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7 Style Tricks That Make You More Attractive to Women – Get her to want you!

7 Style Tricks That Make You More Attractive to Women – Get her to want you!

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7 Style Tricks That Make You More Attractive to Women - PostWhenever I see a girl checking out a guy, the first thing I do is try to figure out which aspects of his look/style I can steal to make myself more attractive.

Now: sure, an attractive face is almost always his most notable feature, but more often than not, handsome guys do one thing that not-so-handsome guys fail at…

They know how to dress well.

…And of course:

Everyone has their own unique style. For example, some people like buying name brand high-end clothing while others prefer scrounging around vintage shops.

…But regardless of personal style, every man who knows how to dress knows the importance of these 7 imperative style tricks that are a guaranteed to make you more attractive to women

Note from the Editor, Kyle: Huge thanks to KK and Jay Shirttail Garters and Vincero Watches for partnering with us to make this post possible.


Trick #7: Recycle Your Old, Worn Out Clothes

7 style tricks that make you more attractive to women - trick #7
No matter what style you’re going for… vagabond should never be one of them.

And when your clothes are stained with unknown liquids, and/or filled with holes from wear and tear… you (plain and simple) look terrible.

Sure, you may have had some awesome memories with your oldest pair of jeans… But it’s time to give it that pair a new life… By turning them into rags or making them your yardwork jeans!

The same goes for old T-Shirts covered in comic book superhero or truck logos (but keep solid, neutral colored t-shirts as long as they’re clean and follow Style Trick #6 below.)

Basically, what it boils down to is this…

Any piece of clothing that makes you look like you’re an adolescent teen should not go on your body anymore while you’re in public.

Because women (the ones worth pursing at least), don’t want a boy who looks like his mom took him to Kohl’s last Saturday…

Women want a man who knows how to create a style and brand for himself… One who takes pride in how he looks.

Keep reading to learn how to make that happen.

Trick #6: Make Every Shirt Fit/Accentuate Your Body

7 Style Tricks That Make You More Attractive to Women – Get her to want you! - KK and Jay 3
You’ve been there… You get dressed for a night out on the town, but there’s something bothering you… Your shirt keeps getting untucked… making it look baggy, and more like you’re wearing a trash bag instead of a pressed button down.

And no matter what you do (or how many times you tuck and re-tuck), it just keeps getting shifted around and completely destroys your awesome-looking outfit.

Not only is it uncomfortable when this happens… It just looks bad. Because here’s the thing: No matter your body type, a tight (not too tight), form-fitting shirt always looks better than a loose-fitting alternative.

But on the other hand, a properly fitted shirt accentuates your body, makes your muscles look more defined… And makes your posture look stronger and straighter. And these both affects how other people (especially women) view you, and in turn… how you view yourself.

So… guys… It’s time to stop wearing loose, baggy shirts!

Trick #5: Create a Versatile Wardrobe

7 style tricks that make you more attractive to women -trick#5
If you’re like I used to be… You only have a handful of outfits for each occasion that don’t complement each other when mixed together… And that’s a HUGE mistake.

I realized I needed to up my wardrobe game when I noticed all the photos I’d been getting tagged in on Facebook started looking like they were from the same day… And some photos were years apart!

I didn’t have a versatile wardrobe… And so I kept wearing the same outfits to every occasion (which girls probably started to notice if they creeped my profile.)
We’ve already told you how to build an essential, versatile wardrobe for under $1,000, but here are a few things to help get you started:

Tip #1: Start with Neutral Colors

Sure, bright colors are great for accents, but when creating a versatile wardrobe, it’s best to start with neutral colors. Neutral colors never go out of style and mesh well together. Plus, people prefer neutral colors because they generally don’t evoke some sort of emotion.

But the real kicker? They mix and match effortlessly. Just take a look here.

Tip #2: Quality Trumps Quantity

Yeah, your wallet will feel lighter when you shell out a few hundred dollars for only a handful of items… But as long as you’re buying quality clothing, you can rest easy knowing they’re worth the money. Read reviews, try things on, and spend a little extra with the companies that make a better product.

Trick #4: Learn The Belt + Shoe + Watch Trifecta

7 style tricks that make you more attractive to women - trick#4
Every man needs to know the all-important style trifecta: Your belt strap + watch strap + shoes all need to be the same color (black or brown is really all you need here.) Why…?

Basically, because it just looks good. Think about it:

  • At a distance, your shoes would stand out and look odd if they weren’t the same color as the rest of your outfit.
  • Your belt moves across your entire body… making it one of the most noticeable piece of clothing you own! 
  • Your wristwatch is always a noticeable accessory, especially since we use our hands for everything from eating to holding the door for our date, and expressing ourselves while talking.

In short: make sure that the color of each matches… and you’ll be good to go.


Trifecta aside, I can’t understate the importance of the watch. And if you’re a regular follower of Mantelligence (on the site and on our YouTube channels), this is nothing new to you (as it’s in almost every article/video about style we put together for you guys).

Wearing a wristwatch has a wide range of style-benefits, but here are a few of the biggest:

  1. They’re the quickest and easiest way to look more put together and stylish (two things that women find highly attractive)
  2. Watches are an investment and an heirloom (a well-made watch will work for the foreseeable future)
  3. Wearing (and using) a Watch Gives You The James Bond Effect (more here)

Trick #3: Cut Down on Accessories

7 style tricks that make you more attractive to women - - TRICK#3
Look… No matter how much you want to throw money around like Johnny Depp, or be a Rockstar like Steven Tyler… You (unlike them) 100% cannot pull off that many accessories.

Walking around with countless scarves, bracelets, and necklaces on every appendage really only works if you make hundreds of millions of dollars a year… Because women can easily justify dating a guy who looks ridiculous… So long as he has tons of money.

Really, 3 is the MAXIMUM amount of accessories you should wear at any time. And for formal occasions, you have quite a bit of wiggle room. Here are some accessories to consider:

Accessory #1: A Wristwatch

Every guy should own a sharp looking wristwatch (and wear it often.) It instantly makes any outfit look much more classy. Obviously, a Fitbit isn’t the most stylish accessory to wear to a formal event (if you’re that worried about your steps, get a hip pedometer)… And neither is a ridiculously bulky or bedazzled watch.

See this section for our editor Kyle’s current watch recommendation.

Accessory #2: A Ring (or MAX Two)

One of the cool things about accessories is that they tend to hold a special place in our heart. And most guys don’t wear rings unless they have some sort of special meaning to them (i.e. they belonged to a late relative). A ring or two is acceptable so long as there’s a deeper meaning to why you’re wearing them.

Any more than two is overkill.

Trick #2: Ignore Trends

7 style tricks that make you more attractive to women - trick #2 - 2

Remember Birkenstock sandals? How about parachute pants? Plaid shorts?

Depending on your age, you may have lived through some of those trends… But if you take a look around today, you won’t see them anywhere.

Fashion trends come and go just as much as internet trends and kid’s toys (by the way, I know this bottle flipping and fidget spinning beginner’s course if any of you guys are interested.)

My point is…

If you want to participate in a fashion trend, by all means… Go for it. But keep in mind that by next season… you’ll probably regret your decision.

And your wallet will hate you for it.

Trick #1: Own Your Look

7 style tricks that make you more attractive to women - trick#1
Just because you wear a fancy suit DOES NOT mean you have style… That’s because style is so much more than the clothes on your back. To have style, you must have attitude and confidence. Because the truth is…

You could wear literally anything and get away with it… But ONLY if you have the personality and self-esteem to strut around in public and make it look natural. So really…

It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing… If you don’t feel comfortable in your clothes, you won’t look comfortable… And it’ll show.

So practice! Try your new look any time you don’t have to worry about looking nice… For instance, when meeting up with friends (they’ll give you brutally honest feedback.)

Because those practice (and roasting) sessions will make you more comfortable in your new look, and when the time comes where you have to actually look like a well-put-together man… You’ll have been there before and won’t feel like a fraud.

Remember: Women like guys who are interesting and confident… And by finding your own unique style (and making that style a part of who you are), you’ll feel like you’re not faking it anymore… And you’ll have a better chance of catching their attention.

In Conclusion

So there you have it… Follow these 7 truly effective style tips to instantly make you more attractive to women.

And check out our other articles on how to get the girl.

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