There are many types of attraction, and understanding what draws you to someone is important.

As a dating and lifestyle expert, I've been featured so many times and have successfully written about how to attract women. Now, I want to share my knowledge of what causes attraction and the signs of attraction

If you want an insight into the kind of connection you may be feeling, let's get right into the different types of attraction.


Defining Attraction: What Is It And Why It Matters

Attraction is the interest, sexual desire, or connection we feel for someone that is romantic, sexual, physical, emotional, or aesthetic in nature. It's a reason for how and why we click with another person. Recognizing and understanding your attraction to different people can give you an understanding of your feelings and help you navigate relationships by setting boundaries and expectations.

5 Most Common Types of Attraction

Emotional closeness to a specific person, an intense feeling, or a platonic attraction to a particular person of the opposite sex is just the start of the complexities around the different types of attraction. Each class can lead us to various people, and its experiences are unique to the individual.

1. Romantic Attraction

The types of romantic attraction are deeper, more intimate, and go further than just sensual attraction or any of its physical aspects. It can be confused with sexual and emotional attraction, but this type goes beyond any form of fleshly desires.

2. Sexual Attraction

Sexual attraction ignites passion and arousal for another person. This is the easiest to identify because it provokes sexual feelings such as an ache, throb, or thrill for physical contact. You want sexual relations rather than romantic love when you are sexually attracted to someone.

3. Physical Attraction

Physical attraction is about being drawn by another person's appearance or attributes. Some people are even skilled at using body language attraction tricks to captivate, engage, and entice another person's attention. What starts with open body language and eye contact can turn into romantic feelings and passionate love. But physical attractiveness doesn't always lead to a romantic relationship.

4. Emotional Attraction

Emotional attraction goes beyond physical features. There is an interpersonal attraction where you're captivated by personality, values, and other non-physical traits. Alterous attraction usually falls within the emotional category as it sits between platonic and romantic but isn't gender or sexual orientation-based. An aromantic person or someone still identifying their romantic orientation will also likely be drawn to someone by emotion rather than any other type of attraction.

5. Aesthetic Attraction

Aesthetic attraction is often mixed with physical attraction. But unlike being attracted to someone physically, it's completely detached from sexual or romantic interest. You only appreciate and admire the beauty of the other person.

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Understanding Different Types of Attraction And How It Helps You Navigate Relationships

Understanding how each type of attraction influences relationships can be complicated. In some situations, a person can have all of these feelings for their romantic partner. And there may be instances in sexual or physical relationships when only sexual attraction is present. Whatever the case may be, understanding your attraction to different people can help you navigate your relationships.

1. You can establish and maintain your boundaries.

Learning more about how you experience attraction in others can help you establish your limits in relationships. For example, if you only feel a sexual attraction to someone but nothing else, you may set rules on how far you'll take your relationship.

2. You will understand your motivation for the relationship.

When you take a step back and think about what you're looking for in your relationships with people, you might realize whether some motivations were impulsive. It can help you decide whether the attractions are suitable for a long-term commitment, or perhaps they are superficial and won't meet your emotional needs.

3. You'll realize what you're looking for right now.

Recognizing and understanding the people attracting you right now can help you fulfill your desires and find relationships that support your current needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully, you have a better understanding of the types of attraction and what they can mean for your relationships. However, if you still have some questions, check out the most frequently asked that we've answered:

What makes a persona attractive, based on psychology?

There's been a lot of social psychology studies about attraction. According to Psychology Today, having similarities with someone is important, but so is having a good level of physical attraction. Luckily, there are easy ways to look more attractive, and it starts with being confident.

What is asexuality, and can asexual people feel attracted to someone?

Asexuality is a sexual identity. An asexual person doesn't physically feel sexual attraction, but they do feel other forms such as intellectual attraction. They still engage in sexual activity and have successful romantic relationships.

Can you fall in love without physical attraction?

You sure can! Because the foundations of a healthy relationship are based on things like honesty, trust, and respect, the way a person looks isn't necessarily essential to falling in love. You can be attracted to them in many other ways.

What is emotional attraction, and how do you recognize it?

Emotional attraction is more than liking someone because of how they look or your sexual chemistry. You recognize it because you have compatible personalities, values, and beliefs. You're able to be vulnerable and have deep and meaningful exchanges.

How important is perceived attractiveness in a relationship?

You need to have some level of perceived attractiveness if you want to have a healthy long-term relationship. Attractiveness, in any form, is what creates the desire to be with someone and the positive opinions you have of a person.

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In Conclusion

Having self-awareness of the different types of attraction you may have for others can go a long way in building and maintaining healthy relationships. If you know what causes attraction, you'll learn how to attract women better and look out for the signs of attraction in them.