We all love to get the most bang for our buck... the most out of every dollar we spend.

And we all know:

There are countless ways to do this:

  • Hunting through sale racks
  • Couponing
  • Waiting for big sales (Black Friday)
  • Using flash sale sites (20% off, today only)
  • etc.

But here's the problem with these, and most "discount" shopping methods:

They're only available at specific times, and on very specific items (especially items you don't really need).


That’s why I was so excited when I heard about crash pricing. It allows you to get the products you want, when you want them.

And to help you get started price crashing, I put together this quick guide on what exactly crash pricing is, how and why it’s so powerful, and two great products you can save huge by using it

A Primer to Crash Pricing

To fully understand what crash pricing is and why it's so great, I highly recommend you read the first two sections... but if you want to just jump to the two products you can save big money by using crash pricing, use the table of contents below:


What Is Crash Pricing?

Crash Pricing (also known as blind or opaque buying) is when you buy a product, knowing everything about that product... except for the brand name (Hilton, Silver Oak, etc.).

For example:

  1. 92-point (out of 100), 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa Valley... for $60 (55% off)
  2. 4-star hotel in Florence, Italy... for $52/night (45% off)

Conversely, a non-crash-priced product would look like:

  1. 92-point (out of 100), 2011 Silver Oak Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa Valley... for $110
  2. 4-star Hilton hotel in Florence, Italy... for $115/night

See how the brand name is added (and the price increases)?

Why You Should Be Crash Pricing

So... why would anyone buy a product, without knowing the brand name?

Crash pricing is great for two reasons:

Reason #1: Brand Protection = Big Discounts

By selling a product, without a brand name attached to it, companies are able to give a big discount (usually 30% or more).

How can this be?

All companies who sell a product want to make sales... but no company ever wants to tarnish their brand name or reputation in order to make that sale.

And that's what makes crash pricing so great:

Companies are able to sell their product at a deep discount, and since their brand name isn't attached to that insanely high discount, they don't hurt their brand image by doing so.

Reason #2: You Have All the Information You Need

First, let me make something clear:

Crash pricing does not work with products where the brand name matters. For example:

You might only buy a specific brand of shoes (like Nike) because you know that they fit you best... or a specific mattress (like Leesa) because you know that you sleep best on it.

But if you're buying something where the brand name doesn't matter (like wine/hotels)...

...crash pricing sites give you all the information you need to make an informed buying decision:

  1. Product Type (2011 Cabernet Sauvignon/Hotel in Florence, next to the Ponte Vecchio)
  2. Product Quality (92-point rating/4-star hotel)
  3. Price ($60 per bottle (55% off)/$52 per night (45% off))

And think about it:

A 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon, with a 92-point rating, for just $60. It'd be nice to know the name, but do you really need it?

Let me put it another way:

Do you need your wine to be from a big name like Silver Oak... or do you just want an affordable bottle, that fits your wine preferences, and that tastes good?

Here's the bottom line:

Crash pricing allows you to buy a highly-rated, high-quality product... at a fraction the cost.

2 Products Hugely Discounted by Crash Pricing

Like I mentioned above, crash pricing doesn't work with all types of products... but here are two products you can save big money on with crash pricing:

Crash-Priced Product #1: Wine

When you buy wine, do you:

  1. Have a favorite winery (Silver Oak)... and only drink their wine?


  1. Do you have a favorite type of wine (Cabernet Sauvignon)... and want to get a good bottle of that type of wine at a good price?

Unless you're trying to impress someone with an instantly-recognizable brand name (again, Silver Oak)... your wine preferences and the price of the bottle strongly outweigh the brand name.

And that's why crash pricing with wine is so perfect:

You get a high-quality, highly-rated bottle of the wine, specific to your wine tastes, at a deeply discounted price.

Where and How to Crash Price Wine

Winecrasher.com is the only site I know that allows you to crash price wine.

Average Discount: 20-30%

High Discount: 52%

Quality Determine By: 3rd-Party Wine Critics

What, exactly, do they tell you about the wine?

Let's take a look at a wine they currently have on their site:

You can see that they give you the:

  1. Year/region: 2012/Yorkville Highlands
  2. Type of wine: Syrah
  3. Quality of the wine: 94 points from 3rd-party wine critic Antonio Galloni
  4. Price: $39.99 (27% discount)

It's everything but the brand (winery) name, right? So, the question then becomes:

If you like Syrah, do you really need to know the brand name? And isn't a 27% discount on a 94-point wine well worth the omission?

Now... here's the best part about the site:

You won't find that bottle of wine cheaper anywhere else. Winecrasher guarantees that they have the lowest prices anywhere, for every bottle of wine on their site (verified through a 3rd-party site wine-searcher.com).

Live Price-Crashed Wine Deals

Here are two, price-crashed wine deals I recently found:

A 2011, 88-point Bordeaux Graves Cab Blend for $19.99 (29% off):

Click here to get this crash-priced deal

And a 2013, 89-point Alto Adige Suditrol Riesling for $14.99 (52% off):

Click here to get this crash-priced deal

Mantelligence Exclusive Discount

I've talked with Niv, the founder of Winecrasher, a lot over the past few weeks and I really believe in what his company is doing (to me, the lack of wine label is easily worth a 30%+ discount).

He even agreed to partner with us and bring Mantelligence readers an extra (and exclusive) 10% off with code MAN10! That means, for a limited-time, you can get...

  1. The 94-point Syrah for $35.99 (37% off)
  2. The 88-point Cab Blend for $17.99 (39% off)
  3. The 89-point Riesling for $13.49 (62% off)

If you need wine tomorrow or in the next year, I highly recommended you start by searching Winecrasher... because, when you think about it, why wouldn't you?

Crash-Priced Product #2: Hotels

Just like with wine, there's not much that you need to know about a hotel in order to book it:

  1. Hotel location (not just what city (New York) but what part of the city (2 blocks from Times Square)).
  2. Star rating/quality
  3. Number of people the room can sleep
  4. Room price per night

And to put this another way:

Do you really care that the hotel is a Hilton or a Hyatt? Or do you care that it's a nice room, in a nice hotel, in the right part of town... for the best possible price?

Again, a perfect opportunity for crash pricing:

You get a great hotel, right where you want to stay... for a fraction the cost.

Where and How to Crash Price Hotels

There are two main sites that offer crash pricing for hotels: Hotwire and Priceline.

  • Average Discount: 10-25%
  • High Discount: 60%
  • Quality Determine By: Users

What exactly do they tell you about the hotels?

Let's take a look at a recent crash-priced hotel deal in Paris from Hotwire.com (I prefer Hotwire over Priceline because I've found better deals there):

You can see that you know the hotel room's:

  1. Location: Paris (Montparnasse area)
  2. Number of people the room can sleep: 2 adults
  3. Star rating/quality: 4-star hotel, that's 100% recommended
  4. Price per night: $98 (59% discount)

So... you don't know the hotel-brand name (Hyatt, Hilton, etc.). But you do know that it's a great hotel, that comes highly recommended, and in a great location.

And just like with the wine, is knowing the brand name worth paying an extra $67?

Live Crash-Priced Hotel Deals

Here are two great deals I recently found on Hotwire.com:

A 4-star hotel in Rome, Italy for $52/night (60% off):

Click here to get this crash-priced deal

And a 4-star hotel in Condado, Puerto Rico for $88/night (50% off):

Click here to get this crash-priced deal

In Conclusion

Price crashing is a great way to get high-quality, highly-rated products at a huge discount.

And when you think about it:

If you need wine or a hotel, why wouldn't you start with a price-crashing site like

Winecrasher or Hotwire?