Over the past year, the Mantelligence team has worked hard to create a men's app in a class of it's own.

The team took the excitement of a video game, infused it with all the knowledge that men need in their daily lives, and as a result, have created an exciting and unprecedented new app for men.


As men mature, they're expected to know certain things that aren't printed in textbooks.

They should know the difference between a socket and a crescent wrench, that the penalty for a false start is 5 yards and that storing beer upright helps to reduce oxidation.

Mantelligence is a revolutionary new type of game that's designed to teach men the bullet points of manliness.

We combined this concept of man-telligence with the excitement and fun of a video game and, as a result, have created a one of a kind new app for men.

To be a real man, you need more than an axe and a flannel. To be a real man, you need Mantelligence!

To see a video trailer of the exciting new Manteligence app, please click on the screenshot to the right (alternatively you can view the video on vimeo).


Our press kit serves as a great introduction to the Mantelligence app.

The best way to see the app is through beta access. With beta access, you will be to download the app to your personal smartphone weeks before the app's official release. For more information on downloading the beta version of the app, please reach out to our founder using the contact information below.

mantelligence-app-thumbnail         Download the Mantelligence press kit (zip, 15.4 Mb)

A video trailer of the Manteligence app can be found to the right (alternatively you can view the video on vimeo).


If you are interested in covering the Mantelligence app, or have any questions whatsover, you can reach out to our founder, Kyle Boureston, via email at kyle [at]

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