Good mental health is one of the benefits of trivia questions. Just like piecing together puzzles, general trivia questions are a healthy distraction from a stressful environment.

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Check out this article on how trivia questions are good for you.


The Importance of Trivia Questions for Your Brain - 9 Benefits of Answering Trivia

A good workout is vital in keeping your body healthy, but your brain also benefits from good exercise. Whether they are impressive science trivia questions or just some useless information, recalling them helps workout your brain. So go and join the trivia night and see how many quiz questions you can answer.

1. Trivia Enhances Memory

Your brain's frontal cortex is responsible for your memory. Answering trivial quizzes work out this part of your brain, thus improving memory. And this is beneficial, especially for adults.

Learning new stuff is good, but being able to recall bits of information is a great brain workout to ward off the progression of memory loss-related issues. It also improves the capacity of your brain to retain knowledge. So when you feel like you've been experiencing a bit of memory loss, try playing some online quiz such as pop culture trivia or presidential trivia.

Or better, encourage older people or seniors for a friendly competition on history trivia questions or 80s trivia questions.

2. Trivia Improves Cognition

As discussed above, playing trivia games gives your frontal cortex a workout, improving your cognitive skills. Included in your cognitive skills are remembering, thinking, and reasoning, all vital for everyday tasks.

So whether you are alone playing an online trivia game or with a team member during game night, your brain is already getting a firing workout.

Trivia is one of the best exercises for your brain for a couple of reasons.

1. It Stretches Your Brain

Interesting fact. Do you know that you are 30 times more likely to be killed by lightning than a shark? What about the fact that there are more than 3 chickens worldwide for every 1 person? Unless you're trapped in shark-infested waters or have an unnatural fear of chickens, you probably don't have a burning need for those facts.

The process of seeking out or recalling pieces of information through trivia quizzes is a sort of mental stretching that is a great exercise for your brain.

2. It Is Mental Cross Training

Everyone has that one friend who does Crossfit. You know, the guy whose muscles have muscles? Crossfit is a badass and intense version of cross-training.

In cross-training, you exercise in multiple sports and/or styles. This diversity gives you more bang for your buck and helps to improve the overall benefit of the training.

Trivia is essentially cross-training for our brains. When you answer trivia questions, you're using your brain to answer questions on multiple topics, from language to musicsports, mathematics, and history. In addition, our brains need not only to critically but creatively think to find answers.

The combination of the multiple topics and the different forms of thought work to significantly improve your cognition. This will, in turn, help you to learn and retain information more easily.

3. Trivia Helps Our Brains Perform Under Pressure

When you're asked a trivia quiz, you don't have much time to think and come up with an answer. Forcing your brain to work under the stress of a time constraint will help it perform when faced with other pressures.

The beauty of trivia is that each new round provides another chance for your brain the opportunity to perform under pressure.

You can play some online trivia quizzes semi-regularly to get the necessary brain exercise and be more calm and confident in thinking in stressful situations.

4. Trivia Reduces Stress

Aside from gaining knowledge by answering quiz questions, you can also reduce your stress levels through this activity. When in stress, cortisol level in the body shoots up, thus resulting in increased anxiety, headaches, and even brain fog. Stress causes our brains, especially our memories, to function poorly.

Answering multiple trivia questions can turn that all around. Getting the right answers or winning a trivia game can increase your dopamine level. This feel-good hormone is part of your body's reward system that gives you that feeling of pleasure and motivation.


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5 Reasons Why Trivia Is Good For People

Including trivia questions on your family activities or when hanging out with friends is not only amusing. Trivia is also good for engaging with people and raising consciousness.

6. Trivia Is For All Ages

Whether young or old, general knowledge quiz games are one of the best ways to learn about something new. Playing trivia for kids with your children will help you get to know them better and enhances their focus.

Toss around trivia questions for teens to take away too much screen time and give them a break from their gadgets. When around friends or when in a team building, start playing trivia questions for adults and provide them with the same thrill one gets from playing a video game.

7. Trivia Allows You To Connect With People and Have Fun Learning

A game of fun trivia questions is not only an enjoyable pastime. You and your friends also get to learn something new from them. It's a good way to bond with friends and for you to connect with your family members, maybe find out who's secretly a trivia crack in the group.

Skip the heavy history questions and go for different topics such as video game trivia or Marvel trivia questions for a fun experience.

8. Trivia Is The Go-To Activity During Events

Spend your holidays with a twist. Pass around 4th of July trivia questions after watching the fireworks display, or gather your family around the fireplace for some Christmas trivia for kids. Impress your date by playing Valentine's Day trivia or spook your friends with some Halloween trivia after a scary movie.

9. Trivia Games Aid In Educating People About Sickle Cell Disease

Trivia games are not only for entertainment. They can also help raise awareness about health, the environment, and current issues surrounding us at the moment. Sickle cell disease, one of the lesser-known health issues, is a serious condition.

And what better way to spread news and awareness about the sickle disease on social media than including it on virtual trivia questions?

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