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An Espresso Machine that Fits in Your Pocket [Review]

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Our team here at Mantelligence completely understands the occasional need for the energy boost that comes from really good espresso… but also not having the time to stop by a coffee shop, or the money to buy an expensive ($1000+) home espresso machine.

…And that’s why we fell in love with this Minipresso the minute we saw it:

It’s a hand-operated, pump-action espresso machine (that means no batteries and no electricity required) that creates 1 – 1.5 shots of espresso in seconds, right in your hand (the entire device is only 7 inches tall, and weighs less than a pound).

Pretty cool, right? Here’s how the little machine works:

  • Fill the basket with your favorite espresso/coffee grounds
  • Insert the basket into the Minipresso chamber
  • Fill that chamber up with boiling water (there’s even a ‘fill line’ so your espresso is never too watery)
  • Flip the Minipresso over, and press the side pump a few times to pump the water over the grounds

…And in just a few seconds, the espresso flows right out of the top of the Minipresso and into your cup.

So… with this machine, not only do you not have to visit a coffee shop to get good espresso, but you don’t even have to be indoors, because as long as you can boil water, you can use it… making it the perfect companion for outdoor camping, or prolonged traveling.

And the best part?

The Minipresso is only $60 on Amazon right now, which is hundreds less than some of the bigger espresso machines on the market.

Here’s the bottom line:

If you love (and/or need) espresso as much as we do, why wouldn’t you want this incredibly handy device?


$47 @




7 inches tall


1 – 1.5 shots of espresso in seconds

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