Here's a list of zoo puns for kids and kids at heart.

What's not to love about the zoo? We get to learn interesting animal facts, play with baby pandas, and make up funny animal puns and zoo jokes puns. From mind-boggling riddles to Fortnite trivia, I've got it all. Some of them were even featured on sites like Last Call Trivia and Rest Nova.

In this article, you get to enjoy zoo puns perfect for funny zoo captions and sheep thrills. Get it?


Ultimate List of Zoo-Related Puns That You Could Use on Your Next Day Out

Planning a day trip to the zoo with your kids? Perhaps you thought the wild side might be a good idea for a first date. Well, you might just be right. Whatever your vibe is, this ultimate list of zoo-related puns will make exploring wildlife even more delightful.

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5 Funny Jokes About Zoo Animals That Will Crack Everyone Up

Funny puns and even not-so-funny ones always have a way of making us laugh. These funny jokes about zoo animals can make even your grumpiest friend put up a smile. They'll probably roll their eyes, but rest assured, they love it.

1. One cannot simply play fair and win in a zoo - there are way too many cheetahs.

Did you know that the name "cheetah" comes from the Hindi word "Chita," which means 'spotted one?' You have to spot a 'cheetah' to catch one, am I right? Seriously though, if you're a cheater, you deserve to be in captivity.

2. Many hares escaped the zoo, so they sent a search party to comb the area.

Compared to rabbits, hares have longer and stronger hind legs and can reach a maximum speed of 35 mph in short distances of approximately 90 meters and 50 mph for about 20 meters. If this happens in real life, the search party may have to double time because they're no match for these wild things.

3. Monkeys who share their Amazon accounts are real Prime mates.

Primates have bigger brains compared to other mammals. This is why they're the favorite subjects for many science experiments. I wouldn't be surprised if the rise of the planet of the apes happens in the near future. I mean, animals and human beings alike are still evolving.

4. Everyone in the school of fish did poorly on the exam - all of their grades were below C level.

Contrary to popular belief, fish are more intelligent than they appear. For one, their cognitive abilities exceed vertebrates of higher levels, including non-human primates. That's pretty impressive. Here's another fish joke- when another fish tries to make you think you're 'cray-zy,' tell them to stop 'bass-lighting.'

5. Why couldn't the koala get a position at the zoo? He didn't have enough koalafications.

Koalas can sleep up to 18 hours a day. This is because their diet mostly includes eucalyptus leaves that are low in nutrients and take a lot of time to digest. Basically, they don't have any choice but to conserve their energy, so they just snooze. Thank goodness the animal kingdom doesn't require wildlife to get a job because these wild things sure won't be able to keep one.

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5 Clever Ice Breakers Guaranteed to Impress Your Friends

You might want to slow down when telling these clever puns because some of them are hard to get the first time. If you're a nerd like me who thinks the petting zoo is the best place to meet new friends, these funny animal puns might just get you a new bud.

6. I saw a caged baguette in the zoo. The sign read, "bread in captivity."

This isn't really an animal pun, but it's still a funny pun. This is the kind of joke Phil Dunphy would tell a random stranger.

7. All the animals at the zoo were asleep when I visited. I was otterly disappointed.

It's always a bummer when you're favorite place to go to is closed for the day, especially when you're looking forward to it. A great follow-up would be, " I guess 'owl hafta' visit again."

8. Snakes are only measured in inches - they don't have feet.

I wouldn't wish for snakes to grow a pair of feet because God knows I'm not brave enough to fight them when they decide to attack.

9. Why don't leopards play hide-and-seek? They're always spotted.

At least they're not a cheetah! Get it? Get it? Kidding aside, leopards are one of the many cats you don't want to play hide and seek with. They're great hunters and stalkers; when they find you, they'll take you down with a bite to the throat or neck.

10. What do you call an alligator that has a magnifying glass and wears a vest? An investigator.

This wild thing is another predator you might want to hide from. They may not be great investigators in real life, but when they find you, they will lunge at you at 30 miles per hour. There is no escaping that!

5 Cute Wordplays That Will Leave Your Friends Baffled and Amused

Puns are so versatile! Trying to look cute for a babe? Puns. Just messing around? Puns. Thinking of a great Instagram caption? Puns. Trying to make a point? Puns. These cute puns are perfect for your everyday shenanigans.

11. The alligators' favorite drink is Gatorade.

Do you know what an alligator's favorite drink is in real life? Blood. Not cute? Whatever. It's still a funny pun.

12. You goata be kidding me!

It's giving the same vibes as "holy cow!" or 'this place is a zoo!" This pun is perfect for drama queens.

Fun fact: the life span of a goat is about that of a dog. No kidding. Get it? Get it?

13. I don't like puns about pigs. They tend to be boaring.

This is the kind of stuff a vegan would say. I don't get it because I don't find bacon boring.

14. If you want something done right, do it yourself. Best not leave it to salmon else.

I mean, whoever made up this pun has a point. Remember what happened to Snow White's stepmom? This is also a perfect caption for when you're trying to shade someone on social media.

15. What did the male rhino say to the female rhino? Rhino someone who really likes you.

Like I said, even when you're trying to look cute for a girl, puns do not disappoint. If you're trying to get a girl's attention on social media, try sliding in her DMs with this.

5 Silly Quips That Will Tickle Everyone's Funny Bone

If you aren't satisfied yet, here are more funny animal puns you'd love to hate but can't.

16. Once you have looked at all the fish, let minnow what you think.

Minnows are fish often used as bait for fishing. It's funny because some men seem to enjoy wasting their time not catching anything. Just let minnow when you catch one.

17. I went to the zoo and saw an antelope. I had never seen an insect get married before.

Let me break it down for you if you didn't get it. Two ants (I'm assuming they are from two different colonies because ants usually can't change colonies) eloped. I told you I'm a nerd.

18. I went to the zoo, and a rhino tried to charge me. I told him I had already paid.

You wouldn't want this wild thing to charge you because rhinos weigh over 600 kilograms, and that's only a regular rhino. White rhinos, the largest species of rhinos in the world, can weigh over a whopping 3,500 kilograms.

19. The small pig was a karate champion. His favorite move was the pork chop.

Thank goodness pigs can't actually do karate because we wouldn't be enjoying bacon if that ever happened.

20. Why are tigers terrible storytellers? Because they only have one tail.

Maybe they're not great storytellers, but tigers are pretty good swimmers. Unlike most cats, tigers love the water and bathe in pools or streams to cool off.

Downloadable and Printable List of Zoo Puns

Here is a downloadable and printable jpg/pdf list of zoo puns(right-clicked the image and select Save Image As...):

5 Exciting Trivia About Zoos That Will Impress Anyone

Let me geek out a bit here. If you love trivia questions like me, you can check out this list. And if you enjoyed this list of zoo animal puns, you'll probably enjoy this list of animal trivia questions and answers, too.

1. What are the four types of zoos?

View Answer


Safari Park, Public Aquarium, Petting Zoo, and Animal Theme Park.

More Information

A safari park, also known as a wildlife park, is a type of zoo visitors can drive through while observing free-roaming animals. The largest safari park in the world is The Pantanal National Park in Brazil, which covers about 195,000 square km.

Meanwhile, an animal theme park combines a zoo and an amusement park. A perfect example of this is Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park, located in Florida, U.S.A.

Petting zoos are small zoos designed for small children. It features domesticated animals and some wild ones docile enough to be touched and fed by little kids.

Opposite regular zoos, which feature terrestrial animals, public aquariums house living aquatic animals.

2. Through what part of the body do dogs sweat?

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Paw pads

More Information

Aside from helping dogs cool down, paw pads also prevent cold feet and allow your dogs to walk comfortably in the snow. The duality is amazing!

3. Which animal is known to have 3 hearts?

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More Information

The main reason why octopuses need 3 hearts is that they are blue-blooded. Blue blood, unlike red blood, carries less oxygen. Having 3 hearts help better circulate blood around their bodies.

4. How many pairs of eyelids does an owl have?

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More Information

Owls are predatory animals, and three pairs of eyelids protect them from debris when swooping in for an attack.

5. COVID-19 lockdowns resulted in what?

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Virtual Zoo

More Information

Virtual zoos bring the zoo to you and allow family and friends to share an amazing animal experience. Examples of virtual zoos in the U.S. include the Smithsonian's National Zoological Park, San Diego Zoo, and Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Some examples: 

Penguins live cam

Panda Cam

Tundra Connections

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I hope you enjoyed this list of hilarious zoo puns.

Puns are fun, and these animal puns prove just that.

Whether you're trying to be a cool uncle or just a humble nerd trying to make the world a better place with good 'ole fashioned humor, this list of funny zoo puns never disappoints.