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What is a Soul Tie?

A soul tie is a deep and meaningful connection to a person embedded in your soul. This term is used as an umbrella term for other kinds of relationships, like soulmates and twin flames. It's commonly associated with romantic connections, but a soul tie can also be recognized in platonic relationships. Being naturally drawn to someone means your souls are deeply tied together, sometimes in ways you can't express.

5 Types of Soul Ties

The concept of a soul tie is rooted in the Christian tradition, specifically the rule that you must be married to have sexual intercourse. So, if you have sex outside of marriage, it means you're connected to that person forever. But having an ungodly soul tie isn't as big of a deal now as it was back then. It just means that you have a deep connection to someone that encapsulates your experiences and traits as one.

A soul tie is commonly associated with a romantic relationship. However, you can have a strong emotional bond with someone who is not your boyfriend or girlfriend. You can find it in a friend or a family member you think is deeply tied to you. Here, we will teach you the types of soul ties so you can find out if that person exists in your life.

1. Bonding Soul Tie

If you have someone in your life you have a strong emotional connection with, then it might be your bonding soul tie.

Emotional bonding is one of the deepest kinds of ties. When you both can relate to what the other is feeling, it means your souls are extremely close together. You share intense feelings of lust, anger, jealousy, pain, or hatred. You hurt when the other person hurts. You are overjoyed when your soul mate is successful. Having an emotional soul tie like this means you have someone who understands what you're feeling. Forming an unhealthy attachment to this person is possible because you depend on them to digest your intense feelings.

2. Protective Soul Tie

When you're in danger or trouble, someone might come and rescue you from your pain. It will form a strong bond between you and your rescuer. That is what a protective soul tie is. This type of soul tie relationship is stronger than the bonding soul tie. When someone saves you, it almost feels like you trust them completely. You feel safe around them, and you want to protect them as well.

3. Binding Soul Tie

This bond occurs when someone gives the other energy to push through life, despite all the challenges. This is a positive soul tie that reflects a healthy relationship. You help each other stay motivated to walk through life without giving up. This is also one of the spiritual soul ties that won't break, no matter the distance between them.

4. Permanent Soul Tie

Falling in love and becoming attached to someone often doesn't involve conscious choice. You feel it, and suddenly, it's true. A permanent soul tie forms when two souls bond instantly and firmly. They don't exactly choose each other, but once they're connected, it's forever. It's one of the spiritual soul ties that are rarely broken.

5. Sexual Soul Ties

This type of soul tie forms when you become physically connected to another person. You may form a sexual relationship with another and feel incredible energy and emotions towards them. These emotions usually make it difficult to forget them. Your whole being is active during the sexual act. Your mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies are strongly connected upon sexual contact.

5 Signs You Have a Soul Tie with Someone

Having a soul connection is one of people's highest goals. Finding someone you have a spiritual connection with is so rare that we try our whole lives to find them. We even mistake passing people in our lives to be our soul mates when really they're just steps along the way. To avoid that, you should know the signs you have a soul tie with someone.

Sign #1. You think of them often.

When you have an intense connection with someone, they will often be in your head. Even when you're busy with other things during the day, you'll find yourself constantly thinking of what they're doing or if they're thinking of you as well. When a person's soul is strongly tied to yours, you won't be able to prevent yourself from thinking of them.

Sign 2. They feel familiar to you.

Soul ties are believed to be present in your present and past life. They manifest in different bodies and personalities when you reincarnate. That's why when you meet them, it feels like you've known them forever. You may have known them for a week or a month, but it doesn't seem that way. The natural comfort and closeness you feel make it seem like you've been in each other's lives for a long time.

Sign #3. You can't function without them.

While this may be a sign of an unhealthy soul tie, it still stands to be one of the most obvious signs you've found a deep connection. You constantly crave their company, and you find it extremely difficult to function when they're not present. Even when you're not doing anything, you want them to be in the same room with you.

Sign #4. You find your way to God.

When you meet someone who helps you believe in a higher power, it's a godly soul tie that will be hard for you to ignore. While you may have different beliefs, when you find support and love from a higher being because of them, you will feel an intense bond with that person. Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit will be thrilled because of this pairing if your partner is a Catholic. But whatever higher power you discover with this person, it just means that their soul is one you absolutely trust. That's why you believe in what they believe in, too.

Sign #5. You want to become a better person.

This is a classic sign of a healthy soul tie. You want to be the best version of you because of them. So, you find ways to better yourself and improve their experience with you. When you constantly realize that you can still be a better person, it's a sign of a good soul tie.

Soul Tie Infographic

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Soul Tie vs. Soulmate

The main difference between a soul tie and a soulmate is that a soulmate is a kind of soul tie that is normally painted in a positive light. In contrast, soul ties can be potentially toxic and destructive when not handled appropriately. While you can only have one soulmate in your life, you can have many soul ties throughout your journey.

A soulmate is usually described as a person's perfect match. They complement your personality very well as if you're a match made in heaven. A soul tie may not be as clear-cut as a soulmate. If you're unlucky enough to find a toxic soul tie, you may become emotionally dependent on them, like a bonding soul tie. It will be difficult for you to unpack your feelings on your own when you don't have them around.

A soulmate connection also means both of you positively benefit from the partnership. You both yearn to make things work with this person, and you want them to remain in your life because you contribute to each other's success. Soul ties may tend to be one-sided. When your soul is tethered to another because you need them to function, it's hard to grow from that. You won't be able to move forward and do things on your own because you feel limp when they're not around.

How Soul Ties Affect Men

Even the most skeptical men won't be able to escape a soul tie when it randomly comes. All their commitment issues and hesitations may go out the door when they find someone they're deeply connected to. Here, we will talk about how soul ties can affect men.

1. They will discover that timing is everything.

Since soul ties often come at pivotal points in a person's life, men will find that a potential partner or a friend who comforts them during bad times or celebrates their successes during high points are people to keep in their lives. Some people come at the wrong times, like when they aren't really looking for a romantic partner, but the opportunity still presents itself. When this happens, they'll realize that there are people who are meant to come at certain times.

2. They search for ways to make the partnership work.

When a man discovers that he has found someone he's deeply connected to, he will make sure that he keeps this person in his life. He will find multiple ways to keep that person happy and satisfied. In a toxic relationship, which is possible in soul ties, it may even go as far as doing dangerous and senseless things just so their partner won't leave.

3. They forget about their fantasies.

Most men think they have a type of woman they go for. Usually, this means they are naturally attracted to a certain physical attribute or character trait. However, when a man meets his soul tie, he will immediately throw these out the window. There's no rhyme or reason as to why he is attracted to this person, but he is.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have some queries about soul ties? These frequently asked questions should help clear things up.

How do I break a soul tie?

Breaking soul ties is difficult, especially when the emotions run very deeply between the two of you. Most people recommend getting rid of their partner's material possessions and clearing their social media of any trace of the relationship. These are great starts, but ultimately, it's best to have closure and talk it out with the other person.

Can soul ties be one-sided?

Yes. Some soul ties have one person depending on the other for support and care. These unhealthy soul ties will eventually break when the other person gets tired of providing all the support.

How do soul ties form?

Soul ties are randomly formed between two people. You won't see it coming. But, when you meet, it will feel like you've known this person forever. When your souls are tied, you will keep returning to each other every lifetime.

Are soul tie and twin flame the same?

They aren't, but they are quite similar. Twin flames are intense and potentially toxic, just like soul ties. The main difference is that a twin flame is usually a friend, sibling, or child. While a soul tie can be platonic, it's more common to form a romantic soul tie.

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