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Is collecting things a hobby?

A hobby is an activity that a person regularly does for pleasure or enjoyment. With this definition, we can consider collecting things as a hobby. It's an activity that you do for entertainment. Although this has many benefits (it can be viewed as an investment in the long run), you start doing it for your enjoyment. It's fun to see how much you've collected. Some people may think that a collector is just a hoarder, but collections are a fantastic sight to see. So yes, this is a hobby. And a fun one at that.

6 Best things to collect

If you're after the things to collect that are the very best, look no further. These items are creative and worth it. You'll have a lot of fun collecting them. They're unique, and you can even incorporate memories with them! They're even easy to find because you can look at the nearest yard sale, thrift store, or flea market.

1. Travel Souvenirs

When we travel, it's a good idea to get something that would remind us of the places that we have been to in the past. It's a way to put memories into an item. Travelling is very therapeutic while being an enjoyable activity. We learn more about the world around us, as well as ourselves.

It's a good idea to get a souvenir that reminds you of that place when you travel. If you travel a lot, this would be a perfect thing for you to collect! It will be like you're gathering pieces of the world.

2. Stamps

One of the most common collections that people have is a stamp collection. Stamp collecting is fun because they're easy to come by, and they have different designs. A stamp collector also enjoys that stamps don't take up so much space, so it's the perfect item to collect, especially for those starting. Collecting stamps can also be done by removing stamps off of envelopes, which can be done without harming them. This is also one fun part of stamps.

3. Snow globes

It doesn't have to be Christmas for you to get yourself a snow globe. If you're the kind of person that enjoys the snow or Christmas, then snow globes are an excellent idea to collect, especially if you're not one to enjoy having a Christmas ornament as your collection.

People who collect snow globes start with having them as souvenirs, but sometimes, you may grow to love them, and you'll find that it's delightful to have your own set of snow globes. What's fun about snow globes is that they come in different looks, so you won't tire of looking at them.

4. Comic books

This one is for the comic book nerds. But you don't have to be a comic book nerd to collect comic books.

Comic books aren't dying, but they're not as plenty as they were before. That's why it's the perfect item to collect. They won't only give your space a lively and colorful vibe, but they can also be considered an investment. They can be regarded as your very own art collection even.

5. Shot glasses

You can also collect glasses, but not just any glass—shot glasses.

At first, you might think that shot glasses are... shot glasses. But there are a lot of shot glasses that are worthy of your investment. There are also shot glasses with different designs and looks. You won't tire of looking at them because each one looks unique, even if they're all glasses.

6. Wine corks

If you're the wine type of person, then why not collect wine corks? A wine cork can be a friendly reminder of how much you love wine. This is especially fun to do if you come across expensive wine or wine that you don't always have the opportunity to taste. They'll be a great reminder of such a fantastic drink. Of course, you can collect wine corks of cheap wine. No one's stopping you from doing that!

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4 things to collect that are worth money

It's also fun to collect things that are worth money because you're not only gathering these things together, you're also investing. The more you collect, the more your collection is worth. Who doesn't love having a hobby that can make them money, right?

7. Coins

As time goes on, coin designs change. Their value also varies.

Coin collecting can be a challenging hobby because you're going to have to find rare coins, but it's very fulfilling. The more rare coins you can collect, the greater the value will be. Some coins are limited edition that would make the value shoot up! The more you collect coins, the more you'll learn about them. Although it may seem rare, coin collections are common. You can find a coin collector anywhere!

8. Antique furniture

Antique furniture can take up a lot of space if you collect them, but it is all worth it. They're a great collection. Anything antique has a lot of value, so why miss out on things that are really worth money? As time goes on, they'll even be worth more. What's impressive with antique furniture is that you can get them for cheap and then restore them. Restoring furniture can be another hobby that you can get into if you decide to collect antique furniture.

9. Rare books

Having plenty of books on your shelf is already fun, but if you collect rare books, they're fun and worth a lot of money! They're the perfect collectible.

If you're someone who enjoys reading, rare books may be one thing to collect that you can consider. It can be hard to come across them, but you'll be surprised at how easy it will be once you know where to look. Hint: Going to a thrift store might help.

10. Typewriters

Typewriters aren't used as widely anymore, which makes them a valuable piece.

Some people collect typewriters of all kinds. Imagine all the value and worth that they have with their typewriters. Typewriters are worth a lot during this time because the classic ones aren't produced anymore. You don't have to be a writer to enjoy these.

4 fun things to collect

It's important to have fun when you're doing this. That's why these fun things to collect should be some of your priority items to make a collection of!

11. Trading cards

Trading cards are items that we don't give a second look at when we were kids—a pokemon card, Magic the Gathering card, and maybe even a baseball card. We play with them. But when we think about it, we've had so much fun with them. It will also be so much fun to collect them.

Having a trading card is not as common now as before, but that shouldn't stop you from diving into it. It's not only fun to collect cards (and you can still trade them, of course!), but they can also be worth money!

12. Toys

Toys are one of the most common things that are collected. There are a lot of collectible items that are toys. It's so much fun to collect them because they remind us of our childhood. We all wanted a toy when we were kids. Many people also collect toys to get their hands on the toys that they always wanted as kids but never got the chance to get.

Looking at the toys you collected can be very fun and relaxing. You don't have to play with them for them to bring more fun into your life. There are also toy collectors with a specific line of toys, like a Marvel or a Disney collection. A thrift store or garage sale is an excellent place to look for these items. It's also fun to find mint condition toys at a reasonable price!

13. Stuffed animals

Stuffed animals are fun! It doesn't matter how old you are; you can always collect stuffed animals. They are as fulfilling to collect as toys. Not only that, you can even have them sleep next to you. You won't only have fun, but you'll also get a good night's sleep. Stuffed animals can bring out the inner kid in all of us. It's nice that you can add a teddy bear or maybe a doll into the mix, too.

14. Happy meal toys

A happy meal toy may not seem valuable now, but they're fun to collect. There's a fulfilling feeling in being able to have a complete set of happy meal toys. It doesn't end there because many happy meal toys are worth a lot after some time. Just think about all the 90s happy meal toys that people will pay a lot of money to get their hands on!

Downloadable And Printable List of Things To Collect

Here is a downloadable and printable jpg/pdf list of things to collect (right-click the image and select Save Image As...):

Frequently Asked Questions

It's easy to think that being a collector of different things is just that. You collect things. When you look at it at the surface level, yeah, it's like that. But there are more profound things about it that we can look into. If you're new to this activity, then these answered FAQs will be a big help to you.

Why do people collect things?

We can all agree that this activity is a fun thing to do. The most common reason why people collect items is emotional attachment. Collecting allows us to relive our childhood and connect ourselves to a time that we once enjoyed. We give emotional meaning to the things that we collect. That's why once we start, it's hard to stop. Plus, it's fun to have something to talk about with fellow collectors or people who enjoy a collecting hobby.

What should I collect as a kid?

Kids have all sorts of interests nowadays. We often hear or see kids on social media collecting insects, robots, shoes, and a lot of other cool stuff. Kids can try collecting toys of their favorite characters on TV. It's a solid investment, especially now that even adults are selling, buying, and also collecting all kinds of toys. Comic-con is a great place to start when collecting toys. Rare toys are sold at a lower price, plus you can talk to other people with the same interest as you do.

What is a good collection to start?

A good one to start is something that suits your wants and capabilities. There are many things in the world that you can collect, from toys to coins, to furniture. There's one for everyone. You have to find the one that you know wouldn't be overwhelming for you to start. These are usually the smaller ones like souvenirs and photos.

Why is collecting so fun?

Many people find this activity so fun because of the thrill of the hunt for the item. This is why looking for rare items can feel even more fun than the usual things. We enjoy the chase and the thrill, which is why this is so fun and hard to stop.

What are the hottest collectibles right now?

Before cleaning out your shed or basement, make sure to look out for cool stuff that is collectibles for other people. Be on the lookout for action figures, dolls, baseball cards, comic books, game cards, sports memorabilia, and the like. These things have great value nowadays. You can either sell them or keep them and start your own collection!

How To Pick The Best Thing To Collect

There are so many things in the world that we can collect. You can gather things as small as you can imagine, up to items that are too big they'd need their room. You can collect almost anything in the world, really! So with this great list of things to collect, how can you pick one that's right for you? That's easy! Just answer our questions, and you'll have a breeze choosing the best thing to collect.

1. What Interests You?

Sure, we gave you a list of the best and most exciting collector's items, but it still boils down to what you're interested in. You will only enjoy what you're doing if you're passionate about it. So, choose items that you know you will enjoy looking at.

2. Do You Have Space?

You should expect that when you want to collect, you will need to have space. Consider the area that you can have, and then choose what you can collect based on that. If you don't have too big of a space, you can't collect more significant items unless you're willing to expand some space for them.

3. Can You Keep It Up?

Collections seem like they never end. An important question is whether you're willing to keep up with growing your items or not. Of course, you shouldn't pressure yourself into making a large collection right away, but you should be ready for when that happens.

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In Conclusion

We hope this list of things to collect helps you decide what you should start collecting. Being a collector is one of the most fun things to do, so don't sleep on it. If you want to do more things, you can also check out a list of hobbies to further help you decide what you should do for fun!