Why should you want to know some shoe game questions?

Many people don’t think about playing games during a wedding reception but this is the best time to have fun since most of the stressful parts of the event would have been completed.

The Shoe game is a great example of a wedding reception game that newlyweds play. The newlywed game questions for the shoe game may vary.

This game utilizes questions for couples and can also be used at other events besides weddings. Knowing what questions to ask is key to the game being exciting and fun.

The person in charge of coming up with the wedding shoe game questions should always take into consideration the personality of the players and their individual tendencies.


14 Best Shoe Game Questions

Whether it’s a wedding, party, or just a casual social gathering among friends, the shoe game is a great way to have fun and to see how well persons in relationships know their significant others.

The game questions can vary but the answers can only be either one partner or the other.

1. Who has a better sense of style?

Most persons tend to think of themselves as being the unique or fashionable ones in a relationship so this question has the potential to produce very interesting responses.

2. Who talks more?

This will give the audience a good idea of how the couple views each other with regard to who’s the talkative one in the relationship.

3. Who spends more money?

Questions on the topic of money always have the potential to be interesting. Most people don’t like to admit that they spend a lot but most likely your significant other will call you out on it in a game.

4. Who is always right?

This should bring some laughter to the room. It is generally said that the woman is always right so the responses to this question should be very interesting.

5. Who spends a longer amount of time getting ready for a night out?

Generally, it is said that when compared to men, women take longer to get ready but for some couples that might not be true.

6. Who do you trust more behind the wheel?

Will they trust themselves more than they trust their significant other? Who knows. The responses to these questions can say a lot.

7. Who is more of a daredevil?

Want to know who’s the fearless one in the relationship? Or maybe just who’s less of a scaredy-cat.

8. Who is more stubborn?

Most people don’t like to admit that they are stubborn but when they have to decide who is more stubborn between themselves and their significant other, they might swallow their pride. Or not!

9. Who takes up more than their half of the bed?

This will give the onlookers a great idea of who has the tendency to take over the bed during sleep.

10. Who is hotter?

This question will allow for each of them to be proud of how they view themselves or to step aside and give their partner the win by saying that their partner is hotter.

11. Who made the first move?

This will give the onlookers an insight into how the relationship began.

12. Who says ‘I’m sorry’ first after an argument?

A couple’s response to this will give a good idea of who’s willing to put their pride aside for the sake of peace in the relationship.

13. Who has the better shower singing voice?

If they both are terrible singers it will be hard for them to decide. Similarly, if they both are great at singing.

14. Who is more likely to make the bedroom floor their personal laundry basket?

Find out who’s the messier partner. Based on the response you’ll know how they view each other’s tidiness habits around the house.

9 Most Likely To Shoe Game Questions

Most likely to questions are perfect for shoe games.

These questions make the players think a bit more extensively about themselves and their partner before coming up with a response.

15. Who is most likely to drop their phone in a toilet?

This question is great because the players will have to consider more than one thing. They will have to consider which one of them tend to be on their phones more and also, which one is more clumsy.

16. Who is most likely to be running late?

These are just a few of the considerations that they might need to take into account to decide who’s most likely to be late. Or, just throw your partner under the bus. Why? Because it’s a game and you can.

17. Who is most likely to get lost?

A couple’s response to this might tell you who wanders off whenever they are out or maybe who’s more adventurous of the two.

18. Who is most likely to give the other food poisoning?

The responses to this might give you a good idea of their food handling habits.

19. Who is most likely to be serious?

Based on this response you may be able to tell which of the two is generally less childish or playful than the other. Or maybe just who has the inclination to be serious when it’s necessary.

20. Who is most likely to bring the other person breakfast in bed?

A couple’s response to this question will indicate who has the better inclination to serve the other.

21. Who is most likely to finish a tub of ice cream first?

Maybe one of them has a guilty pleasure of eating ice cream in the middle of the night or maybe the other is just an ice cream fanatic.

22. Who is most likely to sleep all day?

People generally like to sleep. Deciding who likes to sleep more or who is prone to sleeping all day would be interesting for couples.

23. Who is most likely to watch a whole TV season in a single go?

This might be an easy one for some since many persons are on either end of the spectrum; they either binge on TV shows or they don’t.

11 Funny Shoe Game Questions

What’s a shoe game without humor? Not that fun to witness or to be apart of.

Add some funny questions to ask to enhance the reaction of the audience and to make the players laugh just by simply hearing the questions.

24. Who is more forgetful?

Everyone has their moments when they have a lapse in memory. However, their partners tend to never forget those moments making a question like this very interesting for couples.

25. Who cries the most during movies?

Who lets their emotions get the better of them during the movies? Their responses will tell the story.

26. Who is the most dramatic?

If your partner says that you are dramatic what would you do? Throw a tantrum? Give the silent treatment? If so, you probably are.

27. If both of you were trapped on a desert island, who would be more likely to eat the other one to stay alive?

Utilizing hypothetical situations are always a great idea in this game. They usually are extreme and crazy enough to have them laughing about it.

28. Who snores the loudest?

Snoring is a pet peeve for most people. If someone in the relationship snores, the other wouldn’t hesitate to make it known.

29. Who has the craziest family?

This question might be a crowd favorite. No one wants to say that their partner’s family is crazy but you never know what is said when your partner is looking the other way

30. Who has the WORST taste in music?

No one admits that their music taste is bad but they might in this game.

31. Who holds their liquor better?

Couples tend to have many funny stories that includes alcohol. Asking a question like this will surely bring some of these memories back to their mind before giving a response.

32. Who screams louder on roller coasters?

This will reveal who’s vocal when faced with the turmoil and excitement of riding roller coasters.

33. Who packs for a trip at the last minute?

We all know persons that procrastinate so much that they wait last minute to get packing for trips. There’s also a high possibility that either you or your partner is this person.

34. Who would win an eating contest?

This can give you an idea of who is the foodie in the relationship.

Downloadable and Printable List of Shoe Game Questions

Here is a downloadable and printable list of questions (right-click the image and select Save Image As...):

How to Play The Shoe Game Questions

Knowing what shoe game questions to ask during this amazing game is key to its excitement. You also need to know how to play the game correctly. Follow the guide below!

1. Set up

Put 2 chairs in the middle of the venue. The chairs are placed with their backs against each other.

2. The Players

The players (usually bride and groom) take their shoes off and switch one shoe with their partner. They should each have two different shoes in their hands. So the bride has one of hers and one of his and the groom as the same.

3. Pick a Moderator

The moderator for the game is the person who will be calling out questions for the players to respond to. These questions always begin with “Who” and the answers will either be the bride or groom (or player 1 or player 2).

4. The Game

When a question is asked, the bride will raise her partner’s shoe if it describes their tendencies and her shoe if it describes hers. The groom will do the same.

What’s interesting and exciting is that they can’t see each other so they won’t know how the other player is responding to the questions but the reaction from the onlookers might give hints to if they both responded with the same answer.

More Best Questions To Ask

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In Conclusion

The shoe game is continually growing in popularity at weddings and rightly so. It features newlywed game questions that will have the audience and couples on their toes in anticipation and excitement.

So, if you’re looking for an awesome game that uses questions for couples, whether you’re involved in planning a wedding reception or just looking to have fun in an environment that includes couples, shoe game is one of the best options available.