal stories, experiences, and challenges helps you gain trust and understanding. This will pave the way for a more intimate conversation.

Music and romance

Sharing your favorite songs or talking about music can create a romantic atmosphere. It can lead to a more intimate moment.

Favorite books or movies

Talk about your favorite books or movies, especially those with romantic themes. This can spark conversations about love, emotions, and personal connections.

Compliments and appreciation

Compliment and appreciate each other's qualities, talents, or appearance. It can also lead to a more intimate interaction.

Sign It’s A Bad Time For A Kiss

As promised... here’s the one sign that a girl DOESN’T want you to kiss her.

Earlier we talked about how a girl will move in if she wants a kiss... the reason for that is literally so it’s easy for you to kiss her. If she’s backing away from you, she’s doing what she can to remove even the possibility that you’ll go for a kiss.

Keeping a distance is just about the only thing a girl can do to make sure an attempted kiss doesn’t happen. And for just about every normal girl out there... it’s the number one thing she’ll do to signal that she is NOT ready for a kiss.

  • Limited or uncomfortable physical proximity.
  • Lack of reciprocation.
  • Distraction or preoccupation
  • Tense body language
  • Verbal cues
  • Time constraints
  • Emotional distress
  • Lack of privacy
  • Health considerations
  • Lack of mutual connection

Signs A Girl Wants You To Kiss Her Video

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Frequently Asked Questions

I've given you the signs, and you now know what signs to look out for when you're trying to kiss her. But like any good student, you might have some extra questions left to ask. And like any good teacher... I've got some answers for you.

How do you initiate a kiss after noticing she wants you to kiss her?

Ask nicely. The last thing you want to do is kiss her without her consent. But before you do that, try setting the mood. Get some romantic vibes to fill the air. Talk playfully, make a few jokes, and have fun being around each other. If the mood is just right, you can hug her - then, try asking for a kiss. If she says yes, then what are you waiting for?

What if a girl rejects your kiss?

If a girl rejects your kiss, then there could be a few reasons behind it. She could not be ready for one yet - your relationship may not be intimate enough for her to consider kissing you. It isn't the end of the world if she does, however. After a considerable period of time passes, you can try asking for a kiss once again. If she rejects you the second time around though, then it's probably best for you to move on.

How long should a first kiss last?

A first kiss should be brief - less than a full minute of lip-lock time. A first kiss is usually you two testing the waters to see if there's some chemistry. Unless you two are really close, it's something for you to try out. If she likes the way you kiss, then you can try kissing for longer! Save the making out for when you two have kissed plenty.

Where do girls like to be kissed?

The lips are a hot spot, of course, but where a girl likes to be kissed depends on the girl. Some like it on the cheek, some like it on the back of their hand - it's important to know what type of girl you're trying to kiss. You can make some guesswork, but to play it safe, just ask! If she's already at a point where she wants to kiss you, asking her where isn't going to upset her.

More Helpful Kissing Tips

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