Looking to spice up your Christmas party with Christmas family games?

Enjoy yourself with a Christmas party game or two. As your resident game master, one featured in places like SorryOnMute, I've got plenty of ideas for Christmas activities for you to enjoy this holiday season.

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Ultimate List Of Games to Play With Your Family During The Christmas Season

Need some Christmas party ideas? We've got a lot of Christmas party games for you to enjoy on Christmas Eve! Enjoy these festive, fun holiday games that anyone, from kids to adults, can enjoy!

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5 Fun Ice Breakers Guaranteed to Keep Your Guests Entertained

If you're going to have a Christmas party, there's bound to be guests that have never met each other. You want them to break the ice - and what better way than to have them play a fun game together? They'll have a blast with these icebreaker games and make new friends.

1. Gift Wrapping Race

Who can wrap a gift the fastest? This classic game has teams trying to wrap a gift as fast as possible. There are other variations where they have to unwrap a gift before wrapping it again. It's great practice for next Christmas when they need to wrap some gifts of their own!

2. Dance Freeze

Dance freeze, Christmas edition! Pick a great Christmas song and dance to it. When the music stops, you must freeze - and hold your position and pose for as long as possible until the song resumes. It's a fun game that everyone can enjoy!

3. Santa Hats Cups Stacking Game

You'll need red cups for this one! The objective is to stack as many red cups with pom-poms between them as many times as possible. If they fall over, count the score - then have the next person try to stack as many as they can. The one with the most "Santa hats" stacked wins!

4. Reindeer Antler Toss Game

This isn't just any reindeer game! The Reindeer Antler Toss Game is a game where you have a person wear some antlers, and players try to toss hoops through the antlers. It's like a carnival hoop toss game, except much harder because of how curved the antlers are.

5. Guess How Many

A classic game, but it can be given that Christmas flair! Try to guess how many of something there are. It can be how many presents are under a tree or Santa hats in a box... The only rule is that you're only allowed to count from a distance and not go near and check yourself!

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5 Educational Trivia Questions to Throw Around For Your Family Members

Another great way to spend time during a Christmas party is by having a fun trivia game! It can be about any Christmas trivia - I particularly recommend hard Christmas trivia so that they can enjoy the Christmas spirit. Fun, exciting, and educational!

6. Christmas Family Trivia

The best part about a Christmas trivia game is that the whole family can join as their own team! See how much the family knows about their favorite holiday season. Everyone can pitch in with what they know!

7. Christmas Family Feud

Family Feud, Christmas edition! A popular game that everyone knows about, but it's given that holiday flair. Ask all sorts of questions about Christmas, and see if they know the most popular answers.

8. Five-Second Rule

You've got five seconds to name a bunch of things about a particular topic. Speed is the key here - you'll want to think fast. If that particular topic is about Christmas, so much the better!

9. Christmas Who Am I?

A slip of paper with someone's name is put on your head, and you're only allowed to ask yes or no questions to determine their identity. Don't limit it to just Santa Claus and his family - it can be singers who wrote popular Christmas songs!

10. Christmas Scavenger Hunt

We all love a good scavenger hunt, and we'll use any holiday as an excuse to host one - why not Christmas, then? Hide important clues around the house and the yard, and see if they can find the prize before anyone else. It'll be an adventure!

5 Exciting Activities That Will Keep Kids Engaged at Your Party

Christmas is the holiday season kids love the most, and with good reason! Presents, partying, and lots of Christmas trivia for kids to immerse themselves in. If you want kids to enjoy themselves at your party, these exciting activities will do just the trick!

11. Christmas Heads Up

Heads up is a popular game that has one player guess what's written on their headband while the other team tries to give them clues. There are plenty of ways to make it more exciting - there can be clue-givers that try to give the wrong clues, or there can be rules that they must follow. Either way, it'll get frantic and fun as the guesser and clue-giver gets more and more excited trying to figure it out!

12. Christmas Guess Who

The board game Guess Who is a game where you ask a series of yes or no questions to determine who their opponent picked. Even if you don't have the board game itself, you can still play a similar version of the game! You can use the guests as characters and have them try to figure out who their Secret Santa is.

13. Christmas Bingo

Bingo is a classic party game, and Christmas Bingo is even more so. Everyone is given a card with rows and columns, and they must cross an item out whatever someone who draws from a ballot says. If you've crossed out enough items for a complete line, you say, 'Bingo!'

14. Snowman Ball Sort

This one's great for the younger kids! Make a snowman out of cardboard, cut out circular holes down its middle, and make a ring around each hole with a marker, each hole with its own different color. To play the game, slide a ball down the hole with the same color as it so that it falls into a basket behind it. Then, you can flip the snowman around and do it again!

15. Word Scramble Game

Scramble the letters to a word, and see if the players can form the right word out of the scrambled letters! Here's an example: what two words can be made of these letters: "CSAALUNAT"?

5 Challenging Activities That Would Bring Out Your Guests' Competitive Spirits

Games can be fun when played together, but sometimes, it's even more fun if you get to compete against other players! That's exactly why we've picked out these games: these games will bring out the competitor in your guests. Let your guests compete for the thrill and prizes, and they'll never forget it!

16. Christmas Mad Libs

Turn any Christmas story into a hilarious misadventure with Christmas Mad Libs! You're given a story template with many blanks, and each player takes turns trying to fill it in with the best word they can think of. Then, when everyone's done, the opposing team reads it aloud. See who can make the funniest one!

17. Naughty or Nice Christmas Game

In this Christmas game, you get to play Santa Claus! You read out what's written on a card and determine whether what the person did on the card is naughty or nice. In a competitive team game format, you have the right answers for each card written down, and see which team got the most answers correct!

18. Snowman Bowling

Bowling but with a wintry twist! This time, the bowling ball is a snowman, and the pins are red with little pom-poms on top, so they look like Santa hats. Teams take turns trying to knock down all the pins!

19. Hands-Free Hang the Ornament

Like pin the tail on the donkey, but without using your hands. Easy enough with Santa hats, but very difficult with antlers and red noses! But it's all fun and reindeer games, regardless!

20. Build a Snowman

Have a backyard and plenty of snow this year? Have your guests try to build the best snowman! Make sure to have plenty of decorations they can choose so that it truly looks like it could come to life.

Downloadable and Printable List of Christmas Family Games

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5 Christmas Themed Films to Watch With Your Family

Spending Christmas together with family is a chance to do something together. That's why it's a great time to watch a Christmas-themed movie to have the entire family bask in the holiday cheer. These Christmas-themed films will instill the holiday spirit in you!

1. Home Alone

Little Kevin finds himself mysteriously alone at home during Christmas and finds two bad men trying to rob it. How will he manage to protect his home - and how will he save Christmas?

2. A Boy Called Christmas

A Boy Called Christmas is a fantastic tale about a boy named Nikolas who tries to find his father and give him a map leading to the village of the elves, Elfheim. With a cast of cute animal characters to accompany them, it's a great film for younger kids especially.

3. Elf

A boy named Buddy is raised among Santa's elves but can't seem to fit in. He leaves for New York in search of his real father - only to find that he's a cynical businessman. Can they repair their relationship in time for Christmas?

4. Miracle on the 34th Street

Kringle fills in for Santa while he's sick and becomes so popular that everyone wants him to fill in for Santa again. But then, he announces to the world that he is Santa! A wacky story unfolds from there.

5. Klaus

The titular Klaus is a woodsman who makes toys in seclusion. A postman named Jesper moves into town, uncovers a tale of feuding families, and learns to befriend the reclusive Klaus.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have any questions about things your family can do this Christmas? We've got plenty of answers for you down below!

How can I gather my family for the holidays?

During the Christmas season, start a group chat with your family and the people you'd like to invite, and start planning a day on which you can all come. Even if it's not on Christmas Day itself, you can still enjoy the festivities as long as you're all together in December.

When is the best time to play these games with the family?

During a Christmas party, of course! Plan your Christmas party ahead of time so people can come early, chat, and enjoy a few games together. Make sure everyone brings their kids along so that they can also enjoy a fun game together.

Will kids and adults enjoy these games?

Christmas is a season for both kids and adults! Even the adults can join in on kid-friendly things like a present exchange or fun kid's games. The magic of Christmas is that it makes us go back in time to when we were kids again.

How can I keep our holiday reunion entertaining?

Naturally, this list of games can help your holidays become merrier. But don't limit yourself to just this list! Think of all kinds of things that you can only do when everyone's together.

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In Conclusion

Christmas family games are a great way to stay close and have fun during the holiday season. If your holiday party looks a little dull, that's when you bring out a fun Christmas game to play. We hope you have a great holiday party filled with Christmas carols and that Santa Claus leaves some wonderful presents under the Christmas tree. Merry Christmas!