Finding or knowing if you've already met your soulmate can be challenging. Sure, there are the typical signs that we know about. But sometimes, there are weird soulmate signs we tend to ignore, thinking it's not how it's supposed to be.

As a dating coach, I know all about soulmate signs and signs of attraction. Some of my works have been featured on Apartment Therapy and Idea Pod. I am your guy to answer the question, what is a soulmate? We'll talk about the unusual signs that you've already found your twin soul.

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10 Weird Soulmate Signs You Sometimes Ignore

We always hear the word 'soulmate.' This character seems to be the 'one in every romantic movie or novel.'

So, what is a soulmate?

It is that person whom you feel a strong connection with, and you tend to satisfy each other's needs. There are different kinds of soulmate relationships.

First is the romantic soulmate, where you share unconditional love with your partner. Then there's the platonic soulmate - this exists between friends - people who don't share romantic love. Most people watch out for the typical signs you are in love.

They wait for someone to sweep them off their feet and be their knight in shining armor. The truth is, it's not always like that. There are these weird soulmate signs that most people tend to ignore.

We'll talk about them one by one. You'll never know; you might have already found your true soulmate and never noticed.

1. Things are awkward between both of you on your first met.

It's not always love at first sight. Instead of feeling this supposed 'slow motion,' you might find yourself acting awkwardly towards a person. These types of attraction exist, and you don't understand what draws you to them. You're clearly into each other but lose all your cool for some reason and can't seem to act properly. I've known couples who started like this. Just because you didn't click right away doesn't mean you won't.

2. You are not sure how you feel about each other.

It would lead to this if you started awkwardly when you first met. Both of you are on the plateau- not too in love but a bit more special than a friend. You may feel fond of each other but are unsure if it will grow further. That is normal because this is when you evaluate and know each other deeper. You talk, hang out and spend time understanding and developing a strong bond. There's no need to rush things; take things slow and go with the flow.

3. You don't feel like you have to rush things.

It's a good soulmate sign if you feel comfortable with a person. There's no pressure or ultimatum to rush things between you. Just enjoy your pace and do activities to connect on a deeper level. By this, I mean going out on friendly dates or walks, nothing overly romantic.

4. You see them as a friend.

A healthy relationship starts with a healthy friendship. It's also great to maintain friendship throughout your romantic relationship. Some may expect that true love should feel passionate all the time,  but often forget that friendship lasts longer and stays forever. If you see your romantic soulmate as a friend, you trust them with your secrets and can be yourself.

5. There were no hard feelings when you broke up.

Twin souls don't hold grudges against each other when they break up. I'm not saying either of them won't feel any hate or grudges right after the separation. There may be some, but it all goes away after some time because they understand and respect each other. We all have our flaws, but soulmates have mutual respect. And that surpasses any resentment they may initially feel.

6. You have your unique ways of making up.

Most couples argue and have endless power struggles, but you have your own little thing to make up. You couldn't stay mad at each other. Your soul connection is more powerful than your differences. Some twin souls make up by staring at each other or going out on a date after the fight. Some cuddle their way out of the problem. There are a lot more ways unique to you and your soulmate.

7. You can't bear to hate them (even if you clearly should).

They might have done something to upset you. Like, forgetting your anniversary or prioritizing something else instead of you. You might hate them for a while until you see their face. Then, you find yourself smiling, and you're not mad anymore. Whatever it is that made you upset is quickly forgotten, and you're in their arms again.

8. No matter what life throws at you, you can't live without each other.

You couldn't stand to be apart for a long time. You treat them as your life partner. You do most things together, and you complement each other well. Not being with your soulmate will make you feel like you've lost one of your hands. One thing is for sure; you will ask yourself how to make her miss you. You know that you couldn't bear not being with her.

9. They are the one person who can really hurt you.

This may seem contrary to what a true soulmate is supposed to be; let me explain. They don't mean to hurt you emotionally but can get to you since they know you too well. They can make you very happy but also hurt you badly because of your strong bond.

10. You have each other's backs, but you are also honest with each other.

When it comes to confrontations, you'll always have each other's full support. But they also know when to be honest. Your soulmate understands that tolerating you when you are wrong won't do you any good. They know what is best for you and won't hesitate to be honest when it's for your own sake.

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What Are Soulmates For?

The purpose of a soulmate is to encourage personal growth. Your soulmate can be your lover, a friend, or a teacher. They will change your life either through love, kindness, or sometimes pain.

These are the necessary emotions to experience to get closer to our authentic selves. Your soulmate will contribute to this process without even knowing it.

Soulmate vs Destiny - Is There a Difference?

The main difference between soulmate and destiny is their purpose in your life. A soulmate's purpose is to teach you a lesson to achieve a better version of yourself. They come when you need to learn a life lesson or obtain closure. Meanwhile, your destiny mate is your life partner.

They are the ones who will stick around no matter what challenges you face. They will be there to support and love you unconditionally. They also come into your life when you are both ready to love and be loved.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have you encountered a few of these weird soulmate signs? Make sure that you don't pass on the opportunity to connect with your soulmate. Let's answer your questions about soulmate love.

Should you believe in soulmate signs, no matter how weird they are?

Yes, some of these soulmate signs will make you doubt more than confirm if you've already found the one. But remember, there is no standard checklist to validate you've met your soulmate. You will feel it in your bones. Good for you if your signs are the typical 'sweep her off her feet' signs. Just don't miss the opportunity of meeting your soul partner because your signs are seemingly the opposite. Try asking these relationship questions to deepen your bond and see if you connect up to your souls.

How does your body react when you meet your soulmate?

Your body releases dopamine when you meet your soulmate, making you feel good and happy. They'd also feel familiar, like you've known the person for a long time. On the other hand, you experience a strong desire to be with them when they're not around. Both of you feel this body language attraction that draws you together.

Can you have more than one soulmate?

Yes, you can have more than one soulmate. There's the platonic soulmate. Your friend, teacher, relative, or neighbor can be your soulmate. Then there's the romantic soulmate- your twin flame. They understand and love you unconditionally, and you complete each other.

Are soulmates meant to be together?

Yes, some soulmates end up together. When they do, they often live a happy and harmonious relationship. Some soulmates can be friends or family members; these soulmates will always be there for you. However, you need to be open to the fact that you cannot be with them all the time or for the rest of your life.

Can you feel if your soul mate is thinking about you?

Yes, you will feel this psychological sense that someone out there is thinking about you. You may also have goosebumps and sometimes hear their voice or sense their touch.

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