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10 Confident Body Language Tricks Every Guy Should Do TODAY - Main

10 Confident Body Language Tricks Every Guy Should Do TODAY


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by | December 2nd, 2021

Gentlemen, today we’re showing 10 confident body language tricks to instantly make you seem more confident.

For most guys, confidence is the holy grail. Without it, nothing else matters. But what makes it hard, is that it’s hard to feel confident, it’s that it’s hard to show confidence. Well don’t worry.

Because while they might take time to nail down, there are body language tricks to immediately show a confident attitude. And because we want you to come across as self-assured, not desperate... we’re also showing the #1 body language mistake guys make that actually makes them look less confident and more desperate for approval.

Alright, let’s jump in.

10 Confident Body Language Tricks EVERY Guy Should Do TODAY (Proven Techniques)
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10 Confident Body Language Tricks

Here are 10 confident body language tricks:

10. Put Your Foot Down

When you get down to it, one big part of confidence is the ability to be comfortable wherever you are. And there may be no better way to show you’re comfortable, than by planting your feet. Instead of doing the “full-body fidget” that you’ll catch a lot of guys doing, planting your feet is the opposite.

Where constantly moving in place makes a guy seem like he’s anxious and can’t wait to leave, standing still and not re-adjusting every five seconds sends a subconscious message... that a guy is calm, comfortable and confident exactly where he is.

9. Hip Engage

From dancing, to working out, to just walking around, it’s pretty easy to pick out a guy who’s holding back because he’s self-conscious and overly aware of his movement. And to make things worse, it almost seems like if you do try to relax and loosen up, it’s even more obvious that you don’t have a clue how to actually move confidently. It’s a vicious cycle.

Well here’s how you turn it around: First, stop worrying about how you look to others. And second, get your hips into the mix. Seriously.

If you’re like most guys, your hips are stiff and unused. In all likelihood, you actively try to hide your hips. But what if we told you that the key to confident movement was all in the hips?

It’s true. Not only is using your hips a cornerstone to 99% of athleticism, but it’s also the key to proud, confident movement that people notice. There’s no way around it: If you want strong, relaxed movement of any kind: it all starts with the hips.

8. T- Up

You learned about hips, now it’s time to talk shoulders. Here’s a typical picture of the modern guy: Slouched over, head forward, shoulders lifted toward his ears. This is a guy who spends literally days of every week... cementing this unhealthy and unconfident posture.

Good posture is a classic sign that a man not only respects himself but expects respect from others. And most of the time, it’s a good way of subconsciously getting respect. Like throwing a punch, good posture starts in the feet. But the easiest way to fix it... begins with correcting your t-spine or middle to upper back.

Here’s how t-ing up works: Start by pulling your shoulders back so they’re directly above your hips. This automatically extends your chest and lifts your eyes and chin. Next, push your shoulders down as if you were holding weights in your hands. This adds definition to your chest and keeps you from shrugging or looking tense.

7. The Phone Challenge

Looking for a quick way to come across as a classic man? We’ve got a challenge for you: All you’ve got to do… is keep your phone in your pocket. That’s it.

Walking somewhere? Phone in pocket. Talking to someone? Put it away and keep it off the table when you’re eating.

Sound easy? With the entire world competing for our attention... it’s no wonder so many people struggle to not look at their phone for even something like 30 seconds. But here’s the thing... breaking your phone addiction is a great way to appear more confident by being present in the moment.

Again, confidence is about showing you’re comfortable right where you are, and these days, nothing says you’re comfortable… more than putting down your phone. And not only that, just looking at people makes you more approachable and likeable.

Think about it... just because it’s common for people to stare at their phones during a conversation, doesn’t mean it ain’t rude. So put down your phone and watch as you start to show more confidence and meet other fun, confident people.

6. Stylebreak Natural

Have you ever been out in public and seen a group of dudes with the exact same style? It’s like they create their own characters, but haven’t quite unlocked the special outfits yet. And what’s more, they don’t seem to notice they all look alike.

Sound like that might be you on some days? Well don’t worry, cause no matter what your style, there’s one way you can show confidence and distinction at the same time… your smile. Thanks mom.

But really... your smile is actually like the king of body language tricks, and a trick that every guy can have up their sleeves. But in order to make it work: You’ve got to, got to, show your teeth.

Worried your teeth aren’t perfect? Just look at Chadwick Boseman or Channing Tatum. That’s Black Panther and GI Joe, if you didn’t know i.e., two very popular, handsome, confident dudes with less than perfect teeth.

5. Be The Bar

Imagine you’re sitting somewhere like a bar, or a restaurant that has the really long tables open to anyone. As more people come in and crowd the seats next to you, you’ve got two options: Yield some space or hold the line.

Now obviously at some point, you’ll have to accommodate your neighbor if the place starts to get full. And that’s okay. But unconfident guys take that too far and start giving up space to everyone, and then don’t have any left for themselves.

Well here’s how you get around the space problem, while exuding confidence, and not bothering anybody around you. Let’s go back to our guy sitting by himself. Instead of just politely shrinking into his seat as he makes room for other people around him… he simply holds own his own space.

That’s it. That’s it? That’s it. By keeping his hips straight and his hands shoulder-width apart on the table. He’s not taking anyone else’s space… but he’s also not giving up his own.

Basically, he becomes a fixture. You could even say, that he’s now as permanent as the bar itself. Nobody’s gonna try to move him, and as long as he’s friendly. They’re gonna be just fine with him taking up space because that’s where the fun is. In other words, if you want to have a calm, confident and friendly presence to everyone but don’t want to give up your space, you’ve got to be the bar.

4. Eye Match

We’ve said it before, making eye contact is one of the most important ways to make a good impression and appear confident. But if it doesn’t come naturally, or if you struggle to find the right times to look someone in the eye... following this rule can be difficult.

To simplify things, focus on matching other people’s eye contact. Matching a person’s eye contact not only shows that the two of you are equals, it’s one of the best things to do if you notice someone looking at you because it’s confident, and non-threatening. Instead of staring down, matching the other person’s eye contact shows that you don’t feel the need to compete... or feel like you have to shy away from them.

So by matching the person’s eye contact, while they speak and while you speak, you show confidence and gain the respect of whoever you’re speaking to.

3. Check Your Head

Alright, not exactly body language, but have you ever experienced the power of a good hair day? In the same way confident body language tips can, good hair can also send the right message. A lot of guys pay no attention to their hair, and as a result: They lose out on loads of free confidence, not to mention easy-to-come-by respect and attention.

And no! You don’t need to have a high-maintenance haircut to make this work for you. Because no matter your hair type, there’s a way to rock it that not only looks effortlessly cool, it is effortlessly cool.

You just gotta find it. Which, if you’ve got 30 seconds after the shower, shouldn’t be too hard. Just start small by making sure your hair is in place and boom, your chances of talking to a girl, getting a new job, making friends and getting out of a ticket have just shot up.

2. The Defoff Stance

To this day, it would seem that nobody has a clear answer on what to do with your hands. Until now. Because here’s the real trick to dealing with your awkward hands: The Defoff Stance... known by CEOs and charisma champs the world over, the principle behind this technique is based on the fact that in reality, there is actually no way to face someone directly with your hands out, and not appear defensive, awkward or threatening.

Can’t be done! That’s the reason why so many people struggle with it. So the trick then... is to find a position that falls halfway between defensive and offensive... The Defoff.

Here’s what you do: Cross one arm across your body just like you would normally. But instead of crossing your other arm over, simply rest it on the crossed arm. Almost immediately, you’ll feel more comfortable and 100% more confident in a way everybody will notice.

1. Intro Mob

One of the key definitions of confidence, and a huge trait for alphas, is not being intimidated by other people. So, how do you show people that you aren’t intimidated? Some people go the tough guy route, flexing all over and confronting people to prove themselves. Other guys, for some reason, just won’t introduce themselves first.

Ultimately, both of these things backfire, and here’s why: Both of these strategies are meant to improve confidence, or at least maintain it, but in reality, they’re both textbook defense mechanisms to cover up the anxious feelings they feel have around other people… and most people see right through it.

So rather than pushing people away, show your confidence by being the bigger man and introducing yourself to new people.

The Number 1 Body Language Sign that Makes Guys Look Less Confident

As promised, the number 1 body language sign that screams overcompensation and a lack of real confidence? Manspreading. Somehow we haven’t covered this one before. While studies have shown that spreading out makes men appear powerful and confident, taking too much space makes you not only look inconsiderate, but like you’re overcompensating.

Here’s what’s happening: Dudes who go into the infamous, spread-eagle manspread... do so because they feel entitled to that space. And entitlement, is the mark of an unconfident man. We’ll leave it at that for now.

In Conclusion

Those are 10 Confident Body Language Tricks Every Guy Should Do Today.

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