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Ultimate List of Knock Knock Jokes To Tell During Flirting

Talking to girls can be difficult when it's fairly new. Sometimes, it's so hard to tell if they're into you the way you care about them. So, starting conversations with them can be quite a challenge.

Thankfully, you've come across our ultimate list of knock-knock jokes for flirting. When a friend tells you how they met another person, it's almost always about finding something in common and laughing together. This is why having a common ground and a good sense of humor is important.

Using pick-up lines is a common maneuver, but maybe it's time for you to use something else. Find the best knock-knock joke on this list, and let's see if it works for you.

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3 Best Knock Knock Jokes When Flirting With Someone

Flirting with a woman is easy when you know what to say. Ditch the generic questions asking if they've eaten or what they plan to do that day. You'd do a lot better if you used some of the best knock-knock jokes we have right here.

They're the best flirty jokes because they're so unexpected and unique, and that's just what you need to get their attention.

1. Knock knock. Who's there? Honeydew. Honeydew who? Honeydew, you wanna dance?

Ask your friends if they've ever used a joke like this on girls before they became boyfriend-girlfriend. You want to be the guy with unique jokes, so you should be sure that your friends or colleagues haven't heard the joke. If you ask this in a club or party and there's dancing going on, I bet she'll definitely accept your invitation. With a corny love joke like this, who wouldn't?

2. Knock knock. Who's there? Olive. Olive who? Olive you and I don't care who knows it!

Have you ever heard this funny joke before? This is a fun and cute knock-knock joke to use on a girl. Keep it light if you have actually said the "L-word" yet. You can laugh this off and say that you just wanted to try it out on her. Making an effort to tell a funny knock-knock joke, even when you're not sure it's going to land well, says a lot about how much you want her to notice you.

3. Knock, knock. Who's there? Wire. Wire who? Wire you still not on my phone's contacts list?

This is one of the corny jokes on the list. However, sometimes jokes like this will work on the woman you like. You just need to deliver it well. You can appeal to your cute side and use a baby voice when you say this. If you know she doesn't like that, then maybe you can use laughter and act like you can't proceed with the joke because of how much you're laughing. Either way, she'll think you're really cute.

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4 Corny Knock Knock Jokes To Make Your Crush Blush

When making a girl blush, sometimes it's a good idea to use different tricks. A common one is to appeal to his ego and give her compliments about himself that's she's particularly proud of. But, being unique is a great way to get her attention and make yourself memorable in her head. This list of corny jokes can definitely help you with that.

You may be thinking that it's important to keep the jokes flirty, but it's also great to catch a girl off guard with a few corny jokes. After all, if you want her to like you, it's smart to let her see you're willing to be cheesy to make her smile.

4. Knock knock. Who's there? Hawaii. Hawaii who? I'm fine, Hawaii you?

I bet you haven't heard this one before. This is a great line to say when you meet a girl for a date. If you've been talking a few times before the date, she'll more or less know your personality as someone playful and fun. Saying this line will just add to how cheerful you are, and she'll appreciate that.

5. Knock, knock. Who's there? Hope. Hope who? Hope you'll go out with me!

Now, there's a romantic knock-knock joke you should use. Girls like it when a man is confident, so it's a great way for her to notice your courage. Try this with her when you are asking her out. Make sure she's in a good mood when you ask, so you're sure you'll get a laugh out of her instead of a frown. If this doesn't make her blush, I don't know what will.

6. Knock, knock. Who's there? Pauline! Pauline who? I think I'm Pauline in love with you.

This is as corny as it can get! This love joke is sure to make her smile. If you want to let her know you're catching feelings, this is a cute way to do it. If you're at that point, follow this up with a little kiss on the cheek and see how her cheeks immediately turned red.

7. Knock, knock. Who's there? Candice! Candice Who? Candice be love I'm feeling right now?

A funny, flirty joke like this is a sure-fire way to get a girl's attention. Watch how she laughs at this knock-knock joke and see if she's the kind of girl who appreciates a boy's effort to make her smile. Challenge her and ask if she has anything as creative as this.

3 Juicy Knock Knock Jokes That Will Make Anyone Laugh

When you ask a girl about what she likes in a guy, she will most likely say she wants a guy with a good sense of humor. Making a girl laugh is one of the most effective ways to get her to like you. That's why this list of funny knock knock jokes is a godsend for guys who need a little help in the joke department.

Choose any one of these jokes to make the girl you like to laugh out loud.

8. Knock knock. Who's there? Noah. Noah who? Noah good place we can go get lunch?

If you're considering asking a girl out, you can use this to be more memorable to her. I don't know any girl who has been asked out with this question, so you're in a good place to do it for the first time. Offer to get her ice cream after your lunch date, and you're a solid contender for the next man in her life.

9. Knock knock. Who's there? Needle. Needle who? Needle little love right now.

Need a little cuddling? This is a cute and fun way to ask for it. If you know she's the type to respond to cute messages that make her laugh; then you will have no problem asking this question. It's not the funniest joke out there, but it will get her attention. Pair it with sad eyes and a cute little hug, and you're good to go.

10. Knock knock. Who's there? Orange. Orange who? Orange, you stunning.

Paying a girl a compliment is a great way to get her to feel good. You can even use this line during a valentine's day date with your girl. She'll appreciate how you noticed her effort to look good on an important occasion. Now, she'll want to be your valentine every year.

3 Knock Knock Jokes That Is Full of Sexiness

A little fun and playfulness are necessary to make a girl like you for real. If you're at that point of your relationship where being a little flirty (in a spicy way) is normal, then this list of knock knock jokes that are full of sexiness is just what you need.

A good and dirty knock-knock joke can be healthy and effective when delivered the right way.

11. Knock knock. Who's there? Weekend. Weekend who? Weekend do anything we want.

Look deep into your partner's eyes when you say this, and give a little flirty smirk. If you feel it's okay with her, brush your fingers along the side of her face and tuck her hair into her ear while you're there. Not only will you make her knees melt, but you will also let her know you are ridiculously attracted to her.

12. Knock knock. Who's there? Anime. Anime who? Are you from Japan? ‘Cuz you got an anime-zing body.

Now, that's a sexy knock-knock joke. Puns aren't exactly sexy, but with the right delivery, they can be. Say this knock-knock joke when you are a little comfortable with each other, that you can joke about your partner's body. If you're not there yet, there are many other choices on this list.

13. Knock knock. Who's there? India. India who? What's it gonna take to get India pants?

This is funny, flirty, and a little ridiculous, but it may just be what sets you apart from other guys trying to get her attention. A joke as corny as this one will make you stand out. You should pick this joke when you want to make her laugh while getting her to think of taking the joke seriously. You never know; she might actually take you upon it.

4 Knock Knock Jokes To Send When Flirting With Someone Over Text

Texting has been part of the dating process for quite some time now. Dates are planned through text. Flirting and getting to know each other can also be done through SMS. So, your texting game must be on point.

Have you ever been texting a girl and feel like you've been saying the same things over and over? Sometimes, when you're texting a person, it can get a little monotonous. Make texting a little less boring with these jokes.

14. Knock knock. Who's there? Juno. Juno who? Juno I love you, right?

Have you ever said the L-word to her? This might be the perfect way to say it for the first time. These three words are expressed a lot, so this is a great and unique way to stand out. When she tells her friends how you said "I love you" for the first time, she'll have a fun story to tell.

15. Knock, knock. Who's there? Wendy. Wendy who? Wendy you think we can go on a date?

Imagine it's Halloween, and the girl you like texted you a picture of her dressed like Wendy from Peter Pan. Wouldn't this knock-knock joke be the perfect way to ask her out? She'll not only think it's cute, but if she is particularly proud of her costume, she will also be thrilled that you made a joke out of it.

16. Knock, knock. Who's there? Owl. Owl who? Owl be seeing you soon, right?

This is one of the knock-knock jokes that you can use when you are hinting that you want to go out on a date with her. Here's another joke you can follow up to that. Knock, knock. Who's there? Baby owl. Baby owl, who? Baby, owl be lonely if you're gone too long. I know this is a total dad joke, but if she's into owls, any one of these owl jokes is perfect to say.

17. Knock knock. Who's there? Canoe. Canoe who? Canoe come out and play with me?

Canoe use this joke on a kid? You sure can. This flirty text can appeal to her playful side. You should text this to her when you know she's having a bad day. She'll cheer up at the creative pun, and she will definitely want to meet up with you after.

All You Need To Know About National Knock Knock Jokes Day

The National Knock Knock Jokes Day is on October 31. I think it's a pretty smart idea to get some laughs before the spookiness of Halloween.

The knock-knock joke started back in 1929 when it was used in the game of Buff. Then, in 1934, its format was used in a newspaper humor column. That's where its popularity started. They also became part of a famous TV show called "Rowan and Martin's Laugh-in Show" in the late 1960s until the early 1970s.

How to Celebrate National Knock Knock Jokes Day

Celebrating National Knock Knock Jokes Day is a great way to bond with your families.

1. Compile your best knock-knock jokes and have a contest.

Challenge your friends and family to a knock-knock joke contest and see who's the most creative joker in the bunch. You can even write down some of the best jokes you hear and use them for the next time you need some laughs.

2. Post the worst knock-knock jokes you have and ask people to vote on the worst one.

Social media is a godsend for when you need another audience for your activities. Involve your friends and family who cannot come to your gathering and see which of your jokes perform the worst. Then, the person with the most votes has to do a consequence that everyone agrees on.

3. Play a "No Laughing Knock Knock Joke Game."

Have your family members divide into two groups. Then, get one player to go up against another one by one. Unleash your best knock-knock jokes on each other until someone laughs. Then, the person who laughs will be replaced by another team member. The team that runs out of members loses and has to do a dare set by the winning team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any more things you'd like to know? Here are a few frequently asked questions to help you out:

What should I do to impress her with humor?

Use creative and unique jokes to make her laugh. She won't be amused if you use jokes she's heard before. She will appreciate corny jokes, just as long as she's hearing them for the first time.

Are knock-knock jokes good conversation starters?

They definitely are. Breaking the tension is best done when you crack a good joke. Start a funny conversation by using any one of these jokes and see what kind of talk you guys end up with.

Can I use these flirty jokes anytime?

Most of these flirty jokes are safe to use anytime. Although, I would advise for you to use the sexy ones when you are certain the girl is okay with you saying those things.

How do you flirt using knock-knock jokes over text?

Flirting using knock-knock jokes over text is easy. Just ask her if she's up for a good knock-knock joke, and proceed to ask her. Use our list of flirty and seductive knock knock jokes to send over text, and you're good to go.

Why flirting skills are important?

They're important because being good at flirting means you have mastered the art of charm. When you can charm a person, you can most likely coerce them into doing anything. You can use this skill at work and in social situations.

Downloadable and Printable List of Teasing Knock Knock Jokes

Here is a downloadable and printable jpg/pdf list of teasing knock knock jokes (right-click the image and select Save Image As...):

How To Properly Strike A Knock Knock Joke During Flirting

Cracking jokes is easy if you're a gifted comedian. But, not all people are blessed with the natural ability to make people laugh. Whether or not you are naturally inclined to make jokes, we want you to be fully prepared for when you will use these knock-knock jokes, so we've also compiled these tips to help you out.

1. Master your joke.

The worst way to ruin a joke is if you don't have it memorized. Make sure that you have completed mastered your joke before you deliver it. That way, it will have a better chance of landing well. After all, she won't be able to laugh at your joke if you don't remember what comes next.

2. Choose the most appropriate joke to say.

There are loads of jokes in this list that you can use for different situations. Read through the descriptions on each one and find those that are safe to use for the situation you're preparing for.

An inappropriate joke may completely ruin your chances with her, so be careful when choosing.

3. Deliver the joke well.

Most of these jokes are puns, so make sure that your delivery is just right. You've got to use the right tone and pronunciation to make sure that she hears and understands the joke the way it should be. Not only will she laugh at it, but she'll be impressed at how you said it.

She might even share these jokes with her friends. That's a sure-fire way to get her to remember you all the time.

More Jokes to Cheer Someone Up

Do you need some more awesome jokes to cheer someone up? Here are a few:

  1. If you want to appeal to a coffee-lover, you should tell jokes that they'll relate to. Check out this list of coffee jokes and see which ones help you espress-o your feelings.
  2. Girls love to be with guys whose humors are on point. So, try using these funny jokes to tell a girl to make her fall in love with you, fast!
  3. Women enjoy the occasional corny and cheesy joke once in a while. Your being a guy doesn't mean you can't be a little soft. Make her blush and smile by using these cute jokes for her.

In Conclusion

These are our best knock knock jokes to tell when teasing someone, and we're glad you trusted us to give you all the best conversation starters you need.

Now that you're equipped with the ultimate list of knock knock jokes, you'll know how to flirt and get the girl you like. In fact, on our site here, we also have numerous posts about flirty questions that you can also use to impress the people you like.

With all these, you should be able to stop doubting yourself. You'll be more than prepared to flirt with a girl, even when you're cracking cheesy jokes.

Good luck!