We’re here to talk about another useful topic today, and it’s about secrets. We enjoyed watching Troom Troom Select’s video 11 Girl’s Secrets and Hacks Guys Don’t Know About. We were inspired to make our own video of the Top 5 Girls’ Secrets That Guys Don’t Know.

5 Girl's Secrets That Guys Don't Know

I know you’ll be psyched to know the number one secret that guys do know about girls. Let’s see if Larry knows it too. Come on!

5. Caught Off-Guard

Gentlemen, there are lots of things girls wish guys knew. What I’m about to share is one of the most useful things you’re going to need if you want to get the girl. Girls will never tell you this, but they like to be surprised and caught off-guard.

They will tell you that they don’t like flowers or surprise dates. They’ll even tell you that a date at home with movies and pizza is all that they need. Trust me that is not enough.

If you really want to make her feel special, do all the things she won’t ask you to do. I know it may be counterintuitive to do the things she says she doesn’t want, but these are the things she’d appreciate, one way or another. This is one of the attractive hacks that you can do to captivate her completely.

If you want to know how to make any girl fall in love with you, take some notes. Start with working on spontaneity. Surprise her with flowers, just because! Plan an intricate date with her, doing all the things you enjoy or maybe doing something new together.

Bring her lunch or coffee when you know she’s having a particularly stressful day to make her feel better. Do it on a non-stressful day to make her feel even better.

There are lots of situations that you can use to make her feel special. Even when it feels like the cheesiest thing, do it anyway. This is why this is a thing that guys don’t know about. Women don’t want to ask for it because it embarrasses them. It also ruins the authenticity of the gesture when they have to ask for it.

She’ll say she’s alright with simple things, and most of the time, she means it. But there’s also nothing wrong with enjoying surprises and nice plans with the person you like. Give her a chance to enjoy your company. now remember, this is top secret. So don’t mention it to your girl.

To know how to make any girl fall in love with you fast, check out this video.

4. There are a million ways to say no.

Gentlemen, listen up. There are things that ladies go through that guys don’t know, and for that, we have to be extra sensitive to them. Learning how to say no is one of the most difficult things that women have to learn. Guys don’t know about the effects of saying no to people who make unwanted offers because they’ve never had to deal with those.

Women, on the other hand, deal with this all the time. because of that, they get creative when saying no. A quick-thinking woman would use all the tips and tricks to get out of an uncomfortable situation.

Let’s paint a picture of the hacks women use to say no. If you invite her for drinks after work, she’ll invite your other friends to come. If you invite her to have coffee with you, she’ll say she has acid reflux and can’t go. If you invite her to the movies, she’ll say she hates them. Even when you just ask a girl’s number at the bar or at a coffee shop, she’ll think of numerous ways to make you go away.

She’ll either pretend she has a boyfriend, or that she’s already waiting for a date, or that she’s not into guys. You wanted to know women’s tricks to avoid men, right?

You’ll know that she’s not interested when you hear her making more excuses to say no, than ways to say yes. Gentlemen, if she’s not interested in you, you’ll see it in the way she treats you.

A girl’s secrets should not be hard to read, especially for guys who know how to use his instincts to identify those attracted to him. You’ll know that she’s trying to send you away because she will literally use every excuse in the book to avoid spending time with you.

3. Looking like a 10 out of 10

This is one of the many girls’ secrets that guys don’t know. Girls love to dress up and pamper themselves on any given day. But, they won’t ever tell you that they do more when they know they’re going to see the person they like.

If you only pay attention, you will see that she does something slightly different when she knows you’re meeting with her. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t notice anything because sometimes that’s just how good she is at hiding it. If you were to ask another woman, she’d probably notice about ten things different about another girl.

It may be the way she does her eyeliner or the way she styles her hair. Maybe you’ve commented on her fashion sense once upon a time and she styles herself the same way when you see each other. She’ll never admit it, but she’ll go out of her way to make you notice her, if she really likes you.

Do you know what will make her like you even more? Recognize the little changes she makes. Let her know that she looks great with her hairstyle. Or, tell her that the new outfit she’s wearing fits her well.

You could also say that she did a great job with her makeup that day. Take it even further and ask if she did anything different with her eyes or her lips. You’d be lucky if you get something right, but even if you don’t, merely mentioning it will make her feel really good about herself.

These are the things guys do that girls like, so make sure you do this often. Girls love being complimented, and that’s a fact.

2. Are you a manly man?

Gentlemen, whether we admit it or not, our masculinity is important to us. Its value is even more intense especially for guys who grew up with fathers who wanted them to be extremely masculine. But here’s a secret that you might not know about girls...

They don’t love it as much as you do. So if being macho is a big part of your personality, it may be time to reassess your choices. Let’s say you make fun of other guys because they like wearing pink or they listen to female artists on the radio. And when you do, your other guy friends laugh along with you.

Now, that might make you popular among boys, but most of the time, not for girls. Another example of this is when you equate femininity to weakness. When another man shares his insecurities or emotions, a typical macho man would shame him for it, saying that he should stop being like a girl.

Gentlemen, if you want some useful tips for guys, listen up. If being a manly man hinders you from being a decent and respectful person, then it’s not worth it. Don’t say that it’s part of your personality because anything can be unlearned if you try.

She won’t be attracted to you for being this kind of manly. She’d likely be more attracted to you If you’re a respectful person.

1. Copycats aren’t thieves, right?

Have you ever heard a woman compliment another man right in front of you? Something like, “Hey, I like the pants he’s wearing. Those are great pants.” Or maybe, “He has a really nice haircut. I wonder which salon he went to.” You might not have known it at the time, but it’s a hack that women use to influence you into copying that same style or item she complimented.

Normally, you’d think that the woman you’re with has her attention to you. That’s why this hack is so clever. It makes you think of what you need to do to get her attention. This is also one of the hidden signs a girl likes you.

When she wants you to be the best version of yourself, it signals her attraction to you. If she didn’t like you, why would she even bother?

But her complimenting other guys is really just her way of nudging you into better style and taste. She’ll be really proud to be standing beside you if you look like a million bucks.

If you find that girl who goes out of her way to make you feel good, keep her and take her advice, all the time. This is her way of telling you that she likes you. If you want to know more hidden signs a girl likes you, check out this video.

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Top Secret That Guys Should Know

Now, you’re all set with the best girls’ secrets that guys don’t know. It’s time to share the top-secret thing that guys do know, or should already know. Gentlemen, women may say that they don’t care about appearances and that your personality is what matters.

But you should already know by now that it’s important to be at your best if you want a girl to like you. Pay attention to your hygiene, guys! Get a nice, clean haircut. Trim and groom your facial hair. Iron your shirts and wear clean shoes. Make an effort to smell good, too! Getting the girl involves a lot of your effort, and it’s time to start now.


Do you have any more hacks guys don’t know about girls that you’d like to share?

Now that you’ve learned all these girls’ secrets that guys don’t know, it will be that much easier for you to get the girl. I don’t know about you, but I think Larry really enjoyed learning about the female mind today. Be reminded though, that this is only the first step to getting yourself a girlfriend.